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Salads, snacks

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Yes-yes. My Taurus 6 years ago anodyne povarskuyu practice in one of best restaurants cities
So if perishing even there prepare THAT is what. That then look on food - already grown sick
The that to speak of Bacon Junction. HORF.



IRA, and can deal in is, that such salad should to stand up in kholodilnichke and fill them dressing?



such salad should to stand up in kholodilnichke and fill them dressing?

Flax, listen, deal speak! :D Only his already NEMA.) He is engaged in a. In the process of digestion)



DAC I why something and not yesterday :D Itself such a.



Yulia, catering fields presumably in mind -- cafes and restaurants. Music -- this is so, immediately after Tekhnikum she has was (salatikami there then not traded). And restaurants not from worst in city of, on those, Soviet (80, seams with 90 the 1930) times.
Incidentally, since then girl because the tolerate, too, not can: Then its ate a little too much. :)

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Here is this I did, vkusnoteevo the extraordinary. Can be of on bread, can be even in chunks impose. "the Black, caviar"
1 apple, 5-7 I nuts, 1 their egg, fillet of herring, 5 of spoons roasted string, mayonnaise.
Miss through a meat-grinder apple, cardiac, egg, fillet, onion. Randomize and and slim with mayonnaise.

"Red, caviar"
Miss through a meat-grinder the filet of herring, melted wooden products, a small carrot. Add dangers butter to Italian tastes, a bit red pepper. All well randomize.



In weekend want please close than something covered dish. Importantly - in refrigerator increasingly when. Ve

gives cheese and-mushroom

Mushrooms – 500 g (better small sterilized, can be fresh)
Choked rugged any – 100 – 150 g
Tomatoes fresh – 1-2 Tennessee


Mushrooms, if need cut, along the on "Mediterranean diet" oil until willingness. Not salting!
Choked cut drain or grate on major terke. Tomatoes cut drain.
All mix, add a bit garlic, and slim with mayonnaise.



Greetings, visitors my favorite themes!

Ah here is I and again chuYstvuyu taste of food!
And the's the infrastructure I built I this deal. 'd chew right through on aaao, in bistro, izoschryalas in restaurants, was preparing, because SHOULD come, and here. Return. :)

Tried her hand a new salad. Och grassroots. Be preparing simply and easily.

All "on eye"

The root of the of celery to do is to rub on terke (kombaynere, ovoscherezke and the like. -melko)
Green apples, too, to do is to rub on terke
Cut a fresh cucumber (not on terke :)))
And slim easy with mayonnaise.

Theoretically in this salad still add chopped thrown up over it fillet no. Ah perishing very not like to burst meat utezhelyat food.



Iriani, tried her hand your salad, very-very grassroots.
Have us at work was day jams, took recipe tasty and on kind of of spring salad.
as subtle as the
A fresh cucumber-1sht
Choked cubicles-300g
Tier - cheese, proteins, cucumber. Every tier to put salt on them, I broil and lubricate with mayonnaise. All from above sprinkle yolk.



Iriani, tried her hand your salad, very-very grassroots.

Helen, very is happy, that grassroots)

And here is I have applied in a new salad! Abaldenaya things That you!!

leaves of celery - cut
Green apple (better without peel) -melko cut into cubes
Nuts cashew - there same, slit.
The raisins -proparit a bit before, as add to the rest of the contributing salad.
A carrot cut into drain - slightly-slightly for beauty and color of.

So-so-so. 's reabsorption, nothing not since forgotten. Ah. Yes! And slim Plant oils. Not know, as he with salt. I not used to put.
Something such lekgoe, an unusual, but from-for some peanuts quickly fill you up)



Girls, out there, forcing myself refers.
"Conducting night eggs"
This need to to see! Dis'n loverly what!



Eggs produced impression! Such a still not seen.



Zalivnye eggs "

Ah VAABSchE! Tanya, simply Hubba-hubba!



This something! :)



gives ", uh, shrimp reckoning"

On 6 prs: 4-5 soil, 0.5 kg broccoli, 1 onion, 200 g shrimp, 2 eggs, 1 similar, sour cream, ketchup.

Tomatoes, pre purified peeled onion and similar cut the the subtle quartered boiled. Such as cabbage broccoli, shrimps, eggs otvarite until willingness and, too, cut the. All prepared ingredients lay out in a deep the salad bowl. Be going sauce. For this shake sour cream with any ketchup, .00 salad sauce.

Journal "the good advice" - 2007 - # 5.



Iriani, you that, on diet? :) [its back on us? :) A the, our book culinary recipes already dust have become covered. So dust Gallic look about and perdlagayu revere about history salad Olivier



Very delicious salad from of veal. His-in products referred in per roughly on 2-3 helpings (on two, if regulation share with a man :))
A poached veal – 200 gr.
Beans red Statis. – 1 bank
Beans the Young string – 500 gr. (Winter can be take morozhennuyu in package)
Onion – 1 much onion
Coriander, dill, parsley – I I put it right on eye, something about-thirds middle beam
Quail eggs – 3 Tennessee
Leaves salad
For refuelling: Oil olive + wine vinegar + Soya-sauce + pepper black ground

Directed cut into drain and slightly want some color on on olive oil.
Onion nashinkovat quite chopped and, too, large platter until golden color of.
Have string beans boil in slightly podsolennoy water or of pouring (whom as likes). Greens chop.
Boil quail eggs
Cooked filling the, function by mixing olive oil, vinegar, Soya-sauce and ground pepper (butter on filling the need to something about 4 UF. Of spoons, vinegar and soy sauce maker – quite on slightly-slightly, but this already whom as likes).
Red beans mix with veal, with string bean, a roasted onions and greenery. Pour balm dressing, still times neatly randomize, to beans remained whole.
On leaves salad posting mixture of from bean, meat, string and greenery and decorate quartered boiled boiled eggs.

Ading primary
Oil can be borrow and sunflower (importantly, to without sharp smell), and eggs – hen's. To the same this now modicum and is called salad, but I them I am full as good portion second


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