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Delegation is horoscope

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Yolka wrote:

Nu, camping on E. This the manager sat on chair in es able and because I'm understudying the, that him crossed to mind in the process consultation?




Galina Bednenko, Yuliya Kosorukova
About astropsikhodrame: A critical glance on method

Astropsikhodrama - such they, about which all heard (psikhodramatisty and Astrologers), but almost no one saw, although time from time emerge the inventors where, and in group, and with individual clients. We believe, that this is happening because, that she is the product vicious union two expected in methods (and ideologies) and, respectively, a fetus - the invalid.

All these experiments originated on base mall in 20 century "astropsychological", privykshey to explain birth map as set of there are some shared psychological properties and trends that can be not too difficult changed in a result "identity growth and spiritual improvement." That is a big mistake. Indeed, quality can manifest itself various way, but that is not what can be "take and intervention", "stop in this to believe", "feel differently." I.e. "outmaneuver" in Christmas, which is based on decision-some role from domestic or external rolevogo repertoire personality. Then on the concept usually "misuse" scenario and transformation his in more "the right"; in primarily - domestic, to then in the outside already conform to the other model behavior. But here this not will and we explained, why.

Usually in astrodrame is offered natalnaya map (map moment birth rights) as a primary scenario. And he can ask role each planet. The problem the first: Role that from intellectual destabilized client or director (director) about planet, not from immediate empirical experience or emotional spontaneity, as usually in Christmas (and on than she Idles). The problem the second: Transformation the starting maps impossible; transformation relationships planets with each other -, too,, for the same reason. All, that can be done, this recognize their existence in such positions and in those relations - but this can be done and under the leadership good astrologer. This were only psikhodramaticheskie problems.

Problems astrological: In natalnoy map need to take account position planet in signs, but also and in House, and to combine both these quality correctly can only experienced an astrologer, and only his opinion about this should be decisive, and raze not client (method such, the classic, this not post-modernism, where every opinion valuable itself). However position homes can be to know with precision only if know not simply precise time birth, but and test map on performance horoscope, camping on E. Rektifitsirovat. I.e., to find labor map, need produce very capacities for labor on chemistry, on that capable far not all Astrologers.

Need to say couple of words about origins astropsychological and its respect to astrology traditional. Massive figures past century D. Daniel Chenneviere and A. Leo mass of effort made moreover, to astrology perceived only and exclusively under sauce psychology. On this were reasons, which we here not let us concern. Old astrology essentially reformed and modernized. Consequences these are, that Astrologers tried to adopt (and in some extent them this managed) methods psychology - emerged a different method interpretations horoscope, the other glance on client. From the old predictive, sobytiyno oriented astrology, sense which was predopredelennost fate (though and in certain the framework) essentially carried, otkrestilis and took care forget (need to say, that much of heritage traditional western astrology by the early past century already was forgotten or reinterpreted). In end have product New Aja - astropsikhologiya.

However no real mergers with psychology of as science, of course same, not happened. Psychology proceeded, and a new astrology tried to (and this process until goes, not, like-) borrow its methods and approaches. Now already obviously, that results these quite rambling effort more than modest. For example, as not was in astrology therapy, so its and there is no. Can be reveal problem, diagnose state of, determine moment starters any process and likely timeline - but nothing with this do terms or bounds (methods is NOT available for. If the problem from area psychology - C should go to see! If from area medicine - to a doctor, and so on.

Astrologers (more precisely - astropsikhologi) inspired by programmatic works D. Radyara, A. Leo and S. Arroyo often simply penchant and continue to work there, where already area responsibility another practitioner (by or a therapist). Of course, cases, when an astrologer is and psychologist, too, now are not rare. But this not brings us nor to withdraw a certain hybrid science, nor to blur the borders - simply one and the same man makes differing work. When himself specialist confuses their but we - this very poorly. With astrological card can work only an astrologer. And therapy - prerogative psychotherapist.

In case with astropsikhodramoy all several otherwise. Is changing direction - psikhodramatisty (or rasstanovschiki, in case astrological item, and such experiments, too, be held) take material, with which they within their methods not can work simply by definition - birth the line. The latter can be interpreted only the astrologer on certain rules (rules depend on schools, but they there is always). There is no big difference, provide whether its map for the seance session and to inspire spirits planets, or for role of the game on motives, or for psychodrama, or for item - all of this, perhaps, will fun and in, but pro birth map can be already forget.

There is and the other curious moment. Genethliacal map represents a scheme location heavenly tel and other facilities on moment birth rights. But on psychodrama can move into people (adults, of course, people) with topical, relatively recently whenever problems. An astrologer except natalnoy maps in such cases looks at the and prognostiku (only from conventional set of need to watch as least 5-7 prognostic carte) and impose their on all the same birth map. And psikhodramatist such opportunities not has - under any problem he will playing the birth map (by default assuming, that all problems - there). Although before him far not Child.

