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An ideal staffer

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Sabzh, exactly. An ideal staffer (for employer) - what he? Somehow features should possess? In my opinion, an ideal staffer in primarily a rigged.



An ideal staffer - a qualified, responsible, Managing, hardworking, in measure enterprising. Generally, Epiphanius in its best displaying the))

Joke nicely in subject

Announcement. "Need a sekrearsha. Demands: Age 20 years, experience work 30 years " :D



An ideal staffer works itself in the damage.
Works many and productively. Not that talks back to governmental superiors prior. Not requests raising salaries. Not searching for another work. And even not moves away in vacation. Almost, as mannequin with.



kate wrote:

A perfect staffer works itself in the damage.
Works many and productively. Not that talks back to governmental superiors prior. Not requests raising salaries. Not searching for another work. And even not moves away in vacation. Almost, as mannequin with.

Would argue :) Although is now considered, that beg raising nezazorno and even attests to high professionalism and advanced personality rights.



Yes, only often, we be shy boys something beg. We often will process, being in several times more work, than should be, but all-would still believe, that this not enough, to go and ask raising on service or salaries.
On-life vtsrechayu hardworking (ideal staff), which gravest hard perch Bashkortostan mountain prosperity and different category - category functionaries (those who ignores scruple and installations), which, sometimes expense of hardworking, a little skip then reach cherished goals. ???? preps, typically, quite not ideal collaborators.



Me seems, that those, whom you call it idelalnymi :) on fact people with where self-esteem, which not are at champion the their interests. And here is pro functionaries we still not talked :) Interesting, they after all, too, different accented :)



And why you not're watching out moreover, that this such a ladder-climber can be simply a good an organizer! He generator ideas that embody workaholics. On firm should work psychologist, that would not an exit into obscurity. Talent idea generator routine work, and not humiliate punitive tasks conventional "ideal" a workaholic. And even processing ,-VRED and Brad! Person should fulfill volumes of for 8 hours worker time, exceptions should not be practice. Otherwise or man bad specialist, or employer on it saves!



Идеальные сотрудники зачастую обладают заниженной самооценкой. Делают все на совесть - идеально. Они очень ответственны.

А почему вы не учитываете того, что этот карьерист может быть просто ХОРОШИМ организатором! Он генератор идей, которые воплощают трудоголики.

При этом за неудачу в воплощении идей будет отвечать не генератор, а трудоголик.  8-) 
К построению карьеры идут различными путями. Руководитель не всегда может быть генератором идей или хорошим организатором. Так же, как талантливый специалист и идеальный сотрудник не всегда способен руководить или идти вверх по карьерной лестнице. НО!!! Полноценная личность+труд+антистрах+упорство и упрямство=карьера



Радуга wrote:

in my opinion, an ideal staffer in primarily a rigged.

I not know, that this in accuracy means. Here is, for example, one of merits I have at work is considered ability to work on their own. In fact this skill fulfill work for other people, which must were, so say, "prepare material" for me, but frankly screwed up. Only this already – my blessed not worries, camping on K. Have us production, timeline, plans and camping on D. My task an executive - to issue ready detail, that adopts mi.
On this about I always kidding - task chief determine strategy, and task an executive to adhere to tactics.



Юра wrote:

I not know, that this in accuracy means

Yura, your view well is understandable. I, truth, here get back a little another had in mind. Handling can well to cope with self, in my opinion. In every party, would you there is their rules written and tacit, here is submit to them, "be within" with my view and there is handling. And what you described in respect your colleagues - this elementary slow. And you with with your sekstilem the Sun-Saturn man responsible, throw all on chips drop wherever they might not can, here is and account for to do a double work. Alas.



Ekaty, and why you, that generators ideas using dishonest people?! They may well to answer for their failures.
Theme important for me, because I like must be able terbovat with people enforcement their responsibilities, camping on To from this depends the timely fulfilling my work. But I not becomes "build" people. I always adhere opinion, that I should not nurse the worker, I must choose from masses precisely moreover, with whom I have not will problems! If man not understands its tasks, I can do remark times and two and enter in his "position" and do work for him, but not more three times. Then I simply'm firing. Typically me bad luck, and I long’ve worked with humans, while preserving good relations after goodbye thing. But here is now I have the problem with programmer, screwed-up loafer with keen an ego and unwillingness learns.



Ekaty, and why you, that generators ideas using dishonest people?!

