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Salads, snacks

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Regyna wrote:

that something similar on these salads sells have us in a supermarket

Certainly, in our a supermarket cashier, too, there is!
It seems, all good prescriptions for already invented someone, and information is a around us. And we and not even guess. :sorry:
But so pleased feel approximately ;)
'll do better. :pardon:

Here is recipe salad from access your contacts notebook my mothers (, too, pro goose).
Boiled kurinoe meat chopped cut.
Fresh apples to do is to rub on major terke.
Boiled mushrooms chopped cut.
Cardiac walnuts chopped mash these.
Mix, and slim with mayonnaise and greenery. Where sea salt to Italian tastes

And still hors-from cottage cheese.
75 g cottage cheese, 10 g sour cream, 15 g greenery or 3 1 string, 3 g garlic, where sea salt.
Grated cottage cheese mix with sour cream, add rastertyy with salt garlic, melkonarezannyy onion, where sea salt and well stir



Morozz wrote:

So far, all good prescriptions for already invented someone, and information is a around us. And we and not even guess. :sorry:

Is a-is a!
And Popov its radio not alone invent the, with Marconi so sinkhronneko have them it ‘. And Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev and Friedrich August Kekule von Stradonitz their brainchild, too, 've dreamt them initially. :)



In recent days was feeding on any sign paketno-speculating on food) Fresh from our farm missed you on kitchenette, but lenyushka Fights Back)
Recall for tomorrow morning)
Easily, quickly and satisfying)

oat lepyoshka

Something type dranikov, only instead potatoes - gerkules.

Large gerkules, raw egg, shredded onion (seems, still smallness of flour need to), where sea salt. All anv. And skillets on "Mediterranean diet" oil until education cover.

Ah, here is -zabyla! In composition necessarilyneed to add shredded - but choked!

Eat can be with sour cream.

Me och relished, until not ate a little too much)

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Huge thank you, Regyne, for recipe it-hye.
Has prepared before Happy New year until night now not dozhilo. All zakhodivshim in Visitors very liked,
Have us such a no one has tried. Wrestle on what this Chinese or Korean cuisine of.



At least, in a supermarket in branch with Korean salads sells. But I now the-hye, that from supermarket, there is not can.

And thank you your share with Ilgoy-Cherry: Recipe she me once planted. :)



We, too, heh love, only do I his from fish. Sudakov we have no, and here is on fall case many pikes, even itself case dabble - enleve on a threesome with, when are they biting goes. Rarely truth this the case, all time as something once. Wear me its joints of pelvic girdle and, buckets of it, on neighbors spread such programms, otherwise not cope one with it.
I as something tried her hand do heh from pikes. Very all liked, and from no here is not've tried. Thank you, stuck. :)
And who-glad vegetable it's necessary?
Ovoschnye it's necessary

Is puree,
Panirovochnye peatmosses,
Vegetable oil.


Puree is (without butter and without milk or is), unfolding on cellophane package a small portion puree, from above put an the stuffing: Along the peeled onion, a carrot natertuyu, then, the mushrooms,, to put salt on them. Turn with the help tselofana-puff.. Roll in ponirovochnykh menu and large platter on "Mediterranean diet" oil.
Eat up on health. :)
Especially well after heavy muscle meat a celebratory the table, type easing.



Assol, thank you! :) In post - AnnaLynne deal! Anyone dwells in abstinence is? Necessarily stuck.



Lena, you about what post? :rolleyes:
Christmas already over, now razgovlyaemsya.
This perishing wasn to sleduyuschiemu. :)

Assol, try necessarily.



Ah I at all about governing. In a whole :)



Ah, here is only today already can normally to talk about food) Until this -- poslepraznichnyy you don't tell nobody, because about it not talked - its ate. Often. And multi-.
Couple of times wanted do AssOlevskie vegetable it's necessary, but decisional laziness was be preparing, although very availability of. Och!
Then - its salad with seeds. Ended all, still not starting.
Your girlfriend who roasted raisins. I. Chasing without rest seasonal ingredients. Been lacking sensations satiety to stay)

Here is’ll share a recipe a new for me salad. My sister seen in a supermarket - studied ingredients (in this sense's-she's gonna simply aircraft. Its only and to send on sample. And then -eksperimentirovat!)

gives from the Roundabout(discovered in this no clothing left :)))

String beans (bought freeze of. Naturally - defrost) - osn. Mass
Otvarenoe fillet no. Cut small in chunks.
All of this and slim spices "for salad" (seems, slightly vinegar -tozh was) on night.
To Kura and beans were saturated.

Forth add olives (slit on 4 parts of) and podayutsya so soil.

Randomize all. And there is with gusto.



Here is this unusually, interestingly! Thank you ,-il!



And I you today want offer meet CIS only salad "Season's - I"
Eggs 4 Tennessee
Rugged choked 300 Propulsion
Olives 10-15 Tennessee
Garlic 2 teeth
Lemon 1 / 2 Tennessee
Crab wand 250 Propulsion
White oven-bread 200 Propulsion
Mayonnaise 200
Your crab legs, oven-bread, boiled eggs, olives chopped cut into, add shredded on property the cheese grater choked and garlic. And slim with mayonnaise and juice lemon. Thwart and put in refrigerator on half an hour of exercise.

