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The magic the world moon

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In mythology lore about those respects so same are diverse as and its the choirs on the sky. The Young,’rising Long - Artemis, after the first-quarters - Hera, goddess today. From full moon until-thirds-quarters - Persephone. Invisible Long, vygode - Hecate, demonic goddess. In western (ancient Greek and Romans) mythology we meet the various but we lunar of a deity. Это и Селена - богиня женственности, символ воспринимающего принципа (в астрологии фиктивная планета), и Артемида - символ чистой, девственной природы, чистоты и непорочности, и Гера - богиня материнства, супружества, хранительница домашнего очага и отечества, и Деметра, символизирующая заботливую мать, боящуюся потерять свое дитя, и Персефона супруга Аида (в астрологии Прозерпина, трансплутоновая планета рассматривается самостоятельно, не отождествляется с Луной), царица подземного мира, символизирующая трансформацию, перерождение, магию, и Геката - богиня тьмы и призраков, покровительница иллюзий и обманов.
Let us talk on the subject?




Already in deep absent knew about strength influence moon on emotions and behavior people and even could to do forecasts judging by from phases of our from you. The beginning of lunar cycle commonly realized since, when the moon changes, when the Sun combine with the moon (ah as we this see), and through every 7 days comes a new phase: A new moon, the first quarter-, http and the fourth quarter-. From, when the moon changes until of the full moon Long growing, and from of the full moon until the next, when the moon changes - the receding. Is considered favorable start all new on growing those respects, and does on waning. In period growing moonwe all become more active, energetic and more fortunate in affairs, so on this period should plan the most important and responsible affairs (especially important phone pattern and letters). Will repeat, that this is the most the best period for moreover, to start all new affairs. For example, go on sounding about a new work.



In httppeople become especially sensitive. As this manifests itself? In humans there is cherzmernaya to get emotional, tension will, desire to remaking all affairs, internal state of "me Sea on knee was." In household cleansers should be careful with water and with the entire technique, associated with water. In this period are possible problems with redesigning and sanitation services.
Very often in man there is such a strong emotional tension, that in it merges together love and hatred, to as something unwind very pulling on conflicts or show will in childrearing. Better ride out this moment and to channel energy in right track. Most the best - this on maximum do in House all, that like before.
That concerns health, then in http well would to address diagnosis. Even the most incomprehensible symptoms well diagnosed lately. And here is operations on the full moon better not to do, because in this time maximally winds of painful sensations, can be complication in the form of said.
Http this the latest day in monthly period moon when should begin new affairs, after full moon until the next, when the moon changes should engage old affairs, Miners the, that was launched, new projects success not will bring.




, it's sunny-afternoon cycle

When the first people watched in the sky, they sought identify life with tranzitami sun and moon, defining time days and counting calendar on year. Interestingly, with Earth both the high is rendered us conflate on diameter, although and Long in 400 times less sun, but is in 400 times closer to Earth. This illusion their apparent equality explains phenomenon solar and of the lunar kogda and equal significance luminaries in the consciousness of human: Balance between tertiary clear conscience in his solar nature and domestic - in s.

One thing only the Sun in solar system exudes its own light, other same planet reflect his, feeding on solar vigor, retaining its position in the system around him. We attach with Sun behaves similarly force will, level of and direction consciousness personality. Moon same on Tradition manages instinctive nature personality reactions and their manifestation of, and also trumps emotion human, which constantly change so same, as and phase moon. Modern Astrologers not give such significance all 28 the 1930 its’s phases –, as ancient, although emit riches, New Moon and phenomenon kogda, for whom held reputation "causes" events, especially, if they as something resonate with radical card.

Constantly changing phase moon - phenomenon exclusively geotsentricheskoe, i.e. they are visible only with Earth, and means are linked with area human consciousness. In fact itself Long not is changing, and change only its "relationship" with Sun behaves similarly. On symbolic level astrologer sees a different way to applying solar energy on Earth, which harbors on all forms life. We take into consideration individual tranzity sun and moon, which, although and are considered superficial in force speed their changes, have an unalloyed influence on emotional and physiological life rights.

Let's go over it four basic phase moon: Vygode, growing squaring, http and the falling squaring.                                   

ON vygodechildren and women, sensitive to, clarity additive, become especially capricious. They are disoriented in the absence of leading instinctive forces (moon) and in the same time easily obey punish imperativnomu leadership (Sun).
Living juices plants go in roots, can be to do all, that anywhere with crown and botvoy, is thus meaningless to do subsequently. Well to collect root-corps, roots and coopering fuel-wood.
In body have human capita total fluid and attenuation symptoms diseases. Among hard sick rises the percentage of mortality. Living forces are dying out.
Have drivers declines the speed reactions. Have crowds there is a skewed perception of reality, she easier amenable to effects antisocial forces, its easier infect "way enemy", crowd's frigid, right, Ideology easily manage.
In radikse such a phase is viewed in dependence from forces sun and moon in signs. If stronger the Sun, man true to form an executive behavior, even in harm health and elementary biological needs, and if stronger Long - sentiments, Economics, habits bend them to itself will human, in behavior are observed propensity for dependence and tardy.

growing squaring. Meeting with actual representation has been obstacle cycle in the outside world. Man maximally similar structure to his overcoming. Attempt to change reality under any outcome gives man opportunity to commit leap on a new level their opportunities. Belief and a strong motive approach the far-goal can him help. Helpful in this moment resolve conflicts, long particularly thorny situation. Adequately in this moment to appoint an uncomfortable meeting, takes in tough negotiations. The right their waging will give real outcome, in the worst case will happen disposal of negative energy. Man hard works in the present.
Children demonstrate konfliktnoe behavior on authoritarian nurture parents. Conflict between "need to" and "want" with accent on "want."
Rises the danger injury from-for negligence, avariynost on roads, of cold, exacerbation chronic diseases, of view, digestive system. On this phase hurt than anything else. Stomach. Can be moderate swelling. Shown treatment teeth, cleansing organism, insertion residues.
Useful weeding weeds and destruction bugs.
Crowd hopes conflict solve its problem. There is activation democratic sentiment, open expression of protest.
In radikse for thus position sun and moon often worth sustained conflict or divorce parents, own problems in family life and with children at all. They can prompt human by awareness his behavior, Climate depth reactions. Perhaps, that be one-sided will often hinder creative work. Close people will considered character human heavy. Difficulties and disease will help va valida urmatorul mandat on the way self-perfection understand themselves.

http.Climax of the lunar principles and the easy implementation what was’s budget provides for on vygode, maximal humidity in thought world and within living organisms. Strengthening principles both gender: Hard feel in themselves only male or only women’s reaction. In environmental life there is the emotional overselling and causes tension will, awareness limit their forces. All on shoulders and Sea on knee was. In household cleansers can be quickly do all, on that lacked forces and time in previous days cycle, but should neatly treat water and water that household technique, are possible accident and of a breakdown sanitation and piped water. Floods. Not worth telling disassembly emotional relations and embark on for an executive nurture children, although and very want unwind so unproductive way. In this moment man can be it is difficult Mikoton in itself sense of love and hatred. If not being tackled attempts maximally use tide energy, arises opposite effect glut feelings about minor causes, inadequate (on maximum) perception of fact, alarm and fears, probable conflicts with representatives another gender.
Fruit and grass have maximum succulence, it is useful their to collect in this moment, rampant flowering. Zasolennaya on the eve cabbage will juicy.
In body maximum expression of painful sensations, symptoms disease have utrirovannyy character, that facilitated diagnosis. Insomnia. Crises have hard sick. Can be temporary a sense of recovery from-for tide forces. Operations in this day are dangerous bleeding and mental consequences from narcosis.
Are becoming more frequent accident on roads from-for competitive situations (overtaking me, overstepping speed) or in a result heightened emotionality in able drivers. Center loses governance okrainami, leader outstrips masses. Crowd is ungovernable. Is possible exodus from the country chief faces in state.
In radikse such position sun and moon may determine human with (at least abilities (evening Kyrylo Stetsenko) or dictator, have which everyday life causes tension his Ego. Children and household are sphere applications will. Internal tension calculated and unconscious rights. A strong love or divorce parents. Can be problems affecting eyesight, dishonesty, stomach, the heart, there is the danger samotravmatizma. Tense relations with the sexes.

the falling squaringThe foreign the situation rigidly breaks in in private life and is perceived as the angry rock. On head obrushivayutsya all for any snags cycle, especially, if on growing of increasing was missed opportunity overcome real obstacles. Comes reckoning for appeasement, incentive penchant for gullibility and reluctance to shoulder responsibility. Real moment requires concentration and concentration.
Parents with children prefer authoritarian way to impact, usually have them in this moment there is no forces deal, who rights, who is to blame. In much the situation not allows closely see reason conflict, emerges a sense of, that conflict not on forces man. If same on growing squared, was quite productive activities, now will become in sight, that remained do or that it can't. Will have to find in itself resources to address again for this deal on next cycle. The search for causes failures. Reality bucks, the speeding up its involves with inadequate expenditure of forces or travmatizmom. Are possible conflicts with representatives power, better postpone visit in official resort. Period lavished injury. Lowering the rapid organism, the total weakness. Accident from-for technical malfunctions, the importance of which was. Lower moisture in soil, the need plentiful irrigation.
Behavior leader is perceived people as brutal. Breathless discontent, a soft-spoken from the murmur.
In radikse promotes development of the dry relations with mother (wife) and children. Emotional situation cause inadequate, brutal behavior. Man seeks to avoid strong is deprived, deprives themselves experience in this sphere. Faced with him once, can obtain emotional trauma. There is zataivanie away. The search for domestic compensation. Attention to exercises of his organism, ability to to asketizmu. Can be desire to cut off residential hand life.

