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Soul not says. She he is singing,
And mind poems for songs the shall resign.
Increasingly seems oio: Now understands.
Increasingly aspire psyche: Its learn.

Even soul not churchgoers on earth,
Aggressively in mind story paints wings.
And churchgoers mind in dream tipsy,
And ancient in psyche: "Me forgotten."

Soul once can ache,
Is both impious stole for heavy grievances.
Lack mind from of fear in hands lash
And expels devil curves.

Now soul is ready die.
Oio person is incomprehensible this heresy.
Easily psyche on the sky o.
Will melt mind, on memory only hoping.

Then and us will reach God announcement,
That you will give any Maori have,
That paradise there is no, but hell, be can, there is,
't deliver for him so are people in dispute.

And, as always, will remain to beg:
"Let us all incarcerated this Cup fresh."
Not know people, as on light of to live -
Heirs for Kingdom Heavenly.

Maori have — u people, the main population New Zealand until arrival Europeans.
Themselves Maori have call their country “Ao (772-Thea Roa ” (93 Wendy: The Cloud).
Have them existed domestic spying cult Io, of higher single God, behind the entire universe.



Thank you ^ ^



I promised (in topic tranzitov of Pluto) to tell something interesting pro their affairs (hit-and-run direktnogo Neptune on the Sun and the exit some progress. Moon on IC). And here is, by rooting around in itself, irresistible a strong need in stikhotvorstve! :writing: Pod "this deal" happened be in hospital and obtain many free time (thought although). Ah and, times perishing I love astrology, how states "himself God had instructions" create something on the subject. I hasten to share with all. Want hear reviews!


Three forces there is for spheres of vraschenya
And there are four phase in them.
Lou's birthday World and krushene
Uzreet the, who in subject has understood the seriousness.

There is axis for personal kruzhenya -
Is taking over from day she and night,
But if year moves away occupies -
We see the general do Nothing but.

Not see we axis departure,
That pronizaet rulebook in peak to,
Vpletayas in star superior ECONTEL all by itself.

Now Environment in Ama,
But sense epochs guerillas move
The coming displays a soon.


Day vernal equinox will mark,
When an increase light harks back,
The beginning of in fiery privete,
That Aries all living sends.

His open nature
Stremitelna and slightly-the-line rude.
His calls the forward cube
Lead rhythm a dashing Colombian-American stormed.

Not sees the thin he approach,
But call about aid hear it
Sprouts, pustivshikhsya on Vskhod.

Such is his a useful labor
And force momentum, that is driven by
Specific talismanic laws circle.


For Ram should Taurus.
Terrestrial valued he be helped.
For collection all useful funds
Has lucrative mother lode.

Him not only great is immensely precious,
't deliver obretyotsya he love,
The feelings, associated blood,
He not releases the never.

The case, mystery guards
On service, where pledged priest
Him statutes replaces.

And if follow up he in dispute
(With instrument) punish the stupid,
Not can circumvent someone sorrow.


Is easy hand have prodavat
And easier all ideas will inspire.
From air for pundits
Without wowed questions they--they--.

Far would nor had been sitting one,
Them knowledge proper career path is important,
And thought one only them is frightful,
That will in fact their a hiccup.

Thus work for mind
Grants life enjoy
And news she is full.

Open dating short circle
And stifling little bird goes without the motions of,
But somewhere there is your staunch each.


Solstice day
For degree of Cancer will give invoice path.
Water full of the increasingly the native,
Where the brink of him not to move.

In routine in the cage without change,
On all their has species,
Play role his grievances
For cardinal change.

He feelings be proud of wants.
For homeland on death shed,
And Death from tailored his spell.

Legacy, that species your adopts,
In the eyes of all ancestors, as score, bro,
Partzuf, somehow you like it or to see.


A bit vain the Sun come shining,
(Forward him neck the rumor)
The fire his for all ablaze -
Recognize diagnosis owner Leo.

Let was every turn
On expressiveness manners,
I. Fervent feelings his example
Hearts of victims we.

Game - his direct cup of tea.
The excitement them is driven by, of views competition,
And nakazuet, who not dared.

You King Mailitis jokingly offering,
As prinimesh without balance
Its dannye built.


Not modesty also decorates,
But there is in it many from servant,
That painstakingly can tame
Troubles began heavy establishment.

The answer terrestrial rutin proshenyam
Would find, not believing in miracles,
And here is you an exact beauty of -
In pattern when all my purpose..

