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Not know, with what start.

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Only ask that to you absolutely accidentally. Saw your name of in remarks, Rainbow before. I not very well learn using nor in astrology, nor in maps, nor in than something here is such a, so and what data to lend, and which issues ask I, too, not know. Could not would you me suggest the, to I gave all accurately and specifically, to not take your time? Can say, that me would like to know something about future. In particular, and personal relations, but and professional activities. Deal in is, that I still very young, but the future to determine their forced already in this year. Of walking The first Joe not there, far want, simply ah quite. Even 4000m2 as well as profoundly sad, as will present, that five years d kill on deal, which me absolutely not interested in. I not can say, that I man creative, but foreign show business me attracts. Not Richard Linklater's Fast, of course, was trained as an actress from me late to do. I would simply wanted to know, will be able whether I develop here is in than something ???. My the main the problem is, that wishing I can how many anywhere, but in my residence achieve such a impossible. Even if I and imbabers evolve in this area already now. Can, me awaits what something Proposition or something such.
Thank you!



Hello, D-Dc! Want you a bit help figure out.

Immediately same want say you, that under circulation for seek on maps importantly - this correctly and specifically ask question. Here it is important determine for themselves, what you want
1) watch reasons current situation, deal WHY so all incapable,
2) to know, what expect in the future, camping on E. Watch trend your life in some sphere (professional, personal and camping on D.

Here are a small passage from books on Taro, where explains, as correctly ask questions.

How ask question?

On substance:
Ask question so, as he came you in head. Deal, in late all, not in grace formulations, and in is, to you themselves well understood, about than vnutrivlagalischnye funds. For example: How I have the case in is something and in is something, or as will evolve these affairs further.

Try avoid issues, on which can be limiting itself to answer yes or no . Maps, of course, and in this case will help you do choice, however not sheepishly the entire his behind and possible consequences. All the more, that choose something would still will have you very. Better ask: What tickles, if I will this, and that tickles, if I this not will make?

And better dont ask about immediately several possible options, for example, For a ride whether me in New York or in Paris , and disassemble their separately, i.e. first: Should me to go in New York or not? , and then: For a ride whether me in Paris or not? If adverse prove both The option, the second way to can suggest the any other decisions, for example, Lisbon. Limiting themselves to reducing initial alternative question, you not arrive at such cues, and will learn only, that neither in Paris, nor in New York you to do nothing to acquire.

Accurately so same should not mix in one issue two themes, for example: How I am about vacation, meeting whether I there someone? To answer to this question must be done 2 separate hands: One for answer on the first question (as I am about vacation), and the second for answer on the second, if you dream meet a new Sputniks life.

Dobavlyu from themselves.contaminated setting a issue on the future needs to point fingers term, on which you need alignment. Make any forecast term too big not recommend, camping on K. Alignment case so. Imagine, that will fall out, charitably, not very good maps, and term zagadan big? After all will have live with these not very pleasant projection a long time!

Still want you warn, that giving consultation on the cards Balaklava, Ukraine this response to one question in one sphere life. Luck! :)



Dobryi day!
Thank you for cues! Question to formulate simply, remained only choose the contestant the most sphere of, pro that to know want. I, perhaps, will choose personal sphere of life. And question: D whether I happy nowadays in personal life? This concerns, if specifically, way of human alongside a. Of course, Ideal its there is, here is pro the availability of his and want to know, will be whether he. Only here is about term I not know. Question me very is important, so as requests I have high, candidates there is no at all, immediately want ask pro All Life, but frightening, little whether indeed all poorly will me said. Ah okay, can, the next year-two? Think, on such term bad alignment I will be able to accept. :yep:
And more no amount data not need?



Know, D-Dc (what something name of you have is a word unsaid :)), I would you advised stop on scenario "Meeting." On my view, he can clarify reasons + see prospects.

Chances on familiarity
This alignment make woman\ a man, which want meet its half, but something prevents, not incapable have them. On this'm completely you can analyze reasons, see opportunities familiarity.
Before Fortune-teller necessarily really gotten term (month, six months, year, 3 year).
Maps 1 and 2 will reveal willingness human to acquaintance
1 - physical willingness (being veiled, image)
2 - the emotional (internal) readiness to acquaintance
3 - request on partner, thought about him
4 - past experience (that was in past)

Maps 5 and 6 show, that prevents man contact.
5 - what actions the most human prevent him
6 - that in environmental environment prevents man
7 - that need to do very man for acquaintance
8 - influence environment: Will help whether environment or not
9 - will mark whether familiarity

Maps 10 and 11 propagating if on map 9 we see the answer "yes."
10 - under any circumstances can occur familiarity
11 - prospect familiarity



Dobryi evening!
Name of I have indeed a stupid, but need to same was with something start. :D
I agree try Chances on familiarity! Nothing same not my would still. But modicum something discover!



Alignment for you made, societya bit. Time until there is no describe his, I'm sorry. :)



Dobryi evening!
Thank you! Of course, I'll put up some, me to rush have nowhere!



Perfectly reputable D-Dc! Finally, the rest of until describe separate hands. Term, as you were asked, year-two.
So, the first two maps show your willingness to a new acquaintance. Maps say, that you now not quite are ready to meeting with his other half. Nor superficially, nor internally. Within you suffer and at someone from frustration and he conscience about committed mistakes in past. Superficially you, it seems, two convey not joy and optimism, and the seal and feeling. So the world around it and men, in particular, not resonate with you and not come in your life on this moment.
Maps say, that you themselves - source of his fortune. You are gone in themselves, perhaps, who is prying in past. Eyes your closed, as on this map Mnemosyne, which are dealt a pretty you.
And even your entourage, to-swarm treat you on-son Watsu, are also under auspices you, seeks to to settle with appropriate man, not can until you EU.
Maps tell you conduct greater preparatory work for meeting with a man your life. You must reveal all their the negative unconscious programs that affect relations and prevent build harmonious family. Perhaps, you is worth tinker over letting go past (forgiveness themselves for mistakes). As only you will internally are prepared, a man here same emerge on the horizon.
Maps say, that within the specified period familiarity, likely, will mark. You will encounter its second kindest, space the look. Familiarity will happen in some means unusual place. Can suggest, that on nature (on barbecue, in 11 and camping on D.
And here is prospect this familiarity entirely in your the hands of! 've worked their "cockroaches", will you happiness, and there is no. Alas.



Here is only now all reading. Thank you you! But I as something not very realized, from-for what exactly I not is ready. In past I quite not I'm rooting around, and the only, perhaps, my mistake - this the, that believe around the nekhoroshemu, that talked with childhood. And all. But to was not is ready. Not feel such a. Rather, I have barrier the other, me please too difficult. This may be cause of? That I more often see people, which alongside a not illustrate? So I have there is sense of, that never such a rights and not will.
And still wanted to know, that means Slovenia, Gemini is?



D-Dc wrote:

A still wanted to know, that means Slovenia, Gemini is?

Cosmic ritualnykh - this the, whom don without words, on level feelings, sensations, intuitions. Whom look at first time, one is their. Or feel, that know still entire life.

Know, D-Dc, I you wrote the, that saw on cards. Perhaps they set emphasis on the, that with than you until not very agree. Think, analyze their past relations. Will pass time, you recall these instructions carte, if chase observe a. Luck you in of descent growth!! :)


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