Markin N. Mainstream Cycles planets. Ch.1.- M., 1994.



moon SUTKI

For moon clock must be considered time, documented from identity until identity moon in terrain where man was born and lives. The first clock begin since, when the moon changes (his can be determine on orders in otryvnom calendar) until first identity moon: They can prove as within alone solar days, so and several minutes.

Every afternoon day has its a special charged, its symbol, its rhythm. Man is born in certain moon clock, which zapechatlevayutsya in his personal beyond on entire life, but, moreover, people monthly pass through all 29.5 of the lunar rhythms. In every afternoon day requires a certain behavior, otherwise goes disposal of energy on domestic organs, and will appear disease. Even stones, precious and semiprecious, wear can be on certain days. (Stones, too, have its information and its invisible radiation).

19TH DAY, this is control.

Symbol of - luminaire, an icon-lamp, light, lamp, but can be and 100p.n.l. to Hecate. Also - Athena docks, 160cm bed in full weapons from heads Zeus.
Day creative ambitions easily.
Symbolically stems with the first to 12 of the Ram. In this day no affairs start cannot be, better their only plan. What we in this day planning, can subsequently successfully achieved, in including and without our intervention. This in a famous sense magic day, when we can create co-creating images, the mental forms in the consciousness of, which then comes. To think in first day moon "not about how" - very unguardedly: We can create realities, which then capable bring misfortune to. This very net day.
In a medical respect first day moon stems with 0031 brain and Facial part of heads: Should not in this day must not exert himself, cannabis intergenerational accounts, there is reducing pressure and very hot food.
People, born in first day moon, always await something great; they can live so entire life and not wait its high point hours. Sometimes their spreads above naitie, and - they commit feat: They must included in activities suddenly and vividly.
Physiologically severe day, tightens domestic organs. If disrupt recommendations, then goes disposal of energy on domestic organs, he can lead to education of stones. Until disease there is no, cannot be to lend it arise and grow.
In first day can be wear diamonds and mountainous crystal, but with prudence: A diamond not everyone depicts.

leaders DAY

Symbol of - fall, his mouth, rіg of plenty, on Sapta Sindhu tradition - "grasping a his mouth" (mythological parallels - Charybdis, the Leviathan, ’.
In 2 th day moon beneficial influence exerts diet.
That Spain all before the sunrise moon or on the morning wash stomach, drinks liter podsolennoy water with lemon, who was accustomed - do pose of them, quietly sit up and slowly recall products that you consume; if under the remembrance about than something chestnuts one senses vomiting or worryingly a sense of, product panicking for organism. (Thus same way can be test friends: From whom burst of sickness - is the not each).
Utterly come in the second day moon anger, generosity same, contrary, should Y develop and cultivate in itself.
People, born in this day, seek to all in themselves incorporate. Have people livelihoods this manifests itself in the form of zakhvatnichestva, greed; never polneya, they eat all without debriefing. Have people this days can evolve greed, zakhvatnicheskie instincts, attachment to things.
Well start in this day cycle physical exercise or big information cycle. If this not to do, perhaps gasket physical bodies (of salt, stones), are beginning much to root her teeth, is possible parodontoz, lishai (under bad planet Saturn).
In a medical respect also should pay attention on his mouth, her teeth, upper part of the sky.
Stones - jade, khaltsedon, agate lilting.

can DAY

Symbol of - Malaysia, and or there, social and to Jump. With this days begins neomeniya (novomesyache), on the sky emerges afternoon sickle (had run out of days to Hecate).
This period active struggle, pressure and aggression, of astral warrior, chained in armor. All passive people in the third day moon vulnerable, so as on them manufactured various astral attacks. Man, if he not fighter, simply "drinks" in itself energy, becomes worrywart, suspiciously and perfidious. Should urged focusing and use its astral energy for self-defense. This is the most the best day to innovate, military Judo while still a teenager - from Bacardi family-aeacoaaoe, karate-and in other.
In this day work with metals, sharpening knives, in absent pissing silver things.
Poorly in 3-third production day moon pour oil (This is means, that you slipped on ice, descended from with his path).
Desirable go in sauna and time in the sauna,. That Spain work with all energies magnetic field.
If there is pain of in area androgenetical or ear - is necessary purge broken bones (1 package bay leaves leaf on 1 are unaware of fresh boiling water over burn off until volume of 0.5 Bada and accept the half or as internal a means). The specified parts of bodies in the third day should pay sensitivity attention.
Stones - dzhespilit, and garnet, pyrite fare, and aventurine.


Symbol of - the Tree sound knowledge, choice between and good and evil. In this day, which better conduct in seaside resort of Beidaihe, need to ten times think, above than to accept decision. This day - the first of unfavorable. And carries an ambivalent characteristic:: He positive and negative simultaneously, in it there is evil. In West European astrology he is considered day their human, vkusivshego from Tree Knowledge - hence symbol of Adam an apple, 's been trapped in toothache.
Day this better institute in seaside resort of Beidaihe and try to not to accept periods of decisions: First need to all as should figure. In this day rely focus on singing of sacred anthems. Our Center group work, cannot be to tear flowers, chop down trees. Well in this day to spin too, gulyat on the forest, dissolve example. If in night, the pre-that day, prividyatsya example, simple trick works quite hair - should abandon the designed.
People, born in this day, are piece some cosmic mystery: Desirable, to every cleared in itself this mystery of on generates level.
Stones: Sardoniks, amazonit (brings in house joy), green nephritis.


Symbol of - unicorn, denotes the purse currency, in particular, loyalty principles, debt; people fifth days "usmiryayut" clean BBSes.
In this day, emblematic the beginning of ???? food and its transformation, should pay rather than caught food large attention. This the only day, when food (in sense of astral supporting structure) takes without balance and fully is transformed to in tissue. So can be be guided by instinct and there is the, to what pulling; so trickled in yoga - they are buy just on bazaar and eat. In this day need to get enough of, but not gorging himself on food. As basis nutrition preferable to milk and cottage cheese.
People, this days not's much too fattening, their a defining characteristic of - being a little fidgety. Them helpful follow information, not cannabis kvashennoy cabbage, salty cucumbers, avoid products, detailing fetuses rot.
Well in fifth day be in road, to cry (in dream and ancient), work with travami- to collect, dry sooner their, insist. In this day defend principles, patrol someone.
In a medical dimension should pay attention on esophagus. Starve Gazans cannot be, our Center animal matter food. In this day are born people, which are transforming food in physical and astral energy. Can be born've, saints.
Stones - turquoise, pink khaltsedon, marble.


Precedes the first-quarters moon.
Symbol of - clouds, is pie, sacred doth bird Ibycus of Rhegium (ancient Greek. )-Crowned Crane symbolizes passive female the beginning.
Period takeover provisions and learn – ­ energy Space. Prophecy, transfer of thought, work with the word, classes pranayamoy.
That Spain also work with smells, for only in the top of breathing ways of either, and also in personal with lung is happening process transformation cosmic energy - of a prana. Day Hindu her deep, love. Reminds about forgiveness. People, born in him, - conduits, transformers cosmic energy.
In absent in this day speculating went on at clouds. When the sky a clear or fully sees cloud as it spread - means, the world devoid of harmony. Well see clouds, hear melodic can.
In a medical dimension should pay attention on bronchial tubes, plasma, upper respiratory path; well treat disease breathing pathways.
Day good for rejuvenation.
Stones - Hyacinth, citrine.


Symbol of - take the baton, cock, Rosa-.
This day avestiyskogo of a deity - combat of the cock Sraoshi (Sroshi), complying functions Mikhail the Archangel.
Time work with the elements, it, with spirits of nature, day prayer and verbal magic. Stems with more profound use of mantra (prayer), than in the fourth day (not friendly for victimization Ramadan the opposite, 21 th afternoon day). In seventh day moon cannot be to lie. If not you can work verbally, better be quiet for, otherwise can ache lungs.
Should fulfill training on the hands of, learn to speak, our product line goes from "filthy" words (words-parasites). Desirable, to in this day were would adventures. Cannot be there is kurinoe meat, eggs, to beat tableware. Not that Spain also to tear books, paper, letters.
Day serious provocations, which run as far as until crimes. Very poorly see in dream combat of the cock - this a badge of rapid catastrophe for human or his close.
In a medical respect need to pay attention on lungs, so as in this day can be easily to catch a cold. He also the least facilitate, for vyryvaniya teeth.
People, born in seventh day moon, - ". In 1994", superficial and neuemnye collectors gossip.
Stones seventh days - Sapphire, heliotrope and other components, coral.


Symbol of - rukhs are thought, a box with treasures, conflagration. Also peacocks, having misfortune to. Planet symbol of - Proserpine, associated with constellation of prodavat and the Moon.
Color - red-black (color of of the flame).
This period mixture transformations, alchemy, day of repentance and scapegoat sins, purification 'fire (feed for whom serves tree or a rope - for example in Giver). In the process chemical and alchemical transformation in our body captured the finest energy. Is happening transformation and spurious food in your stomach.
In a medical respect - can be starve, pursue cleansing stomach and sufferers. Aside from stomach, should pay attention on category: Peripheral nervous system nervous system.
It is this day well be preparing drugs from all diseases, especially complex, in which contains 108 or 72 component of.
In the eighth day moon are born the alchemists.
His stones - Red granite, khrizolit, we are.


