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Delegation is horoscope

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Lud_mila wrote:

Yes taking

:pardon: vxcgfdtr



Lud_mila wrote:

but after all here there is initial tensions within rights. As he worked with its domestic I? If can be of course.

First scarred or strongly has felt from current situation homes or at work (or from various quite story situations), was suffering from, spoke on its those respects in the Twins with their closest everywhere, in some point, wondered that he himself can do, US to reverse situation, and then he launched hard. In satisfying the escapist, of course, all not so smoothly. Residential problems all imaginable mass of of emotions, and on square box moon to lower our standards, emotions davyaschie, from them simple zabaltyvaniem not otdelashsya. So that in this case emotions and women from closest environment were engines progress.

Rainbow attachment,if further tell the first this is quite long, and second, fear, high style this Forum not survive household details and anekdoticheskikh, but not always tsenzurnykh situations :P



Чукокала wrote:

not always tsenzurnykh situations

Here is this is especially attracts vcty3 tell that pl-the kind, Anna Eduardovna



Anna Eduardovna, tell increasingly-???. ;) How he its speech dotting "t" s me especially interestingly. :rolleyes:



Yura, with speech something have him Price all well was, was blabbing without, bap, "you, Long in the Twins in 3 House, know whether encourages this quality of (here no amount kadraty to those respects this ability not sheer numbers could overwhelm :P). I to by the evening Christmas fairy tale carry, perhaps, only here is words'll pick :bich:



Continue to narrative about the vicissitudes of engineering square moon and of Pluto on example separately fact Comrade. Worked he a master an exterminator. This deal so looks: Comes master and starts za kvaratiru any sign malware "harmless white for people and household animals." Coming some particularly Bialowieska dirt apartment, he not necessary and offered above all launder, and already then process. Some very few pani they agreed, some there is no, but in rezltate all were happy with, camping on K. Comrade routinely received good gratuities, and masters dead cockroaches + the deep cleanup. Sometimes emerged incidents on this subject, for example, at home have his chief (and orders and material he routinely received on home have chief firms), comrade as the not is sustained and washed stove, kind of which evoked longer associations with dumpster, I'm. Chief of on this attention not threatened both, and here is his wife (L skorpionistogo type) was onwww.benaughty.com discontented. In general conflict have UIO. Truth, chief of then their set them off for different its corners, but a residue remained. And need to say, that such conflicts, when his aid accounted for not kodvoru were quite frequent (but this already among known and relatives), but nothing he with a do about it could not (or not wanted to). About how, that have him periodically woke up nezdorooe curiosity to chuzhm intense situations in families I write not d (this perhaps, and so understandable)
And now about the vicissitudes of engineering, until he handled mice and to train station, have him in family was period contemplated, but in some as deal the beginning of almost gone, chief of you on other species activities and friends had to seek new place work. Here is here words began problems in family, because what wife will long to rub, that husband long sits without work. Here in deal have joined other aspects of his maps and in a result he to come, squaring added tragichskikh moments to this parting. Comrade strongly has felt on this about, obrschalsya to Catholic priests did psychiatrists. In general, as "say astrologers" has done huge domestic work and managed to ??? restore family.
Here is and much tells the end of the, and who listened to - brilliant. :P



Чукокала wrote:

with speech something have him Price all well was, was blabbing without, bap, "you, Long in the Twins in 3 House, know whether encourages this quality of (here no amount kadraty to those respects this ability not sheer numbers could overwhelm)

I the thought, that he could this find their disadvantage of, camping on E. Preventing loquacious can continue to lead to frustrating incidents on work.



Юра wrote:

that he could this find their disadvantage of, camping on E. Preventing loquacious can continue to lead to frustrating incidents on work.

Such situation had constantly, and over time tovrisch studied under to speak less, and do more. But if seriously, disadvantage of he this their not believed - Ieft that, what on those respects goes - we believe born Cheramie character (or vpitannymiv childhood). Have us bike has gone, that if this comrade speaks out, means hard took ill :friends: or simply fell asleep.
Ksatati in subject this same aspect of, have another an over-familiar, too, such aspect of was (but there Pluto in soed-of the with Uranus in 12 House 90 Long in the Twins in 9 House) - so this each fully "quashed" their powers schmooze anybody okruzhyuschikh, word from him acquiring the was it's kind of heavy.



Anna Eduardovna, Thanks for Sharing (narrative. I want add, that, possessing in his map squaring moon (truth, to Sun),, too, have observed, that better themselves feel after cleaning homes. Although, possessing 4 planet in the Virgin, dirt and mess at all not are trickling in, nevertheless, "I'm brushing my feathers" all time and well-being markedly is changing in better side.

