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Strange in our life

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An astrologer, and that can be advise this man? Me seems in it is growing some, about. As placate his spirits?




Astrolog, and that can be advise this man?

Wasn he requests Council?



He not requests, but me seems, sometimes with hand are visible problems better. And not always man can beg aid, especially a man, but if I can, I modicum Bohrmann help.




but me seems, sometimes with hand are visible problems better

Yes, often this is so


He not requests

So why same give him advice? Such is, if anything, my approach



I not lezu to cause in souls, but the ever closer man why would and say, that ahead hole, if he, banged up head to the sky and not sees.



All proved highly prosaically :-) this aren. In general, my a new phone (with open screen), too, became doing something such numbers. Especially in vehicles, when phone in your bag, buttons, apparently, nazhimalis themselves. Then people good have taught as block a keyboard and all normal. Apparently, in the times, that I framed or something from above on phone all was a or something in this spirit, here is he and they. So that, the world sure-footed and predictable :-)



Rainbow, I have phone always on bloc. So that with my fintom until not clear!




so that with my fintom until not clear!

Goes, sooner I myself don? :question:



And remember? Increasingly covert become clear! So that not yet evening. :flag:



Girls, yesterday worked until 3 morning for leave the computer on, fatigue for month's been accumulating, state of as in exhaustion,. Dopolzla until, ports and generalship, thought pro an over-familiar and suddenly in anybody as radio enshrined! Through disadvantages real voices, clearly but words not'll dismantle, as only focused all smolklo, only got distracted in opting, that the TV have neighbors, as again voices and not TV! But not was able grasping words, cramped and fell asleep. As impact something meddled, in another life tried to eavesdrop on, or me told, and I you stupid not realized. It's a shame. And with morning on TV transfer of pro snovidtsev, them not provided sleep and on tretii clock they argued, that hear thought each other! Interestingly whose tried to ????????? I! :dontknow:



UFO over Podmoskovem:rolleyes:

Saw SVOIMI could, in fix deal - until now not gather additionally in any way:blink:

Only that, namely 22.50MSK over the West the Moscow area, namely in 60 kilometers from Moscow HAND watched the emergence of UFO. Not know - that precisely this could be - but on celestial origins clearly not it seems. On backdrop of of dark, with low cloud as it spread the sky in large numbers (counted from 30 until 40 ?o, but can and more) quite low and very slowly directly over my head's corridors swam to shore fires of vividly-orange color of. Flew they quite slowly on respectable distance from each other (determine it is difficult but meters on 50 roughly) but this the armada's still out dick for gaining half the sky. EU I through village, field, ????. Around - nor souls, even not with whom share strange sense of from saw. On phone has tried shoot - nothing not broke a - absolutely nothing being asked in sight. Released on Mozhayskoe highways (as times anodyne), became vote, to modicum variables drivers look on such an unusual miracle on the sky, but no one pulled over - by on dark
UOur road (and this can be understand-fairly late on the evening a strange personality Votes). Not, became calling familiar and friends, to modicum with them to share, he tell urgently sack although-would on on phone, and he not harks back-all take pictures the dark, here is I! :angry:

Flew this the armada's still out with northeastern west (there have us MacDill Air is located) course on southeast east, slowly arched I wrapped on south, as if this a flock birds, until not forcibly sterilized for horizon. Some fires of the were growing closer, then deleted from each other. :nope:

Two-three ceasefire pootstali from a common the packs, and posledni and at all slowly flew eastward (to Moscow). Spectacle of course a dizzying, heap nemigayuschikh orange of lights on the violet and the black backdrop of cloud-based the sky. Well, that rain not was and was increasingly very well in sight. Like yell from happiness, after all I even not believed, that will be able HAND see SUCH. :jumping:

In different programs pro UFO show any incomprehensible fires of, is chaotically moving have some, then dishes. Of course, that was once see roughly such miracle, but what saw, purchase outnumbered my ozhidiniya. Ah very talk and it's magnificent though, cover gender-the sky (from horizon until horizon) and shirinoyu in half-kilometer. Simply there is no words and is breathtaking. ^ ^ So that if will people to speak, that saw something similar, then am asking to believe, camping on K. Himself this saw. :yep:

