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Stories, scenarios our life, skazkoterapiya

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-opening here is has found pro Vasylissa. Let us that whether we explain?



The very name of Vasilisa premudraya says about many ways. This woman camping on E. Venus in strong aspects with Saturn. Saturn gives wisdom in the pure and figure father constantly present. On logic on such a role pulling a Koschie the Immortal, but in this fairy father tsar marine, although across semblance the old and not lovely detached. Maritime tsar always was Neptune. One of options Neptune in 10m House in an. And Saturn in connecting with v, observed that such aspect of gives wisdom, a good structure thinking, but here same suited and trine with sekstilem.



On yard hi-tech twenty-first age, global crisis, and we about childhood Eastern European folk tales. And why would and there is no? Can, most time talk about than something different, than problems, in which we, like, poking every day? And let stories seem similar Russia, fantasies,, where occur the most the unspeakable and the most amazing developments, impossible in reality, not for good reason say: Fairy tale lies, yes in it suggestion, good molodtsam lesson. And moreover, all in this world relatively, in including and lies, which under certain conditions, can become deep true. Recall: Evening, Prelink lamp, warm blankets of, a worn-out certificate in the hands of mothers, or the old sofa in my grandmother's room. Then fabulous heroes were for us very real, were forced pass through for himself. And we indeed reveled for Ivan-Tsarevitch, Izhevsk of Little Flour. They were very close and true. And perhaps, even now, when we already adults, they still remain our friends, let we about them and not recall. On question, who wrote about Rakhmetove , this or admired, we will long to wrinkle my their, but far and why commanded Red Riding Hood and who such Ivanushka the Fool will tell, perhaps, any. These heroes still live in us. And on fact mean for us much more, than we usually believe.

In than secret of gravity of worlds, created brothers Brothers Grimm, Andersen, J. R. R. Tolkien's? Let us not let us to write off all on infantilizm, perhaps, roots phenomena much deeper. Telling stories children, we thereby teach their special language. Not obydennomu, habitual, but rather kind of metaphysical. After all language this not simply set of words to mark the those or other hyphenated, surrounding us. Language this worldview, way to see the world and themselves in it, way to understand the world, way to to speak and way to to think. It is no coincidence that, perhaps, one of the first, who gave push exploration of stories, was Wilhelm that, termination the beginning of poet spent. Child following the language fairy tales and language concepts, principles, laws, acting in world. But these laws not physical, and moral. You noticed, as often in Eastern European folk tales'Arena fox leaves in joke's on more strong wolf or bear, but itself undergoes a fiasco under meeting with brave the rooster, as in fairy about the tortoise in lubyanoy winter hut? The notion of forces relatively. And if you simply like to can you help someone, then good necessarily revert to you. Modesty and industriousness get rewarded by great, although hero at all not seeks to Iris. And the, who searching for only reward, it turns out nor with than. Ultimately success awaits not moreover, who tries to achieve goal any price, and moreover, who more attention points out as times on the way, on means, whom this goal being achieved. And good always wins evil.

If look narrowly to some modern tuned, especially militants, wasn not the same familiar picture we there will see? Good guys always beat bad apples, this eternal law, and he at all not such perishing, the fairy-tale.

But question actions fairy tales not only in usvoenii morality. Here we a bit sidebar from fairy tales in narrow sense words. Remember Don twenty? History his frenzy and recovery ? She, too, was connected with a kind of skazki Knight-at-arms NOT. But tragedy via rampant nobleman this and tragedy of our language, which obednyaetsya, losing some perpetual notions, and became be, and tragedy our souls, whose own is limited to only well terrestrial affairs. If same the main goal such novels gratification, then hardly they its reach, for they are rife unspeakable absurdities , says one of of man's medicine Don twenty. But absurdity , as we already talked and about lies, the notion of the relative.

A fairy tale opens another dimension. Dimension not-mundane. Space, in which our life receives the other, more deep sense. And our choice is, exist whether we in this space or our life entirely flows only in world well tangible things. Question reality fairy tales question language, on which we are talking. And as for us stories can be fantasy or than something deeply a true, so and for moreover world our life can be than something real, and can of transient of, illusion, not of colours in it a trace.

Because, respected adults, read stories, and not only children. And if child only feels and is experiencing happening in fairy, we yet to do step further. Us important, not faced this feelings, learn to understand happening, not stavshego under this in power fairy characters. A fairy tale game, but in our life all game, question only in choosing toys and in respect to them. Somehow dull and gray was would this world, not whether in it game birth!

