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The magic the world moon

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"How in overseas films" (Long in the Virgin).

Under describing his homes people with so position moon from lichaet konkretizatsiya. They virtually not consumed shared words. No reasoning about comfort of a or comfort. People with the Moon in the Virgin call concrete embodiment of his homes.

Needs be noted such a fun detail: Almost for all people with so position moon questions about House incited a strong setback and even the easy confusion. And, as rule, existed several options answer. Urge, that people tangled in options, opportunities. Very visible was ambivalence under describing homes - people wanted have on two homes, to "get back a little Bohemia here, a bit there." There purely merkurianskaya ambivalence. Us surprised this fact, that all people with the Moon in the Virgin was called in as a ideal homes - 2 homes. For example, one in Moscow, and the other elsewhere.

But more just hit us the fact, that under describing homes people with the Moon in the Virgin have a strong orientation on Western pattern homes. People so directly and talked - "as in the catalogue, as in the West; as in foreign films." If man can to accept such house for ideal, then understandable, that he not concerned about question, as he will themselves feel in this House, will be whether him there conveniently. Have such a human there is no personal, even Chileviews about House - he ready content with proposed Balkan a model homes. He guided by common Tsentralna, those, that for him already have come up with other designers, designers. Himself he nothing new conjuring up not will, not will "invent the bicycle", and handles prepared lines suggested details and's game ready to blocks interior, as in constructor. Ideal of an for him is Western object homes and domestic environment. He as would gives its taste of workers skilled on interior. Trust workers skilled - purely "deve" in having.

Under describing homes have such people proskalzyvalo another the quality of mark Virgin of - pursuit entrenchment, desire to hide, shelter itself. People was called home place, "far can be in any moment to return, where me always await, like, far like it or come."

Needs also be noted another celestial the quality of moon in the Virgin, which refered people with the Moon in Taurus, - this utterly special need in own House, which man owns entirely, on which has the right, for example, "the private house, a privatized apartment."

Despite trend have house, appointed on Western modeled, when it comes to be more and more specific, people with the Moon in the Virgin all same prefer furniture simple, "without-frills", but in the modern-style. Another expression of mark Virgin of - "in rooms nothing excess, only most necessary, least furniture."

Entering in room to person with the Moon in the Virgin, can simplicity decoration, even some asketichnost, least jewellery - for example, Indian, - in one word, the "myself a gentleman's set of latent" - bed, cupboard for linen, deficit countries should being shelved, a mirror, written the table.

Pleasure trips for people with the Moon in the Virgin serves communication and change is deprived, this from this communication. But not reception guests, which is occasionally stems withs preparations, cleaning the apartment, concern about gostyakh. Such people note, that pleasure trips is "there is no affairs - there is no problems." "If to go relaxing, the in house vacation, and if on liberal scattering, then not on its." The most productive recreation, "when you venture deeper in another world, clean off go down, out from all affairs." Or associated not only with switching, but and new impressions. "For me recreation, when go in other countries, encounter new people, discover new." There is trend do communication as can be more easy, non-problem, with minimum Admirals. Came - for family, - is gone. Communication here serves as exchange of information in the pure.

Tatiana Sakharov, Tatiana Kornilovskaya "My house -. My Long. " Journal "Russian astrology" # 4 1944.



My house not only for me, but and for my guests (Long in Libra).

For moon in Libra there is "myself a gentleman's set of" in home context - paintings, flowers, candles, music. For these people the notion of convenience and comfort very concretely. Comfort has a series of concrete characteristics - cushy chairs, soft convenient sofa, closing bathroom and Implementace room.

Such people immediately same note the absence of castles in places common possession and always pay on this attention, so same, as and on the availability of slippers in hallway. For them not matter, lavatory pan Import or the domestic, and it is important, to on toilet room was castle.

As and another of the air Long, Long in Libra in his House is oriented not only on themselves, but and on people, coming to them in house, above all on close, favorite and living with them under one with. "My house not only for me, but and for my guests." Moon in Libra can to accept at home many people, in including and not very imponiruyuschikh it, but will hang up on membrane only paintings, to which she has there is personal feelings and personal attitude, and not will hang up picture the famous author, which it not on psyche. At all to all things in his room or apartment she has attitude strictly rock the - people with the Moon in Libra not abide there nor one things, which would was not in their taste.

No one from other Moons' movement so vividly not sounds the need harmony in their home. "Most important for me, to in House was all be and well combined between themselves." Harmony - this necessary condition existence for moon in Libra. Unlike other Moons' movement, for whom harmony in interior serves as desirable a means - to produce impression or simply conform to vogue, Long in Libra not can well themselves feel, if curtains not faux with the carpet. They will strain whenever, seeing this dissonance, and in late all would move either one thing, either another.

Have people with such the Moon very electoral neblagopriyatnym vast array, that they use in his House. For them there are beloved and unloved color of and shades.
???? usually people with the Moon in Libra prefer natural natural color of - color fruit, greenery, i.e. all, that not unfortunately eye. Moon in Libra will not tolerate in his apartment toxic synthetic various shades, for example,, piercing lemon, of a toxic green, Chernilnogo violet.

The, that for other Moons' movement graces, for moon in Libra needs and naturally - those same paintings, for example, not less are needed, than bed or kitchenette there the table.

People with the Moon in Libra not tolerate just too gauche, alyapovatogo, excessive - "demureness, but with taste", "not vividly, but elegantly ." Unfortunately eye "- typical expression of for moon in Libra.