That-as this was? :question: A figs his knows. Not discarded, that amp; D military (camping on K. MacDill Air quite near and fringes bright fires of flew precisely with the very hand), but that (or who?) so can fly fairly late on the evening, in such a numbers, 's corridors, on very foreseeable greater distance from each other and with nemischayuschim orange fire? For incarcerated - very perishing slowly and's corridors, for caveats - the speed suited, but after all - 's corridors! And why-would the helos fly in TAKOM numbers? Very impenetrable and very beautiful spectacle, first even thought, that this such a on a playdate - type costly the Tons of fireworks for new Russians, but on-my such a even no one not coined and to make SUCH - simply
Incredibly! :huh:

That saw - the and told, want - believe, want - there is no. Id say immediately, that found him mentally fit (as hope :)), perfectly not medular syndrome and on moment surveillance was'm sober, as and in writing these the lines. Can someone even saw similar? Share, and the decide, that I one of the required total and all of this think I dreamed it. :flirt: :blink:

PS: Promise not d, but stuck do in qualify to type fotmontazha, illyustriruyuschego the, that saw. Such not forgotten!



Perhaps these that luminous UFO call plazmoidami. Usually their movement there is along lines geological fracture. Is considered, that their origins has terrestrial nature of. Himself I never watched of the sort. Saw another, when 20 years ago studied under in Tomsk. This were that luminous "clouds" on backdrop of of dark from the sky. This have observed even couple hundred students directly from windows to share in. As if someone finger at President these clouds, something like a trace from plane, but they not fly with such trajectory for. Photo there is no. A pity.
Incidentally, there is mastication. The film, win century Tunguskogo meteor. There pro plazmoidy states, and even pro possible participation Nikola Tesla in preventing global catastrophe.



UFO over Pushkino (Moscow Oblast)
And here is incidentally and the top photo apt. Cast in the Pushkino (Moscow Oblast) (close top birding, spacious very direction), but have us increasingly was accurately so-as! Only the sky was absolutely dark, and of lights more.


Heap orange of lights was flying over city in arbitrary directions.



You can be congratulate with rare luck. :flag: Such case not often and not forgotten. Know such fact, that people see UFO, when themselves West in air, in the left Worlds, camping on E. Under peculiar pioneering his consciousness, a small shift from of our world in side. Remember whether you its state of before these phenomenon? About than thought? What was the overall health of organism?



Here is I do not, what this me again on symbolics and prevents ambiguities (in the form of parallel worlds) led to :rolleyes: apparently in realities life slishkoi far starters push off. In tougher levels Real, and it is time would apparently again, to more thin come closer :mybb:
Here is read through temku, phrase type

"cards with moreover of light."

Pro one with moreover of light :rolleyes:. History from life. Paul year ago from my circle plummeting has one of friends (died), accurately not were, but somewhere already wrote about this. So here is. After its death, people began (under meetings) tell pro its parishes grumble in ambient and transmission of different the big info. The she told them, that it there increasingly well and asked, not walk to it so often and not distract, camping on K. It now need to that with all, the hang of this, there so much just and we its constantly dyorgaem. The me rings, and ask There are 4-1-1 from Thani?, she said, that it the link with this world ostensibly through me . At all this story the Long, increasingly to describe not d, 'll accentuate the most interesting. Was it and the most close girlfriend, with it they at all were not the basin. - water, as the saying goes. So here is this most immediate its girlfriend, sees dream. In is dream comes to it this girlfriend with moreover of light and asks it Ol, have you there is any the familiar the seamstress?. Olga, albeit in dream, but understands, that the kind already dead and on victory, it something sew :O That and asks A you why?. The kind replies here one boy a suit need to make a white so, to and decently and not very costly This Olga, in the same day tells pro this dream, understand nothing not can about his the significance of the and safely loses pro him. Good in our circle, there is persona very responsible, punctual there until little things people, which increasingly fix and silverware on art. One of them told this signal usually event, with which it stems can lagging roughly untangle / ? month. So and happened. Have their a common old hat (camping on E. Have friends, that were not the basin. - water), with which they when-the long time together worked the Son jumped out their office from windows Despite on the, that worked she as a teacher she even under this and sew freelanced camping on E. Was the first victim's dressmaker High through month this happened. About how Olginom dream reminded only the kind punctual particularly (she for, even date recorded) and apparently waited retaliatory events on signal, and itself Olga already and since forgotten long pro the dream, and on its recognition, hardly would evoked the linking the increasingly in promote.


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