Its that appeals to purity
And rigour in environment,
And, can, life the simplicity,

But even increasingly in outcome reducing,
Whatever experience [,
Oh, make love his, in attain the life leading.


Day vernal equinox level,
When for night will use.
Scales, to talent Kyrgyz ant it was sufficient
On air contact in term.

For them's more important just, perhaps,
Their social environment.
Goal solitude damaging
Them worse, than viper sting.

Learn same, that November
Fill can until heaven,
Husbands, in psyche for gaining.

Their life - harmony the cloister.
In it island this quiet faith there is,
Where will dream Destiny foresee.


All better knows Sunik
What coin pay passions
And how many poison skopit he
For kiss secret power.

In his glass noise guilt,
That drink we, as simple water,
And he, after finishing, is faring on Mummer's Ford -
Him visible soul until trawling.

Slightly step to him. Path far.
His love for us tax
For the right die without pain.

The step talks the for the brink of worlds,
Leaving in past the maternal padnee,
And you's sounding price rally on.


When threshold're over stepping,
Not reject of Sagittarius hands.
She tough, and you know not
What going to choose path.

His the fire - hearts are a sight for,
That ukazuet on star in.
Go on same with faith! Gods await,
Asram welcomes colleague!

Your choice - their a blessing to have,
Souls flight under mantra singing.
Shuttle, penetrating a spots.

In stream turbulent forces spiritual
Your mind could wipe, and in paints new
Witnessed clear this world.


Solstice in the nadir.
In of last phase overall year.
Crested affairs terrestrial without lira
Believes strict the firmament.

He - legislator in by worldly laws
And state prideful a badge of.
Tolerate lishenya he good at counting,
But likes stars on uniform.

Ambitious dreams
Soldiers enshrines the laudable in the vale,
That will become thing of feud.

Bored after poses amazing - kinsya down.
And let the universe without role,
You its play on bis.


Not moisture smells the Actis Systems,
But the nerve wind trepykhanya
Him are close, and more cheerfully
Companies bold derzanya.

He - volley ideas original
And revolution weapon.
Friends his united a series of
Is sweeping, faith when we had.

He on people future together with orbit.
His antennas-trackers -
Globalization kursir.

And if God not ain't looking,
Until people for happiness fight,
Our balloon not will goal and Ser.


The latest a badge of is crowned with Fish.
With creative appeal they are betrothed.
Their much disruption of the
Him bear doomed.

Bottomless water-oceans
For paradise heartbreak... how did struck tears.
Fate wild process goes ’
To those coasts of Obetovannym.

Love not us even to convene,
But breaks down the us she
In contained sand countless share of.

And for resounding kowtows all for the gods
Not higher Istin are building the Yasukuni,
In begging to rub on the forehead corns.


The coming displays a soon
Specific talismanic laws circle.
Not can circumvent whom the sorrow,
But somewhere there is your staunch each.

Partzuf, somehow you like it or to see
Its dannye built.
Oh, make love his, in attain the life leading,
Where will dream Destiny foresee.

And you's sounding price rally on,
Witnessed clear this world,
And let the universe without role,

Our balloon not will goal and Ser
In begging to rub on the forehead corns
And will tell firmly: "Get away, get away, Windhoek!"

My 2009



Yura, thank you! Very talk! I copied and, hope you not regulation against, if I tomorrow on classes to read it to you with refers on you.
Have us final attractive opportunity and all gave task write ode to his connected. So that in subject.



Wow! I "for" by both hands.
Helen, if will successful odes, then here their necessarily zaposti. :cool:



Yura, on-my great! :cool: See, as sometimes helpful cheer, immediately are born creative things.

Юра wrote:

Helen, if will successful odes, then here their necessarily zaposti.

'm gonna join you!



Yura, all Your poems recognized for soul take.
Thank you!



Yura, your poems were enthusiastic accepted my students. Thank you!
Here is my ode connected Virgin of, written by a I to New year for previous appreciation.

Ode To connected Virgin of.

Youthful goddess, dearest daughter
Maiden, Persephone, Dick and Isis
With beauty heavenly you scopes in night
... by running away from a gloomy Hade.

You spring come in our heaven
Yet shall he live nature this that Spiki
Will be in blossom trees, brings eyes
Joy today, nor on smiles.

With eternal force of female, inskoy, fateful
Are excellence
Nice wise beauty
're enjoying the serenity!

By the authority of that Ceres (dwarf planet), Cora's and shaly
Will reign the mind together with chistotoyu
Zhenskoyu your hands should issuance gifts
All good't get a little booze in love.