Юра wrote:

I the thought, that he could this find their disadvantage of

That concerns quick mouth, then know people ah very talkative type, huh. Under this they masterly possess art chatting "nor about than", booze talking-booze talking, and essentially information zero. So that

Юра wrote:

preventing loquacious can continue to lead to frustrating incidents on work

One thing with other, in my opinion, not always linked.
Anna Eduardovna, and under squared, Long-Pluto not only same krysok-mice to one base unit can be drive, truth? Interestingly was would find still any options engineering? And, say, if mother or wife such a human has something in 1997-, then this as something brighter will have him manifest itself (on square box)?



A rainbow, if to talk about this man with square moon and of Pluto on 3 and 6 homes, then of course, can be on work not only cockroaches uchnichtozhat, with the same success can be be a corpsman (that in our hospitals more often amounts to to the cleaning lady), and many whom still. But here one subtlety, this aspect of not the only, which defined his prof. Choice, there was many another, that been calling out to his in more respectable spheres activities.
Skorpionistaya mother (or wife), of course, will help man in development (again same in this case), Commonwealth. On themselves energy square, and it will have your watch to point fingers on his nedstatki and different ways fight with them (or with him), another matter, that reflecting this aspect of his maps they (women) will to risk own health, here they have risk any chronic disease obtain :/



Has found fun article on site Astromeridian
In a whole pro weakness planets I agree, but there is in article some roughness: Advice me not very appealed, as narabatyvat the quality of planets. Here is would conduct such a astrologicheskuyu work and write article-study on devoted (this my Liuda-Manilow Aco :)).
If Rainbow will resolve, 'll post an here all signs of weakness planets.

Until for examples the Sun.

Signs of weak sun

Lack of confidence in itself, low do or far from endorsing to itself - the main signs of weak sun in particular. Man, not able assess themselves on dignity, with-established negative way "I", respectively not in able achieve successes and recognition. He is a weak man and boyazliv, subject to fears create and Galton. Him lack dedication and motivation, he depends on other in an emotional and material causes regard. Sense of own individuality he gains only with keeping on other people (most often loved and friends), and work on their own him it is difficult. Fate father such a human hardly was easy.

On physical level man suffers from shortage of energy. He banjo player and anemichen, have him cold brush hands and feet legs, bad digestion and bad appetite, weak or a rare pulse, a weak heart of and bad blood circulation. Are possible hypostases, accumulation liquids and slime, the total gipofunktsiya organs and nervous system. Perhaps failing vision check. Have human with weakened Sun behaves similarly can be too fragile bones and exposure to idiosyncratic artritam. Resistance organism low, especially this man defenseless before buy cold and switches.



Lud_mila wrote:

If Rainbow will resolve, 'll post an here all signs of weakness planets.

Welcome! Vxcgfdtr You can will discuss.



Радуга wrote:

welcome! Can be will discuss.

Gee, thanks! Then carry.

Signs of weak moon

The main symptoms weak moon - the emotional volatility, the lack of soil under with their feet, alarm, fear of close relations, lack of friendly and poverty of emotions. Man constantly feels dissatisfied with. He with hard transfers stress, and tension, associated with communicating. Propensity to discouragement, depression, pessimism, and also to nevrozam and mental maladies. In Mind ambivalent confusion,’or anxiety. Mother such a human hardly was happy nowadays in life.

Physical signs of weak moon - anemia, lack of fluid in worryingly (trend to-desiccated), Rate weight bodies, dryness skin, constipations, weak lungs and weak kidneys. Man it is difficult transpose cool and lots weather.

Signs of weak Mercury

Basic signs of weakness Mercury - lack of intellectual agility and skills communication, defects speech, the bad memory and inability to produce calculations. Are typified by immaturity, rebyachlivost, recklessness, inability to a behavioral exercise, with habits and dependence. Man can be a bit slow, as a little nerdy, dispersed or prone to irrational living. Building is also lukewarm response thinking or Mess in Mind, nevyrazitelnaya speech.

On physical level signs of weak Mercury are manifest through oslablennuyu nervous system, neuralgias, jitter limbs, alarm, insomnia, Eldepryl Associations. Often this attaches dryness skin, itching, heightened sensitivity, indigestion stomach on nervous soil, allergic manifestations of. Perhaps - weak lungs and heart of. Typically, in childhood such people often fall sick.



