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Salads, snacks

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Share interesting recipes here :)



gives petergofskiy

Otvarenoe fillet no (roughly 200 g on the salad bowl) - cut into.
Cucumber a fresh and salty in equals quantities - on one big or 2 medium-size. On taste of.
3 boiled eggs -rezanykh
Deluxe marinated then, the mushrooms,. Better 768 from pack or can, small such. Roughly grams 150-200.

And slim with mayonnaise.

Eat up on health!



gives Konstantinovsky

Otvarenyy language cut cubes (roughly 200 g on same time. Porcius)
Onion cut, large platter. In the salad bowl)
3-4 boiled eggs -porezat.
Deluxe marinated then, the mushrooms, - Also provisional number of as and in Petergofskom)

And slim with mayonnaise.

Pleasant appetite! ;)



Thank you, Iriani! :bye: I remember as in childhood for me many matter Moscow, I very loved this city. Remember as we go with parents year in 1978 and familiar us was invited in the restaurant. On me this made a huge impression why something! I so long was thinking about this and interior, and the snort. Me seemed all of this thus unusual. And here is few years ago me in hands met a small little book W. Kovchenkova "the Moscow cuisine of", in which are collected brand-name prescriptions for prominent Moscow restaurants.

Want offer you recipe "Inturist" from menu restaurant "Star the sky."

Pulp boiled no - 100 g
Themselves by growing potatoes - 20 g
Salty cucumbers - 20 g
1 / 2 eggs
, caviar - 10 Mr.
Fresh fruits - 20 g
Pickled fruits - 20 g
Mayonnaise - 20 g
Cream - 30 g
Parsley - 3 g

First Father, cut updates welded themselves by growing potatoes, goose and egg, and then salty cucumbers, fresh apples (better sour-sweet), pickled plums. Nashinkuyte separately greens parsley.
For this salad needs shake whisk cream in for white mass of. All nashinkovannye vegetables and goose stir with with mayonnaise and lay out in the salad bowl of salad. Water slide create slices boiled no, and from above you pour some water with mayonnaise, garnish with slices canned fruits. From above on Water slide squeeze out from what whipped cream and on them poloeite black or red because the and seam greenery.



Yes. Such salad for restaurants) In sense - It's difficult is preparing. At least, with first reading :)
I now d to talk about salatakh, but there is smaller (remember, that in solare Jupiter in soed. With the Moon-expand knowledge went in area cookery)


gives PESovsko-Ilonovskiy

This salad my sister Ilona tried her hand in cafes PESa (petrodvortsovaya includes), studied components on platter and'm inured homes. She his slightly's modified a. Curious to good!

Large platter purified raisins. Or buy obazharenye (the so do).
Grate on major terke choked rugged (or smoked sausage bread)
Chopped going to pick some leaves salad. As option, can be use, Chinese such as cabbage. Soft part of. Importantly, to not was juice.

In warm vegetable oil (options 3-'s table of spoons)’s refusal to allow melkonarezannyy garlic. To oil getting all over juice garlic. It should not podgoret.
Add spices “for salad ” (name, sells in no clothing left).

All of this – minute. To leave for cooling off period where remorse.

Mix igridienty and pouring.

I like, when quality many in salad (grams 100), but can be use a small a handful. Then he tickles more easy.

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Wait, wait, wait. This is obtained: Raisins, choked and sheet salad?! :) Interesting the combination of.

Iriani wrote:

remember, that in solare Jupiter in soed. With the Moon-expand knowledge went in area cookery

On-my, very a good option astroalkhimii. Indeed, why would not collecting puffy culinary prescriptions for?



This is is obtained: Raisins, choked and sheet salad?!

Yes, in this and feature of :yes: Sister did his even with peanuts, ta, but with seeds me tastier seems!

a good option astroalkhimii

This I specifically had -nadumala) cuisine peoples world examine here (Streltsovskiy Jupiter and Long). Still they on opposition to the produce markets - 'm notebook with pictures -krasota, so'Wannee! So presented this cuisine of! But. But. But)



About! Cuisine of peoples world - this interestingly. Only hurry up to open for it a separate subject. 'oc?



IRA, I at work has shared your a recipe. People long thought, then said: And, perhaps, interestingly! :) And here same proposed diversification of: Here is this a cheese mass of with seeds class, but in salad leaves like stuffed cabbages.



this a cheese mass of with seeds class, but in salad leaves like stuffed cabbages.

Oops, ah I even not illustrate! Although interestingly!

There should not be artisan cheese masses. Cheese a bit grated need to, the main is leaves salad, and feature of more taste is fill and raisins. Their number of weaker IP on desire manufacturer.

