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Ludmila, tell me my fortune, please!

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Hello, Ludmila!
Rainbow advised turn to you and ask you question, which me interested in.
Exactly, he formulated roughly so-- "When I will have the opportunity withdraw married Medjlis, and was born whether I have in the second marriage child?."
Not know, how of well-I articulated question. The design questions could would be-- where will my the second husband (from afar, from my cities. Older whether he will. What on social position (Yes and at all, can, and not buldet nothing such a, and I will one, - such option, too, well realist.)
But this already not so important, if suddenly see, then and well, there is no, so there is no.



Costly, Nyusha! I reading in topic giveaway consultation, that you already speculating went on Taro. Has changed that either with of the time in your life? Deal in is, that wondering re-, only if the situation had what something continuation of. If same you have nothing not changed - you live in the same city of, worked at determined whether there same, your entourage not has changed - sense look situation there is no. Maps Balaklava, Ukraine, whom I'm using, will reveal the same, that and Taro.

Your question pulling on full-blown legal with idiosyncratic trends, definition one behind situation and camping on D., and this already plataya consultation with several raskladami. Within my partition of I 7.10 only on one question, you have their as least five :). Luck!



Lud_mila wrote:

you have their as least five

So Decide with than any one the most important for themselves.


You are here » Ephemerides forum » A mirror Bible » Ludmila, tell me my fortune, please!