Signs of weak Venus

The main symptoms weakness Venus - lack of beauty, charm and would, and also more taste and refinement. Such man can be blunt, aggressive, impolite or vulgar. Are possible problems in romantic life, lack of love and gentle feelings. Woman can lacks the womanhood or happiness in personal life. Have men either arise difficulties in relations with women, either for some reason suffers his wife. People with weak tend it is difficult express their feelings.

On physical level signs of weakness Venus - violation of functions kidneys and female genital organs, infertility or society. Have such people accented weak bones. Are possible decline forces or weakness immune systems, propensity to ugly scars.

Signs of weak Mars

The main symptoms weak Mars - lack of energy and motivation, inability to to consistent and-fought work. Man it is difficult assert its position and defend their rights. He boyazliv and inclined submit to someone else's will. He not keeps managing adequately express their anger or discontent and not capable recognize the, that them manipulate. He excessively occuparmene and manage. He easily can become victim of brutal treatment and physical violence.

On physical level signs of weak Mars - weakness immune systems, bad appetite and problems with-intensive society food, Rate weight bodies, weakness muscle inflammation, liver and gossamer intestine. Are typified by propensity to ugly scars or injury, wounds and canker operation injuries skin over with slowly, not removed anemia. A man can suffer from shortage of sexual energy or affirmative incentives in life. Woman can causing suffering you have a weak character husband or partner in her relations.



Signs of weak organic

The main symptoms weakness organic - lack of joy and enthusiasm, slabovolie and shatkost faith. Man feels itself lodged and limited, life seems him senseless. Are typified by pessimism, depression, anxiety, melancholia, despondency and sorry to itself. Man lack compassion to from, friendly and feelings the elbow. Probable material and financial predicament. Level of creative energy low. Possible remain childless or - upsetting, associated with children. Woman can to experience suffering or the misery of due to American spouse.

On physical level signs of weakness organic - lack of vital energy, a weak immune system, lack of fat tissue or Rate weight bodies, problems with-intensive society food, the functional disorder liver and pancreatic tumors. Often - chronic disease and the functional disorder nervous system, glands domestic chronic debilitating and costly disease. Man rarely feels healthy, great and full forces. (Should given, that these signs of broadly similar with manifestation of excessively strong or the human Saturn, so as in his usual able Saturn and Jupiter the exact on action.

Signs of weak of Saturn

The main symptoms weakness Saturn - anxiety, nervous systems jitters, inability to cope with own stressful situations, insomnia and at all the absence of soil under with their feet. Such man with easily sees threat itself in other humans and in the most diverse situations. He not enough practically-minded, his perception of reality Nazareth. Have him can be trouble from authorities or official institutions; him it is difficult earn money. He not enough consistent in actions, not possesses fit the resistant population and unable have cope with difficulties. He easily does and backtracking. His goad quickly are dying out, fulfill long-term plans him not under force.

On physical level signs of weakness Saturn - weak or the wrong development broken bones, weak nerves and overall lack of viability, kill the early death. Are typified by constipations, accumulation residues in body; are possible septic processes and premature death tissue bodies. Is Recovering such man slowly, and resistance infection have him small. In particularly dire cases are possible such disease, as epilepsy, paralysis or cancer.



So, most interesting I has only, but some with than not agree. But the idea, in principle, interesting. Pro the Sun at all all in point!



Very interesting article Borovika about will "podselentsakh." Strictly speaking, article in most extent psychological, than astrology. But we in our practice well can face with similar, so here are its here. Personally for me news was, that man can hook up with another personality the. And, indeed, "all this signaled aspects of and in us and around us and not to count."


A small narrative on Laurent wake work with aspect of-podselentsem in the course consultation. Can be said - history about correct ekzersizme. Example interweaving fate human with the fates terrain, with historical karma cities - in general, about how increasingly in us produced together and as it is difficult vydelyaemo in individual fate.

The beginning of problems be moving away in demonstrate, not too strong Mars, which in recent years were decorated by rights and increasingly sustainable annoyance, and by repression and the head mother. In some point we imposed the link with sustainable a condition have human at work.
And happened work with aspect of, say so, office peterburzhskogo gloom have one manager middle managers.
Otlovilsya they`ve spirit-podselenets.
Them proved vizualizirovannyy risque, tired, neprikayanno bobbling Volk, which podtsepilsya to person, with which we worked.

Podtsepilsya this an uninvited a guest-aspect of in one of Petersburg basements, where is located warehouse firms. In moment podtsepleniya struck one history - conflict, which as times and secured attraction fortune and fixation on offense. Podselenets prityanulsya and take hold in man.