For moon in Libra in leisure very emphasized by theme go and electoralness. If this communication, then conversation Tet a Tet. Even better - in special environment: Under negromkoy favorite music, candlelight, for a glass of beloved guilt. In topic vacation abnormally acutely sounds pull to harmonious environment - no other Long not points out so much attention on sense of measures. Man with the Moon in Libra necessarily will tell a quiet music", Tropicana light , narrow circle people. The impression, that he has its domestic object, with which he all time compares all, that his surrounds.

Have such people eye dormant on all beautiful , so they note, that if go relaxing, the in beautiful place, if will swim, then in impeccable, well smelling water.
Around the, that concerns vacation, one senses a strong Aestheticism. Even calling sport in as a vacation, they call ethical a handsome and not associated with vexing taking aerobics, Tennis, swimming.

Tatiana Sakharov, Tatiana Kornilovskaya "My house -. My Long. " Journal "Russian astrology" # 4, 5 1944.



Dont love, when me for this are (Long in 1997-).

As and another water Long, Long in 1997-immediately same notes the availability of his emotional space.
Significantly more acutely, than have other Moons' movement, sounds theme security. For moon in 1997-its only only the, that not interlocutor. She saves borders his center.
But for them are of significance not simply a corner, and his sanctity, and, as a consequence, protection space from work of an alien invasion.

Moon in 1997-, as known, in crippling. This not harmonious position for moon, and is expressed in a sense of a permanent tension. This acutely sounds even those who lives one, and no one not hacked on his security - house - that place, where can be insulate themselves from external world." Moon in 1997-as would always in Fighting hotel reception outside dependence from external conditions.

As for any sign water moon, for moon in 1997-important the emotional the atmosphere, the emotional environment homes, i.e. who lives in House and what she has with them relations. And if such a Long still and stunned, then man says about House extremely emotionally, betrays isn, overly extreme reaction on situation in House: "My house this my a prison, and my homes I have no", "Now in House allowed to all and all, and house represents from themselves place, where all trek, and they trample and spit." Man inclined exaggerated emotional situation in House. Man fanning conflict, housed tension. He as icons are, holds in itself grievances and the negative emotions, which were few years ago. "I have was homes the only thing, which was truly my this album, far I vkleivala their favorite photos. And once mother has found this album and threw away from him all photos, which it not liked. After this I understood, that homes I have no. "

Sunik a vindictive person, and Long in it remembers long nezazhivayuschie emotional wounds.

With other hand, such man around themselves is necessary land bustling with environment, and strong experiences are for him natural. Such man always searching for strong of emotions, because Pluto always field high tension. When he manages the Moon, he look like on changers, and that scar generates in itself tension. That is why for "skorpioney" moon so is necessary defusing the.

For such moon very characteristic of is accentuate themes "who in House is a master?", and also theme ownership home, that together its with terrestrial the Moons: "Most important in my House to he was my", "My house that place, where I hostess", "In my House all will on-my."
For moon in 1997-abnormally it is important the most order all in House, all to do on-its own way, only then she feels his their. Category property his homes is worth have such moon painfully acutely.

Under describing interior virtually have all echo this drive beat apartment antique furniture and ancient things. Some this manages and highly well ranging from ice mirrors in a carved frame in hallway and ending prinesennymi with heap, and you renovated kozetkami in living room. Can be suggest, that these people unconsciously seek to encircle themselves than something, that links and reminds them about ancestors, their lifestyle, traditions, helps feel with them the link. This may a different times reverberate even in of habit use a clay tableware in as a daily or desire have in House living the fire in fireplace enclosures. Any thing must be chovek, is filled with vigor, lives past, bear memory longstanding since the, on opportunities more excellent from present. Have such people echo this predilections to unusual, unique things. They often they cover apartment on opportunities things, inclusions as ???? or revisited to request, with prefer organic materials.

Most interesting, that under the entire highway motor vehicles to antiques tyles, people with the moon in 1997-often want have a spacious, enlightened house, where many free space , house, the free from unnecessary, an extra $things , to in House was a sense of freedom and the ease.

In deeds same catches in eyes glaring overcrowding in apartment things, sometimes everywhere navaleny piles of trash, on using the incandescent method countless boxes, under slashing and tables canned or packing, Wall same can be zavesheny placards, clippings, photos and even polyubivshimisya poems.

Have moon in 1997-very rock the attitude to guests, whom --something in house not broadcast, and divide on those, who entree and those who not entree in house. Attitude to them, respectively, different. Here one senses, that Long in 1997- dysfunctional, defensive, a suspicious.
Under describing vacation the only a common feature of, zvuchavshey almost have all, part the need visit in alone. Sitting in alone, these people can engage utterly different things, ranging from 4,3m in balconies and terraces and ending simply way seating position on kitchen.

For them interlocutor presence is burdens. If man and calls communication in as a vacation, it serves as very rock the, a specific and clearly a certain communication with astute man, with favorite man, with friends, with colleagues musicians, i.e. not just hand that shit with whom, and with those who guarantees obtaining positive of emotions, not forces strain. One of a regular phrases one of such people was phrase: Dont love, when me for this are.
Some of by participants (Scorpions and on Sun) was called in as a vacation and sport skis, approach on canoes, because Pluto, the governor the moon, always stems with transformation vigor and active its way out.

Tatiana Sakharov, Tatiana Kornilovskaya "My house -. My Long. " Journal "Russian astrology" # 4, 5 1944.



"The more space - the better." (Moon in like him too?)

People with the Moon in like him too? Very very thorough in their novels about House, all very grifami remittances cuisine, living room, bath, bedroom. Even with a fictional mention all parts of apartment. The impression, that man wants to encompass all space entirely. They represent house very globally, not several flamboyant strokes, as some other moon. They have no single criterion for the entire apartment as, for example, have moon in Libra, she made would entire apartment in one color range of colours, Long Sagittarius every domestic ???? characterizes separately. Can be so emerges sense of large space. All interviewed will expressed desire to have his at home, but talked about this differently: "Ceilings not below 3 flushed", "Pyatikomnatnaya apartment, and even better a", "house, where there is no furniture", "than more free space, the better."

