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-2 Diesel fuel Iriani

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Irina wrote:

the first lunar (series) - 15 January 07 17 :5 5 GT -opyat same is compound the Moon Illusion third. With sun only for concrete. Peak. T. E. Time actions - 01.07.07 -29.01. 07.
Thus, Solar enters in action directly with evening.

IRA, I something not realized as this lunar (series) includes solyar? Or you not this had in view?

I think, in any time soon we with us getting will continue, and, more accurately, already will finish Limits diesel Iron (ethnic group).

If you wait for until tomorrow, tomorrow I write its opinion on solyaru Irina. And still interestingly was would, to Irina made the-to his method consideration solyara- he same different from considered me and Lena. :)

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as this lunar (series) includes solyar?

Has shown, as define timeline actions. Perhaps, closing.
If middle of the -3.07, then the beginning of 3.01, the end of the 3.01 next year. (Deduct it-we add six months).
Forth, camping on K. Focus on lunary for search events, then this given this lunar (series) (15.01) is the first in solarnom intervals of.
But: Have this Lunara their timeline. 15-middle of. Means, in fact we can seek event Solara with 01.01.-nachala Lunara.



he same different from considered me and Lena

Differs those, that every lifts certain emphasis. Me in this terms of hard and easier simultaneously. Because already now there is certain plans, billets, and not quite want about them to speak, and this subjectivity) Piece -nu, know same about them)

Organization year provides successful opportunities for samoproyavleniya, is happening tab a new cycle. But this is happening as would, without a strong energy engagement, paving of. Important will theme education and training, dissaving in ties with this, that joining the for me napryagom, but support and aid will arrive on time.
Theme trips joining the urgent. Respectively,, too, in as investments s. Terms of prove not so perishing lungs,.
Disagreements with mother in s views, units can contribute disorder and misunderstanding.
Promise of work with whose something applying (through someone, but with this in thereafter can be are linked of frustration and however expectations.
Again same in existing relations. He forge the Seem not such excellent prospects, as were before. Any hope pull up their existence, "pink lens" change color) (something such), but support will come from partner.
Year rich the regularly, connections, discourse and camping on D.

UV! Here is. The main. From above)



IRA, thank you for explanations on Lunaru. Now understandable, that you had in view.
To mention the difference in inspection solyarov I had in view technical difference in building diesel and his timing.
A bit while after that'm gonna post our with Lena conclusions on your solyaru.



So, as told Lena, can be already do some conclusions on solyaru Irina. IRA their conclusions (on its method consideration diesel) already led, now our turn.
This year will be enough important in life client, will more opportunities for implementation their potential. Because solyarnye homes enter those same natalnye, and in natalnoy map almost all planet are in angular domakh- this even more highlights significance events this year for further vital implementation. Important for client in this year will partnership relations. I would told in this year there is much the likelihood marriage (civil or official). So same very likely climate social status: If not marriage, then career. In terms of professional change influence can have friends. On initiatives human can strongly affect woman or family affairs, pursuit change in them, perhaps to attract credit funds for decisions family affairs. Likely some problems with father, but like nothing terrible. So same credible activity in sphere education, trips, distant contacts. There is the likelihood conceiving, although not it seems that child was born in this solyarnom year, so that apparently Conception if and will, then closer to mid-saltire .The year. From-for excessive emotionality or influence women can arise problems in partnerships. Likely love the link can help in raising social status and in the financial terms of. Like as a man should be older or borrow enough high social position. ???? relations in this year have crisis, which can lead to an auspicious Climate social status and income. Conflict in partnerships can cause drive client to stability in them. Can be point; gifts (bonuses) from did or beloved men. Still me why something seems, that something covert or limits the there is in partnerships in this period.
Need be making in finance or 69.38 money, so high the likelihood miscalculation, mistakes or deception women from close environment, so same this can be losses any something financial documents. In a whole I would told work for client in this solyarnom year will at the second terms of after partnerships. And still: As me see from natalnoy maps (configuration has largely reversed Mars-Saturn-Long-Venus) have Irina there is is not a bad opportunity earn on real estate, land or still something in this kind, and because in this year that configuration has largely reversed initiated in solyare through opposition in 2-8 (about than I wrote higher), then can be try realize this potential opportunity (if, of course, will desire to).
Forth need to consider the dating events on those respects. Incidentally catch a glimpse looked its aspects of, can say, that on him will apparently enough clearly be the message development partnerships in time, while leading to climate should we expect. Status. And if have Irina there is desire to, can after the “events on those respects to consider any its lunar (series), the most a close to events diesel.