Where sea salt land and force
Life the core of the
Silhouette, a miracle beauty



Here is such with vision, we and let us native astrology raising until standard benchmarks it heights. :flag:
Incidentally speaking. The latest secret. Expanding their opportunities, decided to register on Verses. Ru :whistle:
Am asking in Visitors on my page http://www.stihi.ru/avtor/operat



Юра wrote:

By the way speaking. The latest secret. Expanding their opportunities, decided to register on Verses. Ru Please in Visitors on my page http://www.stihi.ru/avtor/operat

Ah and correctly! :flag:. That's more of you readers :cool: Only why you there by URI?



Радуга wrote:

Only why you there by URI?

And you have observed how many there people? http://www.stihi.ru/ more 200 tys ofits. Reg.
In this Sea poets easily drowning. And to modicum slightly-slightly have remembered (for deceptions) I changed Yuri in by URI ;)
Truth, not one I such wily.



Юра wrote:

to modicum slightly-slightly have remembered (for deceptions) I changed Yuri in by URI

And-but-but, and I something a naive decided, that this mistyped word :blush: and this was wily vision :)

Юра wrote:

A you have observed how many there people? http://www.stihi.ru/ more 200 tys ofits. Reg.

, I have observed that have you many readers :cool: wish adding in exponentially :writing:



Decided to to revive subject. Previously despite being 15 metres below Sonnets about svoystva zodiac, and now here is about Planets. :flag:

An astrologer many centuries have
Mezhzvyozdnyy path sought planets.
Reached our sinful years
Those of clandestine pismenov naslede.

Been lacking their ancestors for judgments
Seven divine prs,
As-if big, old bassoon in unison
Held tone mid-night bdeniy.

Those respects and Sun (glance a special)
A leading status experience luminaries.
And are building with pleasantly horoscopes,
To in center issue've landed

Baby the cry zavorozhyonnyy,
Under can heaven Earth Egyptian-born.


In arrival science precise knowledge
Integument secrets embodied’down.
Elect occult the world scenes from
Iskatel truths in hour exile for.

Its science (in telescope......),
Successes sees the astronomer.
Uranium, Neptune and himself Pluto
Realistically are posing in particular.

Have all planets there is ethos its
And role in life those actors,
On sights, considered developing the fate of.
On ano, community visitors on Friday

On scene rates credit
Events move will determine.


Gave spark God in the fire shall faint.
Light sun, favor behind,
Grants force. Heat in hearts
Lot more valuable when in a hundred thousandfold any znanya.

Will see center dawn,
As in man individual’s genome,
And here same black offensive
Burns timeline Live.

For sun creative role
Disclose individuality.
Let in blood torn parole
Not rejected by for oddity.

And let rises on its the zenith
Themselves received by the prozelit.


Need a us subtlety vospriyatya,
Moon is sensitive motive.
Concerns ordinary pozitiv,
A similar on for good the spell.

Us adjust perhaps
To sorrow You time always.
Will tilt the entire strikes,
Washing away fears dreams alarmed.

Moon will remind our mother.
Of emotions bitter sense of or
Desire to its hug,
And if gods you forgotten.

You'll notice same labor our high tensions of the,
Soul clean young.


Brining announcement the air bear
Mercury-good girl will help.
Words in poems, poem give up his emergency,
Will record all, who was in honor.

His analysis affairs current,
As air all is needed.
Useful ties first Spanish
Without numeracy, a gossip omnipresent.

On role mediator he carriage
For its commercial tilt.
His is not difficult to understand, like,
Keep only language.

Entities favorite
Lips knowledge says.


Our choice domestic Venus
Magic wave of creates.
Oio simple couldn't conceive of
're a weird guy, estimates take manners.

Here relations pull there is,
Harmony with other need.
Love its want loyalty
And in heart of reserve honor.

Venus solid role
Wife founded be. She girlfriend,
Whose tender little heart Ilyin,
And trick is gonna be severing fetters middle,

Entire life, perhaps, in hell throwing,
Deep feelings not rejecting.


Talks the active affairs
A bully-Mars, easily risking.
’ s intent realizing,
Physical vzduv bodies.

Here momentum samoutverzhdenya
Been bustling in razbuzhennoy blood,
And better of an animal not blast,
With your dispute operezhenya.

For Mars specializations - fighter,
Ready to act a man.
Living large, man a dashing brilliant,
There is personal on the the reason:

In smile Westerners - Bank paradise,
And faith so Argentina.


A curious was searching for goal
Jupiter-declared a God Of, expanding
Borders world, repeating:
"A pity per cage one in egg."

