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Useful about predicting the

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In this section want to place useful, on my view, articles. Naturally, that content will respond my beliefs on this question. :)



How ask question?
Skyfall form:

You can utter its question aloud, and you can pro themselves, you can repeat his several times or burn on a piece of paper. Proceed to its liking. One alignment better position not worse any other. Importantly, first, accurately know, about than you want ask, and second, what the question, immediately forget about him and focus on scenario, open and istolkovanii carte.

Skyfall substance:

Ask question so, as he came you in head. Deal, in late all, not in grace formulations, and in is, to you themselves well understood, about than vnutrivlagalischnye funds. For example: “How I have the case in is something and in is something, or as will evolve these affairs further. ”

Try avoid issues, on which can be limiting itself to answer “yes ” or“ no ”. Maps, of course, and in this case will help you do choice, however not sheepishly the entire his behind and possible consequences. All the more, that choose something would still will have you very. Better ask: “What tickles, if I will this, and that tickles, if I this not will make? ” Chances“ Choice ” will help you assess the possible consequences, and thereby and accept correct decision.

And better don’t ask about immediately several possible options, for example, “For a ride whether me in New York or in Paris ”, and disassemble their separately, i.e. first:“ Should me to go in New York or not? ”, and then: “For a ride whether me in Paris or not? ” If adverse prove both“ The option, the second way to can suggest the any other decisions, for example, Lisbon. Limiting themselves to reducing initial alternative question, you not arrive at such cues, and will learn only, that neither in Paris, nor in New York you to do nothing to acquire.

Accurately so same should not mix in one issue two themes, for example: “How I am about vacation, meeting whether I there someone? ” Better unfolding“ Celtic used ” for answer on the first question (as I am about vacation), and “with ” for answer on the second, if you dream meet a new Sputnik’s life.

(on materials "Taro: Key notions", Hayo Bantskhav)



Very often arise questions have pupils pro map days. On the vastness of the internet has found interesting speculation on the subject.

To what need rubber "Map days"?
Not secret, that ????? Arkan's its grains energy. When we draw out "Road days", then will know, what energy the most is strong in this day. Perhaps, even themselves we start this energy, attract its in our lives. Only from us depends lagging this energy positively or negatively, can whether we miss through themselves this force and use its on good.

For example, Arcanum Club small coworking. If not accept liberation, which he bears, then Arcanum Club can reverberate scandal, accident or still than something frustrating and a formidable.

Over time can be discern, what Arkany more often challenge in the negative, what in positive images can create, and on the basis this do conclusion, with than is worth still tinker, and which parts of themselves already studied and integrated.
Extract hence



Choice deck Taro and position moon in particular
Time from time arises theme: How many decks can be have gadatelya – one, five, twenty-… every option answer fair. Any deck reflects glance creator, backbone and on the world with his perspective. She – proud individuality, and “up trapped ” loath under ``debriefing different“ flights. ” Than more meanings (up on the – points of view on the world) we attain, for example, under aid decks Taro, those obemnee, heart becomes have us knowledge carte in a whole. Adding previously obscure the brink of perception world. Looking on map from unfamiliar deck automatically playing dirty tricks on his vision of under avtorskii a corner of view, intuitively by it definition of, understanding, where and in what area, and also as and from whom this deck will work. In this moment already not important, that this for deck, after all ultimately we selecting for work those that is demonstrated us.

Number of decks and their “izobrazitelnyy a series of ” depends on aesthetics their owner. From moreover, likes whether he change, ” something, refinement, simplicity, easier whether him work on astral project or on mentale, from nourishing and propensity for perception of the contemporary the or another culture, and also from moreover, sake of what be acquired deck.

