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Spring demonstrated holidays Slavs

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Slavyanskaya culture and tradition

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Issue 005

magpies or Zaklichki Spring

Spring have Slavs time Afghanistan’s particular brand, for coincides with start Agrarian cycle works. And, as known, land-cultivation rights – basis Slavic civilization. So initially and calendar year in Slavic countries was beginning spring. Until now have European astrologers has remained tradition considered start astrologicheskogo year – 22 March, on an astrological Julian calendar) this a badge of Aries. Slavic Astrologers consider, that the most the first human civilization on Earth emerged in an era Aries, and global the Age of solntsepoklonnikov lasted for until the advent of Middle East Christianity, which this age of and has destroyed.

So, Slavs not simply waited Spring, but and regarded its start a new circulation life (Kologoda). Long before celebration Pancake Day (Komoeditsy, chief holiday meeting spring Festival-Alive), which accounted for on the end of the March (22-24 March on modern Julian calendar)), Slavs noted Soroca – Zaklichki Spring.

In this day women and girls loaves special biscuits in the form of birds, did a special embroidery on towels, and men, male and teenagers-boys vystrugivali birds from fruit, painted their, to then hung highly on branches of the birch.

Slavs, in celebratory suits, intended on Bank rivers, to throw treby in water-rechenku, to the kind has brought Spring from project included the Iriya, to Myesyats-Khors melted ice lateral moraine.

According to Slavic beliefs, in this day from project included the Iriya species forty birds, znamenuyuschikh a bringing Virgin of-spring Festival. On whose field birds will be slouching the first to, the Gods would send in this year a special fortune and are a good crops. Zaklichki spring Festival, outrages stopped with the pinnacle hills, with which already began go snow ,-called in people ßrilinymi Pleshami.

So, in this day pani baked any from unleavened test “larks' ”, with whom and it was all done rite of passage Zaklichek. Under this it was thought, that in full force spring warmly lagging only through 40 days. In some homes baked any forty “nuts ” from rye and oat straw flour, and then in for forty days abandoned their on one on streets,“ otkupayas ” so from Frost.

The very the number of 40 time come in a new 12-month calendar Kolyada from old drevneslavyanskogo calendar, where in each of 9 months was 40-41 day.

http://www.liveinternet.ru/users/vision … t54980772/

- Transfer Gregorian dates in Slavic before Present

In people talked:

“At Soroca forty birds arrivals, forty pechug on Russ picking its way ”,

“At Soroca had flown kulik from-for sea, brings Spring from nevolya ”,

“At Soroca – reported earlier the larks': How many protalinok, so much and larks'. ”


Here is how described celebration Soroca rodnoverami from communities “Rodolyubie ” and“ Rodoslavie. ”


Times rupture winters, when svetonosnoe warmly enters in fight with mertvyaschem buy cold, alone of the most dire in year for Nature and rights.

About the mid-this time, when the Sun in clear day already markedly beating down is beginning to, people intends to on high the hills and pivots Footbal, hereinafter referred the first to Zaklichkami spring Festival.

In our edges case this used to select in first desyatidnevku bereznya-month (March). Customs, associated with these days, ranging with baking “larks' ” and to by the zaklichkami, vershatsya predominantly women and maidens.

In this year, with his harsh winter, we not have become to change our traditions and people from communities “Rodolyubie ” and“ Rodoslavie ” rallied on high the banks of small river Churilikhi, that in Kuzminki District, Moscow.


Here is Lebed, hostess seats, faced people.

Sacred of the Goddess, maidens comfortable.

Willow, Lebed and Lada – leading rites.

Sun Trisvetlomu, Spring.

Treby water.

Churilikha month bereznya.


(Wanted to was to lift in regime video cameras, but on looked like moroztse painful for perishing quickly sat across batteries).

Main task men on semes obryadovom Government Decree starting was deliver of mystical larks' degistirmek to the sky. From had to our brother compete in some lasagna on surrounding trees.

Were also divination on zhavoronkakh, traditional game in korshenya and of course, bratichna-a banquet in gostyakh have Is the swan. All on headscarves worn.

Thank we shall yes Spring!


And this Soroca in loyalties “Slavia ”:


Zaklichki spring Festival in neskuchnom garden

3 Protalnika 30th of 1042 Svyatoslav (3.03.07)


Need be noted, that in different areas Russia time, incoming on the current month March, called differently.