Catches in eyes drive to everything be fundamentally, power, solid things. No one not expressed predilections to modern, the more office furniture. Many even reinforcing the, that not like a modern style furniture. All people with the Moon in like him too? Commemorated, that prefer old or the old furniture heavy, sustainable, which produces impression gromozdkosti and be durable. This applies to all ', House, even to posude. Those respects like him too? Hardly will like fragile graceful-capping delicate glass. If they have such and eats theys ability their in as a jewelry in the sideboard, and themselves will to drink from massive heavy a cup of, that cannot be so simply dusting out from the table.

Many people with the Moon Sagittarius was called in as a Centralnic antique furniture, extreme case style 60s.
Jupiter as planet of plenty and luxuries places imprint and to the moon in like him too?: People, speaking about coverage, aside from ordinary chandeliers and luminaires, nazyvyyut still a?a, candles and bright tastes. Style puffed sleeves and an urban mimic them very close among Centralnic furniture they call "volterovskie chairs" ,-and some cherry with gold "shalyapinskie there" and at all furniture with tendrils belong.

Pet colors in civilian rooms have such people are color of natural range of, but dark tones brown, cherry, black, dark a vinous, the emerald, color of, empowerments a sense of a quiet environment.
At all pursuit a quiet and comfortable the atmosphere resisted main theme of in all descriptions: after I , lot more carpets , 1.3km across apartment , as can be less edges of , less noise. Conveniently and gently should be everywhere, even in places common possession some expressed sharply negative attitude to seemed would such natural and customary details a bath, as tile, motivating this is all the, that he is associated with of Scotland. Public toilet or public bath, subway, for them "feels better" to see in toilet gentle fur mats.

In custody like be noted, that neither in one of descriptions not bells nor financial, nor psychological problems in House, that especially markedly on contrast with the moon in 1997-. Moon same in like him too? Initially no mood for the, that well, not that poorly, and not emphasizing attention on negative things.

The most the typical recreation for people with the Moon in like him too? this communication with nature, with in any the form of, ranging from simply for travels on liberal scattering, ending turistice in park, zagoraniem and good dip in River. It is important ladders out of homes, where many free space and of fresh air.

Communication, too, called in as a vacation, but will extend itself in more electoral form, than have moon in air signs written "50". Oprashivaemye unambiguously was called either close, either friends, either people, with whom easily and pleased.

Contrary common their political leanings, no one not expressed special addiction to macho public zrelischam houses, exhibitions, concerts, dances and restaurants.

Tatiana Sakharov, Tatiana Kornilovskaya "My house -. My Long. " Journal "Russian astrology" # 4, 5 1944.



"Since closed eyes find any thing" (Long in an).

Moon in an in really disadvantage. The firmament for it place exile, so he very not friendly for manifestations of its natural functions.

Have all surveyed people with the Moon in an manifests itself urgent need in order in environment, which their surrounds.
Such a Long (as and in all terrestrial signs written "50") likes emphasize details "TV 72 centimeters on diagonally", "two-bedroom apartment in district subway Shchukinskaya", "is biscuit skin with a metal Lyulin 6 quarter."

People with Lukoye in the Goat like, to space was opaque, well structured way and is well organized in is place, where they live. Procedure for me this when I with closed eyes can find that where lies. ??? people tend to organize all around themselves to an ashtray teetered from Left, and here lay in right. All should lie on their places.

This people very resistant years habits, concerning domestic environment, they not like change, because to them need groom. Of course, they can change environment, but for this they need morally unprepared for. Long-term same habits for them blame comes naturally. People with the Moon, managed Saturn, have another sense of time. They like stability and to in their apartment all was routinely. Governing for them means routinely. People with the moon in an feel safely in celebrity and well organized space, not like big mingling.

However, this does not means, that Long in the Goat not giving a. This is only the first impression. Simply man with such the Moon is experiencing obstacles, to invite someone in Visitors. If you help recently and're opening yourself up in Visitors, then, likely, arrive at soft, polite, but very rugged refusal type: "There is no, parents homes", "Dont deleted", "The wife sooner comes."

Moon in an giving a only to those, whom knows many years or to whom there is persistently its attitude (which she has is generated not easily).

In all responding people with the moon in an one senses wariness regarding, caution in contacts. Man gives dozirovannuyu information about itself, says about itself only that believes please. So one of by participants said, that Hypnotizes sports, but somehow, call fundamentally refused, because "sport this more intimate, than sex."

Moon in an very sensitive to influence senior. House for it that place, where live senior members family, whoms highly tuned a certain order.
Under lapelled someone in house Long in the Goat is oriented on reaction senior family members.

Around the, that concerns homes, Long in the Goat constantly no mood for combining an employees themselves, their things with by routine such senior order. "House this ways, rhythm, order my or established someone, whom I accept or who me close."
In dependence from aspects of in sight attitude to this setup under kvadraturakh and oppozitsiyakh man here same calls senior (parents) in as a cure ambush house so, as want, in its own way.

Relatives, as known, prevent many in their housing conditions. But, man with water the Moon, for example, not inclined encompass all space, for him always there is its limited space "small, but my." Moon same in an not has this puny household little world. For them there is principle "or all my, or all not my", in dependence from aspects of. This factor change roils attitude to destiny and family, traditions family, its order and the distractions of the, "Wu us in family so not was usual, have us in family so not adopted." Man is oriented not on themselves, not on the, that and when him well, but on the, that he has.

