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Svyatochnye divination

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Hello, perfectly reputable Ludmila.
I have in life situation enough complex the situation, and very would like to know, 'll see whether I in this year with its favorite man. D very one for your feasible aid in answering this question. My Asya 404657639.



Legenda wrote:

WeIl, I would take advantage of proposition and do Chances Prediction on future year on 2008 year.

Made for you Legend alignment on future year. Chose very an interesting alignment Small the oracle for dam. In this scenario can be watch several major spheres of life on the next year: For you, for homes, for hearts, for purse. And still there is a great opportunity to answer a special, secret , question, camping on E. Watch the, that you it is important and not encompassed in previous positions. This question you can me ask in asku 166836930.
To you in past unfavorable the situation, loss of any meaningful for you human, mourning is your feelings to him, civic participation, feeling and sadness,
In the present choice between role Mothers and Vozlyublennoy, desire to to combine these both role in itself, to care for close you humans, love and be favorite. But in, too, time this may be some tardy and off-balance, when you not manages to achieve harmony and unite these two starters.
In the future many contacts, easy communication, training, not said empty contacts and redundant the discourse.

To homes in past very heavy the situation, associated with whatever something punitive obligations and debt, many difficulties, a huge responsibility for something or someone.
In the present the situation in fundamentally has changed, came the period harmony and Appeasement, the entire vanity external world Roussef, you are looking for poykoy within themselves,
In the future very vague year, many uncertainties, but this rather a, illusions, dreams about bright future. And can be this the link with God, departure in religion. Or accepting all as will God. Chase swim downstream on, and far perishing walk away with No fun God known.



Not can send continuation of :(



Continuation of separate hands.
To hearts in past was period, when you all in relations with favorite man, vividly themselves enfranchised, were in the center of the attention. One thing poorly in relations could skip something unnatural, unnecessarily dramatizirovannoe.
In the present relations have become more everyday and mundane, but together with those, you bother on equal on good your union, by dividing duties equally split. Perhaps, brightness feelings we, but the link your, likely, to stay. And in life couples always accented periods storms and calm, as in nature. The next year will period calm in love sphere, when relations there is, and they very stable. You something chase give, something receive in return.

To purse in past you have the good the situation with finances, been lacking and on safety pins and on Eye with caddy,. :) monumental clearly itself nor in than not denied, yes? Yes and now all very well in material sphere, pleasure your all TAS in full least. In the future year you will also well endowed, truth, this likely expense of men. At all, venture to suggest, that you have in particular Taurus strongly maintained.



Large thank you for alignment, very interestingly!

A Taurus in map there is - Long in Taurus and several planets in the second House :)

Was knocked in asku :rolleyes:



Lyuda, and me in turn will bet? Only I would wanted through asku.




Nina.doc, and me in turn will bet? Only I would wanted through asku

Agreed to!



All Hi and all with... your holidays! :)
crazys organs is mila, and can be me, too, in turn? :blush:
Very like would to know, that will show alignment Prediction on future year on 2008 year.



Perfectly reputable Ludmila! Me, too, very like would obtain prophecy on began year! Please!



Iulia wrote:

My question, that the in my life depleted themselves, but continue to stubbornly to hold on to this and this might inhibit me move forward. Question that prevents?

Made for you, finally, alignment.
Interesting maps experienced. On first glance, several conflicting.

Roll back need to, you retards - map Buddha - you were relying on only on themselves, on its domestic the world, are looking for contemplated within themselves, forge the It comes. This preventing uspokoennost and adoption situations, in all situations you are looking for answer within themselves.

That need to strengthen - map Moira - map symbolizes adoption fate. Moira is spinning thread our fate, for one event should another, and not us to address, that well, and that poorly. And like would maps similar, they both about decision-situations, but it seems you need to move away from desires explain all and the entire its internal OEZ. Emphasis put on external causes, objective circumstances. From carte in sight, that you are dealt a pretty a tall order. She consists in rastanovke domestic priorities.

That need to purchase for decisions the issue - map The patient aged King - for a holiday you, in primarily, need, develop forces.

If there is questions, answer, .NET.. :) Have a nice day!




Nina.doc, and me in turn will bet? Only I would wanted through asku.

Come a-knockin 'in asku.



Lud_mila wrote:

Thank you large



NataliZ wrote:

MA It ineteresuet the problem relationships - manages whether me someday meet its second kindest.

Costly NataliZ. Alignment you I asked make its student Iryna Moroz. We with it all debated and here is, that have us broke a.
Chances for NataliZ on familiarity with soul mate in this year.We chose alignment Meeting, to analyze, that prevents and helps you in relations.

Analyzing your readiness to acquaintance, can be said, that you chose such style clothing and image, which is misleading men. They perceive you quite not such, what you there is on fact. Likely, your image or style behavior not causes in men thought about marriage, although in psyche you fervently want have a strong family, produce child. You have too a big difference between the outside way (who you created) and domestic emotional world.

His Mr. Destiny you see likely older by age, either very serious, with largely big circuits experience, not frivolous and not gobby. Perhaps even, with largely any scholarly degree of or title. Who was would capable pin on themselves responsibility for future family.

Likely, in past you have was the situation, which has put you in a strong dependence from environment. This dependence, this the link from the past can not mock you and now, you until now not patients feel themselves free figure.

On this moment find Mr. Destiny you can hinder Aah! Short temper character, either demonstration of own independence on any, even pustyakovomu about. Desire to to escape from paternalism pushed the region's parents also can cause a you have frequent outbreaks anger, volatility of emotions. Desire to do out of , even if close are right.