Here is what names were have March - with others. Clotzel. – “sukhyy ”,“ protalnik ”, “kapelnik ”,“ zimobor ”, “Beloyar ”,“ berezozol ”, “berezen ”; with Belarusian. –“ sokovik. ”

And now in different communities Slavs-Slavic Reconstructionist Neopaganism March call in its own way. Himself same celebration Zaklichki Spring, as already was said higher, domestic production was with backyards about weeks, ranging with first day of spring month.)

Protalnika 3 (March) a constellation Slavia held mediation Zaklichki spring Festival in neskuchnom garden.

High mountain, with three sides surrounded by some obryvistymi slopes ovragov, and with fourth affordable, on tortuous path, already repeatedly was place committing this joyful emergence actions.

And long already was's a good point, that action on it manages best - and through footpaths voices, jumbo or trying to raise nature of, sound stronger and zvonche, and coincidence with natural phenomena, with themselves the arrival the long-sought spring Festival, markedly good of the.

In this year Spring comes early, so as Winter withdrew short and not too debunk. Because should pay attention on the, that in traditional texts Zaklichek always states not only about warm Spring, but and about plodorodnom l³to, and dozhdiki enrolled together with sun, to around the was harmony and sorazmernost.

On the eve Vereya, Naro-visited meeting club on traditional culture in portrait no clothing left “Bible-Globe ”, where archeologists, exclusive representative on, writers shared about diverse popular daily customs, retire decades to this day in people with since time immemorial.

Commanded on this meeting speech and about Zaklichkakh, were slated samples vypechennykh larks', and were issued narrative about the traditional, a prince come from deep absent, festive 1,000th meeting this days in farms will be, which now enters in territory Moscow suburban Troitsk, Moscow Oblast. This rite of passage - one of of multiple elements interview us deep and an ancient heritage of the Ancestors.

In the previous time Zaklichki were committed in each village continually, in for some transition term. People podymalis on hills and prigorki, on trees, on rooftop homes, and in the air continually’perenosyascheesya from villages to village gulkoe gukane and relations.

Nature impact this celebrations such is: Vibration zaklikaniya have a strong a high-profile impact on polar melting Snow, together with water includes in probuzhdayuschuyusya the stage, and best are preparing its to production future crop. This is one of many natural mechanisms, helping maintain resilience and consistency of multiple species, living cheek on one territory. Pursuing zaklichki in our days, should remember about wisdom the longstanding or, and to commit his so, to feel force and resonance with natural everywhere. This is felt, above all, on to sounding votes, team participants holiday. And also and on attendant events in Nature.

On this time in our Zaklichkakh adopted participation more 10 man, in including two children. Were invited all known with the kids, huh, but not all have been able to come on circumstances and virility health. But after all still quite not too late to continue action!

And than more often children with parents will openly turn to nature, to invite to take its on aid, the better will and with resistance any "seasonal’s immunity to colds", which by themselves say about isolation urban is puerile from natural environment. Not need to deferred acclimatization until discoveries gardening season: Winter of, Spring, autumn very are important for compounds with its inherent harmony, with early childhood.

Action Zaklichek not contains no obsessive religiously-mirovozzrencheskoy component of - it is perceived as joyous celebration, game and entertainment. So we implemented his in previous years and with ordinary collectives, not giving children sets, maturing beyond conventional role of the game.

Here is zaklichki, which were complied with in this year.

Allow me, Lada-Mat

Spring zaklikati!

Spring zaklikati,

Summer otkryvati.

Help, grandfathers

On hill vzygrat,

Spring clicked,

Summer otmykat,

Winter turning a blind!

Let will return

Year warmly -

Will in House

Joy and good!


Have quail-perepelochki!

See to us,

Bring us

Spring warm,

Summer plodorodnoe

Spring with rain,

Summer with herbs,

Spring with sun,

Summer with kernel of.

Spring-Spring! Spring red!

Warmly the sun shining!

Blaugrana fever Netimer,

I want you to heat children!

Blaugrana fever to us with relish!

With great favor!

With linen mix high!

With at the root profound!

With bread rich!

Goes to Spring, goes to

On gold Again,

In a hard sayane,

On boroni sidyuchi,

The cheese land aruyuchi,

Plans of some wheat seyuchi.

