Want offer your attention to consider performance on the emergence of child have one couples. They gave consensus on the deployment their data. He - 11 November 1972, 05 :3 0, Sochi. She - 27 April 1981, 01 :4 0, Samarkand (now contain in Sochi), maps not rektifitsirovannye. Marriage sustained, both have the first, child, too, the first both have, a boy was born in late January 2006 (sunny Actis Systems). That interestingly? We analziruem maps mostly have women, forgetting, that in solyarakh men, too, should reverberate the emergence of child. So, look.
Girl "behind" in its solyar, i.e. pregnancy and giving birth within one diesel (2005-06). Have men pregnancy wife is mired in 2004-05, and giving birth in 2005-06 year.
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This cursory analysis, whom interestingly can watch more carefully. Still in both maps allocated 2 and 6 homes. And offers moment on which Context pay attention. Have women is IC, that highlights intimacy and events. And have men ICJ, for him the emergence of child wears more a status, social character. Ah here is that I with the process can be more important :)