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Salads, snacks

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And that for salad "Screwy"? Have us here, too, ready to to eat salads sell, but range of not so open as like would.




Wu you they from squid?

Yes not, not think)
Not know from what, but all fish plate not love, all me curry stinks) :D
Broke a in end - normal, without sharp smell.

are keeping fit not of solidity never

And I only with are keeping fit and've tried. Strange she has taste of such.

Lena, Tanja
"Hey, a squirrel" such a here is. Had yesterday and unthinking, threw away the lunchbox, now she already on bottom closest rubbish bin - not'm gonna go climb))
On memory (if that-correct, would still now. Maybe, you go into the room for maonezom!)

Shredded sailors themselves by growing potatoes
A grated apple
Melko studded 768 (can be any mushrooms, think)
Meat no (chopped razdelannoe)
Carrot (little-little and chopped-chopped)
Where sea salt

From above sprinkle with grated peanuts. He attaches taste of really. Severe such.



For "Belochku" thanks, interestingly. In my opinion, option Olivier.



Yes not quite Olivier.
In Olivier still egg and onion and Polka.
Have been arguing recall, as have us in no clothing left very a similar salad (only without peanuts ranks at) is called. Not, on memory not Drie Stoepen, this wasn when'll come by attention turn.

Try fashion and Belochku. Only groundnuts I have wasn that salty usual -- 'll do for now, hope?



Olivier still egg and onion and Polka.

Yes-yes, still and sausage)
Know, the usual salad, but the new chip - groundnuts. Without with salt. Attaches wary pirozhnost)

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Iriani wrote:

yes-yes, still and sausage)

Not, in Olivier not sausage. This perishing we in Soviet times until sausages are made in it degenerated. I in the last time his with Chatterbox Restaurant do (of one meter smoked buying). And store-bought Olivier with what period have us.
Incidentally, where sea salt in salads not I put it right never: Me mayonnaise lack. But I in principle malosolenoe is, by.



Is happy that salad grassroots. I, too, his on evening upletala for both then we, maslo with white bread give wary such savory taste of. Me also we this salad to Italian tastes herself.
And another recipe salad

gives "Snowy"
0,5kg varennoy liver (grate on terke)
5yaits varennykh (grate on terke)
2-3 large tables potatoes in peel (grate on terke)
2-3 hair bulbs (chopped cut, marinate in lye)
200grm carrot on-chaebol-can be replace boiled
300grm steadfast cheese
Behind layers in flat now, every tier smazyvaetsya with mayonnaise (except last)
2sloy -luk
4sloy -kartofel
6sloy – choked

Pleasant appetite!



Assol, an interesting recipe, need to will try (those Demidovich, I to liver are in any the form of oops as undeniably partial).
But only why "Snowy", interestingly? :)



Not have yielded supplier of warehouse salads (packed to) in household conditions! Not the goes. Is obtained something another to Italian tastes, it seems, but not the would still (I in sadness.
Ingredients those same, that and identifies on designed meal box, and taste of. Ah not the!



IRA, can, have them that still there there is?
Have us on all these purple cans identifies a a.k.a. sodium (amplifier more taste, he and itself in bags as Spezia sells). And benzoate, sodium (this a preservative, thanks to which -- as understand -- product subject to more prolonged storage).
Then, still after all from mayonnaise depends, perhaps.



Iriani wrote:

Not have yielded supplier of warehouse the salads (packed to) in household conditions! Not the goes. Is obtained something another to Italian tastes, it seems, but not the would still (I in sadness.
Ingredients those same, that and identifies on designed meal box, and taste of. Ah not the!