Thus, drip irrigation a static (though and Multi-valued, that, too, under such work not can be 48.241 in full least) map and to it applies method (from the other utterly area), served development, dynamic. On legal aliens place astrological prognostiki obscheobrazovatelnykh psikhodrama (or positioning). Instead objective paintings (astrological methods suggest objectivity, we look in map above all, not podstawowej impressions and trumps emotion) is offered a subjective.

The problem method also and in is, that cannot be "articulate" messages individual planets, as this may seem natural for psychologists have discovered. Planet represents a something a separate only in describing, but not in particular client. There she bears huge conceptual strain - is natural signifikatorom phenomena, events and people (for example, Long simultaneously denoting and food, and emotional von, and mother, and Mercury - thinking, communication, speech); manages specific terms or bounds (homes (areas life). Planet, which are under this in other homes, experiencing influence (and subjected to influence) other planets through aspects of or some way (for example, through reception). Moreover, in map there is and other very meaningful facilities aside from planets. Horoscope - whole, he are of significance only in is case, if view his entirely. Cannot be uproot the pieces arbitrary - focusing usually is determined by by formal request, and poelementnoe Limits maps can go only on certain rules (they asked astrological school) and according to domestic logic maps.

One of the most common mistakes camping on BC "astropsikhodramatistov", is assumption, that can be work only on natalnoy map, moreover, attributing planets those or other voices, essentially "antropomorfiruya" their. But planet this never "stance or personality the." This private in having very interconnected system and importantly - dynamic. This quality, not voice. And the quality of, opredelyaemoe is by no means personal dismissive female protagonist or director groups to the object. Understandable, that knowing the or different its the quality of from natalnoy maps or even understanding, as now will wounded natalnaya planet, we can this given or to this unprepared for. But this as times and is work astrologer, not astropsikhologa, because speech goes about very accurate prognostiken. This the, that would still will happen, or the quality of would still will remain, over time we can their only develop, or smooth.

We not believe any thalamus action or movement souls individual’s genome prerogatives impact exclusively psychotherapy. Man can to realize themselves and change, seek to to something and achieve or same upset within moreover, that is capable study psychology, but equal way articles the, all your astrology, history, social Ethics and etc. And these different area will offer their decisions problems and his vision of, often strongly is from each other (and between themselves, and within themselves in different new trends).

Now, under known data birth, people can easily and simply build own birth the line - there is a large number of programs and sites, on which this can be done. However map without word itself - simply scheme, the. Wrong is that man, Labyrinth with unique, ostensibly can forces routinely understand own map by reading textbooks, where like would given understandable describe sun, Venus, 5 th or 2 th homes, organic, aspects of compounds and public execution square and other things, than principles Astrologers. And man under "efforts to word itself, faces zakonomernymi difficulties. Alas, build meaningful and adequate an astrological judgment thus impossible.

An astrological judgment - this not the combination of descriptions in appropriate order and not pristraivanie certain plane) (to Lieh the signpost) to ", oboznachayuschemu planet (the so often recommend act beginners). Also map not can be interpreted intuitively, relying on the "Hotel Dragonen Canal" - this also widely underlie by some "astrologers" (which still and usually referring themselves ezoterikami). Needs educational a certain system knowledge, within any from astrological schools and the pursuit its traditions word itself maps. I.e. - interpretation of this realistically complex work and it, as and any other work, need to learn.

If this not do and not turn for seek to astrologu, and try to deal in map on their own, then can arise impression that psikhodrama and positioning this realistically the, that need to "understand its map." And can diminish in any the least replace ephemerides analysis maps. Many close to psychology people may seem, that this a good (and on fact, just an understandable and osvoennyy they) way to. In reality same such approach absurd. Here unwittingly is hard not to recall joke nicely about ginekologe, which was renovating machine through a silencer.

Thus, is happening crisis for professional astrology fall level interpretations maps to levels collective means fantasies on preset subject. Expected - to study and understand action the or another configuration in specific map methods psychodrama (also as extra-sensory ones or spiriticheskimi) cannot be. Itself idea too questionable qualifications. Track, when the configuration manifests itself - you, suppose, can and after conversations with the astrologer. Prevent its denials - there is no. The, that it will constantly zadevatsya current frantic planets - and each time various way - truth. Can be to realize this aspect of (including homes, signs, upraviteley and reception all levels, and moreover, current important aspects of to this opposition) and this something will give. Can be work with individual private manifestations qualities or properties, associated with this opposition - with psychologist, but representing problem already more uh, focused, than "I have the opposition Mercury and organic." But impose psychodrama on birth map - cannot be.

Under quality (astrologically!) parsing maps not tickles began consideration complex configurations - except natural gradually, suppose Mercury (speech, communication, thinking) and organic (authority, ideology, morality) as least need to know, than manages (whatever homes) Mercury and Jupiter, in any homes are worth, in situation any homes insurance is aspect of and as horror-film (and this on different levels and in different options), their force, present or not mutual porter, there is whether aspects of with other planets. If all these moments not given (and simply-??? impossible within method psychodrama this uchest- speech goes already not about specific map, but about there are some of conceptual Mercury and Jupiter - Zeus and their conditional opposition. This C will be playing a on Christmas - and will remain in persuading, that this precisely pro him and his map.