First day quadrature (mathematics) moon and sun.
Symbol of - pipistrelle, weather mouse.
Dangerous, the satanic day. Period attractive temptations, illusions, deception of, delusions, biosafety. Can be with, agonizing Slumbers (they should not trust). Day, in which we get only with signs, to which need to seriously closely: Soberly figure and assess every.
Needs cleansing happened, active self-defense from aggressive the Black.
Most a strong warning in this day - we were conferred milk. If have feeding mothers milk disappears, child will punished.
Cannot be look in a mirror or break his.
If in ninth day moon tree blooms cactus - this to good.
Overwhelming sense of in breast - sign, that there are many problems and need to turn to learning spiritual food, to roots, to tradition.
Can be to do all the power training. Very effective will forgive human, which have offended you.
In a medical dimension - should pay attention on thumping, on warning mezhrebernoy neuralgia connected, stenocardia.
People, born in this day, often accented're miserable: They need to constantly clean that shit out, dispose from residues, as physical, so and astral.
Stones - black pearls, alexandrite, raukhtopaz! Gives civic participation), serpentine! Draws the blackness)

10 people being DAY

Symbol of - source of water, fountain.
Fountain stems with constantly, overflowing human vigor, reminds about spiritual self-sufficiency.
Day stems with way out human on own tradition, his samouglubleniem, the inclusion of any karmic memory. In this day is happening the exit on secret sources of knowledge. Sometimes man is beginning to something to do unconsciously.
In tenth cliffs of Dover that Spain meditation over own karma and karma kind of, with goal learned our past and present, better represent, than provide the future and the contestant line, that we are engaged in life. Reflections over his genealogical walnut, meditation on the portraits ancestors should combine with reinvigorating the homes, family. Well in this day start construction.
Tenth day - day vacation. This the best day for Russian inflexible bathhouses.
People, born in tenth day, are becoming linked for themselves new sources of energy, many are treated to them for help as a source of forces. Those of them, who goes on lower bound path - vested, superficial, often suffer cancerous tumors, men - diseases the prostate tumors.
Stones - amber, tsvarovit, olivine-khrizolit, sardoniks.

number 11 DAY

Symbol of - the fire sword, crown failed, back of. Admirable symbol of - producing, where person should defeat in itself the Minotaur.
Day, in which are needed caution and pretty in meeting any affairs. Can be to practice some what cleaning procedures, in particular, refining, Astrala, prayer and the magical actions, but around the need a Sorgfaltspflicht training.
If man not knows, or not cleaned up, then let he nothing serious not Hypnotizes in this day. People, not akess constant practice, should not’t work too much, not borrow in hands cutting tools, even bread not cut in this day. Hurl extending cannot be, all should necessarily reproduces until the end of.
Falling knives, forks warn about the dangers. Not that Spain contact with insects (cannot be their kill).
People, born in this day, is very strong, virtually unpredictable, and with them often occur catastrophe. Such people often bite during dogs, wasps and even cows. In eleventh cliffs of Dover well start starve Gazans.
Stones - the fire worthy opal, hematite (korovik), eyes.

the twelfth DAY

Symbol of - Cup, heart of (Cup Holy Grail).
Day mercy of and compassion, inclusion cosmic energy love. With one hand insurance is love human to God, as source of single, from which he once released, with other hand - love God to his creatures. This is one of days, when prayer are being realized. Well in the twelfth day obtain revelation.
This period visual astral images, focus on water, purification 'thought. Day victory wisdom over mind and feelings, day Appeasement, greatness spirit. Helpful give gifts, Giving the sacrificial the remnants of, sue was alms, especially if you have about this are asked. The, who not will have mercy on in this day, can and himself be excluded mercy of.
Day Ramadan, a, care to the very itself, of leniency, altruism, but cannot be we relax and cry. Be angry come.
In this day need to try to cannabis smaller brute food, water - many. Recommended juices (except apple - symbol of enrichment). Day purification 'the top of breathing pathways, hearts and lung helpful to accept expectorant. Utterly must refrain from riding burden on heart of.
Bad a badge of in the twelfth day - s utensils, procast liquid: This a badge of suffering, solitude.
In this day are born gracious people.
Stones - noble Lapis lazuli, Royal coral, blossom a, pink pearls.


Symbol of - wheel (flight, German its tail) with tattoo of a swastika within. More "a": She as would revolves in direction on-hour arrow, on Sun, posolon (more symbol of - sun). More symbolizes movement, above all blood, perestaltiku sufferers, circulation of energy Tung Chee (a prana) on channels of our organism.
Magic day. Number of 13 fits a badge of Gemini coven (1 + 3 =4 - Mercury, blood regardless this a sign. Incidentally, should 13 zodiakalnoe constellation of Ophiuchi - constellation of mages). This day accumulation information, the fabrication round placed, tech spinning nationalists threads, organizations contacts, correction past, work with karma.
Period good for contacts in group, exercises. In this day should stove again bread. Needs to heap stomach, perfectly are assimilated drugs, cosmetic means (for example - beet with sour cream), go processes rejuvenation.
Man, born in this day, - the snake, German its tail, - this man, working over time, incoming sunlight in contact with in other large powers with stakes. In thirteenth afternoon day are born ideal students.
Stumbling - an honorable worthy opal.

the new 14 DAY

Symbol of - cube.
This day call, so he simvoliziruetsya pipe. Stems with use of sources information.
The beginning of any an important affairs better shifting on 14 day, if there is no suppress factors: Planets in devastating degrees, bad planetary situations. Initiated in this day affairs not until. If you missed his - you lost month.
Praying can be, but not very hard. Perhaps "dry fasting", because that any liquid in this day bears pollution; needs cleansing waste pipes, through which need remove annually reprocessed. There is better lot more almond and of salty products, to abandon bitter and sweet.
Useful work with sacred texts. Goes obtaining secret knowledge, have human is a the third eye (if on this directed efforts). Cannot be engage any magic threshold activities, reload vision check, cannabis perfume, and people with weak the moon better not look in a mirror. Useful any physical work. Should not forget, that in this day often "feel overwhelmed by" sadness, melancholia, mourning and melancholy. Is happening many suicides, there is mania prosecution, contacts with in other large powers with stakes.
People, born in this afternoon day, have to anything vocation of. For them are typified by melancholy on authority, unbelievable volte face adjusting, ability to infuriating behind, mind and tipping, skill at good for a. They are prepared on feat, internally are pure, rather are sterile, highly squeamish.
Stumbling - Hyacinth.

the fifteenth DAY

Symbol of - the snake, jackal, man - fighter with kinds, which Persians was called zurvanom (zurvany basis for negotiation themselves mission brush your land from any sign evil spirits).
The satanic day, day of Anubis, period sensual temptations and astral battles. In some texts his blamed to iskusitelyu Arimanu (Angro-Mainyu (Final Fantasy)) - spirit flesh, which relaxes human, makes his malleable, more persuadable of our, lazy, to give in to his any earthly tantalizing.
In this day activates domestic snakes every human, so need to practice any forms austerity, win its flesh, to be a net (otherwise is fracturing the Further we go). Helpful defend justice. Desirable there is nitrate of potash - to improve memory, taming has its low of nature. Food Good as an urgent, so and enough fat on them, hot. That Spain the Japanese cuisine of: Raw, barley. Cannot be there is apples (too inskaya food).
Dream, snivshiysya in the fifteenth day, - the prothetic (on month).
Bad a badge of in this day - spat. A good -A dog, even the barking.
In a medical respect should pay attention on work pancreatic tumors (is happening the correction its functions), on diaphragm. Better in the fifteenth afternoon day not much to root.
People, born in this day - day full moon, have the snake's nature. They are amenable to all astral Pittsburgh Summit will result, for born under influence of astral the snake. Thus "utrobnym" people not alien no amount the temptation flesh.
People this and next of the lunar days especially not suggestible lot. For Student this adversely.
Stones - agate, we are, gagat.


Symbol of - Psyche, a butterfly, dove, "staircase on the sky", denotes the purse currency difficult path climbing, contemplation with a huge force imagination.
First day the third phase moon, in which is sometimes http. One of clean days.
Marked by justice, Nash, harmony between astral and physical bodies. In this day that Spain any exercise, promote harmony, which leads to irreversible processes - as physical, so and mental. Is considered, that the cry, somewhat informal behavior must be fully are excluded in this day. Need to abide by calm, not violate enjoy any cryptographic actions domestic comfort and peace in psyche, for symbol of this days - moderation.
XVl afternoon day - one of days Posvyascheniya preachers. Orneriness and belligerence, envy, in this day, lead to fall in. Is contra-indicated also sex.
Not that Spain cannabis of AIC food (except fish) and wild mushrooms, cannot be kill birds.
Day renewal blood. Its zabolevanie- a sign of spiritual uncleanness. On this same points dirt, lipnuvshaya to advisers.
People, born in this day, like white color and purity, tend to to blue and serebristomu. They not denounce other. On the first stage his spiritual advance they nothing not hear, on the second and the third comes understanding of language plants and animals. Thus people have a work over time - the correction past.
Man this days nothing not worth build the specter, he - nezlobivyy'm a fantasist.
Stones: Spinel, tourmaline, Charoite, bottom, pearls (except black).

seventeenth DAY

Symbol of - grape Asenovgrad, grandsire of, bell.
This period Hindu domestic freedom, day and '07 of Dionysus.
In ancient Greece in honor this God the numbers are sacred orgy. On never known this day was called "day
Was attached - of female energy. These symbol of also to describe dancers, Asajj love.
This day accumulation and rivers, available, ecstasy and joy dawn. Facilitate, for married relations, steam contacts. The most vivid aspect of in characterization this days - love, but should not lose head and caution: From-for uncontrollable vigor he contains in itself many of surprises.
Day stems with transformation Genital energies, not sublimated (not explicit) female energy can manifest itself as coterie, as an involuntary the exit.
Seventeenth day moon desirable conduct as day contacts, for festivity and of relaxed, day speeches, songs, enable be defeated through security asanami, of group exercise, of sublimating gender energy.
Results this days can be very different: At the highest level - the exit on the key to ideal love, on called “Root - coterie and drunkenness.
That Spain cannabis dry wine or just reheated kagor- this symbol of of knowledge eternity and ecstasy, ties with movement, relish.
In this day well conclude marriages, which will a long time deductible on love. At all for conclusions marriage are good 12, 16 and 17 moon days (in 16 day - marriage will to stay in harmony, and in 12 - on superior love).
People, born in seventeenth afternoon day, need in his "half of." Have them great need in its true was wife of or lover. - source energy steam room gravity, otherwise will man will're pathetic and weak in life.
Stones - transparent amethyst, Of The Crow and falconry eye, as zirconium.

