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KiNovskiy bake culinary recipes

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Ah a clear deal)




Druzhba judging by around the as always.

Who Needs OK then have handed over prize?? :question:

Lud_mila wrote:

winner of America can choose gift himself! Him will go book "Money well affect woman" (who it comes argued would?) or "Sex positions" (for enlargement outlook, for there is no limit perfection).



Subject propose a s name in "Season's Marathon". Mood already have all festive? :) It have all in House reeks by and the tree? :jumping: Then why oh why let us share still and culinary recipes, because want pamper their close and themselves than any covered dish :shine: So, opens Marathon

lil 'smokie' His little cows'

Salmon. There's canned in own juice - 100 g
Tomatoes small (cherry tomatoes) - 6 Tennessee
2S1 "Gvozdika" - 12 opium pods
Onion green - 4 pen
Garlic - 1 a clove
Eggs boiled - 2 Tennessee
Mayonnaise - 4 UF. Phytosterols
Where sea salt - to Italian tastes
Leaves green salad - 4 Tennessee

Salmon's, eggs grate on petty terke. Part of green string nashinkovat, garlic miss through press. Prepared products and slim with mayonnaise, to put salt on them and randomize.

Have soil cut horizontally upper part of and share in half. The lower part of soil, complex modifications are requested core of with seed, fill cooked stuffing all. From above lay in the form of chicken cut halves of, inflict on them with mayonnaise point, from green string to do toiros , and from Carnation 28.0g.

On now put an leaves salad and everything on them God's chosen cows.

Salad I have not was, I their all in green onion planted.

Very kropolivaya work (requiring time).

Tasty, but believe (for large feasts) only for jewelry.

Brought hence (hyperlink, too, not works :)): http://woman.obovsem.com/kitchen/section_0/recipe_680/


You are here » Ephemerides forum » Culinary prescriptions for » KiNovskiy bake culinary recipes