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Winter holidays Slavs

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All Hi! Want to imagine your attention fun “" Slavyanskaya culture and tradition ".

No sooner holidays Slavs


Winter novolete Slavs began in Day winter frequently a, when Count Sascha Kolowrat, a raid full turnover, he launched a new the Contemporary solar days. The first god, which and was esteemed in winter holidays, was god Kolyada.

Slavs ``secular his infant, incurring renewal, light young sun, when the prothetic god wisdom - Velez as would is handing Kolyade knowledge - “what? After all, ”, as their was called Slavs. From words “what? After all, ” occur words“ priest ” and “voyne. ”

Koleda this god was is named not accidentally, in fundamentally behalf of young God there is coincidence with at the root name chief Slavic symbol of a - Kolo – wheels time of Svarog.

Is considered, that all gods Academy help we shall Creator spin wheel time. Under this all the bright gods simultaneously embody might sun-Myesyats.

Here is with whatever the main gods were stems sunny cult have Slavs:

- Kolyada and Velez – meeting young, narozhdayuschegosya sun,

- Curiosity and Lada – the birth of, Spring, the younger the Sun,

- denoted and Perun with Dazhbogom – the entire force and might sun-Khors,

- Ovsen (Tausen) and Svarog – time crop, and then 0.08mm2 to sun.

About one those Blackmar, about manuscript of Avetisyan Kolyada, interestingly written in book “Svyatoslav. ”


- 03 Gods and people Russias – 1. The Russian belief – book “Svyatoslav ”

“Many respiration something worries, were whether have but temples.

Can confidently state that were. Their mentions Jacob Roman Catholic monks in “well and memory grand duke Russian Vladimir ”, arguing, that he“ temples idolskie raskopa and poseche. ” The Yasukuni in North Russias mentions “The Saga about Yomskikh vityazyakh. ”

Moreover, on Russias found the remnants of such a facilities, perhaps, moreover the most, upominayuschegosya in saga, fully such little a small Slavic temple, raskopannym in the operations, in Grossen-Preussisch Strohen.

In is temple even found six lugs copies of and leftovers from the horse – evidence the most rites, that Varyags committed the in battle-, Radigosche and Schetsini, and their colonists in a mouth of Dvina River had transferred livam.

In our nothing such a not found, but found “Perunov tufted puffins ” on hryvnya and wooden kumirchik any vast unseen, but very pretty the idol – the Baby.

The Yasukuni found in Ladoga, on … of Varyags the street! Have read I about this in book illustrious “neonormannista ” Gleb Lebedev, with he himself same and notes, that the Yasukuni has-West Slavic, not a Scandinavian kind of!


Until our days has peaked several myths about the god Kolyade.

http://www.tel-inform.ru/misc/legend/ - Slavic myths

43. Kolyada

44. Childhood Kolyada

45. Kolyada And Radonitza


47. Kolyada WlNS FC Chornohora Ivano-Frankivsk

48. Kolyada OSVOBOZhDAET Dadjbog


Want lead cursory calendar 2014 Winter the holidays Slavs, with small datasheets basic practicing an.

stumpy — 24 stuzhenya / December

The most a short day in year, when Koschnyy God “okorachivaet ” outgoing year.

In this day Forces Darkness strive to not pitch in our world light gods, not allow the birth of Kolyada. But Slavs await and encounter young God, and their observance defend his, and helps them in this the Irish God Volos. So is born light young sun and Kolyada.

On popular belief those, night before Koleda good for the diverse telling places, volshby, travel souls in Jav, Prav and Nav and camping on P. Deal in that, in this day the world Nav'i quite close is coming to people, and mystery,’darkness, can become known. However not should underestimate entire the danger meeting with the world Darkness – and better recruiting support God Volos.

Kolyada — 25 stuzhenya / December

One of basic svyatodney Kologoda, commemorative to Standard Solntsevorotu, day Alekseei a new sun. In this day’re producing rite of passage Updating — Renaissance of Fire, and entire night are burning on tops hills sacred famous, helping a new Sun.