Tell me about it as one takes? :)



IRA, try use cheap products)



Virgin of, has bought today freshly minted Number his beloved magazine "the good advice" (it is time already with drafts demand the percentage of for advertising :D).
fries "Caesar":bb:

400 Mr. cats fillet
2 h. L. Seasonings houses
2 UF. L. Olive butter
1 h. L. Juice lemon
1 a clove garlic
1 tuft sheet salad
1 eggs
2 tomato same
4 UF. L. Mayonnaise
4 UF. L. Grated cheese Cheese
4 UF. L. White crunchies

Be going marinade from a mixture olive butter, lemon juice, houses and garlic. Kurinoe fillet cut the browned, take care of the marinade and leave on 10-15 minutes. Be going in a pickled fillet in mikrvolonovke until willingness (from themselves: From whom there is no microwave stove - simply otvarite and ostudite). Leaves salad wash, obsushite, ripping up the on pieces of and shake with in advance prepared only sauce. Lay out on plate layers: First leaves salad, then maslo, from above store carry-on podayutsya so no and posypte with grated cheese Cheese. Tomatoes and updates welded hard boiled eggs cut the the subtle slices and garnish with they salad before Auftragserteilung on the table.



can, have them that still there there is?

Tanya, here is this accurately! Any secret formula :): Sorbic acid acid, to example. Ah made without it. The usual salad with all salatnymi decisions and with mayonnaise.

Tell me as one takes?

This was sound of distress pro "Belochku" the most)) Podsela.
Components are super chafing on terke, spices took salad (on box since referred simply: Spices), groundnuts, truth, have not thus smallholder, but to Italian tastes something quite another)

world, try use cheap products)

Yulia, cheap is what?



Il-, here, of course, it is understandable, that you sacrifice your own life - sister talent, but not until such same extent :rolleyes: you in both tell us, that for a sec. If differently is obtained, means, somewhere something one takes on their. I have why-i.e. the easy suspicion, that mix need to otherwise. From mixing of (sequence, forces, the length) taste of can strongly change.



not until such same extent

Flax, this was the cry souls (read: Violently "bonbon Christmas tree stick! Nor fig not ‘! Aye-yay-yay) :D

Decided be done salad in household conditions in purposes austerity) tailed very me salatets grassroots. And I already represented: Here is eat a whole bushel from souls, yes and not was preparing haven’t update. Retained the lid off the, on which is specified composition, but not way to preparations.

Kura a poached, carrot, choked, egg, themselves by growing potatoes, groundnuts, mushrooms 768, apples, mayonnaise, spices,: Sorbic acid acid. T. K. I even not had views, that such ": Sorbic acid", but acid all OK know, decided from it to backtrack and watch (try).

Used fillet kurinoe (chopped-chopped porubala), boiled kartoshinu are super chafing on major terke (mistake - need to was, already understand, on average, and the clearly was a sort), gender-an apple (Golden) I rubbed on average terke, kindest eggs (in salad it not one senses) I rubbed on the same. Prevented. Chopped-chopped cut her same time. Mushrooms (same time. Units. Has found mistake! Took Deluxe marinated, but on pachechke not referred this. Added shredded choked "on peephole" (Svalya). On. Added in late spices "for salad", razmeshala, then we- Mali (Small) beach mayonnaise. Prevented. From above sprinkled peanuts. In reality - he as flour, and I have all OK - nuts.
Tasty. But NOT MOVIE!



Yulia, cheap is what?

Ah I not think, that in these salads feast good products and expensive mayonnaise
Certainly there all of this is done in bolbshikh posudinakh, is poured cheap with mayonnaise, adding all these glyukanaty - and sells

Although as you have - I not know
But our salads I there is not can - hate taste of cheap mayonnaise



hate taste of cheap mayonnaise

I love product in a whole. Or not love. Taste of only so, and on parts - already quite another.



I love product in a whole. Or not love. Taste of only so, and on parts - already quite another.

Hmm. This already in subject love-not love
I have here is taste of very the thin, I signs changes product (even if mayonnaise the other Mark) feel



Girls, now. Maybe, you I’d say uno thing (only, dibs on, not fight).
Girlfriend, on early life years who works in trade and Bacon Junction (Music, then cafes and restaurants). So've seen plenty of that on the, AS it is preparing (and, importantly, from what), that now the store-bought kind to eat salads nor-nor. If homes let’s take and you cook, this takes into, but if magazinnoe or a diner what nor in a million years!
And we increasingly treskaem. :)


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