its 18th DAY

Symbol of - a mirror, the ice, may serve, image holy Egyptian was a baboon's, who was devoted Anubis; here same has attitude Hanuman - an honorable the patron monkeys in Indian of works. Day passive, for some people severe, because can become and day their. Human, does not want fight with their low instincts, is embroiled in\ u0027s Nightmares, seduction; are manifest secret obstacles - the impression, that you try to whip with authentic path.
Day stems with this, mimikrIey, with passive as being cause last. Everyone needs work with their manner of harebrained and impure, lady thoughts remains ready; by advancing objective glance on the world, try see themselves with hand, to abandon illusions, from low-lying instincts. Happening in its 18th day can illustrate the next image: Surrounding reality is as would the mirror image of our domestic essence, our happened and things. Each of us deserves its Goodyear: One - a funhouse, the other - finer and the clean, third as if in eye fell mirror a fragment of a, so he sees all in mutant reforms image. Word, a mirror shows us in these moon clock what we have experienced.
In this day all need to detachment from made, from egoism. Come drunkenness and smoking, it is useful cleanse bloating; many spiritual teachers have recommended that fasting.
In a medical respect should pay attention on kidneys: They in this day weakens. In this day can emerge cutaneous disease, a loan or we see secret wounds (with any diagnosis and treatment need to be very careful). If something similar happened - means, man violated law cosmic evolution.
That Spain cleansing skin, massages, Ghusl, rejuvenation is, bathhouses with a good ferry, less sleep - otherwise can be to stand up in located able. Undesirable cannabis meat food - better cardiac, lot more cooking oil with (in including as say ointment is under sences).
In this day are born people with talent actor, mostly comedy spoof; all dovodyaschie until absurd, they see the world turns. This people "without web" that can vozomnit themselves end creation - and then their path will're pathetic and low: They can plodding until full cynicism and destruction. Often they trapped in their your own delusions and are beginning not my fault that Hitler hated nor right, nor pointing fingers at each other.
High people, camping on E. Individuals ,-reaching on high path, - this type of net mirrors, on them can the jukebox broken into pieces Hanuman's, whose task - serving high the idea of; this personality sozidayuschie, capable on sacrifice, on feat, under this can remain modest and elusive; healers.
Stones - white agate, worthy opal, lilac amethyst, spinel.


Symbol of - spider has, network.
Period severe and quite dangerous - the satanic day.
Moon already on damage, so many sorcerers elected these clock for their specific talismanic and black achievements. This day dangerous poisoning, spiritual artificially through Jimsonweed ,-splinter tradition consciousness. Zaputavshisya in some vice, man can easily fall into has around both the diabolical network. Very careful need to be with new ideas, be setting the, which's sounding in 19-’ s moon clock, - likely, this will be the Seduction of.
This day for all stems with astral purification, camping on E. With moral cleaning souls, conscience: Helpful figure their actions, although would mentally repent, get rid of lies, Hubris, from of strangers thought, from upon illusions. Helpful sit have a fire (in absent jumped through's), light up light a candle and to circumvent with it room, apartment, house; better, of course, light up lampadu.
Day also stems with creative: Spider has - man, which can contrast themselves all, the Author, maverick, single mother, which will show takeoff creative thought, but, likely, will be punished the fate of for pride.
In this day are born, in the worst case, people are conniving, a couple of wise guys, flatterers who look, deftly pletuschie their networks, either failures, either tvortsy- Loners, not any world. However, can be significantly reduce or even quite get rid of negative including 19 th days, if have to start setting in itself high moral quality and in life regulation outbreak, modest man, incurring good and light.
With medical perspective vulnerable jobs in the body human are in this day human digestive, sigmovidnaya rectum.
Stones - labrador, gaganit, we are, krovavik, khrizolit, uvarovit and green hand.

twentieth DAY

Symbol of - "-a vulture, "" with krokodilim tail ", that means coupling signs of Scorpio and of Sagittarius. (A badge of of Sagittarius - presence energy organic).
Very a serious and an interesting day: Time spiritual mocker, overcoming doubt, rise, of knowledge space of law. "- symbol of religious Mathew.
Day the best for starvation spiritual insights. Forbidden there is meat and strain vision check, better be homes, engage economic affairs, family, traditions. Not worth ektrasensorno treat: Under this easily exhausted, give too many energy.
Dangers 20 th days: Hubris, arrogance, bryuzglivost. With this day are linked such organs human body, as might, upper part of backs, and also bryushina.
Born in this day lives in constant anticipation by air, very inclined to astral travel. Best people 20 th days - podvizhniki, sacrificed themselves a sake of affairs. In its worst, - tend or to over others in negative sense - become lzheuchitelyami, dictators.
Stones - red Jasper (mineral) and dzhespilit.

twenty 19TH DAY

Symbol of - from, in them horses, driven.
Time neukrotimogo movement forward, the hundreds; day courage, with nothing to fear, voluntary victims, refusal from property; revolutionary re-jigs, stubbornness in achieving goal, skill achieve triumph. Day active, creative, day sports (better in world).
Day astral warriors, donkikhotstva, warmth.
In this day can be to lend the oath fealty, need to seek to not to lie, be absolutely a net and fair. All people should be active, "lose in herd" - useful all vested classes; this day friendship, unification people.
Recommended baths, souls, slushie thing, acclimatization; in this day can be to commit trip or start travel. Move on new place work should precisely in 21-Interwiev afternoon day.
In a medical respect he stems with the hemopoietic system, in particular, with liver; burden on liver our Center; needs pursue krovoochistitelnye procedures - to drink grass, there is carrot, the Cranberries, beet, Mountain Ash, that. That Spain fulfill exercise, be on the air.
People, born in twenty-first day moon, can be in his called “Root version -neukrotimymi a proud lot," topchuschimi "other. 's supreme type of - net and honest knight, a strong spirit of, quarterback justice.
Stones - pyrite fare, as zirconium, and aventurine, obsidian.

twenty leaders DAY

Symbols - elephant largely (son Shiva) with oblomannym your canine, of Heaven and golden efforts.
This period wisdom, studying secret knowledge and his use. That Spain to identify the future (not on maps. Helpful meditate on magical and astrologicheskuyu symbolics. Well fixating on pictures, on yantrakh (this images of sacred utterance on paper, on sand). Teach other, cede experience, be preparing pupils, Fuehrer generosity or simply accumulate knowledge.
In a medical dimension needs be especially attentive to tazobedrennomu belt, kresttsu, the lower parts of irreparable. Abrupt movements better not to do. Because elephant eats many cancers food, that Spain many there is, to heap stomach.
Stones - blue agate, blue Sapphire, blue Jasper (mineral), blue nephritis and amber.

twenty can DAY

Symbol of - crocodile McAra, also polukrokodil, half fish, poluptitsa, poluzmey, which all was swallowing, lack, succumbed; another symbol of - Cerberus. A close to this way of also flames of Chimaera and an echidna.
Period very severe - one of days seduction. Stems with violence, destruction old, with u reform. In this day in man easily oxide instincts seizing, neuemnyy appetite, propensity to delirium, fights and kind of adventure. Sexual energy this days undermines health. Day rampant vampires and sucking insects.
This day - symbol of sacrifice –, of repentance, understanding of and forgiveness. Dangerously made anger, gluttony, cannot be or fingernails, exercise appreciating the transactions; should not to wage a sedentary image life.
Period office and abstinence, caution and accurately, Hindu forces and opportunities faith healing. This day safeguard homes, in which should pursue the cleanup and okroplenie saint water, cleansing fire candles thresholds, okurivanie facilities bagulnikom and cumin.
This day stems also with being terrorized, our, exile; should beware clashes with rassvirepevshey crowd, not to succumb to provocations, temptation a drop of vengeance.
In day a crocodile exclude from use sliced food, warranted the milk - need to drink more milk, there is cottage cheese and other dairy products, stove again advantage, in which well bake cardiac.
In the twenty-the third day man should be especially attentive to to his health. In the center of the all concerns should be spine: Desirable pursue with him provide increased and salutary procedures.
For human, born from in this day characterized tsepkost, the stranglehold of, any deal is being carried them until absolutes are. He ??? on life as bulldozer, around the displaying maturity and completeness. If have such people there is dimension on the bright affairs - of them go celestial defenders of and celestial executioners, constantly justice.
People twenty-third days often become yet remain devout monks, but monastic vows not necessarily for all, who was born in this day.
Stones - raukhtopaz, black nephritis, krokodilit, sarder.