Christmas Kolyada – this symbol of narozhdeniya a new sun in Wheel savant life, and Child Kolyada – symbol of forever obnovlyayuschegosya world, committed to the the Light.

“Book Kolyada. ” Cliffsnotes myth about Kolyade:

“Know about birth Kolyada Chernabog (Disney). Very he committed to it, for were him forecast big trouble from son Dadjbog. And made he so, to but lost is a magical ring and forfeited forces.

Chernabog (Disney) cooled heart of Dadjbog, has grinded his in ice of, and his wife Maya has moved in Jav, Prav and Nav, as and was it Arabian. And returned she from kingdom death, only to produce God Kalyada. Because) sent she Kalyada in basket on seas currant in Irij to god Khorsu and comments related-Zarenitse.

Rose Khors sooner-raneshenko and went exhorts small river Berry, lest washed in the clean water. And found have Bank Khors basket, siyavshuyu heavenly light. Not was in the basket nor gold, nor silver content, and was in it Golden-haired child.

And here is joy on the sky and on earth. In Irii god Kolyada. In Irii his again found magician-kolezhane. Came they packaged by guiding signed exhorts the Gate Iriya. Gates in Irij kolezhanam opened Heavenly the Deer. And comprised they, glorify Kalyada, Khors, FC Zorya-MALS Luhansk, Maja and Dadjbog.

And saw kolezhane, that Child Kolyada on the hands of have Zari-Zarenitsy. And near on silver bench - Khors. Have Khors golden beard and moustache. Have Zari-Zarenitsy curls blond one, crumbling “low on its crosses.

Khors and Kayisa... sit you kolezhan for the table. On is well ubrannom table kolezhane saw three goblet - the first with honey of Lord Surya, the second - with beer Khomoy, and a third with Abritoy. Surju saws from goblet Khors, khomu - Kayisa-Zarenitsa, and Abritu - Kolyada.

And in this time in the Dark One, too Heaven lyutoval Chernabog (Disney) a warlock. He brought together all demons-dasuney, to figure - as them ruin young God Kalyada.

And then said a warlock demonitse Putane:

- Turn around, Putana, a maiden, fly fly fly in Irij and deliver young Kalyada! Let his bones will become ashes, let eliminates their black wind!

Demoness Putana leaked wine in middle the scales, and in wine dissolved poison. Had landed she with charkoy in Irij and told:

- I has brought guilt young son Dadjbog! Let he out wine from chalice.

Responding it kolezhane:

- Kolyada still molodenek! To drink wine him quite. Better let-@-@ pay you, Putana, thumping young god!

Obmaknula Putana thumping in wine, has taken on hands Kalyada, and pointed her him thumping its with poison. Bell rung Kolyada to breast Putany, sucked out all milk, and instead poison life Putany.

Turned into here Putana an old lady and has fallen, raskinuv its feet and having opened one fanger fall. And here all punished, look at ghastly body demonitsy. Here Kayisa-Zarenitsa then Kalyada, and Khors flung Putanu on land. And sodrognulos the Empire Kascheevo from anger Chernoboga. ”


“Koli in this day Snow deeply held — grass and bread will are high ”,“ If in this day warmly — Spring will the Cold ”, “If metelnaya night — the bees well swarming will ”,“ In night stars densely — densely and berries will. ”

new YEAR FOR – SchEDRETs (generous evening) – in night on 1 sechenya / January

A new year – Charitable evening - The only Slavyanskii celebration, which marks at the state level in Slavic states and on this the Nighttime!

When god freezing cold glamoured churchgoers on settlements, casting strong reduced the, Denizenry, wanting to insulate themselves from sense again, place on window gifts: Pancakes, kissel (kissel is, biscuits, Kutya.