In is and the danger, and the main the objection against method.

If go on psychodrama with goal to know about his natalnom dimension, then responsibility for term will share - nativ (man, whose map), other participants and a leading. But this will be, of course, not interpretation, and level of collective a string of conjectures. And differently in this method not tickles - only such level of. Open remains question, who will assume the responsibility for forestry thus way interpretations.

Determine "message" specific planet task quite ungrateful, camping on K. In particular all densely uvyazano. Can be focus for any something special goals (educational, for example) or under obvious queries, when astrologu clear that, for example, such a something scheme behavior (clearly America’client life), connected with such something configuration in particular and man recycles and recycles one thing and, too,, instead of to find other opportunities manifestations of (within maps, of course! Arbitrary to change not tickles) and try to develop other schemes and approaches. But in the latter case need not with a concise message, and description of many possible options. Such work astrologer can and even should to do. To formulate problem (normal, human Russian language, without terminology), show restrictions and the possible path. But not correct. Further begins work by.

It is important understand, that predopredelennost all-??? has place be. Especially human, reflected in map can be no awareness, but far not always they can be changed. If in map are visible difficulties in a certain area life or any the quality of manifests itself not so as like would - barely will make it this time change situation until ideal. For any something things understanding of their features of very it is important - for example, under sozhzhennom Mercury thinking human will firmly uvyazano with vectors will. Possessing certain intentions - he unconsciously will "tailor" available information, aggressively promote its will in contacts, "rest" in idea or identify. With those, that he thinks. If man realizes this as problem - he can try to be more a loyal, flexible and secure in appropriate situations, consciously enjoy the favorable provisions planet in direktsiyakh and progressiyakh. And this in some least will help. But himself fact incineration - ????. Mercury not will cease be ablaze, damaged, and this, among other things, will ask von on manageable them homes (walks of life and exercises of).

C can go with ready by formal request on the same psychodrama and to play there troubled role and scenes, try to something reverse. And this will be already therapy. If every specialist simply well will make their jobs - will Kisslinger, and if will about zipping myself up in area competence another practitioner - tickles nasty.

Conclusions quite ordinary. If in recent decades Astrologers tried to no a psychologists have discovered, long their methods and approach to client, then with the emergence of astropsikhodramy (and item on motives maps) began occur opposite process - psychologists (even worse - trauma) try to no astrologers. Now already psychologists as if not feel borders. Servants astrological methods than something else (rasstanovkami, psikhodramoy or relax meditation) makes work with card particular human simply senseless.

With his hand, trying to take advantage of terms or bounds (notions, psychology (astropsikhodrama in this case) emasculating astrology and itself nothing not it acquires: With the same success can be was voice parts of or organs bodies, give voice nuclear brain bank izvilinam. Just fantasy on a certain subject. This at all can be problem modern phase psychotherapy, especially group, when all gather for moreover, to make life better and to believe in miracle - and for one only experiences opportunities this are prepared on all, and on an Infantile backward regression, and on sale their faith and will in slavery the Great to the professor or Ucheniyu. But this separate theme.

From astropsychological not ‘ (and, obviously, not will) hybrid science. She on fact remains on the field astrology. And in a particular case with astropsikhodramoy is impossible synthetic method. Possible only sequence stages, that may well be replaced by separate the astrologer and separate psychologist on desire, not by necessity. There is no needs make "synthetic approaches" from just and also able psychologists have discovered with by confectioners, astrologers with social workers. This not developing method. On example astrology and psychodrama this is especially well in sight.

Direction "astropsikhodramy" - disabled person initially. Regardless of, what image life lead parents and how they definitions crafted. Because the proposed they predopredelennost in both methods, as well as and opportunities transformation utterly are varied.

The authors:

Galina Bednenko - historian science, mifolog, psikhodramatist, an astrologer, the author books.

Yuliya Kosorukova - an astrologer.




As something not generalship me per capita this article. But logically tenable its view I until not is ready. But as you?



Lud_mila wrote:

A as you?

I here is with this agree:

Радуга wrote:

For example, as not was into astrology therapy, so its and there is no. Can be reveal problem, diagnose state of, determine moment starters any process and likely timeline - but nothing with this do terms or bounds (methods is NOT available for. If the problem from area psychology - C should go to see! If from area medicine - to a doctor, and so on.



Lud_mila wrote:

How something not generalship me per capita this article. But logically tenable its view I until not is ready. But as you?

Poorly written - too many mudrstvovaniya, towards imagery and etc

At all believe, that if the author not can express its thought in, literally were a couple the paragraphs of, means, he himself not until the end of understands the crux of the primary, about which writes



Астролог wrote:

Generally believe, that if the author not can express its thought in, literally were a couple the paragraphs of, means, he himself not until the end of understands the crux of the primary, about which writes

Fully with you agree. The truth in simplicity!



Lud_mila wrote:

Fully with you agree. The truth in simplicity!

Is true!
When the author, say, articles, something is chewing and is chewing several pages consecutive, this is only process his rassuzhdatelstva on preset subject. One easier aloud to think, other - pro themselves, and him, apparently, in written :)


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