Under rubbing shoulders with so man always one senses, that house, in which he lives, as would not quite, not until the end of belongs him, even when he is in it master "my wife, with a all home" or "My house this house my mother." No other Long not mentions house as place of feminist senior and not highlights their hierarchy. Those respects in Raque or in Taurus this even in head will not come. And man with the Moon in an immediately same puts themselves on a certain place, himself themselves invariably rigidly orients official on fulfilling certain responsibilities. Moon and duties mixes very poorly, because duties this category Saturn.

That concerns vacation, then himself kind of vacation rigidly defined.
Man clearly knows, as will sleep. He will reveal in the details, until particular seats Antalia, Cyprus, Greece. Here same catches in eyes, that recreation this all the, that not work. Man is oriented not on himself recreation as such, not on the, that sounds as "I love do the something", but as holiday from work. The very concept of recreation rigidly stems, sootneseno with work. In responding heard, that repose from something. At all people with the moon in the Goat many work and very nice loaded. Those respects in an closely and awkward and space vacation suzheno in advance. Function vacation aligned to work and are small. Recreation rigidly, cellophane in system work and subject to tough,, system, structure life.

Tatiana Sakharov, Tatiana Kornilovskaya "My house -. My Long. " Journal "Russian astrology" # 4, 5 1944.



"Atmosphere mutual respect and equality" (Long in Vodolee).

This people, manipulated to kontrastam. In although visible polar addictions. Part of people prefer leather furniture, office style, chairs on wheels, other part of seeks be as can be closer to nature naturaln skin, are tree, and who is inclined beat living room in-style Kabul XV.

In House such people echo this propensity to kontrastam in his apartment. All was called cuisine, equipped on a recent word technology, but in living room a?eiooi gentle carpets, gentle chairs, gentle his slippers on and even gentle there. ???? contrasts within one apartment. Noted also surprising attention to sanuzlu. Almost all oprashivaemye commemorated, that would like have unkind Import a bathroom.

People with the Moon in Vodolee not miss a trick. Labeling technique, that they wanted would to purchase for its apartment, they not say about myasorubkakh, kofemolkakh, and call immediately kitchenette there harvester, the microwave oven, contains a machine. At all have these people surprising attention to subjects technology they they cover its house videosistemami, powerful columns, musical centers. To technology these people belong with large understanding, even women. Man with the moon in Taurus or Libra simply will tell, "to in House was music", no matter where from radio or from, later, and with the moon in Vodolee necessarily will mark technical side.

Have moon in Vodolee clearly echo this love to large huge grounds "two-storey house with land grandeur" or "apartment on high floor", almost all say about "big kitchen", because for them important, to was many free space.

Have people with the Moon in Vodolee there is a specific the notion of about order. ( , .) , , , . " , ", " , , , " . " , , - ".

People with the Moon in Vodolee tend to impose its order farm and very painfully perceive situation, when them try to dictate conditions, impose habits and someone else's order, prevent their desire, for example, 07.00am - 03.00am daily part of the walls on liberal scattering.
Visually cannot be point to traits, typical for apartment human with the moon in Vodolee. Variation big from strongly zagromozhdennykh, until rooms, maximally free from things; absolutely naked, nothing not zaveshennykh walls and until zaveshennykh pictures of and ustavlennykh my tanks.

In as a homes is called the atmosphere, place vacation soul of.
"Place, where I and my family feel easily and freely." Moon in Vodolee highlights in environment homes commonality, tends to to call circle people, which it are close "I and my family", "I and my friends."
She is committing themselves and its entourage. One senses collective the beginning.

But here, in emotional sphere, too, contrasting relations. With one hand Treat about other, with the other tour personal contribution in house antimacassars, associated me, toys. Clearly limited its the world and the world all rest. Moon in Vodolee a classic example of egomaniac, always Civic Platform about other.

Recreation always built on kontrastakh. Recreation this change either activities, either stop, with abrupt change. "If I every day at work and forced communicate with host people, then after this prefer visit in alone. And if all time sit homes, then then me was striving pulling in creating company dancing, to yell, move around. " Either the flow of new is deprived Sea, mountains, approach, trip. Either ended up alone with man or simply sit in alone.

Many reinforcing the kollektivnost vacation recreation with friends, the two of with close man, approach with company schoolmates and schoolmates. "

Tatiana Sakharov, Tatiana Kornilovskaya "My house -. My Long. " Journal "Russian astrology" # 4, 5 1944.



Here is still has found about phases Long very a good material (Source):

Phases moon

Closings lunar month (cycle) accounts for 29 or 30 of the lunar days. In baseline lunar month Long passes sequence four phases, Sitting first in Novolunii, then in the first-quarters, in the full moon, and in of last-quarters. Change phases connected with those, that in dependence from of mutual raspolokheniya sun, Earth and moon, changing the magnitude of brightly lit Sun behaves similarly the surface moon, which visible in direction Earth. Each phase lasts 7 as much as and four fraction terrestrial days. Otschityvayutsya phase from moment, when the moon changes.

Thus, phase moon depend on its position relatively sun (and Earth). On least transition moon from one phase in another, changing its degree of impact on Earth. This impact depends on distances moon until sun. Vygode - time compounds bees drinking seawater and moon, in this period distance between them is minimal. In a result the Sun massimaolno involves to the moon and degree of its own impact on Earth small. Contrary, in http - standoff moon and sun, Long possesses the greatest effects on all being, because is freeing itself from heat influence.

Growing moon (the first and second phase) fills the world vigor, promotes renewal and good for the possible medicine beginnings. The receding Long fits loss of accumulated during growth energy. This time boon to continue and complete the began affairs.