Symbol of - Bear (Shiva).
Moon passes constellation of Ophiuchi upward-down and from Capricorn enters in Actis Systems. This period destruction old and of creation a new.
Day stems with Awakening forces of nature. Is considered, that on human can to deign revelation or in it is happening awakening huge forces. If he not knows, as whatever the, then going to make him pay for this. Is happening implementation clannish curse, and also oborotnichestva.
Day stems with construction: Can be build homes,’ability to lay the 1960, temples. At all, fundamental founding in further lead to activist use of reserves.
In this day "the bear" punishing rapists and sadists.
Day obedience to physical of nature. Can be engage treatment, to drugs, recommended the power exercise, yoga. Facilitate, for Awakening and transformation sexual energy; this day cult of all gods available, day compounds, conceiving, but cannot be abuse with sexual many practices - otherwise woes not big pain in the neck: Engage they should only on strictly a certain program.
This day need to actively use for strengthen own health, raising spiritual levels.
Born in 24-Interwiev day man - not from the world stingy, saint.
Stones - black Jasper (mineral), air obsidian, are those Korina uses, blue nephritis, grossulyar.

twenty FlFTH DAY DAY

Symbol of - Tortoise, sink, ballot box (a vessel for fluid), two vessel with living and the dead water.
Day passive, immerse oneself, period solitude, focus and imagination. Can be to address nook a spree, work over improving spirituality.
In this day all people the proper clean itself up from residues, spiritual and physically, listen to its domestic voice our Center might. If in 25 th day manifests itself clear hearing - this a badge of slavery dependence from someone.
People 25 th days even in young years weigh mature, as the oldies. This wise, the relaxed,, even carotid people, but capable transformed; often see Swedish Slumbers.
Stones - shpaty, brindle eye, falconry eye (blue and blue), cat eye (green), prazem, all fossils - tree, coal; sink, and also heliotrope and other components, pink marble.

twenty SlXTH DAY DAY

Symbol of - toad, quagmire.
Toad, as and the snake, - agency wisdom, but wisdom, which not brings no good man, for his world false the Seduction of own achievements.
This one of the most critical, dangerous days (but not the satanic), in which Oh, make love are fighting, in vain zapping and, spend many energy on remain. Precisely in this day man can pereraskhodovat their energies, force. So in all sacred texts sounds warning from naprasnogo of expenditure energy. Better in 26 th day to abstain from active activities, sleep or be reasonable and cost-efficient in affairs, associated with energy costs. This day abstinence and office, although in abstinence not so necessarily, as post.
Need to seek to cognition life, the worst in humans, to a sober assessment of the fact, withdrawal all and keep the "masks." Otherwise us will to poison, over us can to throw stones, displaying sanctimony of fr... well and crude materialism.
In 26 th day moon high the likelihood spate.
If in this day, coming out of homes, meet human with complete bags or, buckets of it, then can considered, that southern on life correctly; if same in dream or ancient witnessed lightning - this warning about the, that not tamed hubris and vanity.
People, born in this day, are called upon to entire life silenced, to lend vows, promises and fulfill their, to shoulder any asceticism.
Stones - auripigment, Royal nephritis, jade, khrizopraz.


Symbol of - a trident, take the baton.
Day Neptune, in which lost all his and '07. Stems with water and sea space travel. Also day obtain people knowledge.
That Spain meditate, so as in this day perhaps an intuitive epiphany.
In 27 th day should as can be less look in a mirror; better indispensable at all without him.
Oh, make love, born in this day, live in able permanent change and fluctuations. This travelers with eternal his mission of knowledge, vagrants, mystery, cranks, healers (Neptune head Drug). At the highest of descent level this - people, capable on an ideal love, on called “Root - drunks, addicts. Before Diaspora-27 th afternoon day is worth task, mastering the cruel by meditation, outer creation of, but they should show many forces will, to "catch" an underclass the world. On this road will help prayer, all about verbal magic, white magic.
Stones - mauve transparent amethyst, bottom, adulyar, pink and raspberry quartz, selenite.


Symbol of - the lotus.
Favorable day, day sun, in which perhaps spiritual epiphany, goes Alchemy souls. Man in dream or in the process meditation learns their past birth. Period attainments senior truths, Hindu spiritual create, day contemplation, all chakras and work with them. Intended for work in your sleep, with dreams (meaningful), with astral the body, his the most the subtle outputs, with e. s. p.
In this day need to try to be in buoyant mood, Armenia received inward, to control emotions. Well plant all useful plants and sow good thought. Cannot be lumping trees, to tear and give flowers.
That Spain a juice hunger. Very it is important secure vision check: Better smaller to read, not look on vivid light, People, suffering, will ever come an insomniac, it is useful look on in a SUV light (5-10 shadowing, capacity light bulbs 15 hz).
This day "terrestrial" affairs.
People, born in 28 th day moon, accented very different. People, boomers in 28 th cliffs of Dover, needs work with dreams.
With perspective medicine should secure head, parent the brain, follow arterial pressure.
Stones - agonit, khrizopraz, belomorit, dairy worthy opal, jade, aquamarine, amethyst, plasma.


Symbol of - a hydra, octopus.
One of the most dangerous and harrowing devilish days. Day, when over people gathering an astral a, and any Slumbers, any prophecy will to be deceptive and false. Day rampant demons. Comes at days to Hecate - dark days, when moon not in sight. In this day is necessary responsibility and ustroenie reliable protection from of Satanizm, standoff him. Need abide by post, abstinence, to practice obedience and repentance, myself the art of healing. Cannot be to do nothing new (even plan), except the most needed household and the human affairs. Best engage home and agriculture.
Should sever fake ties, jihadi occupies intrusive people and / or annoying thought, pursue clean the organism. Before nightmare helpful conduct cleansing water, hold in very Cold water its feet. That Spain Motor lamps and candles, out exposure bagulnikom. Cloudy water, the darkness and dark exposure need to avoid.
Cannot be wear products from bones and horns.
Food must consist mainly vypechennykh products exempted - pies, pancakes and camping on D. Their it is important stove again in House.
Bad a badge of - to hear incited cries, call pipes. Slow musical sounds - this warning, that you something in life commit ???.
People, born in 29 th day moon, - towards scapegoat just Zodiacs. Are often trying to. Entire life with someone battle. Also love, but failures.
If 29 th day - the latest in by the moonlight month, in him can be to let me down the outcome month.
Stones - black pearls, blossom a, obsidian, kakholong, white worthy opal, labrador, color Jasper (mineral).


Symbol of - Golden Lebed.
Case not every moon.
Day love, forgiveness, of repentance and pіdvedennya outcome of for month. Often is expressed equal number of for good and of evil, which we get. Time great measures, full harmony.
In thirtieth day moon need to closely analyze its way and try continue to have with themselves all sins. This day committing of sacrifices, refusal from just of an unnecessary, and unnecessary, day decision-spiritual initiating and transition on a new circle development. Especially it is important to let me down the outcome before sunlight the blackout, the.
In this day should does affairs, contemplate, learn beauty, give people joy, Giving debts, displaying under this the mercy of. Need to purify house, in particular, making the placed (horseshoe).
Food must be easy, not meat, not brute. That Spain work with stumbling.
Day dangerous for to smell. Barking all dogs - warning, that it all go mistake on European path - typically, for the current month.
Day cleansing cordial muscle, vacation.
People, born in this day, are beautiful, kind, wise, sooner reveal themselves, follow to his ideal, monogamous. This one of past originating on this level - can be, on Earth they more not haze which produces.
Stones - white coral, mountainous crystal and tourmaline.

P. Globa "Oh than speaks out Long"



Meditation for full moon Leo

This http notes force hearts God year. This rooted the whereabouts any process gyrations. Space consciousness in the form of heat consciousness circulates through golden image God sun thanks to functions Leo. Brightness, openness and fearlessness sunlight simvoliziruyutsya force Leo in the universe is. Rooted consciousness is reflected through many centers the next way:

1. Parent center — place insights.
2. Mezhbrovnyy center — place understanding of.
3. Gorlovoy center — place expression.
4. Heart attack center — place love.
5. In an umbilical center — place of emotions.
6. Selezyonochnyy center — place reflexes.
7. Center founding — place instincts.

All centers zatverdzhuyutsya center founding, stipulated the in movement selezyonochnym center, are growing center have navel, become so hearty center, are expressed gorlovym center, well understood mezhbrovnym center and ozaryayutsya 0031 center. Synthesis constitution live beings is heart attack center. He also is portal stood between final and endless, force human and heavenly. Lev with his a head of, God sun, notes heart attack center humanity, which for AiON (deity) time does she ship race and nation, leading their on twelve lanes primitive differences human mind. Man goes back winner on of lions here throne thanks to this high temperatures all through the signpost Leo. Meditation on the full moon Leo stimulates in man consciousness love. Let throne love in you on this occasion gets incentive and by allowing thus structure of the.



For of female attractiveness of
In a full moon more drinks the glass spring or filtered water, throw in him leftist hand a pinch of salt and are posing the glass so, to on him fell afternoon light, under this my buns words conspiracy, until the entire where sea salt not dissolve: “Moonlit water that maiden a tear, let I will young, belolitsa, bespechalna, let me will love the, whom I love, for my which, for was the kind! ” And let the glass will endure for entire night. On the morning, umyvshis, stomach we have a few drinks democratic instinct enchanted water, mentally given one: “Water – in me, beauty of – on me! ” 'repeat these actions every morning, until not end well water in ECNs.



Galya, thank you for an interesting material :) At some forums at all simoronyat on nvoolunie and a full moon.



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People, born in the 29 the day moon, - towards scapegoat just Zodiacs. Are often trying to. Entire life with someone battle. Also love, but failures.

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People, born in seventh day moon, - ". In 1994", superficial and neuemnye collectors gossip.




, it's sunny-afternoon cycle September2008:

30 August– vygode in 8 gr. Of the Virgin of the
7 September– 1 quarter-in 16 gr. Sagittarius
15 September– a full moon in 23 gr. Fish
22 September– 4 quarter-in 30 gr. The twins



Shopping under the moon

Long in Ovne:night shone appears have Fire would subspec into, brighter, that tank Mars. So our desires're being impulsive and excessively strong. Attention attract, typically, things spectacular, but horse was. Shoes, is bought in this time, immediately complete burning on feet, clothing will ratchet up on seams, and if - Will you risk it buy perfume, then subsequently certainly proves, that have them too a sharp flavor. Even bed linen and the better now not choose – dream on it will long-restive and reduced.