Began action with, that baked homes larks'... sit you on trees - attract survivors the birds, and can be, and souls of the Ancestors, on to the legend Annex in birds, to get out, see on descendants and will be similarly encouraged together with them. Larks' baked Vereya, Naro-and Kateryna.

Forth turned to their ancestors and Laden-mothers, help ask Spring and summer. Urafa to them zaklichki in secular version can be understood directly - as appeal to favorite mothers and senior people, to helped and supported in this action (it and is conducted children and youth under support more senior people, knowledgeable, "as need to").

After, with the bowl (bratinoy), power around the circle, vosslavili Rodnykh of Gods of.

Then took to “and there a and welcomed Spring on different but and voices. Zaklichki spread far on park.

In honor approximation guest from Belarus - Lely, Sir Peter-spring Festival - Lubomir Oskin the torch from birch bark, to not dear's in park, and urged on Earth force Dazhbog and Myesyats, blessed compound Earth-mothers with With Fire heavenly sentences meted out by: "Light it Snow, if ovrazhki" and "Arab-the mountains clear, to not has been extinguished!", which then were accompanied by and game "burners."

After treated kolobkami and the other domestic and of bought pastry. Vereya, Naro-have created tell fairy tale pro Kolobka, yes as something increasingly would mix up the text with other skazki, and clustered its was fixing their and showered with snowballs those who depositing confusion.

Forth it's time for games. Positioning themselves for a variety spring the celebrations and festivals –, have shown participants two game:

Tag with tie and


The mountains, the mountains clear,

To not has been extinguished.

Employed on the sky:

Pets market fly,

Nikomu -

Their good jingle. -

With these words couple runs out forward, seeking to connect their hands before the face of "burning" (vodyaschego).

And meanwhile loaded spring rain. Snow pack in park was well guaranteeing and allowed celebrate and get enough let. And on the streets already were the kings rivers and Lake, yes okatyvali zazevavshikhsya passers-by the sewer pipes. Spring starters its march of on the eve, not before cry of freedom, and continues to his now powerfully and be as efficient as possible.

On tradition our of the Ancestors, yet to forth be noted of pagan-Fare Week spring equinox and the traditional Novoletie 24 March, and then cycle spring holidays and Rusaliy prepare themselves to great Kupalskoy and '07 year-old Solntsevorota.



Slavyanskaya culture and tradition

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Issue 006

Curiosity comedy and Buffoons

The bearish holidays (have ancient Greeks “comoedia ”, that serve a the foundation pozdneyshemu title -“ comedy. ” Deal in that the first carol singers and were the first actors-skomorokhami, fact can from popular theater-skomoroshin (with-es como-ce! Israel’s right to).

The bearish holidays with accurately the same name – “komoeditsy ” – 8 available dates ancient indoevropeyskuyu form of, were highly popular have all Slavs.

In Belarus komoeditsy so same were held 24 March, on the eve “the Orthodox ” the blessed.

Pani baked any special “coma ” from apartment flour; the numbers are dance in vyvernutykh fur upward clothes in honor of spring Awakening bear.

Ancient discover Maslenitsa proved crazy-with his calendar term Christian great post, incompatible with maslenichnym walkabout thing. And so as post unlike the fluid paskhalnomu Julian calendar), then pagan discover Maslenitsa, albeit has escaped after christening Russias and lived to see it until our days (though would in the form of pancakes), but timeline strongly changed. Initial same term Pancake Day (Komoeditsy) – this spring equinox.

The fundamental mask on maslenichnom a carnival show was “the bear ”, man a masked in disservice everything or vyvorochennyy triple toe loop.

Discover Maslenitsa (Komoeditsa) - one of four most important holidays Kologoda, commemorative to Spring Ravnodenstviyu.

Discover Maslenitsa – this time revival – Vesennego “the resurrection ” (from“ Creys ” – “Fire ”) Earth-ˆ 183.Children 4 and the entire Nature.

Discover Maslenitsa have Slavs initially prazdnovalas, when the Sun “on sparrow Jump ” Akhiezer for point Ravnodenstviya. Many Slavic Reconstructionist Neopaganism so are celebrating Novoletie – New A year (rozhdayuschiysya on Kalyada, but South in Jav, Prav and Nav only on Spring Ravnodenstvie) when ends winter of and haltingly Earth.

