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Festive period 2014 Winter Orthodox celebrations, referred to as in people Svyatkami, extends until song Epiphany, or Baptism - of the Lord. Christ - light, prosveschayuschiy former in darkness, Baptism same of Got there is the beginning of phenomena Divine of light in world. About this say and ancient name holiday: Enlightenment, celebration Svetov, and ancient valery rooftop chants: Was despoil overshadowed (today) vselenney, and light Your, my God

The Beginning lives - Jordan River

That same happened under Baptism God? Why same God fewer, as simple a mortal, go in the river Jordan River, and invoking with addressing Pope Predteche, to accept from him Baptism?

Most Antony Surozhskomu saw moment Baptism - of God - one of the most harrowing and tragic moments life Christ. Christmas - on to His love to person wishing save us from eternal of perdition, oblekaetsya in human flesh, when flesh human pronizyvaetsya Being. But in day Baptism - of God: Achieving full measures to His maturity Man Jesus Christ, Takes on Svoi shoulders the entire horror human sin, human fall of.

In water be ill conceived came the sea wash over me people, kayuschiesya on deliver homilies John Baptist. And in these water came Christ zanuritisya in the early Svoego Mathew deliver homilies and of gradual climbing on Cross, descending in these water, are much entire severity of human sin.

Christ have my own version, and because not needed in a christening a, i.e. in helps humans personal sins, but to the pupils the Baptism, on expression church songs, sunk in waters be ill conceived sins around the world.

But most importantly in this crucial - a sign: God the Son accepts baptism and Spirit Santa in the form of reputation not only ascribe on Him. God religious evidence suggests not the voice with the sky: This there is the Son My lovely, in Which my memoirs goodwill. - this moment scholars call epifaniey or bogoyavleniem. Here to humanity is a, experiment, knowledge about essence the idol, mystery about Sacred Trinity - EEU God, is happening phenomenon Sacred Trinity. All details this events we can see on "icon Baptism -, which marks a umozrenie in paints , underwent summation wop. Image of the contains chief sense underway, and details-symbols help understand event more fully and deeply.

From waters be ill conceived by light lives, so as with this days Christ began preach New Testament: Confess your sins, for closer Kingdom of Heaven. Baptism of Got - this expressed a solemn's accession Lord Jesus Christ on public serving destiny human.

overshadowed waters osvyaschaetsya organism

Consecration then waters in the Church recall the special way - it approves great of blessing water. Is traded it twice - in Christmas Eve and in the most day Epiphany with conflate prays, and a three-time fall in water Life-giving the Cross of God.

In ancient the Jerusalem the Church was custom in day Baptism - exits for vodosvyatiya on Jordan River, so in Christmas Eve water sanctifies in temples, and in himself day holiday, if there is such opportunity, style this is traded on rivers, sources and the well, after all and Christ an outside temple. Because osvyaschennost water in both days immutable and is the same popular beliefs about difference water Christmas Eve and days Baptism - - not have under a sensible reason - in both days water absolutely is the same.

Krescheneskaya water - this odukhotvorenie and conversion the elements, this of God trust, his determination bring joy Salvation Front from sin and dense antiquity nature and man.

pilgrims going or morzhi?

In the Russian the Church vodoosvyaschenie as in navecherie Epiphany (Kreschenskiy Christmas Eve), so and in himself day holiday was taking place with big solemnity and was accompanied by into gleefully. In this day all from small until great has been going on "Iordan", i.e. on rivers and Lake, where, despite strong reduced deep Snow, it was all done rite of passage vodoosvyascheniya. Already in XVI and the seventeenth-centuries appeared accurate leaks about festivals Baptism - of God, projects, mainly in Moscow.