Why something for decisions S.N.Ruchkovskyi always respond or are paying nizhestoyaschie. Such is perishing mechanism.
And sometimes "generator ideas" not always understands, as precisely will carried out work and how this difficult do. Need to and all! In unrealistic timeline.

But here is now I have the problem with programmer, screwed-up loafer with keen an ego and unwillingness learns.

If man not seeks work in some organizations, means he decided there not in delays (not his company).
You learn, why he so applies to work? His too boastful fits capabilities needed?
Why you his hold?



So he not intends to stray! He always was considered khroshim special one., but now we changed program, and he in it not ?, and so as I have education technical permanent me not mindedness, and means soba me posibility to set not is obtained. Here is so here is.



Галина wrote:

So he not intends to stray! He always was considered khroshim special one., but now we changed program, and he in it not ?, and so as I have education technical permanent me not mindedness, and means soba me posibility to set not is obtained. Here is so here is.

I.e. he keeps sabotaging work or that?



Interesting article:

Management, zone comfort, dopamine and depression, and also, why managers not like too smart

You, perhaps, did you hear that, that is most effective the employee, when his hold outside his “zone comfort. ” This would mean wisdom so is rife, that start-up managers even sometimes share Ideology with subordinates, naturally, with positive penetration, as “challenge ”, not manipulative behavior. I.e., if you, are you settling in on firm, say, as the cleaner toilet bowls, and your ideal of an is so and remain a cleaner toilet bowls until pensions, quietly and honestly making their jobs, then would still this your manager not test. Because, if you, with your wage 7 dollars in hour for purge toilet bowls will breathe in Syarheychyk those who receive 6 dollars in hour and want your work, then quietly you work not can, but includes everithing up significantly more toilet bowls for change. Ah, or there will write an more code.

Science management truth honestly warns – hold people outside zone comfort, but but come, to they not “were burned at work ” (burn in EU), but who OK listening anymore warnings, when from number of vychischennykh toilet bowls (or again same, written code) depends your the coming raising? All the more, who his knows, that this such “end up consumed at work ”? This that, such artistic expression of? Artists, sow, logogram-my. And I have here basins nechischenye! Nevertheless, this very important “but ”, and that is why.

Idea keep people “outside zone comfort ” at all something itself ancient. Saying “keep madefrom on their toes ” and“ on the and wolf in the forest, to shepherd not dozing ” reflect antiquity this tradition. However, as element of theory management she emerged only with the most theory of management, i.e. in the twentieth century. And intuitively and so is famously understandable as she works. However now, with accumulated knowledge about biochemistry brain, we can look at the, as this all pan out within and what shesterenki clings to what, producing oiiiyiooue effect. And it turns out, that having looked thus way can be to know new and interesting things, about which I and despite to tell. So what same?

When the manager holds captured outside zone comfort, it requires mechanism rewards of our brain, in the center of the which is neurotransmitter dopamine – contributor to all dependencies human from cocaine and marijuana until alcohol and cigarettes and series of well natural addictions, like sex. What of them closer to managements – third themselves, but company, bluntly say, zanyatnaya.

Dopamine is issued the end of aksona in a synapse and irks dopamine-receptors at the other neuron, which he concerns. Simultaneously, he also sucks cocks domamin from sinapsa, to the there not's been building up. Beyond this in next to ya often it turns out akson from another synaptic basis another a substance – Gamma-aminobutyric acid – which oppresses electrified, induced by heads stocked with dopamine. This his kind of with two-the brake in our system rewards and sweeteners, where dopamine serves role pedals gas. Most drugs, and also intergenerational accounts, nicotine and kafein, as well as and many dyskinesia, manipulate the issuance of dopamine, his zabiraniem back, his perceptions of, and also the issuance of, fenced back and perceptions of Gamma-aminobutyric acid. To word, dyskinesia in this companies not accidentally, but about this later.

Unlike drugs, management, as and sex, leaves these processes mostly as there is, and is based on more ancient and natural mechanisms manipulation with chemistry dopamine. Normal work system rewards and sweeteners of our brain works as security signaling – when all normal, on ferrules should flow talk, and respectively should attend a normal level of dopamine, are signal from one synaptic to another. If same talk in the chain is a broken, is dealt signal alarm, and times red light bulbs, insurance is siren and people are beginning Caribbean around with the room screaming panic, trying to deal, that same happened, and prevent the danger. Roughly such a same picture begins and in our brain, when level of dopamine falls. I.e., “system rewards ” - this on fact“ misnomen ”, the term, Monetary misleading. In deeds she, for small exceptions like sex or tasty lunch, runs not so much reward – which more-less constantly are found and so, how many punishment, by perekryvaniya dopamine.