According to Slavic beliefs, about this the Nighttime “otverzaetsya ” Swarga Lounge, and Well, the Light Gods“ are returning ” in Jav, Prav and Nav – includes in the Force after winters, and souls of the Ancestors “species on the city in the krylakh ” from Iriya Heavenly visit us – their descendants.

The main obryadnoy stravoy on bride usually wears since the earliest times of its pancakes, its form of resemble the Sun. The first ispechyonnyy Hi, usually not ate themselves, but incinerate on ear okontse in a hut, selfless, dedicated to his category of the Ancestors.

Each of days Maslenichnoy Week of had in people its name:




A rager.,

Tyoschiny Vechyorki,

Zolovkiny sit-round gathering and

Proschyonoe Sunday.

In people talked:

“Soroca (was mentioned celebration) birds on will're being released ”,

“At bride usually wears Spring zima too battled ”,

“Since Komoeditsy the bear from felts of a den posing. ”

Immediately for Maslenichnoy Fashion should Komoeditsa – rooms and celebration.

On popular belief those, about this the Nighttime Bear (Forest Boss, embodiment of began today Volos) is waking up in his a den, after long winter hibernation. According to other representations, Bear goes from felts of a den only on Vasily Pariyskogo (Christian celebration, 12 tsvetenya / April), when “Vasily Earth couple of poddayot ” and“ Earth zaparitsya, as in steam bath. ”

Slavic Reconstructionist Neopaganism-men greets Komoeditsu special Bear plyasom and Veles struggle.

“Komy ”, which everything is senior in family women on Komoeditsu, this ritual crackers are here, made from several flour zamesov: Oats, pea plants and barley. Part of were endure in wood and feast on want it now-deck, calling for on meal the most Lesnoy zealous a Master of, which are asked not to faze cattle and not to do naughty things on pasekakh in just year.



That as passed maslenichnye customs have.


- “Slavyanskii calendar ” Andrei Tyunyaeva

On the morning people promise on kapischa, always request on high hills, where land podsykhala in primarily.

Near kapischa and on intersection roads've spilled grain. This done for moreover, to navi perfume, implemented image forty, was use grain and not inimical crashing.

Solemnly was being taken to kapischu on a pole solomennoe's largest stuffed madder plant, symbolizing winter.

Other stood along roads, since these in belt and a lot of things Marenu Svarogovnu:

“Arrive you to us

On open, on yard -

On the mountains pokatatis,

In blintzes laze around here,

The heart shamed for all of.

Discover Maslenitsa - red beauty of, springs Spit,

Thirty brothers sister,

Forty days granddaughter,

Three mothers daughter, kvetochka,

The gumnut, perepyolochka. ”

On the streets broached desks, covered festive all the tablecloths, ticked heated pancakes and snack cakes, sprouted oat kissel (kissel is, myody, Ukraine and snacks. Taken the treat’t share on five parts, one-fifth of later were again on trebnyy stumbling, single ship has come under near People of of Fire, given one:

“The honest our parents!

Here is and for your souls blinok. ”

First the scales Suya to by error has borne high priestess of madder plant. But high priestess of Alive get to kick it this the scales, staring at those, to nor one a drop not engulfed on the altar, for it was thought, that then again it gets cold here, and will return Drawning of Marzanna. High priestess of Alive said,:

“Go away, Winter the Cold!

Come are always, Summer the hot!

With stradnoy sometimes,

With colors, with grass! ”

Burning down's largest stuffed lateral moraine, zaklikali perception as Spring - Living, recalling so:

God bless, maty,

Oops, Lada maty,

Spring zaklikati!

Winter provozhati!

Help, grandfathers

On hill vzygrat,

Spring-Living clicked,

Summer otmykat,

Winter turning a blind!

Drawning of Marzanna're tan,

Around the world got!

In bride usually wears youth was hosted by games begin and've been jumping through a bonfire, referring to Semarglu Ognebogu, to he “lit Snow ” (melted Snow).

On spree Pancake Day Covetousness is shoulders, all by itself. And guys, “odevshi 5 faces in your brains ”, lest not learned evil perfume, showed misconception, given one:

“How on maslenoy week

From pipes pancakes flew!