For many our modern approach on Iordan also became than something like popular Church-sporting Mathew : Someone, blagogoveyno perekrestivshis, albeit fears frost, and descends in water, to allow themselves sake of Christ; someone, gikaya, laughing and kurazhas, leaps once in door shower, and well still, if not he cusses him out from fame only. Orthodox people have are a good custom borrow on such exploits blessing have priest. Such Ghusl automatically not cleans the from all sins, also it not excuses participation in svyatochnykh gadaniyakh, about which sometimes remember better, than about its true sense 2014 Winter holidays.

All, even rarely has walkers in Church, know, that Epiphany water can years stand and not sour. But many why something think, that so is happening from-for ions silver content that fall in water under consecration, its cross. Many already about how, that all precious metals as were chairman E. Tugzhanov said have the Church under bolshevikakh, so and not have returned in their parish popularized. But until now difficult solve such a, for example, chemical problem: How many ions silver content contains in one U.S. 20 kreschenskoy water, if vodoosvyaschenie was happening on Volga-, width which in this place accounts for 300 meters, the depth of - 20 meters, the speed tide - 3 Dam in second, the general time finding view in River was given as one minute, and used, which rural Nicolas committed rite of passage, was wooden?

Water polled. That do next?

In they had an epiphany kreschenskuyu water can be to drink a host day. But then its should cannabis stomach either on special need (for example, under sudden disease). Moreover, in day holiday we kropim saint water all home, including and otkhozhie seats, and those exposure, where live our host favourite singers. Can be wet this noble and office, and place dropping out, and car.

And if you see, that water became not so many, as like would, - can be allied its simple clean water, and the entire she will so same is full her deep, as and before, and so same not it's just gonna spoil. So at all not worth keen travail, interrupting from temple in this day more power on dozen-the other liters. Enough take a small bottle - and water ????? until the next Baptism - you and your close.
However, and a wonderful maintaining kreschenskoy water not guaranteed man, which not will treat it blagogoveyno. Better will crossmatch its from plastic tableware in glass and to store not where --something, and alongside icons or in different honorable Third Prize Winner place. Also and to drink this water should with with your prayer, to this uncanny ability of God was us in good health, souls and the bodies. Then and not will have to be embarrassed about and ask have priest, that to do with zatsvetshey or eating fermented saint water.




And me talked, that on Baptism with 23-30 to 24-00 all sources of become holy. Even from piped water the holy water flows.



Lud_mila wrote:

A me talked, that on Baptism with 23-30 to 24-00 all sources of become holy. Even from piped water the holy water flows

Javadxan, I, too, heard. Only with one utochneniem: All naturalsources of. Not the plumbing :)



Oh miraculous process

Oleg, and that you do about miracle kreschenskoy water, why she wonderful, if Christians violate annual sunny cycle?

Let's see on the subject several wider - Epiphany water, one of examples the magic bullets hyphenated and substances that can be are available man.

In various mystical traditions we face with veneration hyphenated made in our world from lenga spaces.

At all speaking, sopredelnym space not quite from the world stingy could under various conditions prove even most familiar place, in which man could healer always by in three pines, fall into deep mystical journey literally for from its villages.

Of those worlds, far worthy man, in case successful return he the Field some oveschestvlyonnyy a badge of his tenure in different world. Often this could be and simple pebble and some subject, obretyonnyy hero in their Nalanda. This we meetings in the most different fairy with a. And subject from another world was capable Fuehrer unique properties in world human, helping, Emerald Ray, transforming.

Otherwise speaking, subject from another space - the magic subject.

So, to example, celestial stones - the meteorites were used to the most different goals - for metaphorically yadov from organism, for prospects wounds, for investigation an abducted, for privorotov, curses, and even for achievements immortality.

About the effectiveness in later heavenly of stones known many legends. Virtually in any religion when place for lamas gods. Known entire mystical of the Order, which times reaching puzzling abilities only in force moreover, that were held splinters some marked black stone.
Heavenly guests vmurovyvali in crosses and Wall churches Christians, mounted in of the statue gods Indians, Muslims worship sacred made , state in mosque Kaaba there, in Mecca - word, celestial envoys always amount.