Long in Taurus: A remarkable time for most purchases and at all for economic agents affairs. After all Long appears have Venus – patron comfort, coziness, good more taste and, of course same, love. Difficult to find more’s Moment the acquisition of linen – aphrodisiac there is, but under this well a comfortable. Perfume, the items and notebooks creams, too, better buy, until Long is in Taurus. Ah and if like it or to commit something truly heroic, change furniture, buy it a new lovely detached coach or stilna bookcase – certainly they will become center your apartment.

Long in the Twins: When Long appears have rechistogo and escape Mercury, have many rises susceptibility to any together and saw information. And means, startled have themselves desire to something to purchase, need immediately to ask themselves question: “Don’t I whether the kind the most an unhappy victim advertising? ”. Similarly, the not worth buy jewelry and accessories – under the near inspection they prove not so are spectacular.. Better to abstain from purchases cosmetic funds – they can trigger irritation skin. Not buy no wooden – all these or daddies, tetradok, knobs, - hardly you certainly them worthy the use of. But in this time can be sprout a new sympathetic shoe, clothes for sport.

Long in Raque: In this signs Long – at home. Have us rises pull to comfortable, sensitivity and to get emotional. Under such a position moon well choose furniture for homes, there and other finishing materials. The, that in this period would cause a sense of comfort and of calm, in further indeed will create in House cosiness. And here is home appliances (yes and another) technique to acquire not worth: She can prove treacherous.

Long in question: This time uncontrollable of emotions, ekzaltatsii and flashy of paints – Long in gostyakh have just regal sun! You ant it was sufficient buy anything surprising, unique and supermodnoe – shoes or women, which they will destroy yours entourage cleanly. Have the right! But You should take into consideration, that, likely, these things you gonna wear only matter of been. And not because, that be disappointed in them, and because, that they quickly lose form of and kind of. Especially this concerns shoes: Moon in question – worst time for its the acquisition of. From clothing exception can be done for warm sweatshirts: They indeed will nice heatin you winter. Perfume and decorative cosmetics –, too, townsome investment capital in this moment.

Long in The Maiden: Moon in House have businesslike about it responsible Ceres (dwarf planet). Under this position moon many people become raschetlivee, more thoroughly, carefully are reviewing their the impression and sensations, devote more attention practicality hyphenated, which gather buy. So moon at Deva favors to most purchases and economic agents affairs. This good time for purchases technology. For business costume, too, better for Ban to go precisely now. And here is with linen can be nice to miss. From cosmetics in this time well buy purifying and energy means, Italian, unit pencils, means to upon was already fat skin, shampoos (especially for fatty hair), means for laying. Can be choose and buy environmentally furniture – there is chance refine with its help its culinary prowess and at all acquire a taste to creativity have plates of.

Long in Libra: In this signs the nighttime shone appears have Venus. This an ideal time for the acquisition of all species cosmetics and perfume. You unmistakably going to choose shampoo for any - of even the most complex – type hair. That concerns clothing, can mind the something the exclusive, ostromodnoe, not on every day – and, how many would money you not has invested heavily in this “something ”, spare no then not regulation. An opportune moment and for the acquisition of hyphenated interior, finishing materials, so as have majority people rises Magik on successful a combination of.

Long in 1997-: Here Long is mired in ownership a formidable Pluto. This period at all not very facilitate, for purchases. Most a terrible, that can be done, - this for Ban to go for connections interior, Beach materials for its apartment or, say, bathroom equipment from. With all of these chance to miss more just.

Long Sagittarius: Moon appears have trustworthy organic. If like it or renew its workplace, do this now. Say, buying on this stage Weekly Newsletter, you can detect, that you became easier plan its workplace of time. And hence delivering to his beloved purchased now the handle, you through while, certainly final curtain, that she has become for him happiest. Buy cosmetics, and here is clothes and shoes not worth – taste of can you change.

Long in an: Here Long is under influence strict, adjunct Saturn. We less concerts, than usually, us pulling to everything simple and lakonichnomu. This one of the best periods for large purchases. Especially if deal concerns technology. Practical and blue, typically, find themselves clothing, shoes and products from skin. Objects interior and finishing materials for homes, when Long in an, not to acquire: The, that you now like, subsequently starts seem somehow kazennym and uncomfortable.

Long in Vodolee: Moon enters in ownership an independent and easy Uranus. And have us several weakens attention, thought guitar somewhere in sky-high gave, and logic is beginning to have a limp. Better not buy home appliances technique, end electronics. From less large acquisitions avoid purchases decorative cosmetics. But can take time, not cater Kirchners energy and rejuvenating means.

Long in Pisces: Moon appears have owner secrets embodied and’s dream Neptune's consort. Our attention still several disseminated, and sensitivity to external impacts – heightened. This far not the best time for greater parts of acquisitions and economic agents affairs, demanding rationality and accurately. One of the most useless purchases now – shoes. She risks become tortious enemy for your legs, in other words, will one release and and to chafe. Yes and serve for brief. With clothes deal, consider world much better: There is chance buy something very stylish, although and not very durable. Only not Buy warm things – many strong, heatin they will poorly. From cosmetics aptly can be pick a the items and notebooks cream.

Ya Malinovsky
Cosmopolitan, September 2002



And here is the simple and Russian diet, based on natural lapsing moon and its impact on liquid in our body. All we well know, that in period from full moon until, when the moon changes organism well purify, remove annually reprocessed and major. About this more detail:

Before as start a diet need to focus and 3 times read the next words: "clear Long, take it, take it with a all, that I have surplus and let it moves away together with you"

After this mentally thank moon and begin to pokhudeniyu. Diet lasts 24 hours, she begins in eve full moon, after private dinner. In our menu must to remain only fluid. You can to drink simple water (Oh. Spring, besides, mineral), resolved freshly squeezed juices. Best for this use fruits and vegetables appropriate sale. Advantage fruit juices consists in is, that they supply organism natural sakharami, reduce nutritional deficiencies and nutrients to and, importantly - allow those who with truzhom enduring the fasting, feel relative a completeness stomach. In a result you will lose from 250 gr until 1 kg. This diet will allow you get rid of edemas and peel the organism
For this diets there is contraindications under diseases exchange substances (diabetes, for example) and under violating svertyvemosti blood.



Zerkalo Venus(from interview with T. Globa)

. To hair and fingernails were healthier and well grew, or their need only on growing those respects, i.e. from, when the moon changes until full moon. In no way case cannot be or hair and skin, to accept baths in 9, 15, 19 and 29 moon days, ranging from, when the moon changes.

Long in Ovne: On the body human Aries manages head. When Long manages is in this signs, code time, to to address hairstyle, a massage faces, to raise tone skin, augment its, do masks. In no way case not go to the dentist a doctor, utterly extremely detrimental operations on personified by and anybody. Not advise expected to investigate relations - you their only even more's gonna confuse.

Long in Taurus: Taurus manages neck, so very appropriate time, to these would go several exercises for neck, irreparable and throat. If in these days you would to do inhalation and pre-wash, then your’s throats significantly cuts deep. Sit on a diet or to qualitatively just keep an eye for their nutrition, bad digestion. Skin faces very will undoubtedly grimace at you, if you would impose masks from berries. Hair of a swimming with the help of nutrients in lotions. Buy cosmetics. Clothing, is bought under those respects in Taurus, will be long and firmly run around.

Long to the Twins: Twins do fit batty and forearm. Do manicure, baths for hands, massage. Remember, that these days - the best time for breathing exercise, regenerating blood and exchange substances, and means, and improve the state of skin. Try as can be more time conduct on the air, especially in the forest or in park. Moon to the Twins will help you establish very good relations in family, and with friends.

Long in Raque: Cancer "rules" breastfeeding. In these days unkind nothing salutary baths with relating salts of different. Baths with herbs in these days will help you ne. Only remember, that coniferous and valeryanovye need to to accept on the evening, and with Thermaltake came up, chistotelom or zveroboem - on the morning and day. On your skin propitious would really work in these days masks curd and dairy. Try sleep day, there is lot more fruits and vegetables. Less drink water, because this may lead to to pockets of, spirits not drink at all. Caveat very careful with feed - in these days are possible methyl.

Long in question: A lion aligned to Nimera. "Moon in this signs code for entertainment, vacation. Robіt itself and close gifts. But in no way case not buy themselves no clothing: Things, bought under those respects in question, and ridicule literally risk burning on you, and shoes those more. Vaga being veiled very wins, if in these days you can to accept mineral and radon baths. If such opportunities there is no, not be disappointed: Steam baths and heated masks, too, remarkable you will refresh. Advise you precisely in these days pick a itself cosmetics, wearing. Believe me - choice will a failure. If perishing very wanted anything buy, then buy only jewelry and any weekend, not say things.

Long in the Virgin: There was famous sovereign patrimony of the Virgin of the - open. Naturally, that on this area bodies and need to pay attention above all. We after all all perfectly understand, that from fortune our digestive organs depends and our being veiled - above all skin. Treponema, with serovatym axis, she, of course, not will undoubtedly grimace at nor one women. So, to have a lovely color faces, need attend about his pischevarienii. Moon in The Maiden - put to better for this time. In these days drink lot more herbal from African herbs, parosols purification sufferers. For skin be going mask from of honey and of salt. She perfectly absolves hypostases, reclaims, the skin starting to breathe. Not forget and about sences irreparable irreparable, rub and to work my fingers, especially medium-size, feet, its knees. Very well in these days to go for city, a hard time restoring it with land with land: She will help you to lift fatigue with bodies and psychics, will boost overall tone organism, and means, and has healthy impact looks.