You pancakes, pancakes, pancakes,

You blinochechki my … ”

In this day girls and women necessarily washed ourselves covered in white or melt water. It was thought, that meltwater water would give slap the beauty.

In maslenichnuyu week call young, joined marriage in for past year.

An unwed, girls and single too guys povyazyvali on hand around or the rope. To to lift its, needs was bought off, bringing on overall the table taken the treat.

In this day praised also ßrilu, skatyvaya last-minute’with mountains in honor razgorayuschegosya sun and given one:

“Since mountains scram,

With spring vorotis! ”

Were and other game:

Fist bump (fist-fighting, male meryalis force with each other and wall of the on membrane),

Move 'em on (girls height on guys was portrayed horsewoman in, ran the kind couple, which has ever managed “hammer out from the saddle ” all“ horsewoman in ”),


Your climbing on pole for gift,

Trickling stream.


And here is description of game in bear.

Makes customer satisfaction as a burning golovnyami, youth goes “cool bear ”, lack repeating:“ Awaken, the bear, 's wake you up. ”

In the pit, hidden valezhnikom, lies a masked, graph depicting sleeping bear.

Participants holiday drive around felts of a den all by itself, hollering, that there is urine, seeking to “wake up kosolapogo. ” Then are beginning hurl in him line, snowballs, depends.

“Bear ” not is waking up, until one of girls not sit him on back and not -shit, yeah. His. Here is then “the bear ” is beginning to be awakened somehow by.

Girl your out, severing slice of bearish reversal pattern consisting skins or disservice pace.

A masked posing and starts and-dance stuff out, monastery were protected by self-awakening bear, then is faring seek ubezhavshuyu girl, relying on the a crutch:

“Ox, grind your leg,

Grind your Pyrrhic!

And water something sleeping,

And land something sleeping.

And on syolam something sleep,

On villages something sleep.

One wench not sleeping,

On my the skin by sits,

My fur while I spinning,

– my meat boils,

My skin was drying out. ”

Talismanic its obidchitsu, “the bear ” tries to“ stifle its in their the grip bearish reversal pattern consisting stranglehold. ” Typically, and “the bear ” and girl well know each other, and even are madly in love when. And because game ends kiss.

Then young men and girls are beginning to each other the pancakes, given one “First Hi, komam ” - this Hi, blamed in thicket, in view kosolapomu strange host forests.

“Kom ” – with Russian language this“ the bear ”, hence same name berries “komanika ” -“ Karelian Bear berries, ” she same “blackberries ”,“ snoborikha. ”

With offensive morning all Bought cookies in the form of larks', released survivors birds from cells on will, calling for Spring:

Zhavoronushki, fly –

Spring bring!

Us winter of something got,

Many make some bread eaten!

You fly and bear

Spring red, summer the hot!

Spring-red, you on fix came?

You on soshechke, on boronochne …

Spring-red, that you us has brought?

Has brought I you three land:

The first ugodyushko –

Zhivotinushka in polyushke;

Another ugodyushko –

With soshechkoy in polyushke;

Third ugoditse –

Bees on flight;

Yes even ugoditse –

World on the shape!

- BLAGOVESchENSKAß and water heater (Slavonic the hill-fort) -

Within was rock moved so far lengthwise, with flat upside deepening in entire length each than half “homes ”, and on both sides his made in the mainland Commission in the benches-cot, too, in entire length. On flat gender in three places (in well- half of) laid bonfires without special warhead. Just on four earthmoving benches... both halves buildings could settled, please 200 - 250 people.

This built ???? was meant for, obviously, for those peers and bratchin, which were an integral part of pagan a ritual of.

A raid sacrifice, zakolov on non-CIS the box sacrifice (typically, a pig – symbol of income households have Slavs), after the and its praised a semi-circle idols, cooking on rogatykh the bricks secret sacrificial meat, participants rites were finalising his “besedoyu ”,“ stolovanitsem, pochestnym the feast, ” in closed of it, sitting on benches... have small (obviously, lighting) fires.

The entire reach into the duffel material Blagoveschenskoy mountains sharply different from material ordinary yukhnovskikh settlements. Here there is no ordinary dwellings, there is no warhead, there is no fishing was loading up, pryaslits for vereten. All that are recovered posed here is destined precisely for peers: Big vessels (for beer, small clubs, knives, bones animals, platforms for vertelov.

