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Host billets

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And here pickles, pretty heavy marinade and camping on D.



Have us in this year big crops apricot. Who knows malotrudoemkie it from apricot? Yesterday I homemade strawberry preserves apricots on such a prescription:
Halves of, without Machine densely lay in banks. Inject Diabetes variedades on 1 liter of water 250 g sugar. To sterilize 10min walk.



Lena, I tomorrow'll look for in their recipes anything and'll post an here. Apricots - this deli-have-student :)



And here is hereif watch? At all, site very a good.



Радуга wrote:

apricots - this deli-have-student

Tasty, and many not you eat it uuiio.
Lena, site I have not is a.



'oc, dub cartoons for:

Jams from sewage and apricots

For prescription you will require:
- plums and apricots - 1kg

For-fat jams:

- sugar - 1-1.2kg
- water - 400g

For not-fat jams:

- sugar - 1.3-1.4kg
- water - 400g.

Fruit sort the coloured metal and washed in annuelles water, give started to flow and separate plodonozhki. Apricots and plums proceed with stones or without Machine (established). For preparations jams from sewage without Machine should borrow fruit with easily otdelyayuscheysya besides, you. For somehow forever fruits with besides, you from razvarivaniya and better propityvaniya variedades under cooking and vystaivanii fruit vystaivayut along or they fuck you pointed a wooden health and or eating with a fork. Prepared fruit fill in for 12 hours in enamelled or porcelain posude. Then syrup drain, for 5 minutes and again fill them fruit and take their 12 hours. In this of mixed fruit proceed 30-40 minutes on weak fire. In motives jams fruit should be transparent.



Thanks to, Lena. Today I'm just trying a this recipe. And apricots again here as here. On the morning sooner get out on streets all bottom you apricots. If would they can be was to share on connectivity, as information :D



The apparently an interesting recipe.
Been mulling, here or in baklazhannuyu subject to deposit.
But, because he on winter, decided here is here

gives "Ten."
Aubergine - 10 Tennessee
Tomatoes - 10 Tennessee
Pepper - 10 Tennessee
Garlic - 10 zubchikov
Where sea salt - 1 dining room spoon with height
Sugar - 2 UF. L. With height
Oil sunflower - 2 UF. Phytosterols
All vegetables large've been driving, adding where sea salt, sugar and oil, brewing on weak fire 1 hour. For 5 minutes before the end of boiling, adding 1 force canteen spoonful of vinegar 9%.
Yeah in in 43 banks and "Bath" until full cooling off period where remorse.


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