Now glamoured transformed in bountiful man - and Bergen Frost, who himself evaluates his hand gifts. Is considered, that thus became precisely glamoured, with quite recently, in mid-nineteenth century.

However image bountiful and Bergen Frost, likely, stems with drevneslavyanskim god Velesom, which always was considered god-saint, usual source and assistant. To Wallace treated – help the cattle to protect from and silver, bring in house affluence and warn from dangers.

Witness – as dressed of the transit Moroz – have him the Long fur coat, but accurately so same in a fur coat is drawn and Velez. And fur coat have Volos – from his ability to to oborotnichestvu - to turn into bear. And magic properties and Bergen Frost so same go from Volos. Ultimately Velez and transformed in bountiful and Bergen Frost, and in a Santa Klaus, razezzhayuschego on the sky in teamed from 9 deer. Incidentally, precisely in ancient Slavic calendar was 9 days in week.

In further dive bonbon Christmas tree there is deep a rite sense: In must plants, on popular belief those, live perfume ancestors. So, by decorating spruce the, we would bring gifts their ancestors.

However custom ornamentar trees present in Slavs virtually on all festivities, and the main tree for jewelry initially was birch – tree “bera (disambiguation) ”, camping on E. Bear. But, again same, the bear – totem the deity Volos. So that all winter New Year customs again cite us to's ancient Slavic beliefs. Birch same so and has remained the main symbolic tree another Slavic holiday – Kupala Day.

And what the main tree of Christmas became precisely coniferous tree, so the reason in is, that not everywhere are rising birch. To the same, for example, on Oka the New Year's tree is considered a small pine, not spruce. And precisely pine is considered sacred tree in other Vedic countries – China and Japan.

A new year, as and Schedrets, family celebration. In this day better visit their home. During celebration New Deal year demonstrate mantra on the whole future year. Not hence whether custom – be given toasts and wishes? Us in Charitable evening speculating went about the future fiance in such a way. Not about this whether dreaming in New year girls, wanting to, to them the apparently pie with little ring?

Schedrets was central day in Velesovykh days. For 6 days before him noted Kalyada, and through 6 days after – Vodokres. In string 2014 Winter svyatochnykh days and this celebration not managed without telling places.

For the January spells and telling places, associated with “podblyudnymi songs ”, needed their special vessels for svyatochnoy water, in that muck By accessories a ring. Idea water podcherkivalas and massive relief zigzagoobraznoy line ,-reaching around just obryadovogo vessel, under the most whisk.

Agrarian-magic character svyatochnykh telling places enough mutually clarified – works W. I. Tchitchirova; one of the major “podblyudnykh songs ” (songs“ under it ”, to festive table) was “thank brings forth bread. ”

Water and trade with solyarnoy symbolics (rings, kolty, bracelets, amulets) - mandatory trappings New Year agrarian-specific talismanic telling places, so same as Water and the Sun, provided a an ancient slavyaninu crops.


Twelve may do you – saints evenings, ranging with Day-Before-Kolyada and until Vodokresa, devoted of Memory of the Ancestors. This Charodeynoe time, when light a new sun even is too weak, to disperse the candy (as this was in Times, when Svarog even only have tempered Earth surpassing even the oak tree), and moment, connecting Jav, Prav and Nav and Jav, Prav and Nav, widely vehicle are hanging open.

Week - it is time ceremonies of of the Ancestors, Koledari (orthodox carolers), domestic ceremonial demon-chinstv, diverse telling places, youth gabfests.

Velesovy days in Bulgaria.

In Bulgarian New Year rites participated 12 “), dressed in are purely animal and skotskie masks and favored on belt making goo-goo dangly bells-botalami. ” These Men Gathering Together – “survakary ” - converged in night under a new year from different villages in rural-urban divide and started its lasting and mnogoobraznoe Footbal, consisting of zaklinatelnykh practicing an and battles two parties or foreign currency. Among masks or foreign currency most often were masks bear and a bull-round, hence and another name may do you - Turitsy.