Entry in the controversial was works so, that first write one anodyne on bridge through moat led (“activities ”), then worthy in a narrow space at the Gate, prikhodivsheesya on middle shaft and on middle long homes.

Perhaps, here onvention any ceremony “1730 ” content vessel-bear. From this middle exposure two gently sloping of descent waged left, in northern half buildings, and on the right - in throughout Southern half. Directly from entry was the entire domestic yard's. Perhaps, that a clear the division exposure on two than half stems with fratrialnym Poland tribe.

The availability of closed exposure, benefits more from trebisch under open sky, confirms assumption about Laden, as the main owner this unique kapischa. After all songs in honor the Lada sang under New year and then spring, ranging with 9 March on 29 June, - half of holidays, associated with name the Lada (in including and Byzantine rounded style) falls on cold winter and rannevesenniy season, when preferable to celebrate not on cold. However, cannot be ruled out moreover, that the most mass actions could occur on all plateau high Bank desna's and outside exactly's.



Slavyanskaya culture and tradition

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Issue 007

Lelnik – girlish was mentioned celebration

Daughter the Lada – Helen-Sudice (mythology)!

In moment Awakening land

Reveal yourself, to on light be born

Shoots spring demonstrated have been able!

On celebration girlish April,

On in under the sun -

We waiting for you today, Helen -

Goddess youth the earth!

Dora AKhADOV (http://paganism.ru/slav-pan.htm)


They have don’t Slavs was its grains goddess youth and love – Goddess Helen, daughter the Lada of the Virgin – goddess today and patron all all you wanted. It was thought, that until marriage all youthful girls-us are under auspices of forever infant Peter, Sir Lely.

Existed even a special celebration the knighted Professor Lele – Lelnik. In this day, which on modern Julian calendar) account for on 22 April, all Slavic girls committed the customs, covered Lely, Sir Peter and were asked she has mutual understanding with favorite bloke and a happy marriage.

Here is examples a love and wedding privorota, which the most are efficient in women’s Slavic holidays, which magic centre Slavic goddess.

Amorous enchantment:

“River with River merges, grove with forest around is fusing together, the flower with a flower modernity intertwine here, the grasses with grass svivaetsya. The grass pick up volumes K tuft, 'll braid flowers in wreath, through grove loved him so much, on the creek wreath Pushcha. Take me to erm water wreath, on plexus roads, authorities (Name) for later on, Danubian – redefined drooling. ”

Wedding enchantment: “At Sea finally came about for, on the island Buyane, on Altar sits Tsarina – -Zlata Kayisa-zaryanitsa. Thread fate weaves Zarnitsa, good molodtsu result – intended red of the maiden. , she knits Uzlinka Tsarina – -Zlata Kayisa-zaryanitsa, (Name) molodtsu to dress up under a wreath to wage the Hand of – (Name) red a damsel. Will douse water Hand for, moisture Uzlinka mounting your – good molodtsu when, passionate zhazhdoyu marry. Knot unleash not can, even the, who bones America it. ”

Lelnik implemented on nature – pursued the open place Little Water slide and there committed the customs have. Edict can be was to see, as girls in beautiful teapots sarafanakh, so for long and satiny Turing, tied to investments Peter, Sir Lely, drive all by itself.

“Sometimes in spree, on United States Lelyu, participated two girls, olitsetvoryavshie Helen and Ledoux. Likely, in this the ritual retained indeed misconception about how, that goddess available in most myths as would divided on two characters - rozhanits. Echoes this myth persisted in Greek folklore about category: Demeter and its daughters Persephone. - Shiny.. Dual image of the meets and on celebrated sbruchskom an idol. Researchers imposed, that on it are portrayed glavneyshie gods Slavs, among them and Lada together with his daughter or longtime. ”


"LELß, Lialia - goddess available, according to" IT than "- the second Sudice (mythology), daughter the Lada, goddess childbearing, somewhat with Artemis (mythology) (" when evaluating Mindaugas' treatment about building the Benedictine monastery on Bald sorrow "(XVI age records), in the lower but we sootnosimaya with Persephone.

Its day - Monday,. Its tree - mountain ash or birch ("in field birch teetered, Peter, Sir Lely-Lyola teetered"), metals - silver. Cult Lely, Sir Peter and the Lada detail considered akadem³kom Rybakov in book "ßzychestvo ancient Slavs."

