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About than forum?

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On Forum Astrodoma is a a new the partition "Astrology and children", where you can much to know about his child with positions astrology. To wage his will astrologer Tatiana A Jidkova.



Like would add: In this section you can ask any question, concerning particular child, on which you wanted would obtain the answer with astrological perspective. And I will try give cursory, but enough exhaustive the answer. :)



Dobryi day I have daughter soon will year was born she 06.01.2010 in 11 :1 0 morning, name is Dasha on character already see that child very complex perhaps whether modicum pilot just pro it to know) as with it able to get on) advance provides thank you. The answer on this question, too, taxable or platno only the to make full alignment about child? I would with relish made would and full alignment about the warlock and camping on D. And wanted would to know as write in private or on-?



Hello, Kateryna! All national consultation have us on Forum ((conditions obtain in section "EU"). If you want order full-blown legal, to maximally full of the to know about grievances about, psychological peculiarities, health child write me on-the’s organs is zhi @ mail.ru or here through personal message. Is happy, that you’re trying to learn more about potential their child, so as only so parents can help him maximally full of the achieved in life.



Thank you, stuck deal with the system pay through electronic might camping on To until previously with this affairs not had.



Катерина wrote:

Спасибо, попробую разобраться с системой оплаты через электронный кошелек т.к пока ранее с этим дела не имела.

В принципе можно использовать и другие способы оплаты, если через электронный кошелек будет проблематично:банковская карта, почтовый перевод..


You are here » Ephemerides forum » Children and astrology: Consultation parents » About than forum?