Pleasant appetite! :)



Iriani wrote:

string beans (bought freeze of. Naturally - defrost)

IRA, its only defrost? Nm boil, nor to, nor) oshparivat after this not need to? T. E. As would fresh be must?
Olives black or green?
Spices "for salad" -- not know, not 133333334 here have us. What are ingredients, that there?



gives "Roger vagaries"

(Bought in Khollidee (Music such, this their own preparations). Although already preparing themselves.)

Otvarennyy language, sliced drain (in prescription retailer swine, but've tried and beef, here on lyubitelya).
Ham, been cut up drain.
768 pickled (can be canned, from retailer)
Onion drain, slightly replacing the (importantly, to not was still crispy, but I usually still bitterness'm cleaning up, oshpariv his proactively)).

Prescription increasingly. Although I you spice things up a bit and pickled the pickles a bit used to put. Or olives (green) -- olivochnitsa OK the kind still.



gives Greek
(Podsmotreno in one of local coffee shops, although in other variations he met and entitled Bulgarian or Shopskiy still).

Salad sheet green cut.
Olives black (tastier just those that large on rice are sold, but their cut, although small from newspaper, too,, I'm cutting always)
Brynza (I prefer the contestant, that from series of "choked Theta,", tastier just goes)
Pepper Bulgarian drain cut.
All of this sbryzgivaetsya has smooth vinegar and zapravalyaetsya olive oils.

All of this on peephole -- usually I take tuft (200 g) salad (good, in no clothing left year-round now he sells), a couple Cinna Bulgarian (, too, without problems buy), half a jar of olives and kindest wrapping cheese "Theta," (not remember, how many there, grams 200-250 in upakovochke). Oil precisely that olive, not what, that under olive woman rolls.
I have homes this is, by only I. Although, when sheepish friends -- smetaetsya increasingly with their huge help. Men this why something not eat (as said one of them: The grasses, as this can be there is at all).
One of friends adds sometimes still tomatoes -- but on me this surplus. Yes and in the Coffee Hut the, where uprobovala, without tomatoes increasingly.

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And I, too,, as a man, Cesar not stand the - on me so scary malware likes :)

I here is on Assol did salad "Season's" - super tasty))



-il, its only defrost? Nm boil, nor to, nor) oshparivat after this not need to?

Thawed them, its on hot skorovodke with olive oils. Because better, to special smell not was have cooking oil with. Added garlic for more taste, but can be and without him.
Me seems, can be and simply so, but beans will syrovatoy on taste of.

Olives black or green?

With olives not get. Were homes black. Yes still and with stones. So I even not I used to cut slice, as kinula- entirely. They more colored suited, than green. Green beans, and these black as little eyes)

What ingredients, that there?

Tanya, can, simply attention not less obsessed with ;) enjoyed Czech a mixture of spices for salads. They graduate in small bags on 30 gr and on 200 NATO something type newspaper. Yes at all different accented.

Here is with what:
Ingredients:garlic, onion jaded, mint x piperita, greens parsley, greens of celery, oregano, oregano, basil, paprika sweet, where sea salt.



Assol, cool recipe! Me Your prescriptions for like, is demonstrated they me)
Was the trip in Music - has bought components, now do be preparing!
The only, crab wand stink, stink strongly curry. Can, their clean out?!

Today acquired ready salad "Screwy" -och grassroots! Full-figured gals ate-so! Then describe and pro Olin will talk.

In the Greek salad me always also embarrass (or - La, or - I) are keeping fit. Do usually without this pieces, then salad delicious and kasivyy)



Generally, salad has prepared)
Smallness of lokhonulas. Discovered, that there is no mayonnaise, although after all specifically was the trip in this Milky Way - did some shopping)

A bit changed proportion, and the perishing too many salad - not eat flow fan.
With olives slightly boisterousn, me seems. Marked content the entire banks, not 10-15 ?o, choked, eggs, crab wand and the but-tocks reduced in 2 times, garlic left 2 zubika, but want add still)

Eaten without mayonnaise) hap-- uh first namudrit anything, after all was sour cream. But not has become. Broke a gl tasty!
Half an hour of exercise not zhadla. Immediately've tried, although supposed to leave on morning)



Iriani wrote:

DC – One thing, crab wand stink, stink strongly curry.

Is identically! You have they from squid? I particularly not get, but remember, that come across, that from cod (though they OK, too, different accented).

Iriani wrote:

Today acquired ready salad "Screwy" -och grassroots!

Waiting for-which will kick off in (with)

Iriani wrote:

In the Greek salad me always also embarrass (or - La, or - I) are keeping fit. Do usually without this pieces, then salad delicious and kasivyy)

IRA, in really prescription, here is in that, in establishment slyamzila, simple brynza. And this already experiments, what choked borrow.
Are keeping fit not of solidity never, incidentally; Theta, get back a little another -- but this on lyubitelya. At all, if borrow simply the bryndza, best (cubes, cubes, I'm cutting then) not is spreading out.

And at all, what with pan-green salad and / or with olives -- is ready to burst and to burst, in any the form of. Summer here is salad at all full of the, on every street corner sells and on the cheap -- feel like myself again herbivorous-pretravoyadnoy such. Now, of course, Ukrainian putting for tuft sometimes zhabka weighs heavily, but after all I. :)


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