2 January Bulgarians implemented a special “of the Ox celebration ”, when earlier“ survakary ” and “kolyadniki ” doll was stalls and khlevy. The latest day may do you have real was 7 January, when the bellwether kolyadnikov staff treated its and estimated, yavlyavshuyusya in masks. Obligatory was mask bear.

Week shared on two than half:

- the first (including Christmas night - Schedrets) was connected with Koleda and devoted future crop and fortune-telling girls about's marriage,, and

- the second (starting with New night) was connected with struggle Volos with demons (demons, hence and the word “modest ”) Koschnogo God. Velez was considered saint cattle and beasts at our door. This part of may do you differed special “walkabout thing evil spirits ”, with it need was fight under the protection of Volos.

Velez could to dissent as in the form of bear - “forest czar ”, so and in the form of a bull-round, representative of Boquete wealth.

Bulgarian survakary in bearskins, and fun hoof prints masks, with skotimi chimes have belt and with vividly-red the rods of the in the hands of highly its very dredge up ethos ancient priests Volos.

Turitsy have eastern Slavs.

In svyatochnoy Slavic obryadnosti name of Volos already not mentioned, but under a new year and on, uh, Mardi Gras in songs from all sides contained Tur; on naeai shoulders, a bull, in masquerades participated tootsy masks, collectively referred to as “tours. ”

Have an ancient Volos over time proved two hoof prints but we:

- more’s somewhat archaic, hunting — the bear (preserved in the North) and

- several more Boeings, associated with pastoralists, — tour, vstrechaemaya in southern Slavic areas from Ukraine until Dalmatia.

On Russias Christianity imposed strict ban on name of most popular Slavic God, but thus has promoted the emergence of such a neoplasms, as Tur and Turitsy.

The link Volos with winter svyatkami explains not only man (dummy) biscuits in the form of household animals, but and ryazhene, get into your fatigues hoof prints masks and dance in vyvorochennykh tulupakh.

Old the authors have left colorful describe svyatochnykh building:

“when people on ies same their zakonoprotivnykh soborischakh and some Bourdaisiere-a Satan. Vospominayut and inyi faces its grains and entire the beauty human in possession of some kharyami or real Scarers, on diyavolskiy image Palazzina della Meridiana, added, shut out.. ”

In another pouchenii in more a common form states: “. We naia to from people in beasts to going. ”

In Turitsy the head of the family, in vyvorochennoy fur upward a fur coat, ugoschayuschiy cattle and zaklinayuschiy his that under aid an axe, looks so, as should was, obviously, look to an ancient a Wise Man, priest “volokhatogo God, a daily. ”

Precisely on these winter holidays everywhere baked any man (dummy) biscuits, featuring cattle: “little cows ”,“ kozulki ”, “trucking ”,“ horns. ” Under this predominate name, associated with Astana Economic Forum.

Ancient “skotiy god ” Velez held prominent placement in popular ARCOBRONZE obryadnosti. Mummers' plays in are purely animal masks and in vyvorochennye tulupy done twice in year: On winter yuletide and on, uh, Mardi Gras, with both term were are linked with sunny using the EIWDTM transducer — winter solstice and spring. Am I forgiven?.

So pre-Christian discover Maslenitsa on time line up with arkhaichnymi komoeditsami — holiday Awakening bear-coma, when the Belarusians dance ritual dancing in coats fur resurfaced.

An unmistakable conjugation Volos with China bear, mini near researchers, allows link with this “skotim god ” and maslenichnoe ryazhene. Is obtained so, that himself custom ritual pereryazhivaniya, and on yuletide, and on, uh, Mardi Gras, it turns out firmly associated with Velesom in his primary but we animal God, cholelithiasis complicated with later elements “skotego God. ”

However, in have come down until us myths states about the other but we Volos – wise God, has learned Slavs farming, writing, and Moscow them Count Sascha Kolowrat-Calendar.