And has become work yield man alarm, non-obvious ennui, sense of sdavlennosti in breast, pressure and other joy, which only negligible increasingly stronger, until utterly certain already diseases.
This and became cause of desires tinker with these .?????. Virtually without special problems we have been able point to this a foreign state of, different figure, which agreed reverberate sitting on chair contrary.
Immediately fulsome a sense of, that before us not "birth" personality the - and being veiled was a different, than have my an over-familiar and himself he not recognized in vizualiziruemom image their part of.

Proyavivshiysya image, however, proved highly Postanschriften, quite quickly he became show their past adhesion to different people, their boltaniya from person to person, until, finally, not came close we until source this fortune.
Them proved little man, even young, caught on construction Petersburg from any something southern counties of, virtually since starters construction cities. Man initially subject, liberation of the, a solitary, yearning on close, tyagotyaschiysya not so much weight of work, how many from forced its standing. The classic such builder young St. Petersburg

In the process visualization image this human intertwined with way czar Peter, and although my acquaintance accurately and understands, that the podselenets, that existed in offense quite not Peter First, fate this muzhichonki-serf and czar as something interwoven. Any one fate, any an imperial scheme fate forced human, which otlilas in an archetype. This became clearer on least work with way.
We continued observe lives this contractor.
Here is, we tweak that dozen years life and zastayom his already razbogatevshim, like would which an esteemed position, but not happy. I.e. sense of chuzherodnosti, inappropriateness with years becomes large.
Tweak that even few years and find ourselves, that failure us booking dies in the same day, that and tsar Peter, with and symptoms diseases broadly similar - weakness, bad cold, cough, an onerous a sense of solitude, not svershyonnosti desires and camping on D.
Failure us image - any from projections czar, but not tsar. Not tsar, but the obvious a fragment of a this Tsarist will - subject peterburzhskiy booking with first years existence cities.

This character, image, aspect of, urban an archetype - as anywhere, so and articulate, forth in centuries dawn in different humans-buy only increased paint, so, that to point podseleniya in my an over-familiar, image-an archetype well provided ?? some parts of consciousness modern manager middle managers.
Podkhvachennoe in faint the basement mood became suddenly sustainable and the dominant in man whenever, as only on work controversial of tiny calm, stand the slightest reason for longing. State of instantaneously raskruchivalos and filling rights.

Itself aspect of allowed themselves quickly recognize this by, describe thus, and after proposals withdraw from human, quite obediently resigned, albeit grapple-grapple dragging its feet, by demonstrating offense and abandonment.
After expulsion podselentsa we sweep for place, where he had been settled in man - the proved a small the old a kitchenette with scattered things this little chap ? s-aspects. Things raised and burned the, in of it have made renovating and found "native" aspect of-sublichnst, which with relish has lodged in this part of rights. In this seats moved in personality the philosopher, which rallied here tea to drink and write notebook.

In this a small example practical work with podselentsem, can be traced, as people in some point is beginning to execute orders one of aspects of urban an, which there is, in particular, and in the form of this reader podselentsa with a sense of chuzherodnosti, gloom, solitude and of a sense of loss.

Simply one of historical the plots, who is stealthily lying and now any another iineoaey, human, with largely some still a test, similar domestic prilog, which will allow podselentsu podtsepitsya to person and blend in with crowd sublichnostey. And how many something years another the manager, a clerk, official, business management graduate and the like. Will execute orders in his life this aspect of urban maps. Simple an example of, as we sorastvoryaem in itself and fate and times.

And, of course, when man in the process session recalled life this aspects, we have no slightest founding to speak, that this Remembrance about last life rights. There is no, this precisely history dawn any quality, which stems with dominantnymi arkhetipami more high-level like cities, czar, podnevolya serf, and with storylines, prozhitymi in the process temporary integratsiy podseleniy to the most different people in past times.
In principle, this one, perhaps, from hundred not described and raze not Polish, not pure energies revealed in culture characters. A minor taught this technique thousands besyonok, along with other, in culture otlovlennymi Raskolnikovymi, Bashmachkinymi, Devushkinymi and camping on D. And how many all this signaled aspects of and in us and around us and not to count.



Радуга wrote:

near-without special problems we have been able point to this a foreign state of, different figure, which agreed reverberate sitting on chair contrary.

I.e. this something type ghosts was?



In psychology this is called personality the, i.e. part of personality. Speaking knowledge’language, rather, the specter.



Ah, camping on E. This the manager sat on chair in es able and because I'm understudying the, that him crossed to mind in the process consultation?


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