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Incidentally about pregnancy refresh in memory its solyar on year conceiving and birth child. Mars upr.12 SB in 5 House SB. And here is Long with Jupiter not interact raze. So that indeed, if look solyar in ravnodomnoy system, as makes Irina, its Mars in 5 House SB, too, may this foster.

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Tatiana, you all so fit leaked. Clear, clearly)

Modicum kill, but not see relations on first place in solare, although in progressiyakh all shouts about this, perhaps, to dir. They as times ahead. I have goes the main on 2008 In this, too, resided for me one of neponyatnostey.

Next need to consider the dating events on those respects. Incidentally catch a glimpse looked its aspects of, can say, that on him will apparently enough clearly be the message development partnerships in time

Please, explain, as correctly this look) Now reread Solar Rainbow before, but not quite realized, as this to do. Move moon solarnuyu or look lunary, and in them precisely aspects of Moon Illusion to points radiksa?

if have Irina there is desire to, can after the “events on those respects to consider any its lunar (series)

Zhelnie have Irina present)



about pregnancy

On theory and on poaktike this looks so.

Have wives. - blood regardless 5 th homes radiksa is mired in 5 th SB. Plus are engaged card. Homes, and better point (asts, dsts, ms, use the). Or same blood regardless drive squarely on you that. Kuspid, is mired in card. House -Such a pregnancy -fakt. There is no particularly finest (not know, as is true speak), trepetnogo relations. Or not the first child.
Have husband. - blood regardless is mired on card. Kuspid, in card. House. Yes and at all any planet on card. Point, after all in men here challenging :)
If child especially welcome, then can go on Noe type.



Whilst kill, but not see relations on first place in solare, although in progressiyakh all shouts about this, perhaps, to dir. They as times ahead. I have goes the main on 2008

Irina, recall about difference in time actions diesel in our methods. I regard period with 3.07.07 on 3.07.08 and still + - 3 month. So that 2008 year here involved. If want, however, astrological factors, who say about the importance of partnerships in this year, although above about them mentioned like.
Dating of events on those respects in solyare. Being coordinate moon on moment diesel, smotim its daily the speed on this moment. Divide the speed in grad. And-minute on 12 months, get progressive step moon in month. I.e. aspects of, which makes such a Progressive Long in for days since diesel give dates events. If that not very understandable described, can be to consider on your solyare directly with the indication calculation. :)



Татьяна wrote:

Irina, recall about difference in time actions diesel in our methods. I regard period with 3.07.07 on 3.07.08

Yes, Irina, increasingly, that I wrote on your solyaru also - only ranging with July 2007 to July 2008 :)



All Hi! :) Please forgiveness, that on some time dropped out from this themes. Theme a serious, and I have here were flushed st forge the The ferment communication :cool: not like write with coves-cocked. Some favors, requisition 30-31, write its opinion and calculate clesed step moon, finally! :) A then can be in parallel to consider lunary, rubles that and anything with analysis Yulinogo diesel.



Tatiana, Lilia, of course same, I remember about various ways) Precisely this me it looked interesting for themselves)
Sound of distress "modicum kill!" - this "How many still unknown! How many new and interesting things! " :rolleyes:

've calculated moon) Perhaps I'll write their calculations. Tatiana, if that You're welcome., adjust)
Moon in solare - 19 gr. 45 shadowing Have (3.07) - footprint. Day - 3 gr 21 mines Pisces (H the same time)
Step accounts for 13 gr 36 mines / 12 = 1 gr 8 mines in month

3.07 -3.08- 19gr 45 mines 30, 150 gr III, 's SB
the end of the July-beginning of the August- 120 Mercury only for concrete.
August (omitting 3 days)- 20 "grape" 53 mines - 0 Neptune SB
September- 22gr 1 mines - 180 Saturn SB

October- 23gr 9 mines - 180 Venus SB, 120 types glad.