Key words: Love; Water; Attraction; Helen.

Goddess the runes (Lagu (rune), bukvitsa “Lukashenka's behavior is ”) - Helen - deeply respected by Slavs like as daughter Great Mothers the Lada. Name of its stems with very a broad array ancient roots, such, as “knew the baby ” (" built, girl "),“ be nurtured ” and so on, until termination of spoken Sanskrit “poured ” -" game. " And itself youthful goddess Helen, sister ßrovita, and its Fleece are linked with-water, and more specifically - living, fluid water, flowing currents in rodnikakh and streams.

In the Nordic tribe Tradition this goddess Forces, which is leading, - just, as is leading for a Water the flow of. Under different names we meeting its in European Eastern European folk tales about marine (examine alternative treatments for river) the Virgin, in stories about situated Arthur, where she serves Virgin of-as the guardian St. Holy Grail and Roads to him, in Slavic and many other domestic ceremonial myths.

In magic Fleece Peter, Sir Lely - this Fleece intuitions, knowledge-outside-of reason, Forces, leading in journey, man-search for, and also - of spring Awakening and available, flowering and joy.

In German power of the runic ranks this rune fits Fleece Lagu (rune) and, partly, Vuno.

LELß - female the deity, and she - the patroness of a women and young bridesmaids. Its are asked about husband-to-be. Celebration has name "LELNIK."

Surrendered it field flowers and grass, shoulders, in around its dib - vytochennoy from birch infant goddess love. Participated in this spree only girls.

Custom ornamentar homes utensils and clothes images birds, too, goes back backgrounds to cult Rozhanits. Birds were devoted goddess Lele, they were its poslannitsami and real, precisely birds obtained on their e?ueuyo Spring, and birds same easily have risen from of our Middle world in the world Upper - nedaremno they krylaty. Images birds very prevalent in the iaeoiaa - this and custom stove again biscuits in the form of larks' to Atiku Spring and utensils - buckets and Bratina Cup in the form of stylised like birds (flock and swans), and women’s trade in the form of ducks. What he wants love, eternal Spring - here is that this such. What same woman abandons of the sort.

To paint roosters on dwellings and of advisers have become later. This - solyarnyy a badge of, with, male. Cock their shout dynamics of ßrilu - the Sun, causing his in middle the world. Of the cock fears scum both from earth echoes this faith there are and now, for example, vampires and living dead men disappear after "third roosters."

Need to whether to speak, that FAB vegetable and flower ornaments devoted goddess Lele. With the development agriculture precisely Helen pokrovitelstvovala crop, and Lada remained is the goddess of fertility rate. "


"pysanky" And Krashenki, Red the hill

With all through on a fine spring holidays Slavs connected tradition dyeing eggs.

“In spring obryadnosti, during Lelnika and others. Everywhere around the Slavic world widely enforced various the magical actions with Wen.

Throughout Spring onvention colors eggs "pisanok", "krashenok" - and various game with them. Church Easter calendar in significant least took a bullet for arkhaichnuyu the essence of practicing an, associated with Wen, but content Luster pisanok removes us in a deep orkhaiku. Here there is and celestial deer, and paintings world, and many ancient symbols life and available. In pulse demand museums deposited thousands of pisanok, who are, the most mass legacy pagan destabilized.

Eggs, as painted, so and white, played an important role in spring obryadnosti: The remittances on first plowing was produced "? salt, ? bread, with white an egg"; egg ?acaeaaee about head horse or plough vola; egg and biscuits-used were obligatory fixture practicing an under sowing. Often eggs were ditching their in land, swung on ’, zaseyannomu zhitom. Eggs incinerate under its feet per caput cereal under paddock on St. George day and Lelnik, incinerate in gates farming, to cattle did, I crossed a through them; with Wen've been passed over cattle and criminal their appeared to a shepherd. ”

Game with Wen-krashenkami on Lelnik:

Read on marriage:

Girls Academy, with the help kolotushek, spinning away its egg-krashenku to investments Lely, Sir Peter. It is important, to under latest strike egg fractured about kap – then girl will aptly married.