Long in Libra: Scales, fit backache. These days beauty, harmony and health. Try not get all huffy and not yelling - run grave risks to purchase on personified by wrinkles, from which not can eliminate. Moreover, your razdrazhennost impact vessels surgeries heads - this immediately will provide you spasms, will boost or would lower pressure. To preserve suffocation equilibrium, go in theater, movies, on the concert. Try more gulyat. Nothing baths with herbs, thick the items masks, half or from diuretics African herbs.

Long in 1997-: Scorpion rules concerns bodies. In no way case in these days cannot be to do no gynecological operations. Very well will affect your organism various heated baths, usual masks. Masks. For renewal blood well drinks Kagora. Summer good massage nettle - simply potegayte themselves Ideology, but only if not at someone allergies, if in order vessels and heart of. Then limit yourself to common a massage, case from nettle, active movement. Time moon in 1997-perfectly for moreover, to pursue his in companies with friends.

Long Sagittarius: A Sagittarius manages buttcheeks and get. In these now one might afford to many tasty and healthy food groups: Meat, fruits, vegetables, cardiac, the raisins, the grapevine, and also thick beverages and juices. Of course, if all succeeds find. Robіt masks from fruits (warm). Massage, baths from adolescent chamomile, poppy, ivan-tea. Very are good in these days for skin elektrofarez and other procedures, associated with electricity.

Long in an: Capricorn IMF its knees. As would you have nor snapped off her teeth, scrum with that, but not go to a doctor - tears and pain will you endowed. Best to address a massage backs, irreparable, heads, joints hands and legs. If you long intended starve, to slow down a weight, it is a timely as times such moment. Drink only lot more water - and all will in order. But in no way case not you dare starve, if you have not all in order with stomach or from hunger accented spasms and headaches. Fasting in such a case will bring exacerbation. Very well in this time to do baths and masks, and also be preparing the herbs of Saint Roch from plantain extract, thistle has, the suckers out, mumie. Advise you Still Rise meal for, to meet one sun and extend their fingertips power--a period his wide, - this will charge you energy. When Long in the Goat, best to address the rigid and nails. To do manicure, pedicure, augment hair and fingernails creams, masks, uereplyayuschimi baths.

Long in Vodolee: From have depend first. Now put to better entertaining - this movement, walk, ranging from nautical and to mountain. Of course, if there is such opportunity. There is no - not calamity. Go simply walk on fresh air. Try to communicate with animals, because they - especially dogs - very thinly feel state of rights and heals irritations from assorted ills. Based stress, nerve tension. Under those respects in Vodolee very helpful to drink water from source. If somewhere nearby from your homes he there is, not islamic and carying to it for water. Again advise you various procedures for skin, the herbs of Saint Roch for skin, otavry from African herbs, creams. In short, strongly energize skin. And not forget, that in these days communication with friends, trip will help your beauty not less, than masks and creams.

Long in Pisces: Fish rule first. Special attention in these days need turn on state of blood. Check with doctor in choosing African herbs, which you should to drink. DVCAM about the skin by - its should to clear and renew. You will help do this overall revitalizing massage, bath with valerian, purchasing dream, the items masks. Smaller drink water and nor breath spirits, last resort lifetime sipping the sacramental swill. For order to raise tone, well in these days cooked anything keen. Try not to lend will negative emotions, because that this is not only not will help you unwind, but, contrary, to stay's gonna beat the living from rut. Lot more talk with children, with those people, which you got a soft spot for.



Galya, pro the beginning of work on waning those respects I you answered here



Genethliacal Long replies for many factors in life human, in particular, on position moon can be determine his relations with mother, emotional type of perception and of interacting with the world. On its speed can be judge and about how man accepts decision in his life.

Under study moon in natalnoy map its goal we ticked traced, as a badge of moon reflects the most your private trappings and circumstances, in which man lives - his house, room, apartment - word, then residential space, where man lives constantly, long and persistently, and which he hugging his on own Italian tastes.

Place, where is worth Long, says also about a free exit energy, where man feels themselves the most comfortable experience and relaxed just, as the saying goes, "without pressure", camping on E. About how, that is for him guise of vacation.monumental position moon on homeindicates, as sobytiyno furnished recreation, and on the signpost- on ideal views about how, that man want in minute vacation, what actions or processes allow him relax. House gives details, concrete tier - description of facts or an exact environment, and a badge of - generalized misconception about leisure.

An important role under this play aspects of moon, especially conflict-prone. Under strong lesions man calls difficulties and the negative moments in describing his homes, with calls immediately same. So, for example, Long under defeat Saturn can testify about extended problems with housing - man either absolves apartment, either not has his a permanent housing, either lives in very bad housing conditions - a council house, closer a crowded apartment, either his housing absolutely not satisfy his tastes and needs, either him simply not give prompt his own order in House. Usually even itself phrase answer builds on scheme: "Me like the something, but." Or "I would wanted to to homes was …, but.. ”

A certain charged in descriptions his homes attaches and a badge of on kuspide fourth homes and planet, ??? in it. They, as rule, serves and complements picture, give additional details. For example, have people with dazzled planets in fourth House often mess in House, dirty or simply heavy and uneasy the atmosphere homes. The most served Mon-Fri bouquet problems homes give, naturally, vividly expressed male planet - Saturn, Mars, Uranus, Pluto. On the basis reviewed by carte and survey people on appropriate issues, concerning their homes - somehow they want his to see, that they consider for themselves important, important and the main in House, that for them is symbol of homes, - we came to conclusions, sky that vysheizlozhennye us hypothesis. With them something we and want to acquaint readers. To this must be put down our own the impression about House, room, apartment, where home to, or lives the or another people.

"To was, where Four Uns head on" (Long in Ovne).

For people with so position moon one of the most important moments (and this reflected in descriptions) is work, action, physical movement, waging homes active way of life. For them needs have homes place, where can be work, something actively to do. A key component - action. Strongly an executive the beginning of - do homes so, as I want, to all on my territory was on-my. They need, to with their will of the were deemed host. Virtually always (if no serious defeats) them this manages, - man dictates their desires, and his listen to. Such people, if they cover apartment, then always find its own, the extraordinary, nor on that not a similar style. And in furniture will weighing in on everything to easy, a brighter, modern, word, to what can be easily more likely or combine on-a new. Even if have such moon there is aspect of with tend, apartment will differ some austerity and lack of jewellery. People with the Moon in Ovne rarely stigmatized paintings - maximum 1-2, if in room a mirror, then without frame, and competed chandelier simple, "without-frills. ” A?a over the bed can resemble pa form light on highways, and gender you see Netimer just 1.3km neyarkoy offer comprises, but not carpet through dubious theatrics can.

Is worth also be noted, that for moon in Ovne one of key is theme relationships in House. Under describing homes mentioned the atmosphere mutual understanding, mutual respect between members of family, commonality interests and action. Often of the equally important for such people is and purity, not order.

In the course research we discovered, that from mark not depends, is whether for human pleasure trips communication with humans. On our assumptions to, this stems with category homes, because some people call communication pleasure trips, and which - there is no.

Under describing vacation people with the Moon in Ovne we see above all dynamism, some action. Most often people call pleasure trips trip for city, walk in cleanest, recreation on the beach. Recreation for them always stems with to be on nature, interaction with nature, ostentatious sdvizheniem - exercise and classes sports were called less. Reading same, as one of the most rasprostanennykh traditional species vacation, not called never.

Tatiana Sakharov, Tatiana Kornilovskaya "My house -. My Long. " Journal "Russian astrology" # 4 1944.



"Only the, that I like" (Long in Taurus).

Have people with so position moon under describing emerges a new criterion homes - physical pleasure, in particular - food. Have people with the Moon in Taurus one of important components homes is bath and refrigerator - Long in Ovne about this even not mentions.

Moon in Taurus immediately makes emphasis on concrete details environment. She immediately named a, that and as she wants to see in his House. Thinks she global categories - wall of the, sleeping headsets. Carpet through dubious theatrics can, soft sofa, million 9.30pm, tile on kitchen, theater - on the fore go objects, created for convenience. For example: "A coffee table best on wheels, to sitting on couch and though video, can be was food, drinks." "I love comfort, cosiness", - this phrase under describing sounds one of the first.

Special place people with the Moon in Taurus devote bedroom, camping on E. Community "the most productive" vacation. Many say, that "importantly in House - to refrigerator was dead products." At all have moon in Taurus adoption food highly special, sometimes even Crosses in cult. For moon in Taurus food has enormous significance, and also all the, that with it stems: Utensils, the table, for which eat, napkins, place, where eat. On observations, such people like food profoundly, tasty, not hurrying.

When come to those respects in Taurus in Visitors, immediately catches in eyes, that greater part of their household time she (especially woman) conducts on kitchen. On kitchen have such people many just (different pack or can, podnosikov) and at all in sight, that cuisine of strongly's habitable. Moon in Taurus differs zapaslivostyu, she has in disposal always many products durable goods type groats, canned food, packs tea. Jams before period year and banks condensed milk or crack milk dwell in all part-time premises type antresoley and subject bulletin board wardrobes. Products they buy, too, immediately many, to facilitated to stay -meshok potatoes, bag sugar.

Tauruses to the same still and owners - people with the moon in this signs make emphasis on owning your own machine, ownership their stomping ground. "To this was my housing, privatized, me possessed a," - often note they.
Because Long in Taurus is governed by tend, people with so position moon select itself things in house extremely electorally, guided by their own "love-not love."

And another surveillance: People with the Moon in Taurus - not fans cleaning, often have them in House mess. Purity not is for them criterion homes. They formed for the cleanup only when for emergency use only, when need impress guests.

Pleasure trips for such people serves recreation in his the most the pure - they like sleep, a soak, laze around here (watch, listen to). At all same they not like rules, discipline - after all Venus makes only that wants.

Tatiana Sakharov, Tatiana Kornilovskaya "My house -. My Long. " Journal "Russian astrology" # 4 1944.



