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Yuri A. Zorin be kidding:

Shit - Bath, I understand.
The naked - a lovely Lunar night,
If, of course, he blaring
Not intends to you just hauling.

In quiet water, Mummer's Ford not knowing,
Not rastrevozha pridonnuyu suspended matter,
Say the steps forth to volosatoyu't
And forever to go to waste this shopping.

Need only only continue to have'Thou art thy
In ripples vexing soul circles.
Immediately disappear with faces vile phrase,
Nezakolochennykh a lid groboff.

And this prime ministerial:

Here is nor thought, nor wondered what -
A new year me took out.
He snuck up imperceptibly
And had tapped for reduce leverage.
Immediately became ardently,
As from passions unrequited.
So much any happened -
Perishing not Drie Stoepen I just.

Remember as has found in 120
For themselves I a new house.
Knocked out a 4k. All one.
That same was there then?

I mentioned - Rainbow stand
Izabelyu Adjani?
And me with shpunyala:
"Jur perishing these as much as three."
Priglyadetsya if stricter,
The rights she loop,
Astrodome - not Astrolodzher,
Life flows to not aka.

Here is pleased, that congratulate
With Happy New Year not question -
Yolka there is. Can conjure,
That and grandfather almost Morozz.
And crazy’s organs is mila - ’,
Us saved from many woes.
Sneguritsya very nice
Dushelyub and lyudoved.

Here is what I waited so little -
Damaging kaput,
That my native mother again
Chukokaloy Righteous.
Nor whom not will give to be lazy
And tranzity miss.
Is worth in its feet bow to his lordship,
Photo in frame to deposit.

Very even and not poorly
Us created an Altaysky the brink,
Because, that without catch
Her teeth stick Nikolai.
Doc's he taking some
And in A. Dora Long a lovesick.

Well live neighbors
There where forum Astroledi.
Our my crumpet Regyna,
All homes sent out here.
Invite and me
Drinks cup kofeya.
Has been stymied, and me question -
Nanogony. What seriously?

Yes, shed have us an amusement,
If will become with politekha
Astrology teach -
Ukraine not speaks out.
There Helen affairs rules,
Schelbanov such will pose!
And science expensive
From bazaar would protect.
In general will increasingly not poorly,
Lena the kind even Solokha.

I write - nenapisatsya
Nor whom not was able forget
Give only catch its breath
And the inks charge.




I not want of memories:
They are preoccupying soul me!
Again unrest and her
And Tears, potoplennykh in impulse!

Yana want … Let it stick there walking free
Owns entity my!
I believe: Not will pass and year –
Melancholy dispels, as smoke!

And we again or with you
Glass, filled with wine,
Again're gonna be talking poems
And forget about the grandeur!

Let nastupivshiy New year
Wind Good luck will bring!
Zodiakalnyy all by itself
Champagne be met with New year!



Stars in the sky shine vividly
And on the streets light!
All, as children, await gift to commemorate
And want to fortunate.
And small stalls endure piles of.
And the misery of drive occupies.
And hope, that miracle
Will be made in this night!

A new year you the best celebration!
You come in every house!
You, as a small impish,
Increasingly decorate “low!
But promchishsya you, as miracle.
As melknuvshaya star.
You come blue.
And're leaving in nowhere.

And when since the so
Increasingly frustrated will carry
Will stop a moment
And will come New A year!
And purported sunshine of the spotless mind
Will tell all, that hour it is a timely
Enforcement desires,
Those, that every wished for!

And will ensue expense moments.
And will ensue a new circle.
And shining fireworks
Increasingly illuminated around!
And around effity bonbon Christmas tree
Maybe all by itself!
And will be remembered to stay
Midday prazdnik- New A year!

Land flies privychnoyu orbit,
Cater to end in term its turnover.
And in the sway d d of the other loners swooped events
Another is, hurrying a new year.

Then move not, while all. On the murky firmament
Flicker stars in award s.
Faced this new year nature,
So in an alarming even too dopey.