For choice deck man is oriented in primarily on “want / not want ”,“ pulling / not pulling ”, “likes / not likes. ” ???? these sensations in the first moment not are executed in connective images, remaining on level unconscious. So make choices small children, not burdened social perceptions – “would still his not I will, because he a good. ” Choice is undertaken intuitively, outside chain logical reflection. Often this looks so: “these deck … she me asked, took its in hands … and put an ago not can. And money there is no, but I its would still buy. She my … (and from above means heavy paw – and why, now its not will buy, even if six months lay like this on the shop window). ” The first reaction (desire to) goes on those respects, actions (the creation intentions, will) – on Sun. Then comes otsenochnost on the produce markets and Old – the Beautiful, somewhat in spirit, the sort of, convenient in work, will be more appropriate for specific tasks and camping on P. However the first reaction would still remains profound sense of collecting, and get high from the acquisition of.

Moon in particular shows habits human, what he believes cozy, comfortable, safe. Espoused deck is borne in hands itself so, as if this not deck, and bushy animal sort of way, which want to iron, Coddle and right back at you purr. With it pleased work, she is as natural and convenient as if domestic de-leveraging clothing, and deal here in primarily in us themselves. Us easier and harvesting (though all relatively) enter in the world of magic, there is tossed in the hands of subject-tool-guide, alongside which we feel themselves confidently, and whose images easily explain us phenomena delicate world habitual and understandable language.

Not worth forget, that from any rules there is exceptions, and not always Long in is or different signs gives precisely such, as will said below, attitude to choice decks – after all aside from from you in kosmogramme there is and other “actors ”, and also various aspects of. For example, a strong the Sun under weak / negarmonichnoy those respects can substantially influence preferences. As well as and the, that on choice deck substantially affect views human about beauty and functioning. One and the same deck, with printable in Russia and in Italy, often strongly differs, and is perceived from-for this is different. To the same many deck bear in itself intermingling various the elements, and can approached only for different signs simultaneously.

Man with the Moon in suggest signsprefers have a bit decks, but assigned their of, choosing in further deck “has sister ”, associated with his darling or, if deck already ”, will find fundamentally a new, another, that also will study“ with zero. ” Each of them proves “poprobovannoy on a tooth ” many times. Importantly when choosing – practicality and knowledge, far what deck can be “attach the ” and use. Deck, likely, will saturated numerous graphic elements and complex symbolics, moderately-flamboyant colored; such a deck let’s take in hands and don – about! Rather a weighty, “heavy ” deck.

Man with the moon in the airwould prefer have many decks, and will seek new, reflecting the finest nuances and delights, prominent only him, with, decks can be delivered many, but need will be even more. From deck are required yomkie images and neutral supervisory the emotional painting, in a series of cases frilly dresses and tied little bows, if they wipe semantic a series of, 's. Is important aesthetics and “literacy ” images. These deck will differ izyaschnostyu or graphical simplicity drawings, producing impression smart, intellectual interlocutors, pleasant as superficially, so and “internally. ”

The, from whom Long is worth in water shuttles signswill weighing in on everything to kolodam “ethnic ” okrashennosti, or those that were deemed“ sound initial ”, in any case each deck will chosen them long, captiously, and zavorazhivat also, as dazzles the current water, Iskristaya on the surface, but the dark and heavy in conceals. Drawings such decks emotionally-saturated, each map – as novella, no one will remain to them indifferent. Often deck can have some mystical or fenteziynuyu “long pedigree ”, editorial written so, that had to gonna believe this, that she came from legendary absent (as, for example, Taro Koshachego people).

Man, with moon in fiery signs, chooses deck bright, of the world as, seeking get as can be more new instruments for work, with can “to relight ” those kolodami, which saw accidentally, or same catch a glimpse in foreign hands. Want – and all. Owners like show their the acquisition of, like, when their gaze at and fascinated. Pictures of the such carte remembered, although often happens, that by themselves they quite calmer, and fills their force and lives personality gadatelya. Here arises “flip ” the link – seeing, as wondering people with fiery the moon, want buy accurately such a same,“ silnodeystvuyuschuyu ” deck.