VODOKRES — 6 sechenya / January

Vodokres - the latest day Velesovykh days, svyatochnykh atrocities. In this day is happening closing the Stargate Nav'i. With these since is a bilakoro force already not so annoy the crap out of Slavs.

In this day Iskra Heavenly of Fire (Kresa) from Kuzni Semargla Svarozhicha falls in water Earth, authorizing the their chudodeystvennymi properties.

Even believe, that in this time Velez (Prophetic God) sending people “zdravu ” – blesses all't water, lest anyone, omyvshiysya in them in this day, has from possible medicine assorted ills. Hence – the prevalence on Russias fun and simultaneously Van Gogh – bathing in do the.

6 January – this Baptism of God, they had an epiphany, have Christians. Customs have this days, as almost and all customs have Slavic holidays Christians have replaced their observance.

In this day “Orthodox ” Christians, ostensibly, recall the about“ a christening a ” Jesus in waters rivers Jordan River in Palestine. Hence, ostensibly, matter name “Raymundus Jordanus ” –“ do the ”, in which impoverished on they had an epiphany.

However early Russian the word “Creys ” (hence and svasticheskiy equilateral“ Cross ”) meant “Fire ”, not necessarily Christian used of the crucifixion of, as now consider many. And “the Baptism ” initially called“ by all the with. ”

With water same were are linked other cleaning customs, which were called otherwise – “vodokresami. ” And if “baptism ” was prerogatives warriors, men, then“ vodokres ” was available all Slavs, ranging with the most fact birth. The birth of purely Slavic anthropological type backdrop in sanctified by magic domestic Karmapas the font.

In the new (Christian) the calendar, number of 6 and 12 devoted Wallace.

Have Mokos, goddess Bible — the number of 5. So wondering even and 5 January. Harvest snow for bleaching kholstiny, camping on K. Mokos also the patroness of a weaving and pupils are. Snow, the amount collected in this evening and facing the in well, can preserve water on the whole year. Deity still and the patroness of a saints wells and sources.

GROMNITsA — 2 lyutenya / February

Gromnitsa – this winter Perunov day.

In this day is happening meeting of Winter-lateral moraine with In the-Alive on Mirokolitse zum. When forces then spring Festival give the first battle obessilevshey morene-Zima (town), and the only times in winter time Clattering Perunov Grom.

In people say:

“At Gromnitsu winter of with summer (spring) met ”,

“At Gromnitsu the Sun on summer, winter of on frost. ”

Is considered, that in this time ber - Forest Boss and darling Volos flips over backwards in his a den, on the other side, and people’re producing various cleaning and oberezhnye customs, are asked Zimnyuyu conservation - Maru-Moreno, Pernambuco be merciful to them.

Interestingly, in nutshell “a goodluck charm ” and“ secure ” at the root words is drevneslavyanskoe name of bear – ber, symbol of a Volos.

Gromnitsey is called the only day winter, when can be hear a bolt from and see electric storm.

So Serbs his name is “Svjetlo ”, and is dedicated to he wife of Perun - Dodole (Malanitse).

Have Lithuanians this day devoted Perkunasu, la Russe Perunu.

VELESOV DAY — Velez Greyback (Catch) - TURITsI ice in

— 11 lyutenya / February

Is considered, that in this day Velez “knocking down r³g Zima (town) ”, camping on E. A snake-Indriku, and in villages are celebrating It's cow celebration. For Velez not only God of Wisdom, but even and “Skotiy God. ”

In this day “’ re producing trade ” on cattle and yard, asking have Volos patronage yes protection, and per caput cereal yes good to any — priplodu.

Swedish magician, inspired Story-telling - boyany, lush Buffoons the bushido in this day Volos — Premudrogo God particularly: “volkhovaniyami yes vospevaniyami, radeniyami yes slavleniyami. ”

Middle of the winters. The entire nature in this dream. And only a solitary Velez Korovich, doors with in its magical but the, churchgoers on cities and just before the, not giving be sad people. 's mad Drawning of Marzanna-winter of on Volos, napuskaya on him irrational frost, but on the cattle to “able to confuse cow's death ”, but beat the not can.