I know, that their only hands
Any of us success itself smith of.
But let on anyone case, inter affairs,
With a you're numb happiness a new year.

Not knows year, that we about him. - We're wagging,
Him wanting to of a brighter path.
And in this moment, on balloon the earth on taking,
With veseloi song over land flies.

Somehow he will a new year that the looming,
That will on this time with a?
Answer there is no. Only under the sun running
Sparking snow track blue.

All and ratification only only in life.
's horrible cold bread, 2.50 without labor.
Victory joy – only in preodolene
Impediments and the hard truths. Was so always.

As say, Per Aspera ad Astra
The path to the stars us through ” * talks the.
Alas, fate us indulge not often.
Let are lucky us in this new year!



And this my (yesterday at night dreamt) :)

Touring the first class. Nurse the children.
To drink each hotheaded chocolate.
And refold throughout the, refold throughout the
Novels of, compose the stories,
Looking in window trains on sluggish dancing
Gotichnoy Europe.



Dusha and people.

Came soul. Has near.
With this teployu cheek.
Not trouble the in vain glance,
Eyes their now please close any.

She always has been obedient step
Sought for your dream,
But not miracles make for mage.
She came risk burning candle.

He spoke - I know force,
That time, fortunately will lead.
She kept quiet. In this world
About it not remember and not await.

He believed sacred, that a path
Hold his liquor the, who in paradise is faring.
She prayed to quietly God
Not hasten his turn is up.

Such a it secured force.
Will reach, the its Just.
When forgiveness asked,
She asked for him.

Let good candidate because will moment, but is bright in the,
When their again will drive Destino.
"You a strange" - he it observed.
She said: "I - your."



Poem "Dialog." My.

- Imagine itself, that luxury niei?u and near,
And velvet, and, caviar, and guilt expensive.
- lntroduces.
And know, me not need to.
Want, to were good,
But other.
- But wasn in poverty schatlivee it comes you has become?
(Pardon and terms of love stupidity only the, that Good!)
- Don’t in this the crux of the! (And pro themselves told,
That the true luxury there is - soul)



Immediately write-not – my! But here is challenge from betting with your social network as under mood.

Of the corner of World, of the corner of essence,
Straw volatile, iridescent of exposure
I not becomes - but on a moment
Has stopped for over world, waiting for my purpose..

Of the corner of night, vplavlennoy in stumbling,
Pulled, looking subject dreams-poems,
Empty, is thus meaningless, foolish - but, I repent! -
I would still your life touch.


When would where sea salt stripped of more taste
She applies was would only on the
To sprinkle it a flight cold

When same World ``to you lost
The life, fate and own thought
You to squashed to death. – as heel a bug.

Blessed are you who are those who in the mind, spirit and heart of
Easy vivid light



Today I Sea, Sea ceasefire.
His so many, that there is no me.
Live or not, 'm breathing or d.
Only Sea around, only the flames everywhere.

There is countries, where warmer …
There is cities, where like …
There are people, that'll just melt
Souls frozen snow.

There is happiness, to to remain
And to live, where choice hearts,
And joy, when near
Your a close people.



Julietta, this your poems? :flirt:

Julietta wrote:

antonymic Sea around, only the flames everywhere.

Here is he, Neptune Sagittarius on DSTs-those.



Радуга wrote:

That he, Neptune in a like him too? On DSTs-those.

Yes, my. Not watch with perspective astrology, and here is it as interestingly! :)
And here is poems my son. Him 9 years. Idea, images, metaphors his. I a bit rhyme polished off.

Cleanest game park winter

Nor minutes not tolerate trampolines,
Wheel not implementing various clock,
Steamship in stumbling he crashed if
Neshirokoy winter souls.

Up you now not responds,
Not will awaken she until Spring.
It about lіto, about the sun, effeminate
Will dream about magic Slumbers.



Uslyshte, people. Our wounds
Balmed time, except the,
That poisons heart of poison,
When cherstveem we soul of.