Long in Ovne– The deck were picked by quickly and intuitively, on paired catch a glimpse pobachenikh carte. Credible buying deck judging by from immediate “want ”, then can's transpired., that she quite not what it looked initially. Stopped such a human in point that choice not worth – would still he will make in its own way. External kind of deck not so is important, would still the, that you will see, will dorisovano “from above ” gadatelem. Drawings deck tough, bright, the power. Communication with deck builds on the principle of “matter / not matter ”, so many bought deck peredarivayutsya or add. Work such people with now emotionally is replete and well and in memory, meaning carte most often fully rewritten “under themselves. ”

Long in Taurus– up a different beautiful decks many, but all not buy. Choice deck enough is a conservative, man can buy deck rarely has, preferring one, favourite – more often -yarkuyu, with large now and big risunkami. Color of deck likely must be expressive, saturated – but in measure, superficially deck must inspiring eye its simplicity and scenically. Delegation is deck goes of, with greater, that “knowledge many not case. ” Very difficult buy deck, if before not held its in the hands of or not viewed, in any case she be acquired only “after obstoyatelnogo familiarity. ”

Long in the Twins– Makes me want to all deck and immediately. Needs of decks can to infect their diversity, with man with easily switchable with one deck on another, sometimes Bozali under divination now different decks. Use long one and the same deck it is no fun, so seeks to win new carte, which easily studies (in some cases – familiarity it turns out facile). Images on maps must be ravnovesno emotional and logical, desirable unostentatious, smoothly run tones. Under work with deck can quietly matched classic meaning and their own.

Long in Raque– Man prefers deck, so or otherwise associated with “classic ” - options decks Ryder, Crowley, 23rd and Egyptian Taro. Rivers seem maps, deemed the primary and basic. Very pleased keep in the hands of the, that “its own ”, but not less pleased a sense of, that this property has deep roots and tradition, so in collections human can meet deck, transferred“ out of the hands in hands. ” Enough it is important tactile a sense of from carte – than they shelkovistee on are, the better. Attitude to kolodam relaxed, finer, but let only will try someone example on signifies nothing about without affairs deck …

Long in Lion– Choice deck reminds show – where she chief “prize game ”, and people – guide of emotions. Deck – “on wave of ”, until there is fuse. Saw – has acquired, demonstrated all. If deck very liked, but buy not request, then passions is heating up, not buy – die, although not buy already not perhaps, because as there will plain soul, which will understand, that this is not vagaries, and need … The deck must be “not just hand that shit what ”, and very the Beautiful and a significant, flamboyant,, memorable. Looking on the, as man interacts with such deck, can arise sense of envy “I, Manh, such a same want. ” Than deeper and thinner the initial a sense of from deck, those "feels better" with it will work.

Long in the Virgin- Picks us deck on the principle of practicality and utility, number of not it is important – all “can useful. ” Likes attention, clarity of decks, and also a sense of, that for each spheres life is important and need a its grains special deck. When deck ” and included, one looks for another. Principled for choice can be drive seek meaning symbols and symbolic series of, to through them exits on universality of, running from particular – to a host. Pleased, when nuances known, images are perfected, maps crafted. Choice other decks – is perceived as choice other “bumps ” of view. Deck can to be propagated, but realistically in work are engaged one-two, the rest await wings (or his client) in oppression place.

Long in Libra- Do all, that symmetry, be and at all almost all, until what must stretch glance. Man can hanging out on nuanced one, by new the brink of and levels submersion in seemed would long studied ones maps, but’without change of scenery. So decks should be many, each must conform to “mood and time days. ” Predominantly work can be built on several the box-smart-deck shoe, but if such deck will appear have many, interest to them will be lost. Deck is acquired to wipe yourself off, grassroots – bought, then see why, communication with now builds on dialogue.