Moments transition moon from one phase in another (vygode, http, the first and the third quarter-) are critical. People in this time are subject to being walked. On statistics, on this time account for the most number of accidents, accidents and catastrophes. The same applies and to health problems and to level mortality. In these days human pssikhika the most is vulnerable, organism weakened, immunity downgraded to.

First phase

In the first phase Long connected with name goddess of Artemis and with-Earth. This means, that in this time man directives are big potential opportunities, which need to awaken and use in further. In the first phase moon human organism as would contain its youth, born in New Moon. He is bent on obtaining energy from outside and its accumulation of. This time very suited for the acquisition of new useful habits and skills, and also refusal from harmful
Begins the first phase since Novoluniya. In for two first days (and also two past days lunar month) Long virtually not visible on the sky. This so-called dark days moon or days to Hecate - goddess some sorcery spells may, of rooms and of fear.

This heaviest time manifests itself deep pogruzhennostyu in themselves, insidious fears, susceptible to bouts of depression. In days to Hecate organism weakened, and immunity downgraded to. In these days especially great the danger ache had influenza or of sexually another virus infection. Have people rises razddrazhitelnost, aggression, propensity to conflicts. Simultaneously is worsening reaction, evolves state of frustration, emerges of its. On men vygode affects more conspicuous than an, than on women.

However plans, The immediately after, when the moon changes, successfully attained, and initiated in this time affairs are thrusting quickly on least growth lunar profusion.

In the first afternoon day, which can last only a few minutes from moment, when the moon changes until first identity moon, perhaps state of stress, the from-for oschuschuniya solitude. Occurs commonly pessimism, which usually leads to reducing number of contacts.

The second afternoon day highly dangerous compelled everyone else and fanaticism, when any word interlocutor can be adopted on faith.
Throughout the first phase helpful byvat on nature, physically strengthen organism, sports, try to to gain emotional equilibrium. Need signing eat, so as in this time goes intense educational energy from outside, in including and contained in food. Well pursue soothing and salutary procedures, to accept curative baths and massages with various oils.

In first phase moon can be quickly gain weight (if this enters in your plans) for this need only not limit themselves in food, and else will make your organism with the help growing moon. People, prone to the sheer, should remember, that time growing moon not most townsome for slimming. Diets and services days allow just not to garner glee weight.

That concerns household councils, then on young those respects well or hair - they will faster grow. However, if you want preserve haircut us, then should a haircut on waning those respects. On growing those respects especially has healthy impact on skin various creams and-. All they act more effectively, than on waning those respects.

That concerns health, then in days the first s phase organism still not enough has accumulated energy and forces, to actively to act. He needs in moderates physical loads, have trumped and the attention. Time active action still not has come.




produced phase moonconnected with name Peleus and Thetis eldest daughter sea czar Nerey and is the goddess of moon Selena. In Avestan tradition this naval tsarina Ushitay. This phase associated with the-water, respectively, has blue color color marine waves of, emblematic visibly sense of.

During the second phase moon energy organism continues to grow, converging to maximum in a full moon. Its already enough for starters active action. This time grown up organism, when and forces already enough, and fatigue still not is felt. In this time initiated affairs well not until, emerges belief in their forces. This also time big emotional sensitivity, in a result what people experiencing need in an emotional contact. In this time especially painfully is perceived indifference and heartfelt the coldness.

But Long prodrolzhaet grow, the emotional tensions also overflows, number of energy in body expands until limit. The second phase of the moon ends, comes http.

Time before and after about moment full moon (just four days) is called the lunar expensive. Is considered, that in these days Long maximally is freeing itself from influence sun and becomes the most self-. A full moon could erupt into in for 14, 15, 16 or 17 th lunar days. The most favorable is considered coincidence full moon with start 16 th lunar days.

Days full moon differ emotional dark living rooms and overshoot sentiments. Soul is filled with relish and the grace. This time oschuschuniya wholeness and continuity dawn. On a full moon stronger react women.
That Spain to control their emotions, engage at ease monotonous affairs, not hustle and not nervous.
Undesirable in http pursue vsyayakie, street. Helpful sit on diet. Days full moon are commemorated an insomniac, as of nerve disorders, growth number of accidents from-for nedootseki hazards, traffic accident and suicides.

In days of the full moon not recommended any operations from-for big likelihood krovopoter. Also should very cautiously to accept drugs.




III phase moonconnected with name goddess quintet of the Dionne. In Avestan tradition this goddess Uparetat who gods, or Metis communion The thought and Word. This phase moon associated with the-Conditioning, it fits Royal color.

Time the third phase moon this period maturity and activities organism, nakopivshego energy.

The beginning of the third phase still marked by influence full moon and characterized by surplus forces, relish, ochuscheniem completeness dawn. Man together with the moon becomes the most uptight and independent. He capable on much. Officials suggest on growing those respects energy requires exit can and should be to wage active image life. Best through this time use accumulated energy on Oh. Creation and self-perfection. In this time all have us is obtained, affairs easily not until and fatigue still not is felt. It is important not miss this time, use his for the most important and responsible affairs, because after complete the the third phase moon forces organism start wane.




the Fourth phase moonwears name of goddess a drop of vengeance and seals, on the other version of Eris (goddess) (wedge, disunity) - goddess Lunar of Fire. In Avestan tradition this goddess Diane embodiment of Faith and Conscience. The latter phase moon associated with the-of Fire, it fits Red color.

This time old age organism. Moon continues to wane. Energy organism we are running out, man feels lack of forces. Gradually all is beginning to valitsya out of the hands and not goes. This time emotional have inhibitions, possible any disruption, biased of views and depressive wealth,.

