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The magic the world moon

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It moon on dream. Discoveries of the full moon

Remembering dreaming represents a the greatest the complexity of the, from-for which the their researchers end of the just lowered hands. Because snovidcheskaya information wears, can be said, intimate character and its loss of impossible remedy the from conversations with after a goy, mother or good nyanyushkoy, we can help readers only Council. Valsti write some dreaming (and means, and create their art collection, and first record priurochte to full moon; precisely in this time Slumbers are memorised the most loudly.

First time this a near certainty was marked by banner Bridgestone American brilliant dreaming of the late nineteenth century by Julius Nelson. His records contained more 1,000 quite full raid is deprived! And once Nelson drew attention, that number of memorizing, neobkhodimym dreams has swing, directly associated with, clarity cycle. Less just chance be remembered dream state in a new moon; the dark Long if hides this information, and the Sun in this time not can the nourishment of its their light. To point formation the first-quarters moon koliche unequivocally memorable dreams expands and on the full moon reaches will peak. After this begins a small downturn, which becomes is obvious in period the third quite no, shake the moon. And forth, to the next novoluniyu, Slumbers are memorised not in as a rules, and in as a isklyuche vel from him. In this time impressionable and excessively health conscious people, top snovidcheskoy information, can finally for a holiday.
That same gives collection dreaming, heats up on full of the lunii, compared with vyborochnymi dreams, which is rendered snovidtsu the most significant and may resnymi? Above all, it allows reveal repeated dreaming. Sometimes this individual elements that have continuation of and development through a few exhorts days, weeks and forth months. On this first time drew attention psychologist Karl Gustav services, which many years also led some dreaming. And before has bought into this work, that sake of it on to come five years left prepo making in University and psychological konsultiro vanie important prs!

Repeated on the full moon dreaming often represent not that different, as a signal SOS, idea was emyy mentality. The plot such a dreaming most often points to new opportunities human, by advancing exhorts could he capable grow or in professional, or in personal sphere. If this not is happening, arises unsustainable equilibrium: Man feels, that making love to a facts not their affair, devolve into his, and that do next not knows.

A full moon this standoff sun and moon, when the overnight information is a across the sheer and underpins a day information, and vice versa. Moreover, this point growth the most moon, its Mountain; in moment full moon she does freeze in growth, and after him is beginning to wane. So and man better sense economy will domestic off-balance, volatility his with tsialnogo, family position. But in this time it is difficult concentrate on problem and these would go its you of tivnyy analysis! All of a diminishing moon not inflaming public attitudes on proyav lenie initiatives; for this simply lacks fiziche peacekeeping and troubled forces, yes and will is weak. Means, some dreaming, - on the full moon, need time from time re-read. For example, on the first phase moon, when have majority people incapable approaching Koln psychological state and, as rule, show up facts desire to act.

How many same recorded dreams, enumerating the consecutive, night for at night, need have in his diary, to this can be was call collection? Another prominent specialist in area dreaming, Calvin Hall, argued, that not less 100. Obtaining a series of from 100 dreams from one human, Hall drip irrigation create an exact picture his lichnos fringes, in including reveal point growth , which, have faced had he stayed not seen, start increasingly and more often shape on vtoryayuschiesya nightly scenes. Note: Most often the US meaningful dreaming with open , quite understandable bones of is happening precisely on the full moon!

But as discern point growth , not addressing Specialized Exhibition alistu, after all far not in every city of such there is? Note on dreaming, where meet races tuschie hair, branch trees, horns animals. Here is, for example, as this describes the American issledovatelnitsa dreams Patricia Garfield:

.. I look in a mirror. My hair long and volniss; I try lay their differently, then raise upward and solve the, that so, perhaps, will be even better. And wonder, exist, that they continue to grow. Seems, I itself influence, am on the, that my hair become all longer than the.

Through several months it... had a dream about woman with branches, growing from its heads. Then girl, hold in the hands of cup, from which grew any imagined kovinnye flowers and stems are. This led on "Patricia" Garfield to understanding, that and hair, and branch simvolizirovat whether growth. She sketched the, that seen in sleep. And then on wrote book Creative dream , in which pursued numerous scientific expertize. And made conclusion, that every taken the unusual dream has the potential, strong-willed vua-pulse, which is underway or not is underway in rea iswasta life. And this largely depends on relations to him with hand the most dreams.



Core coursework they need warmly, this knows every, who have read modicum times phrase close towel ; him must refrain from riding draught, then it is rising. Yeast, too, matter, the bright grow rates process. Not that Spain immediately under zameshivanii test moisture to where sea salt, then will worse climb.

The oven before baking bread that Spain strongly butter, and then gradually lower temperatures.

What all of this has attitude to astrology and, in particular, to those respects? Most directly!

If dough quickly falls and in offense are formed lumps, shavings, the time was have wrong, Long has been in one of signs Water (Cancer, a Scorpio, 'm a Pisces).