Review, please, anew these the immortal sink: There wood and should visions of the are full. and if you have was born nostalgia, not hesitate, check back in the Curved seashore.

However we people adults. Try understand, about than say us stories.

Question sense and origins of stories held many great minds. The most known brothers Wilhelm and Jacob Brothers Grimm, which were not only collectors fairy tales, but in primarily researchers folklore. And in Russia Vladimir type, Alexander Afanasiev and of course same Vladimir morphology of the Folktale. This still and Edward Taylor, and Joseph Campbell, and of course same John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, CBE Tolkien. And finally, the founder of deep-seated psychology Karl Gustav services.

Once undoubted origin stories have sought in pramife , mega pranarode , from which by borrowing whether, transfer of tradition whether stories have spread around the world. And because have different peoples in remote from each other era we find similar elements. Not similar whether essentially the Russian a fairy tale about Finiste gotta, you Falcon and antique Amur River and Psyche ? There is no whether belonging between Persephone, unesennoy taking, and Vasilisa Premudroy, abducted a Koschie? Where same this wondrous homeland stories? Where same this puzzling the Curved seashore? Perhaps, not on the earth map need to seek his a, and in our own psyche. As would are far nor were peoples from each other and in geographical, and in culturally, soul human was always one and the same, with all for and I questions about path, about fate, about life and death, with all aspirations and enough, misery and fears.

To mention the sense fairy tales and myths, we see in them echoes ancient teachings about path hero, path initiating or Jesuit. Services spoke of path becoming a individuality human, path inward own souls, path of self-knowledge. This path implies transition in new, more mastery state of, conversion hero. So, Ivanushka the Fool becomes Ivan-the prince. A dedication the introduction of in a new world, and can be, in new vision of the same world. Opening the in this world a new depth, hitherto ancient times built along. Already very many written about what, that myth this not history once previous events, and Eternal drama, unfolding in our domestic space. All heroes myth live in us themselves. This our dignity and shortcomings, our I, our aspirations and the, that them opposes. A fairy tale built for the same the most laws. Us touch here the most important and meaningful on our glance moments.

Typically, a fairy tale begins violation of on ignorance or simply on stupidity any ban, rules. So is happening in fairy on-frog with Ivanushkoy, excessively forward rid its intended waiting from freshly animals. Or in Marie Morevne , in which hero, despite request Mari, picking its way in zaboroneniy basement, where captivated a Koschie, and on naivete rolls his on will. Behind this should misfortune to, disposing from which can be achieved only with the help big effort, given a long way tests, istoptav several steam's iron shoes in here, isterev several's iron posokhov. To in late path to gain the lost, but to gain already new man hero, the prince. Or in life individual invade suddenly something an unexpected, same forming, some kind magic, basic forces, WORLD entire life hero and causing change his the most, as this is happening in Finiste or konke-gorbunke. Unwittingly crops up in psyche Betkhovenskoe: . So fate thatknocking to us in the door. Not the same whether and in our life? Question not in is, whose guise chooses Rouseff fate, to to knock in our the door, meeting with whatever kalikami perekhozhimi turns a our lives. Can, this will be book, can, meeting in a train, can, dream. Question in the strength, which for them is worth. An anthropologist Mircea ion Heliade called this incursion holy and we would said magic in our by the person life. In any case we not immediately understand this. Wasn that later many years, , will see this path more-less clear. So or otherwise, borders of ours officials of world are opening, equilibrium violated, and we need to seek a new harmony, but already on the new level. A return to the old already impossible, gibelno for souls rights. If look narrowly, on these same principles built antique tragedy, and not only antique, for example Tsar Oedipus Eschylus Father of Tragedy, Gamlet Venice.

And who knows, that for a warlock the Immortal is lurking have us where any in a locked closet souls, and when we suddenly discover his there? In our life, too, a long prohibitions, even if we their so not call. But there is established models that dictate, as to live correctly, but as there is no, and which we unconsciously follow. Model these are being created by many decades, even for centuries in the collective mentality of, forming a certain culture and defining path human from birth to death: Family, children, studies, work, career, pension. But if once they include the exit for their own borders, fork in (remember vitez on a crossroads), the transition to different models, then now this remained in the past, despite the seeming revival religious life. Today there is a huge number of living models, subcultures, the problem only in is, that on advantage they lie in one secular a plane, unlike only forms of, not facts of the. Initiation programme same implies meeting with sacred, path in depth, climate the most essence and human, and his fate without also a place under this in other extreme contrasted hollow fantasies, in which we already see themselves great heroes, the poetry, for and light world.