Czechoslovak November- 24 gr 17 mines - 60, 120 IC, MC SB. 60 Neptune glad

December-25 gr 25 mines have

January 2008- 26 gr 33 mines 60 types SB
February- 27 gr 41min - 120 organizing Since
March- 28 gr 49 mines -
April- 29 gr 56 mines - 120 Jupiter glad., 90 asts, dsts glad
May- 1 "grape" 4 mines Pisces - 90 Uranus glad

That with this to do, until not quite understand. Dreamt have Rainbow before in topic -There's she shapes and natalnye, and solarnye point. As recognize when? 'm gonna hazard, that look on governance homes and welcomes, respectively. Or in solare, or in radikse.



Irina, Excuse--excuse me, prednovogodnie troubles not give signing to communicate about the “events and their interpretations. Will be able to address these only number of 3-4 January, so that until meeting in New year! Ah although can Lena can before. :)



Татьяна wrote:

Nu although can Lena can before.

Can and can :)



Tatiana, Lena, celebrate, you recover!

Then - boom to think) :)



IRA, yes you that! :) This is week for me - time intense work :) I so is happy, that modicum week gave, can be do much.



Ah, then, Len, is famously! :rolleyes: By you appeal!
Is true whether my understanding of of reference, calculation and miscalculation lunar step and aspects of?
As the development aspects of moon with radiksnymi and solarnymi spots? In than the difference will manifest itself?



All Hi! So. Wanted resolve subject, but until not is obtained. Need to deal with theme pregnancy. I dreamt rubles that on subject inclusion homes (then this the fragment'll copy in forum "Direction of the" and on direktsiyam further write on already there, and now here, to not lose with rhythm).
So, that we see. Basic trends year ask aspects of ASTs the POD is too to dir.
ASTs. 72 Mars, Oh Neptune
Mars. (Significator 1 th at home) 150 Venus, 30 Neptune, 30 ICJ / 150 IC
Jupiter (Chinese system.) 135 the Sun, 30 Neptune
Uranium (planet in House) 72 Mars, Oh Neptune
Moon (planet) 36 Uranus, 36 ASTs / 144 DSTs
Neptune (planet) 150 Mercury, 40 K3 / 100 K9, 120 K6 / 60 K12 (mountain)

Note, that most points, to Lieh 1-Mu home, makes aspect to Neptune sextile. Have Iron (ethnic group) in map Neptune nah. In 1 st and manages 3 forge the Look further.

MC. 135 Mercury
Venus. (Blood regardless) Oh K8, 45 K6 / 135 K12 (mountain)
Saturn. (Signif.) 120 the Sun
Mars. 45 Neptune
Types. 36 Mars, 36 Neptune
Jupiter. 135 the Sun, 40 FC Saturn 30 Neptune

The same the most the. Lead of Neptune. The only anonymity on pregnancy Venus Oh K8. Venus Chinese system. 5 th. This need to to consider separately. Until I would told, that year will stems with events 3 th homes, under this kverent will himself Fuehrer initiative.