He in most part affairs benchmarks
Keeps managing choose. The best path,
Which can be scoop up
Let, wisdom and sapphires.

Jupiter - are a good term protector
And competent consultant.
Modicum the Yasukuni, modicum school, him the cloister.
The entire God mercy of the guardian.

For its humane external kind of
He uvazhenem darovit.


Housed matters afforded form of
Saturn-caretaker of, vows claimant.
Shivers over gold rings,
That life gave on Treaty.

Structure knows on child ‘ s teeth,
As prosecutor articles of law,
And not gonna pull it down flowers with lawn,
Light enthusiastically lesson.

Saturn plays role father,
Restrictions our many.
Fate smyatykh traits faces
Under laughable obnoxious rye dvurogikh.

Moves away here, as in distant spot wind,
Borders visible trait.


Open freedom radical.
Uranium-comic at the same time too strange scruple.
Polarizing prism different of views
That the looming zarodit scandal.

Invent the strong in science,
In normal life - the doofer.
Conditionality when will bounce in peas -
He not hostile in life boredom.

Uranium - known a subversive person.
For role the there is consuming.
Look not was able would a mortician
For our limit life is.

Threshold since the, as in the sky bird,
Preodoleetsya a visionary.


Is enveloped in secrets haze
Neptune-Romantik. Sensitiv
Away deeper and deeper and released all,
Will pose mind to the brink of deception.

Invention Heights
Him larger realism.
In household cleansers - the shame alcoholism,
Posthumously - genius beauty.

Neptune - the sad scenarist.
Illusions Zoo poison
On sostadanya net leaf,
For pain hurt, rightly

Upsets all on evil death,
Fate impending path dust.


Bescreen in the ground bessoznanya,
Pluto-date transforming hall in atom vlit.
Tektonikoy global tectonics
Currently zone prityazanya.

Do will mutiny,
Particularly on burden power.
Let'll be blown the world on parts of -
He not will weaken its whipped into line.

Pluto role rokovoyu
Ruin falls fate.
Will honor in night fortieth
Hope feelings their plea.

Running for the brink, where was able be born,
There is no of fear in life get lost.


For completeness paintings say,
Not bugs only two planets.
Our nebosklon, on slope years,
Until that they not is decorated.

Such occult there is secret,
That in each point wonderful
Terms of a set of full rules znane
Laws, data us in covenant.

Than costs of us zabvene
Reusable space their penat?
As will restore lives links,
Prervavshi boomy rock slide?

Prepare the swords, souls a Jedi.
Discoveries new umpteenth time!.


Under can heaven Earth Egyptian-born,
Events move will determine
Themselves received by the prozelit,
Soul clean young.

Lips knowledge says,
Deep feelings not rejecting,
And, faith so Argentina,
He uvazhenem darovit.

Borders visible trait
Preodoleetsya a visionary.
Fate impending path dust,
There is no of fear in life get lost.

Discoveries new umpteenth time!.
And sheepish hearts rein in let-.



Wow you, thank you, Yura :)



Peeked here is on old memory. Remind about itself.

“I don’t have become longstanding hope big.
Dominated naryadnostyu Manhattan,
They size in zaoblachnost lies,
Not to love the kitchen silly requests to limit.

I so's exhausted. Vselenskoyu dream
Encircle clear conscience basic “gave,
And years best pass seeming unending series,
But increasingly not blizyatsya celestial outlets.

Of walking natoptannoy skills urban,
Not know, can be in village scaling?
To earth raspakhannoy. Bemoan (with longing)
Without ritualnosti stabbed to death of the Lamb,.

And however, the sheer burn in jesters
Themselves beloved, after all with tochechnostyu words -
Cross your FlST on polygons all happiness band,
And a my tragedy is prepared.

So let hope Tegucigalpa in shalashy,
Ile share volnoyu perspective of under sails,
And life zachtyot, fate rasparyvaya seams,
Another neprovalivshiysya exam.



Yura, thank you!



Thank you :cool: MA – It on-streltsovski.



Cool increasingly ??? have completing a poems :cool:



All thank you and here is even:

Pod a blossoming leto-piping
'll make a wish the sweetest now,
Until which, in eternal things silence,
Has touched luttait pour tirer le meilleur Buddha.

He inhaled aromas dessert
Under minornye sounds sitar player,
Observing laws immortality
In when cornering wheel of rebirth.

In this life'm feeding his with small spoon
Child a mixture of from newspaper Not-a-number 'and,
And already kitchy-gulit nemnozhechko
Smiling Gautama.


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