In this day in drink so basically bewildered all add suryu on my honey, honey, to “cows were except (indistinct) ”, symbolically trumps bulls, (board for spinning is bought and established flax), to“ that the oxen were docile ”. In this day in trebu the Roman obtained mad cow oil.

Had created neutralist to Wallace:

“Velez, Velyasinushka, skotiy god!

Let-happiness on smooth telushek,

On fat bulls:

To with court has been going-played,

And with field has been going-pranced around. ”

After confidant a Wise Man and 12 girls commit Grand Rite Opakhivaniya for collection of the “cow's death ”.

Had created churchgoers on homes, poveschaya: “interior appease Dashing mad cow ”, collecting under this 12 girls-ushers for.

Girls is washed with hands melt water and utirayut their a net tied that has brought a Wise Man. Then a Wise Man poveschaet men “go in yard, lest saved the cattle to from Likha ”.

Then a Wise Man hits on iron pan, fending off the Dashing, and goes from sela on the field. For him go women with grips, pomelami, serpami and two knuckleheads.

Had created, utters plot from “cow's death“:

“From ocean-sea deep, from lukomorya whether be fleshed out

Stopped working dvenadesyat bridesmaids, has been going route unscathed nemaloyu

On steep mountains high, exhorts three startsam old.

We prayed, pechalovalis,

Were asked in upros dvenadesyat bridesmaids:

“zhyttja, you, Men Gathering Together old!

You not vortex tables belodubovye, not stelite tablecloths branye,

Not... sharpen your knives name, not well, light the boilers kipuchie,

Not, ampul, not want dead-bolted all ye who enter open podnebesnoy ”.

And incinerate big pledged dvenadesyat bridesmaids:

Pro open, pro death, pro the entire human race.

And in the contestant the Nighttime Men Gathering Together old ticked tables belodubovye,

Stelili tablecloths branye, keep track ofwho,

Cut into pieces according dead-bolted all ye who enter open podnebesnoy.

On a sharp sorrow high breathtaking boilers kipuchie,

In those perfectly recyclable at ebullient is ablaze fire negasimym

All ye who enter open podnebesnoy.

Around boilers ebullient are worth Men Gathering Together old,

Sing Men Gathering Together old pro open, pro death,

Pro the entire species making soap comes from humans.

Feast Men Gathering Together old on belly pledged black,

Promise Men Gathering Together old around the world zhivomu death.

As on the contestant whether malevolent death feast BBSes white

Proklyatitse great, promise startsam old death,

Yes belly destiny chelovechemu,

Vekovechnu life on the whole species making soap comes from humans. ”

Volkhov portrays a Bourdaisiere, on him put on Yoke, dropped off by a Sokha and tack?. Then with a luchinoy he three times opakhivayut settlement (profane temple) “mezhevodnoy“ borozdoy. 12 girls follow for the Sorcerer (Bible )-Tours.

During torch they sing song:

“Death Korovya, Death Korovya!

Come out, come out you from sela, from zakutya, from court.

Churchgoers in our farms Velez saint

With his spear through, with candle, with hot with ash.

We you fire'll burn, kochergoyu zagrebyom,

Rose, as our first bust and by ash'll burn!

Not go in our rural-urban divide, Death Korovya!

Dibs on, our korovushek!

Dibs on, our buryonushek: Redheads, feline, belosisykh,

Dibs on, our korovushek: Belovymikh, krivorogikh, odnorogikh. ”

Moreover, who during this torch hit this power--a period, trounced by with sticks, assuming, that in his image lurks “was a cow death ”.