In for of last phase moon as would goess accommodation time month. Emerges wisdom, the new knowledge and understanding of the world. We must reach this time with sense of, that us done all possible and time not passed wasted.

The fourth phase moon time the most important and significant affairs. Forces continue to wane, and spending their need to only on most important and necessary.

In last phase moon that Spain work over serious chronic medical conditions and karmicheskimi disease with erased symptoms. Are efficient any purifying procedures, insertion residues and stones, disposing from excess weight.

Moon continues to shrink until narrow serpika and soon quite disappears with the night. Arrive gloomy and ominous days to Hecate - time fears, large depressions, mental disorders.

In the penultimate day lunar month perhaps from falling in dependence from possible medicine unfavorable factors. In the latest day (this may be 29 th or 30 th afternoon day) are possible additional intensifies internal contradictions and the emergence of depressive wealth,.



Magic love: As attract happiness

Be woman - means be is the goddess of! You agree? In times of of the musketeers are woman had moral right exclusively only want to, and a man owes was fulfill--even desires women. On-my, makes sense return those remarkable arrangements and back! Grand classic Byron, too, spoke about this: In our world so same, as and in world region full of fairies, woman must belong to the a man, which tranquilizing cut to it and free its from suffering. Ah, where same you, knight. Here is you - such a an appealing, good girl, you have the good work and big circle friends - in other words, all like would under you. But why something there is no good fortune in love and there is no the staunch Sputniks life near .

You, perhaps, love sometimes look to the moon? Can be, puzzling the nighttime shone arouses in you romantic dreams? And can, contrary, suggests feeling-ennui? If anything, our most immediate the story by Long no one not leaves indifferent. This means, that Long very strongly affects all us, of earthmen, even if we not notice this influence. ???? on women moon rhythms act much stronger, than on men.

No wonder: Moon - planet with of female energy. Being symbol of of female starters, boon situated in horoscope was right Long gives woman the beauty and charisma. A strong Long in feminine particular can to talk about ability to women become good wife and his caring mother.

Long can very seriously us, women, help!

As? For example, help those, whom until not bad luck in love. In the first moon clock you can internationalist Made to Order on its love.exhaustive information throughout in this day, that neither language (, all necessarily comes true! In this moment you must in detail and detail namechtat its happiness.

Imagine, no ?? you would like to see alongside a. He should be good, smart, bold, an appealing? Can be, and rich? Not discarded. But remember: Most importantly the, that he should be favorite. After all if not will love, you not will nor beauty, nor wealth, nor other dignity.

So that in the first moon clock you must internationalist Made to Order on beloved ?? with certainty, that if will love, then else will follow in time. If there is on you accept a someone concrete can be dream about him.

Compulsory important condition: In dreams you must not simply sketch image beloved men must be, to you and themselves saw near with him.

Dream necessarily need to with relish, gladly and with certainty, that all pass. But not and open an these relations in your beliefs: Not let us will of imagination, if it starts sketch the passionate the scene love. Otherwise these dreams for you have so many energy, that on implementation of their in reality forces not will remain. Dreams for us necessary, but caveat with them careful. The first moon clock put to better time for zagadyvaniya desires: They unkind could come true!

In sixth moon clock be sure to tune in mentally on human, which you handsome,, homilies understand his, sense the his thought and feelings in this day is escalating intuition, and you very accurately can sense the, what are prospects your relations and as you need themselves to wage, to dreams best came to fruition.

Can be, intuition you tell pollsters, that need to patiently wait, and relations with time start evolve themselves natural way. Can be, you wanted do the first step. In this day there is chance choose only the right option behavior. Further proceed with borrowed its intuitions.

If you dare on active actions, best choose twenty-first afternoon day: In this day we likely so, that capable on feat, and can to commit actions, about which before feared and dream. But not overuse smileys - not need to maintenance products attacks.

Remember: When we meeting indeed his human, virtuous the situation for tied relations with him incapable itself. Task in is, to not to waste this situation, on time see characterized before us the door. If same the door fact closed and us account for and men, its head, beware: Goal chosen ???, and all attempts achieve its better stop they clearly doomed to failure.

With their man all is obtained easily hold this rule!

It is important not miss moment, when need to do one-the only baby step power--a period. If until the early fourth phase moon such a chance not got the chance, then and not need to his more seek. You remains with the arrival, when the moon changes start all first. And until Long poor damaged, nothing more not 2415: Relax and from plans, and from action. If your efforts met success, and you found better love, the best time for starters serious relations, and also for accession in marriage seventeenth afternoon day.We are full vital force, internally are free and adventurous are, as never, and love promises be long and staunch.

Still times warn: Not despair, if immediately you have nothing not tickles. We all so long lived in dysfunctional families has gained currency with themselves and with nature, that for settings themselves on rhythms space may take long time. Happiness in personal life will come then, when in psyche is the world and harmony, when you will learn how rejoice at life simply so, without curiously causes, when you'll get used to it to live in full consent with his soul of, Open his true nature of and would a.

Only then to you, as to magnet, will attract your the only, pipelines dedicated only you people. So not are in hurry. Will learn how first with the help rhythms moon remove formula any days, any period your life, and then Long will become for you reliable compass in European Ocean. She would teach navigate in any fog, invariably will internationalize to islands happiness and love.

What to do, if you enamored, but reciprocity there is no?

Perhaps, a man is married, and you nothing not shines, or a man is single, but you him absolutely not like you.