Here is yesterday wanted do this salatets. Fried raisins. And full-figured gals ate their) without salad. :)



Colleague proposed call your salad "Horn of plenty" :bb: if this will be ruletikom. And I has found somewhere a similar recipe, is called Burrito from bean and rice

200 g dlinnozernovogo rice
400 g canned red bean
400 g canned sweet corn
125 g canned neostrykh green peppers chili
25 Mr. cheese cheddar cheese
15 g fresh coriander
The thin sklad
350 g salsa workshops
A bit fat

You will boil the oven until temperature 220 gr. Be going rice. Shake konskrvirovannye vegetables: Red beans, maize, green peppers chili. Take choked cheddar cheese, natrite his on major terke and add to this out. Add there same and nashinkovannuyu cilantro. When will ready rice, stir his with the main a mixture of. Put on 4 the table. Phytosterols in center every leaf lavashea and please, wrap it up in a tubule. Put a burrito current transitory period down. Take care of all salsa rice. Drape foil and zapekayte 15 minutes.



With names I democratically overpowering) let calls every as likes! Importantly, to tasty was!

Lena, cool recipe! Thank you!
That such salsa?



Iriani wrote:

What such salsa?

This Italian sauce with apples. But this traditionally. And options there is heap. In general, in more broadly - sauce.



Greetings all!
And I salads love itself invent the ;)
For example (all on peephole, you know, naturally):

1. Beet salad
Beet boiled - on major terke,
Egg the lords of the hard boiled (can be 2) - chopped cut,
Walnuts cardiac - liquify.
Mix all and and slim with mayonnaise.

2. Salad from marine cabbage.
1 bank preserves. Marine cabbage,
2 steep eggs,
Your crab legs,
Mix all and and slim with mayonnaise.

And once I has prepared salad beloved a man (for raising tonus)
Being they without Machine, nachinyaem his Juglans nuts,
Being kuragu, nachinyaem its have any of the almonds.
And drowning our all of this pets live on cream or yogurt.
Very satisfying, incidentally, is obtained :)



Javadxan, is identically! :)




A I salads love itself invent the ;)
For example (all on peephole, you know, naturally):

Irina, can say, that something similar on these salads sells have us in a supermarket cashier.
Only in beet still they added have them (as studies.in not remember, like, so and there is: Beet with prunes).
And the, that from marine cabbage -- have them is called "gives geosciences." Recipe 1 :1 :)

At all, here is so naprobueshsya and anything such then you cook.



And still me, was deal, ILGA-North America (Cherry) recipe cats-hye planted. I “I pressing dishes the kind still, all these Korean to eat salads and snacks only so is, by.
In short, after Ilginogo prescription I-hye from retailer there is could not (and not can).
Recipe'm gonna post later.



So, ve easily.

Heh from no
From Ilgi Milovoy (Cherry)

0.5 kg fillet no,
3 carrot,
2-3 hair bulbs (better moisture to lot more, onion itself very delicious is obtained),
1 UF. L. Of salt,
1 UF. L. Black ground pepper,
2 UF. L. Seasonings for Korean carrot (condiment, which an urgent, camping on E. With red acute pepper -- there is without him),

All of this cut into, randomize. Advice: Fillet cut into as can be punier when one realizes, browned, not more 2-3 centimeters, imache can not dogotovitsya.

All, that busied ourselves, drowning our 1 UF. L. Acetic essences 70%.
150 gr. Sunflower butter diocesan until boil and drowning our them all ingredients. Jiggle it round and will abandon in refrigerator on clock.
Following days when this is the from fridge door and enjoy of the.

This source code, which me represented a ILGA-North America.
I was experimenting. Because (as already told) love keen, in a pickled, too,. 've tried:
More pepper (red mostly, acute which, type Chile)
More vinegar (not say, to strongly many, but. Not 1 UF. L., and 1.5 and even 2 (Working on 1.5 in late all, for two stomach need to have luzhenyy).
Used to put still spices: Cumin, coriander, jaded ground garlic cabin. That is his has become promoted unkind, he in stores sells like would freely -- else on mood and desire).
Increasingly. :)
Accounted for from me this deal to hide the (asked to remove, carry away). Because beginning there is virtually here same, not before, when vystoitsya. It tasty increasingly would still (though better, if clock-two marinate, promarinuetsya increasingly a nice, long).

Still moment. Kurinoe fillet tried to substitute for. Chicken zheludochkami, what period. Not the.
In no clothing left have us sells-hye from of veal ,-hye from zander. Itself to do not tried to -- so on poultry is very and Working. Got hooked. :)



So this poultry must be crude?! :O



We same its oshparivaem glass heated to boil's cli. Oils (I not mudryu and I take usual sunflower Umbria). And forth vinegar its deal makes.
Day-the other vystaivaetsya -- and quite edible.
Although (I repent) I slightly not immediately carrying made there'm. ????, precisely goose. Until now is alive. :)


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