EU Forum Astrodome

1. Administration Forum (site)

1. Administration Forum (site) in personified by Soshninoy Elena (network one - Rainbow) is tertiary guiding body, defining basic direction development Forum (site and his topics.

2. Administration Forum (site) transsexual the next activities:
2.1. Accounts for and argues EU work Forum, putting amendments and add-ons, views proposals moderators and Participants on work Forum and accepts decisions on their implementation, either to fail.

2.2. Appoints and dissociated from work moderators thematic subforums, under need abolishes decisions moderators. Degree of need is determined by Administration alone.

II. The moderator Forum

2.1. The moderator Forum are appointed Administration on a certain period time. If term moderatorstva not has been agreed upon, then activities moderator continues unlimited number of time, until cooperation horribles and moderator suits both sides.

2.2. Administrator offers, a moderator a theme podforum judging by from interests and professional preparedness moderator.

2.3. Administration can alone abolish appointment moderator, if activities moderator runs afoul of with a common themes and focus Forum (site), and so same in case if the moderator not mismanaged with their obligations. Nemalovazhnymi for moderator qualities The administration believes honesty, decency and responsibility.

2.4. The moderator has the right edit, transpose, remove themes his podforuma, and also block Participants, all EU Forum.

Grounds for undoing themes are:

-pretenzii, messages, which wear an obsessive character;
-spam, Flud;

-soobscheniya, which written Latin letters (after warnings);
-posty not on themes -perenosit, in certain cases - remove;
-If message produblirovano in several sections;
-oskorbleniya, unqotable expression and camping on D.

If visitors violate rules Forum, then them are passed warnings moderators. If Participants continue to violate EU, then the moderator it legitimate block Participant after 3-'s warnings.

S. Participants Forum

3.1 a Participant of the Forum is face, the past registration. Under detecting multinikovosti the Participant Forum will blocked without warnings.

3.2. Under desire the Participant can to deposit about itself information in topic “To new ” for as speedy adaptation in collective Participants. Volume of and content information the Participant defines himself.

3.3. Participants Forum have the right satisfy its need in information leading trends Forum (astrology, psychology), and also other tantalising possibility tematik.

3.4. Participants Forum can obtain free consultation within Forum (camping on E. Hua time and forces) someone from members the PC. Consultation within Forum not assumes deep analysis and deployed answers practitioner. Under mutual desire and consent Participant and member the PC further work is a paid, paying is discussed privately and individually with those member of the PC, with which decided to conclude contract the Participant.

3.5. Participants Forum have the right open new themes, communicate with other Uchastnikami Forum in line with leading tematik Forum. Before as open a new subject take advantage search system. Can be, a similar theme already exists. For communication outside frameworks leading tematik Forum code podforum “Wu samovara. ”

3.6. Participants Forum owe abide by confectionery to horribles, within your and other Participants Forum. The explicit layki, caustic remarks and manipulation will be emasculated immediately, and Participants exercise blocking Administration and moderators without warnings. Welcome constructive discussion into those, associated with analysis breathing potential and ways adjustment character and fate. Under quoting Participants owe give exile on literature or site.

VI. Minor revisions position
1. Rules come into force since their the publication on Forum.
2. Rules can vary and augmented by, about than The administration pledges of SMS moderators and Participants Forum the relevant announcements on Forum (site).