It is important, that initially hero not knows, far him go further. Has gone Ivanushka, far eyes are suspicious or Eady there, not know far and so on. Goal this path not rational, its impossible put so, as we are posing itself goal do career or marry. This journey in another dimension, utterly not familiar stranniku, him yet to his to develop. And very important, that on this road hero hit with meeting with magical creatures. Creatures a different reality, this is precisely makes fairy tale magic.

But about what different world goes speech? The world magic, the world specific talismanic creatures, who are us not only in Eastern European folk tales and myths, but and in our immediate experience in imagery dreaming, this the world imagination. There lives music, which still no one not heard, words, which still no one not delivered, inspiration, which still no one has experienced. There lives very important part of our souls, that we only predchuvstvuem and without which exist only half. There lives experience, which we still not survived, experience holy, everlasting. About this world talked Platon and Giordano Bruno, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, CBE Tolkien and Mircea ion Heliade, medieval the alchemists and modern psychologists.

So, the first part of wandering hero this still, exactly, and not path, and wandering at random, without understanding of, far same go. Informed path begins with the crossing hero borders, dissociative two world the world office and purported dreams made. This may be transition through the river, benighted wood or Sea. Often this meeting with there's Buboy-Yaga chick anyway. She is experiencing hero and under second-best outcome points, far and as him go further. Unfavorable same outcomes highlighted by the amply skulls on don't you around its Buildings, but their fate in fairy tale not fall. Baba-Kolorado repository transition in different sphere of. Its the symbolism stems with the world dead. Similar way, in such domovinakh , camped on pillars over land, were burying the bodies of the dead, with entry in such a crypt was converted indeed in side forests, i.e. in side antithetical to world survivors. Hero should for Ban to go in this dreams made, but for, to return back winner, Files, able connect both world in his psyche: Reality an average, a rational and reality different, the world dreams, the world imagination, the world meanings. Baba-Kolorado hovers hero in steam bath, internal layer and a media is his from dirt world the profane for further and even more dangerous adventures, in which his awaits meeting with a Koschie your.

In image baba-of Baba-Yaga terrible old with a bone foot, embedded attitude human to peace different. This image scares, alienating. But not because we its fear, that she such a ugly pre-, and she such a ugly pre-precisely because, that we its fear. Baba-Kolorado this our vision world, way of beyonds officials. This reflection our own weaknesses and fear of office. And in life most the trail of the unknown for us the, that stems with death, with the world Otherworldly. In this sphere we can rely only on faith, on hunches, on the, that today is considered than something ephemeral, unreliable. The only, that remains hero in this situation, act decisively: . Not you got him drunk, not fed, bath not istopila, and already ?t for. In this role Sai Baba temple-Kolorado is close to Gorgone see Medusa, whose head is on Aegis Athens, goddess of Wisdom and fair war, and together and to the most be Athena that, nauchayuschey hero, with the help what can be beat the's gold.

This another lesson magic stories look deeper. The, that see our't eyes, deceptively. Ambivalence baba-of Baba-Yaga, dire and wise, mentoring hero, reflects ambivalence our souls. We fear, us is shocking the need effort, us alienating what we must give up with than something in itself, even if this something our shortcomings, for example decisional laziness, but after all they our, they part of us themselves. However precisely meeting with this difficult and the first victory over him (over a, essentially affairs) allows us go further. However, to even more tough spot here.

. To Koschei Bessmertnomu, defeat which ordinary ways impossible. Nor sword, nor somehow either weapons his cannot be kill, after all he'm immortal. Figure's gold enigmatic. On Russias koschunami in pre Christian times was called stories, fables, myths. Word a fairy tale, which, incidentally, gained familiar us sense only in nineteenth century, has such same significance description of, narrative. And koschuna already in XI century acquired connotation something false, having of dirty, sramosloviya. Law such is, that gods old era become demons in the new. So happened and with drevneslavyanskimi traditions and deities, zameschennymi Christianity. Perhaps, once under name's gold claims were holed magician, pundits traditions and guardians knowledge, peredavavshikhsya through stories and myths from generation in generation. And then is becoming more understandable, why role's gold in some Eastern European folk tales nurturing Snake skin-- ow Dragon, ancient symbol of wisdom.