On growing those respects dough faster is rising, but on waning should put an lot more yeast.

Main the rule baking is the next: Need bake during tenure moon in air signs written "50" (by, Shield, Aquarius) and in signs written "50" of Fire (Aries, Lev, a Sagittarius).

This rule is spreading and on biscuits, it is obtained devoted and Laurent on a long time. Moreover, following to a rule, him will easily accepting of achieve escape form of.

There is even one thing rule, which rather psychological: Dont stand over soul of have test!. It the very analogy, when can! The best way to to know about his willingness lower in hot water; if it comes up, then is prepared.

In nature increasingly is balanced by. And if in the early baking us needed warmly, then in late need the coldness. In fix?! Tableware and prevents wooden objects, which were used under baking, washed Cold water. And after washing wooden objects very not like the sun! (Their nature assumes independent recycling.




Into astrology, as known, all days are distributed on four big groups: days Fire Nation(an Aries, Lev, a Sagittarius), days Earth(a Taurus, the Virgin, Capricorn), days Conditioning(by, a Libra, Aquarius is) and days Water(Cancer, a Scorpio, Fish). All these signs are united in a flat zodiakalnyy circle.

Quickly moving Long passes every a badge of for 2-3 days. In dependence from its tenure in is or different signs as would is determined by necessary nutrition and reaction on him organism rights.

track you Squirrelare called days under signs Aries, Leo and of Sagittarius. In these days high-protein food shaped either very well, either poorly (regardless of, animal this protein or Golets). Educational food is very individual characteristic of the.

In days protein that Spain drink more juices and there is fresh fruits.

track you Saltare called days under signs Taurus, Virgin of and of the Goat. In these days where sea salt is having on organism human either very useful action, either contrary. Manager: For a, what impact exerts where sea salt on you in these days. If same you on medicals depositions before try to spare cannabis where sea salt as can be less, then in days Salt she for you all the more is, so as is intensifying its impact.

In these days very it is important there is food red color of: Kirghiz, tomatoes, raspberries during, engage and camping on D.

track you Zhirov and cosmetologistsare called days under signs prodavat, Libra and have. Witness, as you forced to react in these days on dry food. She can prove you either very useful, either cessation.

track you carbohydratesare called days under signs degree of Cancer, of Scorpio and Pisces. If your organism well following the uglevodistuyu food, then boldly wrack the oars off on bakery products, themselves by growing potatoes and salads! If same you, to example, there is overweight, then robt appropriate conclusions: Precisely in these days try minimize use carbohydrates.




Interesting information! Need to see. :flag:



And me, incidentally, seems not quite persuasive. Fat and air as something poorly are associated.



Except needed nutrition the right departure for the rigid assumes account for in daily life moon rhythms. As you forth see, not in every day desirable visit hairdresser or color.

Is considered, that haircuts in 1-st cliffs of Doverdata man life.

Haircuts in 2-oops afternoon daythreatens to man the emergence of any any fees and rows.

Giving in 3-nd day moonis for health, and also can attract losses in materially and accidents,.

State of discomfort, disease oral fat and throat can cause haircuts in 4-Interwiev afternoon day.




Haircuts in 5-st cliffs of Doveris capable bring man what any profits, increase his private property.

In 6-oops day Lunshaircut to do not that Spain, man can start worse look, can influence his sense of smell in worst side and can give reason to respiratory diseases.

Problems with leadership, situation conflict, proceedings, worsening relations with humans and deterioration in health can cause giving in 7-oops afternoon day.

Well to do haircut in 8-oops cliffs of Dover. From it is improving life, rises significance human in society; moreover, she gives a good physical form of, health and the longevity.

Disease it courts giving in 9-st and in 10-st moon days.

With ceremony feelings, as intuitions and opportunity foresight events connected giving in 11-Interwiev day moon.

Many the negative influence (various accidents,, trauma, the threat the most life) zaluchayutsya cut in 12-Interwiev afternoon day.

And if you want be happy, successful, perfectly look and help to his health, then you to return a hairdresser in 13-Interwiev day moon.

If same you want improve its material position, have fortune in the affairs, excellent relations with superiors and professional growth, then assign persons itself haircut in 14-Interwiev afternoon day.

Haircuts in 15-st cliffs of Doverpoorly is bad for mental able, can arise sense of of fear. Especially harmful a haircut in this day gipertonikam, so as it is difficult will avoidheadquarters pains and raising pressure.

Need not a haircut in 16-Interwiev afternoon day. There is the threat mistakes, misfortunes, problems, immorality of, said, venereal diseases and strengthening principle habits.

Disease, worsening mental fortune, the danger injuries and difficulties in professional sphere can entail giving in 17-Interwiev cliffs of Dover.

Major implications material losses, trouble ahead and deteriorating well-being haircuts in 18-st day moon. Even can ache host animals.

Want to live long? Astrologers Tibet consider, that for extension life need a haircut in 19-Interwiev afternoon day!

Made there same


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