Not less pochitaemy objects shown from at worlds - arkhaicheskoe consciousness our ancestors not was is perverted term minerals, , it Korean mystery mountains, entire almost lying Worlds created popular mythology - the most vivid of the last simplest this tradition, perhaps, the Malachite Casket - mythology Ural mountains, its underground hostess, enchanted master - all of this reflection an ancient understanding of very a daunting ties rights and primary, clearly not chairmanship of man.

Earth bowels land, whether coal, oil,, ore, essentially its - magic objects, with here, in world human special properties precisely in force its flounder or claim.

And because even their production - most often of weakening with sverkhusiliyami, with abilities demigods - camping on E. With heroes.
And the current attitude to resources land because and is perceived on level Archetypal memory, as crime, as violation of Imperatives exchange energies.

Man Tradition acknowledged its affiliation nature, earth and I honour its being Juicy Earth, could not perceive land as subject horse-trading,sales or private ownership.

exhaustive information throughout land - it is our soul,
Beneath not vytoptat soul .

Nature represented a opportunity meet all natural needs human without overcompensate effort. T. E. In artist is multisided man lived in world its vibration, where any weed been bailed out his continuation of, this maternal drive the earth the world - bosom Mokos fuel and sberegalo human throughout life.

, mastering the cruel inakovymi connections, such, which not depend on natural course time, from laws from over world was possible only for those who either knew technology - camping on E. This were priest - veduny, sorcerers, the magicians of the yes shamans.
Sometimes case , but on fact implicit will of Gods of has initiated human without training - stumbling fell with the sky, something was perched in earth, obretalos under water and camping on D.

Another opportunity create the magic bullets properties hyphenated in eyelids perpetual was ritual. In this case we are talking about such situation, when human consciousness, action an idiosyncratic way smeschalo ritual space in another reorientation dawn, in another world.
Man within a ritual of it turns out as would one foot already on the other earth. Ritual space, if it correctly created, always wider, than subsequent business time, always mnogomernee.
And because, objects, that have visited within such a space, which were included in the very Footbal, find themselves conductors, qualities other worlds. T. E. Worlds, in which there is another the parallel bytiynost.

Here is, say, traditional miracles with so-called kreschenskoy water. Understandable, that himself rite of passage on Russias goes back rather to a Slavic Vodokresu, which completed yuletide. And now, albeit struck kalendarnaya Mess, and at all, seemed would another utterly Wahhabi tied this Footbal to city population Jesus, properties water after this a ritual of often indeed find themselves wondrous.
Of course, can hardly be considered Translate.Net the, that Christians brought down natural sunny calendar, faced through this opportunity ties with relevant solyarnymi cycles annual Circle. This mistake easily is understood people its inherent faith,.
But rite of passage as such works have people the most different beliefs.

And understandable why - ritual, as we are talking removes bytiynost, and we get water with another plan dawn. If to speak pro miracles kreschenskoy water, then this precisely human Footbal, not influence natural cycle. Although Footbal, on fact again same - essentially its deeply pagan, as and himself rite of passage purification 'water, known in any traditions outside any sign ties with Jew called Jesus and long before him.

And then, to example, suddenly sometimes can will happen miracle Is Recovering sick with some bears a tumor based only from several sips of such water.

Several simplifying thought, can be said, that so is happening because, that man proved through water un the world, the vetvleniyu dawn, where he well. We have deal with porting properties one world in the other.

This again same described by in the most different mystical traditions - in Eastern European folk tales, myths - the Lord who listens to would find many material.

Similarly act obregi created in the the ritual. This objects, which, to example, can be to consecrate on ritual a fire on profane temple, yes and themselves just get the coals such a a fire bear this the seal belonging other huge grounds.
So same and candles, say, doesn in the process any event see will have a special force. So, on Sadecki Kalyada I specifically bought these net wax for schoolchildren his over Kolyadnym a fire.

And a classic example of - magic candles, which receive such properties on Gromnitsu. (2 February)

However, about this have us will other the publication.




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