The real love always reciprocated. A one-sided love suggests, that you than something not stand too a man, and means in his the eyes of are flawed. Often unrequited love breaks life, fate. Many of us it is difficult to learn this truth: After all so much or novels, so much fascinating stories, ????? unrequited love, and such perfect and romantic case she sometimes! No one not dispute, if you likes love non-actionably - love. But better give nerastrachennuyu love view of the universe, than suffer from-for it and monetize its in samorazrushayuschuyu force. Such a love this the problem. Laws view of the universe these are, that, when meet two has sister souls, two earmarked each for friend human, love one that occasionally flares up instantaneously in them both. If this not is happening - not worth forces spend, trying to attract to itself love absolutely maneuver, not his rights. From unrequited love need to eliminate, and than rather, the better.

All know, that the best the medicine from love - another love. But sometimes an unfortunate love so fills the all heart of, that for the other, a real love, seats not remains, path it is shut off. To to gain a new love, needs free in heart of place, busy the former. Do this sometimes case not be easy. Astrology can offer effective moon rituals from unrequited love. Above all, need to wait-eighths of the lunar days.This is - day of repentance and purification '. Symbol of his - Plamya. There is chance burn, as in a fire, its past - in including and disturbing one-sided love. Eighth afternoon day - the most an opportune day for moreover, to abandon with all about redundant relations, connections, unrequited love and lay the foundation new relations, new affairs, a new love. So that if tacitly parting not get, not hasitate more. Day this very the best.

There are different rituals, allow weaken dependence from mean supporting sanctions that disrupting relations.

Especially Alexander Vanyukov is the, about which I now will talk. Need in advance prepare cube yarn or gossamer strings, example. On the morning to accept souls or bath, well, if she will with marine salt - will it have additional face action. Emerge from a bath, her light a candle, sit before it, relax and imagine themselves and His no each contrary friend.

Witness: You are linked with each other multiple nationalists threads, ropes and even cables. Than more such up you will see, those stronger and stronger dependence. And now valsti dispose from these nationalists threads, burn their imagined fire! Are looking, as you the freedom from fetters associate on batty and yet.

If strings is then rolled your body you can to stand up and dust yourself off,, as would razmatyvaya their. Are looking: They are falling on gender, and you causes all freer. Then mentally set it on fire one of the straps, reduced on land, let they will disappear in cleaning of the flame. When Open eyes - burn in of the flame candles cooked in advance a wisp of a yarn or example, constituting, that this is ablaze a rope, which was depriving you freedom and joy.

Are looking on the fire: Takes your past, your beyond love - she moves away from you forever, opening doors a happy future. Can be, on you come flooding emotions, memories - not hold your their, cry, goryuyte, remember, laugh - openly use all feelings, which on you come flooding.

Then sluice ashes annuelles water, and some time are looking on the flames candles, feeling, as we have core in psyche void is filled light, relish, love - but already not to your former lover, and to life, exhorts the entire view of the universe, to itself. In vosmye moon clock you have chance free themselves from pain unrequited love. After a ritual of you will feel themselves much better. But if in your psyche still will remain echoes past suffering, repeat still times on the next vosmye moon clock.

The majority women in is, that us not are taught love themselves.

Moreover, it was thought, that love themselves ashamed. This a huge mistake! After all not having learned love themselves, we are doomed to bad luck in love. Suffering from a wilting love but very often occur because, that we are starting someone love more themselves, praised by his too highly, and itself under this often frywe not enough perfect, photoeditor or gallerist his ideal. So, to good in love, will learn how love themselves.

Every morning, when and still not opening eyes, sweet potyagivaemsya, and then slowly and quietly are talking itself: I the Young, smart and the Beautiful woman. I love and accept themselves such, what I there is. I newsworthy big love and respect, and means, me like and respect all surrounding me people.

To attract to itself a genuine love, need to on opportunities to change its life - start your with, when the moon changes. Change external ethos - pratik, color hair, wearing, style in advisers. Sit on a diet, discard glee weight, if he there is, or, contrary, popravtes a bit, if you excessively lost weight from-for an unlucky love.

Under this remember: You this commit not to still times try to turn on themselves attention his, beloved, which you leave in past - you this commit for moreover, to renewed to join in the future, where you awaits the real love. Vnushite itself, that this was trial balloon, and present happiness ahead.

Very well find new attractive opportunity, which will take you in free time. Can be, this will be new focus on maintaining, hobby. Perhaps, dances. Why would not to address eastern dragon? Life interesting and varied, and in it there is always choice.

Having learned love and respect themselves, you will see, that you became much easier love other people. Homilies see good and Zhemchuzhnikov even in the first oncoming, after all in every man can be find something interesting, worthy love and respect. And means, light not was tryin 'shining on it, : And singular , if around so much interesting men. Configure themselves on thought, that you necessarily will encounter its second kindest, regardless of, how many you years. Believe - and this necessarily will happen.

Source of - Ludmila MURAVEVA site http://hor.passion.ru

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LUNA OB of advisers And OBUVI

Hiking and.If chair chosen time will allow you preserve clothes, its kind of and quality; not need will means against moth, not will sink in outsiders odors.

If same you put clothes on storage during passage the Moon signs Water (Rak, Sunik, Fish), it will wet.

If you need will part of from posted write on storage clothing, then take its on waning those respects in days Conditioning (by, Shield, Actis Systems).

EU departure for clothes and its storage:

Very well: On waning those respects spring and autumn in days Conditioning (by, a Libra, Actis Systems) and of Fire (Aries, Lev, a Sagittarius).

Well: On waning those respects, only not under signs Water (Rak, Sunik, Fish).

Poorly: On growing those respects.

Very poorly: On growing those respects in svoystva Water (Rak, Sunik, Fish).

Footwear.Clean out shoes best on waning those respects, in this case not is cracking skin and shoes longer remains clean.

On waning those respects well lubricate cream only that purchased shoes, then you occurrence it long life.

On waning same those respects you clean and mazhete cream shoes, otpravlyayuschuyusya on storage.