However, consider pregnancy still times, more in detail. Have B. Izraitelya the birth of children stems with 5 st and 11 st homes. Because in educated decisions about us year birth can and not be, and only Conception (we about this as something not thought), then I suggest to consider rubles that 5, 8 and 11 homes (on anyone case). On Satira all point, akess attitude to homes, must do aspects of to each other (5 th to 8-Mu and camping on D., but write I will all that has found). So,

K5. 135 Mars, 45 casually, 90 K3 / K9
Venus Oh K8
The sun. 45 Mercury, 150 K2 / 30 K8

K8. 40 Mercury (, 72 Mars, 90 Jupiter, 120 Uranus, 144 Neptune, 120 ASTs / 60 DSTs
Moon. 36 Uranus, 36 ASTs / 144 DSTs
The sun. 45 Mercury, 150 K2 / 30 K8
Types. 36 Mars
Casually. 60 Venus, 120 IC / 60 ICJ

And to what we came? Yes nor to what. I would still believe, that Venus Oh K8 - this race. Basic trends year point to events, associated with 3 st home. If who wants still homes performed, am asking. In direktsiyakh immediately in sight that with the to explore. If decide watch, then need to take kuspid homes, the manager, signifikatora and planet in House. Orbis 1 degree.

Everything else (on day arrest move moon and anything) then. 'oc?



All hello! Finally I again with you, respected participants Forum, what resented is happy. :D
Irina, your calculations on move moon in a whole are correct, I only added in some places the beginning of this or the end of the month, if aspect of moon close to him. Propose a the next interpretation:
Moon the entire solyar goes on 2 home diesel and greater part of time on 2 home Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Natal and Vodoleyu - means at an emotional and communal level for client will is important stability and under this the search for new pathways for its achievements.
The Beginning August - 120 Mercury only for concrete. (In 7, upr.7,9)- rises kontaktnost with that people, partners. Likely long drives trip with partner, decision any something legal issues. Can be activation in work with humans, consulting.
Avgust- 0 Neptune Since (in than 2, upr.3)- illusions in financial issues, heightened sensitivity to conservation resources (physical or financial). Need be making with women from closest environment and information, associated with money.
September-180 Saturn Since (in 8, upr.2), 60 IC, 120 MC- exacerbation financial problems, associated perhaps with family affairs. Under this support family or people above on status can help in resolving these issues. Or same the other option manifestations of data aspects of: Favorable changes in family life or public position can exacerbate question division of their-of strangers resources (should the., in relations with partner under a joint stays)
Oktyabr- 180 Venus Since (in 8, upr.10,5,6)- forth all smoothly is flowing in amorous relations, apparently in this period will especially difficult find common language with favorite man. Truth literally next Long forms
In late October -nachale noyabrya- 120 types only for concrete. (In 10, upr.11,12)- that apparently will bring expected change social status, promote the encroachment stability or at least embodiment of hopes, achieving goal in setting emotional equilibrium. Although for this perhaps will have from something to backtrack, to go through “withering away ” otzhivshego, transformation in emotional sphere.
Noyabr- 60 Neptune only for concrete. (In 1, upr.3)- is intensifying intuition, Magik in financial issues, contacts. More full perception of psychological features of those, with whom is happening communication, that helps better to adapt.
produced half of January - 60 types Since (in 1, upr.11,12)- transformation personality sets and views perhaps in ties with climate plans and prospects or friendly circle. Perhaps climate image, perception client other people, strengthening of female attractiveness of, womanhood.
Mart- Long Crosses in 3 radiksnyy house- contacts, information exchange, relatives female - all of this is becoming more important for human, is perceived more emotionally. Because Long upr.8 home, probable change in these areas.
April 2008.-120 Jupiter only for concrete. (In 10, upr.1)- another possible time for changes should we expect. Status, with in this case this will depend on activity the most rights.
End aprelya- 90 Asts, Dsts glad.- probable conflict-prone situation with partners, perhaps from-for excessive emotionality in rubbing shoulders.
Incidentally in April same Progressive Long Crosses in Fish, that even more reinforces sensitivity and passivity perception.
May- 90 Uranus only for concrete. (In 1, upr.3, soupr.2)- continuation of themes April, probable unexpected changes in contacts or in the near environment. Probable conflicts with women, felt unexpected information from them. ???? heightened to get emotional client will play not last role in creating intense situations.

Ah here is such a in a nutshell picture is obtained on progressive those respects diesel. Irina, if will questions, write.



If tickles, today have a look-see which of Lunarov Irina on this solyarnyy year the most seems interested as example and can to continue in topic "Lunary." :)


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