Read on marriage:

Girls Academy are unwinding Krashenki. If acute the end of the eggs does freeze contrary the Muppets Peter, Sir Lely, then girl will married. By the how close is egg contrary the Muppets determine long whether still “walk in old maid. ”

Read on marriage:

Girls simultaneously rolling Krashenki with mountains. The kind, whose egg-krashenka roll away further all, the first will married.

was mentioned horoscope

All Slavic girls, born in period with 21 April on 21 on May, are under auspices of goddess Peter, Sir Lely, which gives them the beauty and charisma, which persists have them very long.

The word “be nurtured ” odnokorennoe behalf of of the Goddess Peter, Sir Lely, and denoting a goodluck charm this goddess. Modern Slavic masters of offer a goodluck charm Peter, Sir Lely.

http://bujan.ru/ukrashenie/u07.html – other girlish jewelry

http://www.livemaster.ru/item/18400 – a goodluck charm Lely, Sir Peter

Description of:

A goodluck charm for girls in age from 3-'s years and until age bride’s. Guards, uncovers ability to, gives attractiveness, charisma and tenderness. Timid attaches confidence in itself, pretty rough back there attaches femininity and as soft. This a goodluck charm is under auspices of two Rozhanits - goddesses the Lada and Peter, Sir Lely, emerald-green and blue - their traditional color of. On foreign side protector "Ladinets", on cheyin side - image of the Peter, Sir Lely.

Materials: Tiles, acryl

Size: Dozen about 2.5 centimeters, the thickness of the around 3 mm

Need be noted, that In the wake maiden holiday Lelnikom goes male was mentioned celebration – ßRILA’s Day (in the Christian popular calendar - St. George DAY), 23 April.

ßRILA’s Day – Myesyats “otmykaet ” (fertilizes) conservation Syru-Earth and rolls the dew, respiration begins blooms growth African herbs.

“the Ethiopian ” Christians noted 23 tsvetenya / April day Georgy George (Egoriya Brave, Yuri Veshnego) – winner flight. Snakes - this agency Arimii (an ancient state on place current China), which in 4,000 th anniversary until BC Uh. Was war against Slavs-category: Arias and was they defeated.

In people existed the next omens, sootnosimye with this day:

“Yuri Earth otmykaet, Spring from-under Spud got jailed rolls, do grass, pencils ”,

“Yuri with personnal use, and next French presidential election [21]with grass ”,

“Yuri with warmer, and next French presidential election with feeds ”,

“Yuri Brave – winter vorog irrational. ”

If originally favored by weather, in this day it was all done the solemn vygon cattle on pasture – on ßrilinu (Egorevu) the dew. On headscarves worn the cattle to adjust bars European. Smashed slightly verbovymi branches cattle and St.Valentine, sentenced: “Brought willow health! As verbochka growing, so and you grow! ”

Impoverished in dew, sentenced:

“Bud 'well, as ßrilina dew! ”,

“ßrilina dew from seven assorted ills ”,

“At Yuri dew – not need to mount up now oats ”,

“Goni have fucked the horse beforehand on category: Tartu the dew. ”

Were asked ßrilu (Egoriya) – Pokrovitelya shepherds, guardian of livestock and Wolf's a shepherd – oberech cattle from any under rapacious of an animal.

On Yuri zapakhivali pashnyu, talked:

“At Yuri airshed and you lazy Socha ”,

“Since Yuri’s Day – the beginning of sowing sowing of spring. ”

On category: Tartu Day receptions governed crops sowing of spring loaves:

“At Yuri frost – will millet and oats to ”,

“At Egoriya frost – under a bush oats to ”,

“At Yuri frost – Fagopyrum influencing ”,

“At Egoriya dew – will good millet. ”


“23 April – At St. George Day (ßRILA’s Day) Yuri, putts around on camps on Obama’s White Again.

“Yuri Spring is beginning to, Ilya summer fottersi life. ”

“At Russias two Egoriya: Cold (26 November) and aieiaiue (23 April). ”

“Since Egoriya in, with Dmitri sit-round gathering. ”

“Since Yurya days on Semyon day (Veil – 14 October) timeline reframed and naymam. ”

All men, born in period with 21 April on 21 on May, are under auspices of Myesyats.

Image Myesyats Fund until our days in Russians byliny. Myesyats strong so, that his purse with with a fistful of land not can raise even himself Ilya Muromets. Myesyats – this image into some damn folk zemlepashtsa, which in dashing time always prepared to stand up on protection native land.


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