Beware, that should not buy shoes under signs Capricorn and have.

And if shoes after purchases proves closer, then take advantage clearing the the Moon mark have, to its born.





EU departure for clothes and its storage:
Very well: On waning those respects spring and autumn in days Conditioning (the Twins, Shield, Actis Systems) and of Fire (an Aries, Lev, a Sagittarius).
Well: On waning those respects, only not under signs Water (Rak, Sunik, Fish).
Poorly: On growing those respects.
Very poorly: On growing those respects in svoystva Water (Rak, Sunik, Fish).

Not realized this moment. Need in this time moisture to things on mezzanine?



I so realized, that yes.



Today we will continue conversation about House, and our theme will windows made with days founding homes, or the new arivals acetone. The main thing know right time. Footnotes windows in window doorway, Spaces windows, fixation double-glazed windows increasingly obeys, clarity circadian rhythms. Windows not perekoryozhit from passes moisture, they will not languishing right now, they always will remain net and transparent, if correctly choose time.

Put a windows and osteklyat their need in accordance with next rules:

MA It well:when Long is in svoystva prodavat and have.

Yes:on waning those respects, but not in aquatic svoystva (Rak, Sunik, Fish).

Standard and Poor ':on waning those respects in svoystva Water and on growing those respects.

MA It poorly:in riches and in aquatic svoystva on growing those respects.

Put a Autodesk 3ds Max in wooden frame need with respect to the very tree, otherwise it will retaliate !

Wash windows also better in accordance with on moonlit rhythms, then they longer will remain net, on them not will appear figure and spots, them not will afraid of any rain.

Very dirty window frame need wash on waning those respects in a days Water (Rak, a Scorpio, Fish), so as will better to shrivel up timber. Clean anything new with two sides, to not was twists.

So, rules:

MA It well:on waning those respects in days Conditioning (by, Shield, Actis Systems) and of Fire (Aries, Lev, a Sagittarius).

Yes:on waning those respects.

Standard and Poor ':on growing those respects.

MA It poorly:in riches.

Ventilation homes, too, well align with on moonlit rhythms.

In days Conditioning (by, Shield, Actis Systems) and Fire Nation (an Aries, Lev, a Sagittarius) provetrivayte us, and in days Earth (Taurus, Epiphanius, the firmament) and Water (Rak, Sunik, Fish) brief.




To in House me be loved and waited (Long in Pisces).

The first, that call people with the moon in Pisces, this emotional atmosphere homes. But, unlike moon in air svoystva, which says about rubbing shoulders, here tour security and warmly. Here regency several other criteria communication. People with the moon in Pisces clearly emit moment warmth and entrenchment in his House. "House that place, where no one not invade, where always await and like, outside dependence from my sentiments and accept me such, what I there is, no one began visiting, no one to, no one not reaches." Among air Moons' movement categories security there is no at all, because they even not can suggest, that communication can be dangerous, for them it naturally. For moon in Pisces communication an important criterion, but is viewed it differently.

Water Long more suspicious, hein and little too picky and immediately same divides on those, who harmless affectation and those who dangerous on the principle of "handsome ,-find me unpleasant." "My room this Gatbot, from which I otstrelivayus from parents."
In environment, as well as and in describing homes sounds propensity to living nature, especially to apartman buildings guarantee recreation plants and aquarium fish.
Special attention such people devote osvtlennyu. No other Long not told about light of. For "fishing" moon ideally suited not overall light, and many small luminaires on its corners to create meters, blinds on windows, i.e. dosed coverage, environment around must cool out a fantasy and be catholic. Was a sort propensity to complex structure space "insulate part of room keeps, wall from survivors plants." Have women passion to shtorkam, shirmam, drapes, ryusham, oborkam, razbivayuschim direct lines. In space should be less direct lines, as in natural its inherent environment. Moon in Pisces not likes not only sharp brighter of light, but and abrupt, changes temperature "'m gonna put a glance and a space heater."

Separate point matter how sound theme water. People expressed either propensity settle anywhere within have water, either desire to have greater bathroom and swim in it.

Have people with the Moon in Pisces space consolidate on many small favorite seats "chair and lamp", "a?a and table." They as would think map fragments of. Room smashed on individual niches, to everyone in it comfortable. But Long in Pisces, unlike moon in Raque, more is global. Moon in Raque more detalna, and Long in Pisces says immediately about coverage, temperature exposure.

She has no categories convenience as such, if anything, "conveniently" they say rarely. Tour element of grace and aesthetics.

Separate point under describing interior always mentioned purely neptunianskoe space place for sleep.
"Big bushy soft sofa." Pursuit promise and pushistosti around the gentle mats, gentle curtain twitched.
Moon in Pisces tends to to music, but, unlike moon in Vodolee, not sounds mention of technology. People call piano, column. For them it is important the availability of music, not what, where she emanates.

In as a vacation people with the moon in Pisces unanimously was called dream and simply "in horizontal position, lying in bed," to all to do, not rising from bed to read, to speak on the telephone, look TV. "
Usually people call in as a vacation quite big spectrum instruction. People same with the Moon in Pisces were surprisingly are unanimous and was called one thing and the same.

The second an important guise of vacation were called travel, in including associated with water maritime cruises, travel on River. People pointed to new the impression, but several otherwise, than Long in air svoystva. For moon in Pisces it is important zanuritisya in another environment, military chain atmosphere another seats. Recreation for them stems with a change in emotional fortune, not simply with a change in new is deprived, because Long in Pisces not differs curiosity.

Tatiana Sakharov, Tatiana Kornilovskaya "My house -. My Long. " Journal "Russian astrology" # 4, 5 1944.


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