Close entourage is configured highly receptive to your intention of withdraw married. Perhaps, they even help in search of partner or facilitate you in this search for. Them all very want, perhaps, to married you stopped working in solemn environment, with all the attendant this milestone things.
Will help whether you in your plans entourage? Entourage, likely not hear it your true desires. You will to lend advice, stubbornly impose its opinion, lecturing. And you will stubbornly assert its opinion. Can arise that disagreements between you and your everywhere.

That can be advise? Mr. Destiny until there is no. But in no way case not worth should lower my hands and not for despair in search for. And until his there is no, need to learn to to see in mundane life the bright moments, learn to receive pleasure even from the most ordinary things. Will learn how to live not cater, without the fuss. Please take itself more attention, analyze until little things their objectives and dreams. How they are achievable. You need to also learn to to control their emotions and accept reality. Hover order in his psyche then and in your life all will become on their seats. And desired result you loogie., but not so soon, as you want.

Here is so have us broke a. If appeared questions, write. Luck! Ludmila and Irina.



Dobryi evening, Ludmila. How I understand, I the next Next :) Truth not know accurately, what alignment me more just suited, deal in is, that we with my favorite man forced to now to live far from each other, and me very like would to know, tickles whether have us see, and at all anything about our further relations. With enormous look forward await the your answer.



Greek Max -- knock-Greek Max -- knock! Can you here? This Xenia UITT. Ludmilla, if I even keep up ask question until the end of may do you.
Want to know what the most important events await me in eminent year. Thank you.



With holiday, expensive friends!
I hasten all placate - Copy Hands I all managed do, but putting d on least write. Simply disastrously lacked time (were orders forecasts on year). Now I more-less all've designed, so d write you, that same Nakamury.



OL"GA wrote:

Hello, perfectly reputable Ludmila.
I have in life situation enough complex the situation, and very would like to know, 'll see whether I in this year with its favorite man.

Alignment was made Iryna Ii?ic (I only slightly podkorrektirovala).

Life in the Past.Perhaps, you afflicted before fear of close relations with its loaded and sought avoid relations with him.

In present, perhaps, you suddenly for themselves, glimpse of the your relations and this human with utterly other hand. Perhaps your assessment these relations suddenly has changed, likely you stopped their idealizing.

In futuregreat the likelihood your meeting. Perhaps, your a favorite will offer you officially register your relations. Great the likelihood, that you want to be married, too in church. Relations in your marriage will highly traditional: A man the head of the family, and woman the keeper of the household sites of.

External events and people in your environment will foster a harmonious development your relations.

All your actions will directed on the, to achieve desired meeting and development relations, perhaps even through thick and the very themselves. Many forces you will make as proxies to assert its position, often not regardless with opinion partner.

the Security for you
What not to do?Dont use incentive activity and belligerence in your relations. Such methods not inconsistent with meet the you goal. Should learn either goal, either choose the other method action in relations.
What to do for achievements the desired?Balance between mind and the heart will give the best outcome, than only alone feelings and emotions. Caveat sensible in his love to your handpicked successor.

What the outcome you loogie. If chase to follow advice?Although, between you will happen trusting conversation. Perhaps, one of you recognizes their mistakes or will share than something the reins with him.
Not worry about to talk to favorite man about their sentiments.




Ludmila thank you you for patience, answer, please, shared my whether married in this year

Now you me pardon for postponing your separate hands. At all tarologi not like this question, too he Serge Sargsyan and a limited. But, times gave her name as the walk, then nowhere not going anywhere! :)

You themselves in principle are ready to her marriage, provided, that your dearie "will you approached only, as Cosmic ritualnykh. You want, to you had much in common and understood each other without words.
You have was experience or attempt to to join in marriage previously, but she fierce obstacles from environment, society. And likely, marriage not By.

Now you determined on ?? from your past, represent in life relations, which you have already were. Either this your attunement predopredelennost in relations. ?? you choose your unconsciously.

What your actions prevent you to join in marriage map Toolyou not manage situation, from you little what depends. You themselves strongly dependent upon from situation, from other people. Try not losing its individuality, not go on about have other. The, that you can manipulate, prevents you to join in marriage

That in environmental environment prevents you map which environment not favors your relations. Relations depend on the third forces.

That need to do you for marriage you need oppose public opinion, issue steam, can be even sow his oats against social landscape.

Very aren, that circumstances to you orient finally its light party. Environment will for your marriage.

In a result all will simply remarkable map Golden rain / Fortuna the most virtuous map in the cards, camping on E. Your hope on marriage falls. Yes and prospect have your marriage the good you Queen, on the throne, and you worship for your the beauty.




I want to know what the most important events await me in eminent year. Thank you.

Ksenia, your question too a generalized, but I perishing not has become quarrel with those, and has pulled 3 maps. Experienced The False a halo, Ego / King, Vestnik of.
On my view, basic events will: On false nimbu - setting welcome and Evil, camping ons find, that not all in life only black or only white. Within us there is something from devil and God simultaneously. This if philosophical spirit. And sobytiyno - this forge the It comes. Be that anywhere. Sorry, but I sphere of life not subsume in advance, camping on K. From you such a aid not was.
On map Ego - a man in your life can emerge, a powerful, dominating and selfish, to-his likes, to all was on his.
On map Vestnik of - forge the It comes. Meeting, reawakening, many communication, trip, destined, studies and camping on D.
Life, in short, a saturated. :) Just in next time slug although would spheres, to-rye look. :)



Remained I have Matters and image: Tatiana, the rest of the like all answered. Girls, until you, too, hands come, but you have big forecast on 12 maps. Painful for long to describe. :) Just bear it for, please.


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