Long in 1997-– contaminated superficially a large range known decks, on which can work, prefer one, sticking to it as to zhivomu essence. Often can cling deck with unqualified, arcane either sexual discovered, either themselves create around it halo as magichnosti. In studying denied deck reach perfect, which not show off in. Love to kolodam with “a double upside ”, are at to see hidden undertones in seemed would well known and“ razzhevannykh ” classic-deck shoe. If deck liked, but buy its not managed, impose eaio, in a result what the latter can gather on the shop window very long.

Long Sagittarius– Put is deck, and then it would turn into, why she was need a. Without rationale inconceivable importance of the acquisition of game loses charm of. Are selected deck, typically, bright, with understandable tolkuemymi and brosayuschimisya in eyes symbols of. Quite often deck are selected affirmative, life on energy, zapitannye on a powerful, formed egregor. Aversion can to inspire gloomy, Gotichnye deck. If them seems, that deck will work better in other the hands of, without fluctuations will give its.

Long in an- Every deck bought only in is case, if “very liked ”, and this“ liked ” rather is logical, than emotionally. Need a / want – and all here. Deck owes it work – this importantly condition, its being veiled problem is secondary. Under this will produced maximum information on it`s deck, extensively tested, all of the bugs and be granted in the form of “crack balance. ” Enjoyed overall principle work with Taro, structure, the crux of the, so deck can chosen rather on the principle of information saturation, than on emotionally-possesses a range of.

Long in Vodolee– Preference can invest unconventional kolodam, a shining, paradoxical, understandable little. Number of decks meaning not has, it is important their quality and the depth of submersion. Classic can cause a I and irritation, man constantly searching for something an unusual – typically the, that sells in stores and in a broad access, not suits, needs something special, nezataskannoe. So often arises the situation: That there is in sale, need not, and what likes – remains unavailable.

Long in Pisces– The deck must be, not it is important what, not it is important whom with a, importantly, to with it was a good contact and she worked. Buying deck can become process, when otsmatrivayutsya different options, rassuzhdaetsya about how, that in this the cards likes, and that there is no, in a result bought something utterly another, accidentally; still more often deck it turns out - A real gift-. Preference preferable emotional, but mild on design kolodam, without symbolism, built on color combinations or transparent watercolor chart, aimed domyslivat options meanings.

Taygana (with) possesses



Skill might wonder for themselves very important for enable-round cinematic excellence gadatelya and can become one of factors identity growth. Many people at all not use Taro for divination, and perceive his as an instrument spiritual attainments, of knowledge cycles life and stages path identity development on physical, core and spiritual plans. , wondering for themselves can be not only contact with a new deck, but and understand, as its symbols and visual images are manifest in your life and in thought world.

Truth is often imperfections problems and ways their decisions

Many tarologi with hard wondering for themselves. Try to consider, why so is happening and as this problem solve.

1) Size separate hands
Above all, alignment can be too big. Than he more and harder, those more precisely understand, about than he says, especially when you still only learn to look more, and subject you emotionally close. Overhang that resulted information can become another, even worst problem.

Learn to look more might wonder for themselves with very ordinary players' hands – get him out on one map in week, and when week be appropriate to an end, spend some time on analysis how and how map “played ” its role in life.
Not't worry, if, having pulled out map, you not auctioning the slightest notions, that she means. By the end of weeks you all will become clear! If stubbornly and constantly practised, you over time may begin to grasp, that maps try to say, and with what events your life they linked.

If you see an interesting alignment, which you want try, but he much more those, with whom you are accustomed deal, homilies his facilitate – partition entire sequence on parts of on three-five carte and work with each separately. In the early this will be easier and better, than to throw head in has embraced industrialization and try to understand big alignment.
Moreover, in divination for themselves try use only well familiar deck, to which you are accustomed and that you like, and experiments leave for more ordinary situations.

2) hasty reading of
Another problem – habit not to lend itself time carefully to study alignment. Many experienced tarologi tend to provided inspect own Copy Hands – “I and so know, that this all means! ” - and then quickly mix maps and deferred their in side.

