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Egregory and that with them to do

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Quite often account for face situation, when man, clearly not owned nor to one of churches goes in the Yasukuni and through several minutes all forces is beginning to seek the exit made there.

Man becomes not well someone news, someone stifling, have someone sharply lose their cool mood, have someone begin headaches, arises a sense of now pressure, either strong burning.

In general, symptoms can be are varied, but the bottom line, that human literally implementing various from temple.

In fix the reason?

Not too merciful folklore church grandma and other on the vertex of the head votserkovlyonnykh prozorlivtsev fast on diagnosis like:

, you egg you, as his (its) devils something are currently running! Here is, de, that used zhivotvoryaschiy makes!

Appropriately, that such evidence the celebrations Russian Orthodoxy , so say, if would and had place, the directly would not in line with multiple words the most Jesus

(Jesus same, having heard this, told them: Not healthy have within striking distance the doctor, but sick or have a conversation exhorts I dont all truzhdayuschiesya and burdened, and I'll placate you; take yoke my memoirs on themselves and will learn how from I got, for I meek and am humble the heart, and will find rest category your; for yoke my memoirs good, and burden my memoirs easily. )

And deal something at all not in Orthodoxy, as, however, and not in Christianity even. Similar phenomena can arise in any hard egeregoralnoy structure under headline-in it everywhere , camping on E. Human not with largely ties with egregorom.

In principle, such sensations from engage in educators body any major offices can be easily sense the on itself.

Homilies stroll on halls Gazprom or although would above the secession militias.

Likely, mood you have it's just gonna spoil on approach to these jobs forces.
And if you have no gossamer sonastroyki with the body such a egregora, you start lose energy immediately same, under contact with him so same, as if would you has been going in dense water.

Only energy here loss a different not physical, and more thin bodies. And, to example, as only nearest body is being eroded, you have lose their cool mood.

Past some buildings a pressure-man and walk something hard.

And hardly here I'll pick comment, that from common ground with somehow any Vehicular happens an act of exile demons from violators.

Exactly the same mechanism happens and in temples, which indeed are materializatsiey thin bodies. But not Christ as such by, not Muhammad, not Buddha camping on E. Not moreover, who initiated the contestant or different spiritual tradition.
Because initiation programme spiritual tradition not belongs welcome world -

Church my not from the world stingy

So that not need to mix stone cultic pelvic essentially there is the materialization of egregoralnogo bodies the or another religious tradition.

We already noted, that anyone egregor (unlike rights) mortal once more. And achieving outcome for him death like. After all he already more will not need.
It is important, that neither one egregor not can save soul. This tonkomaterialnaya the essence of not knows pathways to rescue in principle - after all she fully in this world.
????????? by definition tvaren, created secondary mental vigor people.
As only man would cease be simply man and becomes representative egregora, he nothing not can help you.

Yes, host hierarchical consciousness argues thought about how, that man needs external spiritual leadership with hand more experienced and prosvetlyonnogo driver in Trojans spiritual.
And this case, when egregoralnaya practice, is true is employed in as a tool, not goal path, can give their tangible positive results.
And picture was would ideal, if would tradition was Lives.

(Much detail about this was in the early this cycle: Nature egregorov and technology interaction with them)

And, here is, comes outsiders people in the Yasukuni. Not involtirovannyy, not with ties with egregorom, but under this dedicated to tonkomaterialnym impacts.

And immediately same is mired in situation coercive he its of nature with egregoralnoy.

In principle, can be to list very many technical receptions, which manipulate attention any destination of human rhythm services, zone illumination and polutmy, seemingly clothing klira, certain aromas in general a host cascade interventions, aimed at the inclusion of human in rhythm a certain structures.

And here after all here is what deal if man rough around the edges, he not notice and not will feel nothing such a. His consciousness not wakes up and he smoothly became under waging egregora. And perhaps, this shed on favor of his evolutionary growth, although to spiritual work as such this applies little. After all such man continues to sleep.

There is and another category people those who although would partly consciously perceives all their fortune, he free and coercive.

To example, have a certain categories women (with strong-water in natalnoy map) susceptibility will from birth highly high. They potentially lots the Witches. The Witches in pervosmysle words, not in evaluating.

After all-ma in the diversion with Sanscrit a wise woman camping on E. Vedayuschaya mother yours, vedayuschaya matter.

And here is such a man hardly will well, when she eventually explode impact egregora, not associated with its will of the and desire.

Can it be in temple only then, when consciously and sake of some goal his individual path shed on synching with egregorom.

In other situations she can not need in such form bogoobscheniya, as temple space maneuver egregora. This not in is least not means, that such people in encouraged are wrong.

Simply have them its temple space, their rhythms, its grains technology entry, its ritual.

And here it is important to note, that role khramogo space reassess it is difficult. Recognize significance ritualistic wide task humanity on the coming century. Until that here wide profanicheskiy approach most often.

Not less intensity state of collective prayer in native man environment. Such a Recessional can very much, its functionality fundamentally a bit a different, than have prayer individual. This is important understand and although would sake of only this desirable man find a viable for themselves form of collective wop.

Coupling same different ritualistic wide, use any entry perhaps, but only under particular view as a consciousness, under achieving far not all affordable levels.

Saints people indeed not have religious discord, and, here is, than more is due man, those more restrictive of he tied to in this or egregoru.

And than rougher egregor engulfs his, those rougher and share his methods.

Such an underclass option, too, there is, the case, that human, to example, strongly drinker literally cite in the Yasukuni and him, too, poorly.

But this "poorly" has fundamentally different nature of.

And in this case the reason indeed in is, that man taken aback a certain parasitic essence of, halls.
And here, of course, happens clash egregora and the parasite in the fight for influence over man.
Such cases are, but they something, incidentally, quite are rare.

In general, options on which man poorly in church a long. And their should on-opportunities distinguish




A rainbow, ah with adults increasingly less understandable. And here is for example, my senior mother krestila without me. So he yelled and he was screamin 'in church! Ah with him I not somebody, his under birth it filled molds, were violations, he treated with. Yes and character in daddy! But here is the younger the very calm, not shameful, not a crybaby, a sensible absolutely. And here is have led his to baptize, him was about 1.5 years. So that was going on with my boy in church! He was yelling, 'd, uh, punch all far end up, his vygibalo so, that we with husband his keep could not! This was not my child, and utterly another being. I wanted his carry away, but priest not gave. Attire: Became poorly with tserdtsem. Then gran's me counseled to take his in Zagorsk to father Herman my, but I Glo, having heard, that there is happening on sermons.




there is happening on sermons

And that there is happening on sermons?


You are here » Ephemerides forum » Esoteric exercises » Egregory and that with them to do