A Koschie magic the root of the stories. He invisible present in it already with the outset narrative, creating a kind of opportunity magic, fabric magic. So and a fairy tale initially there in psyche rights. We his still not see, but know, that he there is. In the same tsarina-the frog he manifests itself in charms there, imposed on massive, much before, than as incumbent blockbuster. And this invasion in life hero forces last start its project's journey.

Death's gold, as say stories, in egg, egg in a duck, the kind in the tortoise and so on. And all of this in trunk either he on 8, not on the island in the midst of sea-ocean, either had among his roots. But more precisely will say, that not death Koscheeva there bit hidden, and life, source of life. Precisely before him need to get hero. And it is no coincidence that this source of stems with an egg and tree ancient symbols of deeps of universe. And it is no coincidence that for moreover, to get to this source, need cognize all four population (land, water, air and the fire), of which built the world, four population, which in different Eastern European folk tales symbolize duck, pike, Hare, the bear or other animals. So and in traditional cultures path initiating included in themselves tests land, water and so on symbols of our own psychological wealth,. Hero need was overcome inertia land, awaken force life, that has water, or ability to to change themselves and the world around, like fire.

Some researchers associate's gold with Korochunom (Koroksun, Korchun). These name on Russias was called representing the night in year night winter frequently a. As it was thought, in this day receded old the sun and - was new (later in this time have become celebrate Christmas). From this behalf of great death, burnt, by, by ossifying. But this same and the beginning of revival new life, a new, until still future Spring.

And further Ivanushka the Fool turns into Ivan-Tsarevitch. Very often a fairy tale ends those, that hero plays set and sometimes becomes tsar in his state, as in fairy Go measure there, not know far. Thus taking he completeness life. Generation two parts of our souls, head and heart of, there contradictions between aspiration to material comfortable and simultaneously to goods spiritual. In the final hero awaits wisdom and maturity as the ability to link beautiful and deep fortune souls and concrete realities our daily life. And be tsar in Trida world not means whether above all be tsar very itself? After all we talked, that all action stories pivoting within rights. And if in the early stories hero only should for more strong, than he himself, circumstances, then in late he becomes able their win and to subordinate.

So and in than same suggestion, about than all of this tells us? Can be, about how, that sometimes we need to commit journey inward himself, in the mysterious the world imagination, to to withdraw made there on light white its Vasylissa Belle Epoque. Journey in tridesyatoe dreams made our souls, in which still languish our agenda and dreams, to give them life here, on earth, in our suggest world? Can be, about how it is important to believe in reality imaginary and create with him ties, and be fascinated by them, but not blindfold over his eyes,. Can be. Suggestion he and there is a hint.

Ilya Averina-Barabash
http://www.manwb.ru/articles/simbolon/m … airy-tale/



June, stories

Each of us still in early childhood envisages for themselves scenario, cosmogonies plan, which then aggressively gives effect in life. We and themselves already sometimes not remember, as would write this its history, but she continues to to live in our unconscious on and manage made there our the deeds and the fate of So believed Eric Bern - American the therapist, the founder of theory scenarios.

June, stories

Beginning impossible to believe, that the entire fate, all its ups and downs znachit painted child not older six years, and the and Arad age. But precisely this argues theory scenarios Eric Bern

- fairy tale - with fate

Scenario this form parents, heredity, circumstances our life and much else. And far not last role in it play SKAZKI, which us read the in childhood. From fairy tales we get their the first knowledge about world and his arrangements, about life people, about get, evil, justice,, envy and love.

A fairy tale - this opportunity withdraw from fact, could, sense the themselves omnipotent, on time unattractiveness on place beloved hero or heroine. And of course, stories give hope, that all will well, and all problems sooner or later miraculously resolved and justice will prevail. And here is childhood long behind, and we until now sometimes continue to believe in fabled magic. In the, that, suddenly, once

Have each of us was SVO a fairy tale, SVO the indigenous heroine, which we admired and on that wanted become.

Who of them was closer - she, Vasilisa premudraya or on-frog - now already and not'll remember, so much years passed. But all of this utterly not prevents this the most tsarina-the frog, Vasilise Premudroy, a classic Cinderella story, Sirena or Red cap to live in our subconscious and imperceptibly made there us manage.

Sometimes we, themselves moreover not exist, in accuracy copy power strategy heroine our favorite stories. And if closely watch, then can be to the naked eye see explicit parallels, between tone and the fate of.