Naturally, all we very are busy and often suffer from the deficit time, but, wondering thus, we often, skip past ear contained in maps messages, make personally us – any symbol, on which we before not shunted attention, or models that necessarily noticed would, if would spent on its alignment so much same time, how many usually spend on work with client.

Some gadateli getting over this problem, constituting itself, that work with client, and leading detailed records, as if would speculating went for money. In late all, wasn we not deserving to reap the fruit his prowess.

3) A strong audit function promotes
, wondering for themselves, quite it is difficult maintain objectivity. Here there is a series of problems, one of which – emotional shock. When you commit alignment for themselves and suddenly just spotting in it many twisted, difficult for understanding of or negative carte, you automatically’re trying protect itself and distantsiruetes from carte. In a result lose objectivity and not you can normally work – you account for battle desire to mix maps and start all first! This is happening despite the, that for other have us there is always ready the soothing and wise words, suitable to the situation. This mechanism self-defense well enough, to we, themselves moreover not wanting to, convinced themselves, that in scenario there is no sense, that maps experienced wrong or not are amenable to interpretation.

????? of us there is something such, that we hide not only from other, but and from themselves. One of problems with Fortune-teller for themselves as times in is and consists, that in such moments these mystery go to the surface. If you it is difficult might wonder for themselves, perhaps, deal in is, that your subconscious tries to something say, and consciousness refuses this hear.

4) insufficient confidence in itself
For primer tarologov very characteristic lack of confidence in itself and faith in their ability to gadatelya. The, that you not you can preserve objectivity,, wondering for themselves, still not means, that maps you “not go ” or their significance somehow distorted. With now all is famously. So faulty can be only our interpretation of. So that, when would wonder, caveat confident, that the universe, or your spiritual teachers, or your subconscious would still would give you the right maps, even if you have no slightest views about how, that they mean. Moreover, pandering time think over them. This will help you not worry, that with officially something not so. Knowledge moreover, that maps always are right, gives a sense of freedom and is now cutting off mass of-and doubt.

5) pessimism and fatalism
The latter problem divination for themselves – this our own pessimism and fatalism. We all perfectly know, that maps not are good and not bad, the and all same some specialists tend to perceive their exclusively in negative manner, when wondering for themselves. They choose for scored carte the most the negative meaning and in focus refuse to notice all the good, that maps could would say. This Eternal the problem, because people, consider, that them always challenge bad maps, gradually are beginning fear might wonder and perceive any Copy Hands in negative the old. With clients we always seek be by objective, but under this maintain optimism; the same approach need apply and to itself, avoiding unnecessary and wishful fears.

Overcoming Shang oracle blocs

Relax and reef

During work with client witnessed very difficult maintain calm, especially on first stage practice. Anxiety and nervousness almost inevitably lead to emergence gadatelnogo bloc; they not give freely function our subconscious mind is--, which equip consciousness necessary for work of images and ideas.
Simply do deep the breath, focus and tell client, that you intend a bit to meditate on maps.

make Your favorable environment

, wondering at home or even in “of hiking conditions ” many gadateli strive to create around themselves environment, facilitates increase sensitivity. This may imply organization special room for divination, and also use a special clothing, candelsticks, incense and other attributes. Meditation and rituals, meadows focuses,, too, can prove not new. Can be use positive visualization, to to imagine, as you give the a lovely session divination and with easily're interpreting even the most complex maps. All these system well work, when you are using their regularly and they are associated you have precisely with Fortune-teller on Taro.

Alternative approaches

We are accustomed to read maps certain way and often forget, that every of them can be interpret on different levels. One of the main reasons arise gadatelnogo bloc consists in is, that we too rely on set of ideas and key words, assotsiiruyuschikhsya with now, and after all they can approached only far not for each situation. Is sometimes helpful view the entire spectrum meanings, to remember all opportunities alternative interpretations carte. There is as least five levels, on which can be to read maps, and on one of them you, it is likely, will find the key to understanding separate hands.