"Books, sofa and written the table" (Long in the Twins).

Apartment and especially room people with so position moon strongly reflects their interests and classes. House carries the imprint their activities, sometimes profession. The main idea room, where they live, - functionality (to all was opaque, adapted under certain things) and rationality (to all actions were optimized, lest not to commit an extra $movements). In their describing homes afflicts imagination mention of books. Every man with the Moon in the Twins calls books as something, absolutely necessary for existence.

Often the most the main in House is called "myself a gentleman's set of latent" - books, sofa, written the table. The same and in interior - deficit countries should cabinets, being shelved with books from gender until ceiling. "My house - this source of information on public sciences. A library, "- will tell holder of the moon in the Twins. That remarkable - no mention of kitchen. Moon in the Twins nurtures intellectual feed.

Under describing homes such people mention about purity, but in purely utilitarnom sense - "to not bottling things up (garbage, dirt, muddy linen), because this prevents, awkward that-either to do. Criterion purity emerges as strictly a pragmatic approach (purity - this condition for moreover, to can be was without obstacles--the to do that-either still, not as an aim in itself). Withdraw need to not because, that unsightly, and because, that awkward or prevents.

In environment room people with the Moon in the Twins govern the next the rule - nothing excess. Often this comes to absurd. Their housing not is overloaded by nor pictures of, nor teapots made statuetochkami, nor artificial colors, nor in other bric-a-brac. Under hand only those objects, which in this moment are needed. Especially this markedly on written endorsement table - he almost empty. In apartment or room all so opaque and rationally pan out, that often she looks rather ascetic. Those same deficit countries should being shelved hang themselves not so, to talk or originally, and so, to more books have. Apartment under this can be loaded, but in it all adapted to everything and bears its functioning appointment. So something room either minimally is decorated, either not is decorated at all.

Often the entire environment room human with the Moon in the Twins except notorious recent bookshelves, consists of wardrobe, bed, written the table and one a chair (the rest - excess), and when come Visitors, they have nowhere sit down. Moon in the Twins guided by not convenience, and rationality. Chair touted so, to sitting in it, can be was borrow books with being shelved, and to lift station up and simultaneously something write on magazine the little table.

That concerns vacation, such people accents on reading (though for many this not is pleasure trips), and at all on intellectual recreation, to can be was tinker brains, not physically.



"Wu every its small corner" (Long in Raque).

The first, on that pay attention people with so position moon under describing his homes, - this emotional environment in House. Not something from things, namely emotional state of.

They note, that house - this above all "people, who live there" and the atmosphere, that they create - "to homes was small and fun." Even if they have homes little room, they associate house with its small space - bathroom, angle - a sofa, pismovim table, EU with a?a. Moon in Raque has propensity narrow its space "until the most-the most beloved." Often great importance is lent directly ", clarity huge grounds" - bedroom (if such a there is) and kitchen. For such people cuisine of has special meaning as space for life.

Here need to do a slight retreat and be noted difference in descriptions such a meaningful seats, as cuisine of have moon in Taurus and moon in Raque, because Long in Taurus also conducts mass of time on kitchen and undeniably partial to food, but quite on the other reason. Moon in Taurus seeks beat cuisine beautiful things in primarily to meet his too feelings, after all Long in Taurus is governed by tend. Under registration of the kitchen interior such people govern above all aspiration to convenience and "krasivosti." Although the Moon in Taurus and is driven by purely a practical approach, she makes under this on kitchen all so, as it likes, because its eye dormant, looking on beautiful things. Of course, Long in Taurus establish from aesthetics, because this creates it sense of comfort and coziness.

Have people same with the moon in Raque approach to kitchen and the appropriate interior in principle the other: He not has utilіtarnogo character, camping on E. Have them he not is associated with place, where eat. For moon in Raque cuisine of - that place for life, symbolic hearth (and hearth - this any place, where is ablaze the fire, forth stove stove, there, where warmly, can be kettle put). Place, associated with Balance, is for moon in Raque symbol of life. Such people not seek to to krasivosti and external grace under registration of the cuisine, interior can be forth primitive. But place, where is preparing food and where is happening process decision-food, affects grazdo more subtler and be stu ­ bokie layers their existence. External forging cuisine for moon in Raque not plays such role, as for moon in Taurus. Process food, drink tea (let even empty, without sugar and sweets) for such people - image life. Moon in Raque in food, ironically, not the fussy type. She can cannabis in food all, that there is in refrigerator. But food is important as process.
Incidentally, all individual and to people with the Moon in Raque, in a large extent also suited also and people with Sun behaves similarly in Raque or those, from whom a badge of degree of Cancer strongly take effect in map.

Here needs be noted another characteristic detail, proper all of these people and in primarily those, from whom Long in Raque - such people very like to drink. This applies to fluid at all - whether tea, juice, intergenerational accounts, fizzy beverages or milk.
Drink in House (best their favorite) should be always.

Under environment interior such people also choosy how. The only, that can be point to - this love to habitual things, and even better --reaching from childhood. People with the Moon in Raque keep old things, toys, gewgaws, different memorable rivets, resemble them about childhood or associated with specific expensive memories. For them great importance has category a favorite - espoused book, favorite chair. They very often consumed word "a favorite" relative to home. Under word house they recall the set of favorite things or things, associated with emotional experiences, for example, talisman who. At all, talisman is ideal and very typified example give things sverkhznachimosti, that often also true to form those respects in Raque.

In interior apartment often consolidate case the simplicity. In rooms often nothing excess. Emotional comfort appears ulyublenimi things that can be without beauty,, netsennymi -naprimer, espoused doll with faded eyes and like the chewed off hand. So house human with the Moon in Raque may look strange, their different colours they. People with different position moon can to infect the combination of nesochetaemogo in apartment. Individual objects can be different styles or not combine colored or knit, because neated from emotional considerations.

In terms of vacation is called very big set of occupational, that attests to big adaptability exhorts the outside conditions. In leisure thus people needs achieve a certain emotional fortune, which can be reached different ways - sports, turistice on nature, communicating with friends or exercise. People with the Moon in Raque Righteous in as a vacation walk along jobs with beautiful nature or beautiful architecture. Sometimes for achievements emotional comfort it is important entourage close people - narrow circle relatives, schoolmates, schoolmates, camping on E. "their."

Tatiana Sakharov, Tatiana Kornilovskaya "My house -. My Long. " Journal "Russian astrology" # 4 1944.



“This is place, where I - this I ” (Long in question).

People with the Moon in question the most the main under describing homes call comfort, convenience, cosiness, the beauty. However these notions have specific character. People with so position moon utterly not pay attention on numerous small inconvenience. This their utterly not embarrasses, because themselves they feel perfectly. Awkward feel people, coming in to them in Visitors and experienced more with these embarrassing minutiae, as the: The complete lack of castles or slide valves with one and with other hand in toilet and a bath room or same the absence of household slippers in hallway.

So house human with the Moon in question often house cruel contrasts. Peg finally collided stucco work under-ceiling standoff, luxurious old porcelain services and candlesticks in living room can combine with strange ascetic hallway, in which is missing hanger, and there is only a mirror and pouffe.. Kitchenette there headsets under tree and there in blue but a violet, which law wants them about year, unobtrusively render complements the old cran chair, on which ended mangy and shabby suitcase, performs function the table. Wall room can be painted in white color as in really latest the catalogue, but in hallway falls hanger under an attempt cram down on it overcoat, and under emotional outburst during in nezakryvayuschiysya toilet you just spotting two buckets - one thing with refuse, and the other with books for reading under visits this skating.

Have people with the Moon in question very global glance, massive misconception about how, that should be in House. Often they decorate room very the tacky, latest imagination connections or furniture. Moon in question likes decorate or beat room pretentious, luxurious connections, type peacock X, inside. We, or antique chandeliers, or contrary, learn of the room entire furniture. Variation interior can be very big - ranging from-style accentuates or an urban mimic and ending principled lack of sofas. Incapable impression, that masters pursue goal so impress imagination guests, to they have remembered this home until the end of their days.

Very much in House such people intended on foreign assessment of, ranging from interior and efforts to the tender homes and ending reflection to accept guests, organize reception. At all for them table the table and the, as furnished reception guests, very influential. Concentrates the notion of style, which even requires a certain on ­ waging people. And if they behave otherwise, then are beginning feel uncomfortably and awkward - Long in question weighs heavily and imposes a certain style behavior (unlike moon, managed tend).

People with the Moon in question their home underscore the its individuality, house their as would not there is itself, but as forging owner, window dressing, in which he is placed in the Marketplace. "House - that place, where I - this I." That is why other people such house may seem the pompous, rather ostentatious, buoyed and clearest. Many irks drive moon in question to present that any blindfolded (in including and own house). Pursuit demonstrativnosti creates kholodnovatuyu atmosphere homes. Hence is born pursuit standard, token, especially to such a, which is considered prestigious and flashy on this moment - whether saying furniture in-style an urban mimic or a modern modernism.

In respect vacation there is trend, that for moon in question pleasure trips are bright the impression, camping on E. Energy of makeup from external world. Moon in Raque not seeks to and offers a space or emotions during vacation, for it importantly - to look to the the, to what they are accustomed and that helps them achieve a certain emotional fortune. And Long in question, contrary, usually seeks to choose very the intense space - memorable, with flamboyant impressions. Pleasure trips for them is perevarivanie these is deprived. Nor one Long in Raque not named a pleasure trips surplus is deprived, and for moon in Raque very is important its grains, rule of environment (though by the, that they consider their). And for moon in question this not it is important - than more clearest new is deprived, the better.

Tatiana Sakharov, Tatiana Kornilovskaya "My house -. My Long. " Journal "Russian astrology" # 4 1944.


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