Nice, plain, hard-working, modest she. Girl with small chook's foot, big soul of and fair the heart. She very many works, undergoes a popreki and humiliation in own House, but not undertakes no steps, to something change, not dispute with the fate of. Sometimes, truth, have faced had he stayed ended up alone with a, she asks themselves: Nu, .fat never withdraw me nowhere from ash and soot? A can, she not enough suffered, and need to suffer still, to perishing certainly earn happiness? So or otherwise, this question she and is limited to, by continuing wait, that someone will come and will spring our its. Timidity and uncertainty well are explainable by the, after all with childhood Zolushkinu self-esteem frightening zanizhali step-mother did and sister. And even native father man good, but infirm of purpose and weak, never was for it support.

So as on their forces she especially not hopes, a classic Cinderella story only and remains, that to pin their hopes on HSH Prince. And on get-magic, which his to it will lead: I d good girl, and then I have all will well! - decides she, and with a vengeance embarks on work.

A classic Cinderella story was lucky, its quirky customers - fairy godmother. If would not she, then no one would so and not estimated those remarkable much quality, whom wholly endowed our the indigenous heroine. And you have relatives in sphere the magic bullets services?

Moreover, this magic a fairy tale, as and all other, ends extended wedding major heroes, and we can only to assume, what is will their further family LIFE. Fully its Ministry themselves Prince, and having shifted on him times and forever responsibility for its fate, she, likely, will become a housewife. Myunkhenskiy with childhood only OTDAVAT, she, likely, will devote themselves family husband and children, and certainly will forget about themselves, their interest and looks. And of course, nedoumeniyu its not will limit, if its husband-Prince - the very, which she has devoted ALL THE - he finds over time itself someone brighter color palette and more interesting to do.

But this all only in is case, if she ITS all-??? be met with. Given Zolushkinu low self-esteem and uncertainty in itself, can be suggest, that have girls with small chook's foot there is big chances to remain in alone.

Sleeping Angelin

She simply sleeping. And together with it sleeping its female nature and sexuality. His image, too, comes to it in sleep. He - this the, who been charged wake up in it, Woman and would consider the for happiness pass sake of such a affairs through a vicious wood.

Love you everywhere will find - learned growing up she popular wisdom. So our Krasavitsa not hurry help to his Prince in search of - let himself all makes. Canvassed he first resembles-history on dremuchemu the forest, then fearlessly penetrates in an enchanted castle, then princess ever kisses, and then she him will tell: - Ah, this you, Prince. Finally. Long same you're making themselves wait.

Only here is if nor one such a lyubitelya kissing with poluzhivymi women so and not there will - can be oversleep entire life. Transformation into a from infant the Belles are about in Sleeping carpentry, too, will happen in your sleep.

on incomparable vitality The Beauty

Even stronger complicated life to his husband-ryazhenomu on incomparable vitality The Beauty from stories Trigger-Burke the should was unkind jump until her engraver. Window the in svetlitse, Svetlitsa in high tereme. Ivan, with the help the staunch Sivki, this, in late all, managed. After what him were offered new tests, which he, too, with honor overcame. Ivan this been paved on status all time to surmount obstacles he same dreamlike hero, and here is usual a man all this may over time bored.

The Little Mermaid

History about unrequited love. A fairy tale, which reminds - love often ends failure. The Little Mermaid all time donates Olympics a sake of HSH Prince and commit sake of him exploits, trying to account the higher heads. Initially she tantalizing him life. Then forfeits language - now she even not can to tell him about their sentiments. She taking its feet in return fish tail, but each step comes it with enormous hard - she, as if treads on, a on acute the knives with. But all these exploits dedication not cite massive to appease happiness - Prince applies to it, as to the sister. In late all, he marries on another, and The Little Mermaid of Iraqis.

Above than become favorite - need go on serious victims! - such message contains this saddest a fairy tale. But sacrificing themselves in sacrifice at all not gives us guarantees eternal love and happiness.

Red Riding Hood

She's walking around in alone on the forest more often, provoking hungry wolf. On it - flamboyant a cap, that so and involve to being informal and Oh! Forest inhabitants. In late all, she even it turns out in bed with one of them, accepting his on naivete for unlovely and good native grandmother. In a result - around the is to blame ONLY wolf! The familiar the situation, not true whether?

And sometimes we, like Mercantile class daughters from stories both for or forsythia , which fell in love the Kraken, subsequently patriarch prince, - try see his Prince in every Chude forestry and The Beast supremacy on. But his there why something, typically, not it turns out.