Graphics. Closely consider picture, pictured on a map. Forget about how you are accustomed its interpret, and do utterly the literal reading of. Imagine, that C is within maps and thinks over his question. That he says or makes? That with him happening? There is whether in the header of the on a map scene anything, thus, doomed shine light on his question?

Symbols. Analyze color of and symbols, which you see on a map. Red color, for example, usually means passion and action, green – growth and fertility, water symbolizes subconscious, two towers – gates to something a new and camping on P. As these familiar symbols mixes with those, that is happening with client within maps? For example, boat, mutating on water, can mean relatively secure journey on open spaces subconscious. United Nations attention on any conspicuous you in eyes details – for example, Dr. Bobicchio without saying water or - feigns nervousness, and that this could say you about able client.

Key words. If you have some Taro, in which you recorded set of key words for each maps, open his and read the entire list. Very often we first write on all, that us only comes in head, and then on least work some recon - narrow list until several workers associations. In diary you can detect something such, about than long forgotten, but that can surprising way to approach situation. Can be also turn to books on Taro and to the Internet-resources in purposes fill their libraries ideas and images.

The suit of. Analyze the suit of maps as such. Ask themselves, fits whether she issue, and also that it could say you about approach client toward solving problems. For example, if C is asking question about love, and in the answer challenge alone Pentakli, this may give you additional information for word itself. Be can, C on fact is engaged in a only work or these relations not are linked have him nor with whatever strong trumps emotion.

Nominal value. Analyze nominal value maps and think about his numerologicheskom the significance of the in applying to specified client issue. What stage cycle represents this map and as this may influence interpretation? Sometimes in scenario present message associated more with repetition of a one and the same numbers or suit, than with meanings individual carte. Group twisted Chetverok, for example, can to talk about unwillingness client Fed with stable and safe situation, which leads to stagnation and lack opportunities for identity growth.

Leave alignment on some time

If you have in disposal much time (for example, you're guessing-mail traffic), do alignment and to qualitatively hold his. Witness maps, tick those meaning, which you utterly are clear, and those, in which you not confident. Then parosols than anywhere – you can even sleep. Until you will to do other affairs, your subconscious will become work over importance murky carte, and they themselves as would accidentally will come you in head.

“Start with what any another

If you already must begin to to speak, but still not sure in meanings all carte, recall, that utterly not necessarily interpret maps on order haul. In normal conditions, when you commit alignment, significance alone carte you clear with the outset, and for understanding of and Abused other may take some time. Start your with those that know, and leave the most complex in the end.

ask me question client

If C sits before you, and you raze not you can interpret alignment, homilies the next approach. If want, tell client, that significance one of carte you not quite clear, and because he knows its question and otrazhennuyu in it situation much better, then can be, tranquilizing help you understand, that she a represents. Or simply ask his say, that he sees in this map. Remind party members him wording issue, tell, that means stance that ranks map, and then ask closely watch on map, to imagine themselves within it and describe their the impression. As he themselves feels with this card? About than thinks, when looks at it? That with him is happening, when he enters in map?
The, that C will reveal you about map, can give a huge number of useful information and will help understand, that same it poses in scenario. Map can mean for him something Afghanistan’s particular brand, that never time come would in head you.

Let go of situation

When all already said and done, in scenario would still can to remain map, stubbornly otkazyvayuschayasya to speak. She even may seem you empty and not with at all no sense. Sometimes this may testify about unwillingness client, to you knew, that is happening have him in this area, sometimes – about how, that he himself not wants this to realize, and sometimes – about how, that a premature event in the future so an implausibly, that as about him map seems senseless. In such a case can be said: “In this moment significance this maps for me not obviously. In ordinary conditions she means the something and the something, but remains unclear, as this may be stems with your question. Think, over time its sense will become clearer. Wait for development events. Likely, in some point you find, that same means this map. ”

Most importantly, need remember, that there is many ways correct interpretations carte, so that caveat open new ideas that can work in such situations.

From books Full leadership on Taro. Theresa's Mikhelsen


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