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Strange in our life

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Agree. 'm shaking its cat's toe episode your cat's's foot (and Mercury have I got in Trina with the Moon and, too, to’re applies) :)



Yolka wrote:

however, I can and be wrong.

There is no, The tree, you not mistaken. All precisely so as you described. But. Me not like would deepen in subject relations :) rather interested in "technical" part of issue :)



Incidentally, about Junge. Have him here interestingly is obtained. In radikse squaring the Sun-Neptune, Neptune in 3 penetration House, the Sun in 7 forge the On moment 1916 year, about which goes speech, Transit Neptune goes on 7-Mu home, combine with natalnym Sun behaves similarly and makes kvadraturu to his natalnomu position in 3 forge the Here is and pl-the kind! Reception information "made there."

That concerns my tranzitov, then, too, is obtained curiously. Merk as times tried to Four Uns head on in the very moment, he was in "apostolskom" 9 throes have, in connecting with my natalnoy the Moon. On to Vronsky 1-15 can do have - this sphere protection. This is so. For analysts :-)



Радуга wrote:

But. Me not like would deepen in subject relations

And and not need to deepen, I simply has tested is true whether my perception of situation. Goes, is true.
Flax, and can be in more details about degrees 1-15 have, that this for sphere protection such a? And to what sphere belong remaining 15 degrees mark?

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Yolka wrote:

Len, and can be in more details about degrees 1-15 Aquarii, that this for sphere protection such a? And to what sphere belong remaining 15 degrees mark?

Tir, this have Vronsky, is 2 "Gradusologiya", there I read "self" magazine. No comments he on this about not gives, alas. And that means the remaining part of degrees homes'll take a look and write.



I have, too, recently (in environment, as times in eve eclipse =)) was a similar the situation, about still pohlesche your. Me made repeated calls with urban the phone on mobile, and there as you realize, accidentally to garner Number simply impossible. Phone call I accurately listened, but approach the not managed. 'm returning a, ask that there. And me say, and I not called and no one not called from sitting in room. But on phone 7 missing clustered. Suspect that someone called and unconsciously received Number and not observed that ringing not the. Wasn that such explanation can be.



Polly wrote:

A on phone 7 missing clustered.

But-yes. I here another history heard in subject. There at all SMS-pay came blue. And after all words need to was fill, this OK not mashinalnye (suppose) 7 clustered.



Yolka wrote:

and to what sphere belong remaining 15 degrees a sign?

So here is, being 2 th is "Gradusologiya" Sonnin Vronsky and are reading, that 1-15 gr. Have - this sphere protection, and 15-30 gr. - sphere prospects. Alas, without explanations.



Here is the reference on transmission of with Anthony Omens th (this our known astrologer and involution (who not knows) about roughly such a same case ,-steep :flirt: Name transfer of "cards with moreover of light". Can be after viewing discuss :)




Ah here is, make in our life continue. Remember I you wrote pro virt novel with loaded from Agua-official. For two months us was sucked strongly and we had a fight, that incidentally you and predicted. I simply threw away from heads, and he not was able. Passed 10 days and he tried to again lift me on contact. And here is yesterday on the evening writes in asku: He has phone for our texts ahead of separate Number and apparatus
You called today, but on how issue pattern not heard
I not called.
Ah as same I have two telephone call with Moscow with gorodskogo- and calls my Number urban the phone! He his at all not knew!
I of shock, in how many was phone call?
In 12-06 and 12-20 on Moscow
Me in this time not was homes even, phone with your number was with me, and homes slept child!
Son can is jealous?
He not knows your phone!

'm its urban, his numbers there is no, I'm just trying a itself with urban to garner his mobile, it turns out need to even code exit on Intercity recruit.
I in of shock with yesterday's days! Because this not can be! Him have take my Number urban! So who him called?! And about than this me suggestion?!



Галина wrote:

And about than this me suggestion?!

Suggestion, that have us on Forum mass psychosis! :cool: :jumping: :mybb:



Rainbow! :flag: - No. With head I have in order. Have rest am sure, too,! Simply perhaps, than more interested in office, those more often it manifests itself in your life.



Галина wrote:

Just perhaps, than more interested in office, those more often it manifests itself in your life.

Me another several surprises. Mercury like not retrogradnyy, and technique error: Please resend rush, :tomato: Illy this influence compounds Mercury with Neptune on eclipse and Novolunii is bad? o.O



A rainbow. I would agreed to with a glitch anymore the phone, if would modicum times received his Number with urban! But this never was!



Galina, this perfume well could with calls improper use



An astrologer, and why should they this?! And whose perfume.



Perfume, rather, not "whose", and "what." Typically, this small perfume, manipulated "heckle the."
If regularly - can be and a poltergeist.
But can be and important cues from thin worlds.

One and 1949-1969 causes - interest people to esoterica.
Remember, on the dawn my training magic perfume Poor Carrot similar: Were woken up me at night, made repeated calls in the door, on the telephone ("empty pattern"), a bit made noise, were messing around, with options light bulbs (they aperiodicheski were flickering) and etc.

Why this them, and why turned attention on you - this depends on your life situation. Here perishing need to look, that you have in life is happening.



Астролог wrote:

One and 1949-1969 causes - interest people to esoterica.

Likely, that perception of is becoming more thin + changing energy human = error: Please resend electrical items.% -)



An astrologer and Yura, voprls to you both. If pattern were not me, and from me Different man, the can this contrary his perfume to run the bases?! He believes themselves a werewolf. He former military, sense of debt strongly, but in family in sight not he is a master, wife, yes even sexually, unfulfilled (wife is sick). And in virte he Wolf, is free and sexy. So can this have him perfume playin 'a prank?! Ah and what phone call from me, so understandable, in virte he me likes :flirt:
And in my life now only work work, and on third circle relations with loaded, truth me this already even not iai?yaaao.



May well be


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