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Who more suited

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Dobryi day. Me name is Margarita Nozdryakova was born 1986.06.29 in city of Vilnius. Was friends with guy writes Lagunavicius 1980.11.17 year and a half, he left on earnings. I met with other guy Robert Sobolevsky 1977.11.18 we with him prodruzhili six months. And now writes wants to I was with him, and I'm confused. Me and with Andryusom and with Robert was well. I not know whom choose



Маргарита, а что конкретно Вы хотели бы узнать в рамках форума:какова Ваша астросовместимость с этими мужчинами или с кого Вам выбрать? Видите ли, выбирать все равно придется Вам, астролог не может дать однозначный категоричный ответ, с кем остаться...А вот кратко описать Ваше взаимодействие с другим человеком, проанализировать совместимость Ваших характеров может.



Like would to know astrosovmestimost with these men, want to know with whom of them we more each other are more suited



Understandable. I will be able this watch only next week. As'll take a look, 'll post an on forum.



Large you thank you, d with look forward wait answer



Hello, Margarita! For full answer on your question well would know precise time birth. But I stuck you answer your question. With Andryusom you have very well incapable communication, although at times it case several intense. With Robert more "adults" relations, he often the case for you teacher in life and helps evolve. You him, incidentally, in its own way, too,. If you can avoid motley kind of unusual experimentation in her relations, then well you got to keep these good relations.

Татьяна wrote:

See whether, choose would still will have you, an astrologer not can give an unambiguous adamant the answer, with whom to remain.

I agree with us getting, choose you and only you. The case, that and under charged compatibility people find compromises and design its happiness, and the case, that and under good compatibility not is obtained anything sensible. Listen to its heart. Who from apples you more likes? :)



I figeyu. Why reverie attended by something write?



Ah here is, Margarita, finally can mouth their considerations. Of course, this all enough in sketched, camping on K. There is no time birth and even seats birth men. But and on such data can be already describe a common picture.
First you and writes. With one hand coherent glance on life, you're expanding worldview partner. So same you can foster uncover the his personality, more historically beneficial geographical, mount a his view in society. Under this Your drive to freedom or volatility bears emotional discomfort partner. Derive communication, but mutual understanding not always perhaps. With other hand writes can try to as something to limit you, exert pressure, achieve greater responsibility in relations, that can cause a you disappointment and discontent. There is sexual attraction, but amorous relations enough tense.
You and Robert. Enough harmonious relations. You better play leading role. In relations with Robert you have opportunity disclose its personality, realize their best quality. In these relations present and romanticism, and sexual attraction, and turbulent emotions. Importantly here not as much in the fight for power.
Ah and conclusions already to do you. :)

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