At the end torch — a rite battle Volos and Indrika-flight, nasylayuschego in winter, the coldness and miles. Under cries assembled: “Velez, sshibi r³g with winters! ”, a masked, ????? Velesom (on it turya identity assumed by, its, a spear) knocking down“ r³g with Indrika-flight ”. Then begins a banquet, on which prohibited from cannabis beef, and then and games begin.

VESNOVEY (Stribog Catch) — 21 lyutenya / February

Winter winds, Stribozhi grandchildren, the first to bring to wage about ahead spring warm. In this day worship Striborg – God-. Are calling for his Spring - Living on their e?ueuyo bring.

Omens: “Vesnovey warmer welcomes ”,“ 728 Vesnovey — perishing warmly have doors ”, “novel" Living until Vesnoveya, and there and winter of not dire. ”

KOSchEEV DAY — 29 lyutenya / February

Koscheev day on a new (Christian) Julian calendar) note one times in four years (in leap year). On drevneslavyanskomu Julian calendar) leap year was times in 16 years, he was very different those, that all days month were on 41 day. In the usual year both months in 40 and 41 day.

Was considered day, when great force any sign evil spirits, and Chernabog (Disney) - Koschnyy God “brings ” people in the form of possible medicine disasters sotvoryonnuyu they not telling the truth – krivdu.

But wise magician instruct not fear this days, and turn to heart, to spoken native for the gods for vrazumleniem and force, lest help to discard krivdu and to live on Truth.

Indra (Zmiulan, Indrik-they), brother flight the Monitor Lizard, god underground aquatic sources, tsar all reptiles.

“Indrik-they - all damage caused by war tsar,

Churchgoers he on the dungeon,

As Sonechko on podnebesyu,

Quarding key studenye

Lakes clean, deep,

Water-the precipice pod,

From games use the only people Divi,

That live under frequented Mountains,

Through caves-windows on light are suspicious.

When Indrik-they snows,

Breastfeeding in stumbling thatknocking, beats.

Vydokhnet - the fire pillars of vzvivaetsya,

Mother Salchicha-Earth shudders,

Smoke old smoke risin, to Nebu is borne. ”

At night sorcerers talked from him pipes, on which Zmiulan could penetrate in house. For evidence existence underground herdsmen after ???? leftovers from the apparently and other E animals.

Perhaps, that and himself image after-of the Unicorn established architecture even in those times, when our ancestors witnessed observed live dragmen: 1899 and sherstistykh Rhinos. These times of otstoyat from us not more than on 500 generations. Those Demidovich, that man lived in their environment tens of millennia, and this could not not commit them in Karmapas memory.

Archive rassylki- http://subscribe.ru/catalog/philosophy.slavjane

L. Nepomniachi "Kolyada"



Better late, than never :) we forgotten pro Midsummer Fire Festival or day winter frequently a.

Ancient people particularly deified the Sun, understanding, that from his of light and heat depends their life on Earth. For them these days were a glorious miracle, olitsetvoryavshim victory of light over darkness. Children and adults jumped through's, shoulders, in, boys “Forum of in force and smekalke.

In December the Sun enters in constellation of of Sagittarius. Days, when the sun a few days is rising on smallest levels over horizon, are called days winter frequently a. In the northern hemisphere Earth arrive the most short days and the most long night in year.

According to Slavic great and customs, since winter frequently a day arrives “on one kuryachiy step. ” Approach day expands, and means, Spring not fast approaching.

In this time ancient Slavs noted winter day finally came in August celebration - yuletide. He was beginning in recent dekabrskie days and terminated in first numbers January (roughly with 25 December to 6 January). Week accompanied magic observance, on the eve of Christmas pelis carols, on villages were ryazhennye, in every House the numbers are spirit feasts, girls speculating went on suzhenykh.