Let it tolerate cuts pressing
Not getting accustomed, but ?????? the cry.
And where love, there a soft-spoken island,
And where galdyozh, there mainland.

Modicum paintings distinguish
She certainly full. Here is shouts,
As small the trouble will happen,
But as big, so speaks out.

And can God to pray
Wanted would, but hides image of.
Until she not him scream,
Until in silence there is the cry.

But who'll put in modicum would word
Pre skies for me,
When in psyche I'm saving up I grudge,
Ile otrekayusya. Admiring?

Not let us to live deaf when above,
Than shadow in in a fewminutes with head.
Loses God its hope,
When cherstveem we soul of.




12 house horoscope.

Fuzziness movements,
Negligence things.
Motives not are clear,
And feelings so brittle.
Weaken our desires no awareness.
Circle completed.
Dream - this life,
And life - this dream.



Spans creature,
The midnight svechene.
You - the problem wonderful,
You - my your happiness.

Sparks shine, sparks are dampened.
Remain only tinsel.
The moth wings waves,
As star on crossroads.

A crossroads. Perekreste.
Over you my little ray of sunshine the thin.
He pogas, not warming,
Rassypayas dust hard cash.

Used fate, borders world
The moth wings draws.
Wait still second,
’ ll find and you immortality.



I abandon band the old house,
Where quietly lived we the two of.
For home those mostly of river
She nespeshna, profound.

I in the boat sela, but the trouble -
Padlo since forgotten, and then
Has invariably led as fate
River its 1912, it sped up.

Your words “forgive, farewell. ”
In an evening the darkness of the a.
With forests. The old house.
Fires of are veiled, empty in it.

That you there one takes one?
Have been arguing the boat reverse.
Want I only open the contestant the door,
Light up light a candle and shake and support.
And tea with honey give to drink,
But that is the point
Not firm Obama turns reverse river,
She nespeshna, profound.

And only in dream come you,
In dream I feel
Warmly your hands
And feel as lips hot ???????????
And as is still far the moment,
When me you will leave you.

5 September 2008



Autumn melody

From cycle “Circle the since the ”

In embracing one another with autumn'll on path,
And leaves that paper fun Rustling,
I this joy collect on crumb
And beads do of them, and let sings soul.

Mailitis, soul, simple this gift.
Moments of are always lingering as colorful umbrella over.
Takes boredom as candle only a stump of a.
And in this very moment perhaps all.

Walking in park a pekinese nicknamed entered the city.
Tail he waves fun not polite all.
Argues hostess: “Since you bribery no,
You not dog, you not evil quite. ”

And he, Dick and Harry seems on the grass, as the sun red,
Darling adults and surrounding is puerile,
In the hands of mountain ash bitter juice explodes out of your face,
And farthest surges on fall bonfires.

And sparrows are churning down in search of crumbs,
Child the but-tocks chops up them, then itself …
Ah, colorful maple, on accessible a similar,
Light it green light in my fate.

In embracing one another with autumn'll on path,
Ah, autumn – time sbyvshikhsya hopes.
In palms have been melting the first snowflakes,
Leaving on the hands of cold wet footprint.

22 October - 12 December 2008.



Is identically :) liked!



Very is happy, that liked!



"Not no errors of, not please don!
Madness searching for, stupidity view.
Day wounds nightmare let it work,
And tomorrow be the, that will.
When foraging, Gramma! - increasingly survive:
Sadness, and joy, and alarm.
What want to? About fix coast?
Day perezhit - and thank God. "



All Tatyan Since song Tatyana's day.

Let our, will healthy and strong! :flag:



Tania T wrote:

"Don’t no errors of, not please don!
Madness searching for, stupidity view.
Day wounds nightmare let it work,
And tomorrow be the, that will.
When foraging, Gramma! - increasingly survive:
Sadness, and joy, and alarm.
What want to? About fix coast?
Day perezhit - and thank God. "

Very wisely! :cool: • this, Perhaps, stupidity view •)

FS. With a day to of Tatiana and wishes further creative take-off! :love:

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