For that same she overshadowing the us oxygen, sorry, dopamine? On fact list “sins ” not so perishing big and“ proshit ” in our genes. First, this of course benchmark things, like absence of sex or the growl lion in the short grove. Ah, or as there in military through, “imagine, you - in impeccable field, and suddenly from-for reverberates is shown tank. ” In such cases level of dopamine falls, forcing you undertaking active actions. If lion you ate or--, then level of dopamine already big role not plays, and here is if managed run, or on tank to shag it, pomegranate, then system sweeteners only briefly brings you dopamine back, and you becomes well. Incidentally, this same mechanism works, for example, under victory on sporting event Sally. Except such basis incentives, system reacts also on derivatives, but would still are engaged in our genes criteria, for example, recognition groups, compliment or condemnation other people, sense of of belonging to group. Here is on these something buttons and play managers, when hold you “outside zone comfort. ”

If you noticed, then dopaminnaya system not able on long-term efforts. She serves to generate long-term models behavior (deal themselves well in society, whether caring their or wife founded, not go in grove with lions of the, and if in your the savannah souslik tanks, and carry under itself a grenade, and so on), but it is based on system mikronakazaniy and mikrodostizheniy. Knud should quarrelsome people i?yieeii, and carrot by beating can a. Fall dopamine a basic us on actions, study environment and the search for and achieving decisions, which can be reached price overwork during and stress. In natural environment this rightly –... by running away from lion well can be hang out on Tail with line and kandidoz.I gynecologist prescribed delicious banana, resting and rebuilding forces.

And that is happening if level of dopamine hold low artificially, that, for example, is happening under refusal from drugs have drug users? And it turns out, that neither the brain, nor body this withstand not can. Body simply not is capable work in regime stress 24 / 7, stress not for moreover coined. He for, to ensure from lion run, and then for a holiday already without stress.

With brain things are even worse. Read the have Sheckley in “Civilization Statusa ”, where all people pass in childhood subconscious probing that forces their after committing crimes themselves to condemn and result in prison for of stay, conclusions? There still the hero proved the only witnessing killings and in role judges naturally decided to “that this guy not causes confidence, and confirm his kotorye no one can ”, after what condemned themselves on life and went to to community punishment. Laughable, laughing, but deal in is, that in our subconscious already long “proshit ” on a genie level this kind of judge, which still and to the same can learn cardinal verdict. There same in subconscious proshit and torturer, and you certainly heard about him. His name – depression.

So here is, if level of dopamine long is supported in low level, our subconscious views deal and implementing various verdict – such a to a loser nothing to acquire to do on this light, after what in excess torturer, and we are starting with interest a lot of watching to sleeping pills the pills and unsafe your exits on rooftop high buildings.

But BECAUSE long-term NIZKIY UROVEN dopamine - THAT Exactly MOVIE, THAT GUARANTEE SB SVOIMI subordinates the manager, CANCELLED holds THEM to stay outside the “of Pet Comfort sector ”!

So that, so whether perishing surprisingly, that homeland modern theory management - the US, theory, which in particular says about the effectiveness workers outside their zone comfort, also is and place, where stress, and depression are problems national scale? And so whether strange, that other country, which with religious passion uses the same theory management – Japan, so same suffers from stress and depression in mass scale. And what be surprised? This does not a consequence intense economy, this what instruct managers.

And another interesting surveillance. Modern research (for example, from Nationa Institute of Drug Abuse) say, that the vast significance in shaping drug dependence has passivity zones brain, responsible for consciousness. They this not with ceiling took, and scanning activity brain (FMRI scan) have normal people and drug users, in including and former. Speaking simply, consciousness is capable “out-shout ” subconscious and“ build ” his, if the is leading themselves HMAS Success, so have people with active clear conscience the formation drug dependence is happening significantly more slowly, and chances on intended to heal the significantly higher. Verbatim, “under shaping dependence and treatment from it, deal not so much in force subconscious, how many in weakness consciousness. ”“ I don’t interestingly, has whether this attitude to the fact, that most managers not likes on their own minded “Squints ”? After all under active consciousness, the formation dependencies harder to, and became be and putting his in stress and “zone efficiency ” significantly harder. He simply looks at facts, and comes to the conclusion, that “you – chief of, you – fool ”, that can and not is for him zone comfort, but raze is not and zone heightened efficiency.

http://blogs.technet.com/eldar/archive/ … 47769.aspx


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