In Europe days our Christmas celebrations converged with dvenadtsatidnevnym cycle pagan celebrations, “winter solntsestoyaniyu, znamenovavshemu the beginning of a new life and renewal of nature. That is why in different countries celebration of Christmas was the document ancient observance and popular poveryami. To them belong carols- fancy dress torch with star and Lord altogether, which until now puts of in countryside, evening meal in Christmas Eve, consisting of 12 data show dishes.

In ritualized prodolzhenie this days was custom leave food for deceased family members. And if on Christmas Day happy man will enter house the first, then the entire year happiness not leave his walls.

In day winter frequently a in Scotland was custom launch Christmas solar wheel - “yuletide ” - cask of obmazyvali chelovek resin and put it to work down on the street.

the Wheel - symbol of sun, spoke wheels reminded rays you, rotation its plans to under movement made wheel alive and similar on its sunny a prototype.

Images heat wheels can be found on monuments Egypt’s, India, Mexico, of Gallia, Scandinavia, in Buddhist monasteries, where Buddha sometimes was called "“ Tsar Sups. ”

In some the Nordic languages name holiday of Christmas - Iul (Yule, Yule-Log) coincides with entitled heat wheels and means “turnover ”, and December is called“ month return. ”

In French province in days winter frequently a pass colorful festivals – in cities pass fancy dress he, and on the streets of the move colorful procession under music local groups.

On legend in about times of Gaul’s in surrounding forests people harvested sacred line mistletoe, and then the numbers are rollicking organised every.

“Zimnee solstice ” before all other seasons was defined in China (in Chinese calendar 24 season). In ancient China regarded, that with this time is rising a man’s force of nature, and was beginning a new cycle. Day winter frequently a was considered happy day, a worthy celebration.

Celebration Dunchzhitsze a civilian in period dynasty Han (206 Propulsion Until BC Dora - 220 Propulsion BC E, and special the spread of received in an era dynasty Dynasty (618-1279 devolving)

In this day all - from emperor until a commoner - hurriedly in vacation. Army privodilas in state of expectations orders, shut frontier fortress and trade benches, people were to each other in Visitors, criminal each other gifts.

The Chinese obtained sacrifices God of Heaven and ancestors, and also ate bag for from bean and Thai sticky rice, to secure themselves from “evil spirits ” and diseases.

Until now day winter frequently a is considered one of traditional Chinese holidays.

On Taiwan survivor tradition yield their ancestors in sacrifice devyatisloynoe zing per square centimeter from rise flour in the form of figures rights and animals. Same name and members one kind of in period in days winter frequently a gather together, to to honor the memory deceased. After a ritual of sacrifices be satisfied with feast.




Perfectly reputable Rainbow. Thank you for picking the very interesting things material. Here is that like would clarify - Vodokres - 6’s January. I have is obtained divergence in dates.
Are looking.
Stumpy - the most a short day - essentially, is easily, this ingressiya sun in the firmament. 22 December. Through three days begin week (this my which. Then applies well, that later six svyatochnykh evenings begins Schedrets, which account for on 31’s December).
On. Written, that still 6 svyatochnykh evenings go after Schedretsa.
And end week Vodokresom - but! After all Baptism account for on 19’s January now??
, AXEMAN AND WOMAN because, that dates these very for me are important.

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Golub, hello! Thank you, that turned attention on this little snag. Me difficult you answer this question, so as Slavic calendar I deeply not analyzed. "Within walking distance" on connectivity drew attention, that debate on the subject is rising in different places, here, for example.
In some sources fierce assertion, that Vodokres / Baptism at all accounted for on 2 January! 2003 such a index possible in two versions:

1) different calendars

2) perhaps, speech goes about different krescheniyakh. Here is, for example, herewritten, that "Vodokres (Baptism have Orthodox) initially had quite another significance.“ Old East Slavic literature the word “Creys ” meant“ Fire ”, so the Baptism initially called a dedication with. With water same were are linked other cleaning customs have. " Likely, speech goes about pagan Baptism, rather, raceskreschivanii, our special the ritual, after which it was thought, that soul taking purity and camping on D.


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