Here is and leading character stories blue Makropulos"intuition not for good reason tell, that with by the graph something not so , but then, giving in on his blandishments, she herself themselves admonishes, that beard not such a great and blue , and all-??? goes for him married. In a result - girl barely has time carry away its feet from Grafskogo of the castle and miracle remains in survivors. So same sometimes

Do the right and we, when, not researched to his domestic voice, selecting utterly not appropriate us men.

And all-??? without fairy tales our life was would not conceivable. Sometimes precisely belief in happy dreamlike the endgame allows man withstand the in the most difficult circuits circumstances. There is no good and bad, harmful and useful fairy tales - there is only our personal, subjective child their perception of. And sometimes very is important to realize, from what birth history are rising its feet our well real, adults problems. And still can be try write a new scenario, a new fairy tale, cosmogonies plan.

But above, than start this to do, makes sense to ask themselves two questions: Chego I WANT TO? and How I CAN DO lT this achieve? . And then - to act. And then miracles not will press themselves wait, after all we themselves can their make

Lilia Ilyushina, for InHa.ru

http://digest.subscribe.ru/woman/psycho … 44474.html



Helen wrote:

A Saturn in connecting with Mercury over, observed that such aspect of gives wisdom, a good structure thinking

Um. Here is have my son such aspect of. Until not holiday. :rolleyes: even on the horizon not lurks :D small even :rolleyes: wisdom she OK with years increasingly OK comes, we'll go live will see. Increasingly ???, Perhaps though in what signs compound and what even aspects of to s ambitious :surprise:



Lero4ka wrote:

There ???, Perhaps though in what signs compound and what even aspects of to s ambitious

As always: Look the entire horoscope Euro Taekwondo! :)
My teacher always spoke: In astrology you must all view through forge the It comes. - can be. There is no nor one like horoscope, camping on K. Every moment time was unique, as and was unique every man.
I him believe! :)



And not hook up whether us something? :) I has found fun GWAS methodology :flag: :flag: :flag:




A not hook up whether us something?

Familiar fruits with :rolleyes: directly vu ;) Len, ured. Word. (I have as times Chinese system. 3D 135 to Merck in 11d :))


I has found fun techniques

This new or well all-but-forgotten old? :glasses: one not in kind before-opening, when one is beginning to, the second continues to, ah camping on D. Flax, ah share already :)



Lero4ka wrote:

familiar fruits with directly vu

:jumping: :jumping: :jumping:

Lero4ka wrote:

this new or well all-but-forgotten old? Accidentally not in kind before-opening, when one is beginning to, the second continues to, ah camping on D. Lan, ah share already

There is no :) every himself pro themselves. There in stages need to disassemble favourite fairy tale childhood :) I today made, incidentally, honestly not looking in the next clauses) somewhere somebody, somewhere your research on, somewhere embraced in impasse.




every himself pro themselves. There in stages need to disassemble favourite fairy tale childhood

T. E. Is obtained, very this-opening compose the not need to :D only choose favourite and. As its unfolding on stages of?
Understandably, that if espoused, then something tseplyalo, with than something domestic identifitsirovalos :glasses: But, here is if honestly, then I hardly now with precisioncan say, what precisely, from all diversity was precisely favorite :rain: have us was several books with skazki and periodically they perechityvalis. However, the first, about fix I now evoked the :glasses: so this's book, right "The Flying ship" :) (its we accurately "read the again and again" ;))



Lero4ka wrote:

only choose favourite

Precisely so :)

Lero4ka wrote:

as its unfolding on stages of?

And I will putting questions in stages) then dam exile on author (this shtobe not looked)

Lero4ka wrote:

"The Flying ship"

In! :flag:




There in stages need to disassemble favourite fairy tale childhood

Uffda. I have in childhood ulyublenimi were stories brothers Brothers Grimm. Reading their now I dreaded :angry: Just films horrors of in printed the form of!
Me clearly more just liked several fairy tales. But stuck choose of them one.





Ah yes, name very relished and itself certificate was very "such a, transparent black the cover, and on it red color name and ship - contrasts and spectacularly-attractive she ???? :) But in specifis was several fairy tales! Pro molodilnye apples even that I recall and. (Not remember now name) pro Ivan, which horse saved, fatten, otpoil, on offense same from capture and uskakal.33 athlete,, too, identified with, again same, this was big, in the transition, beautiful fashion bookbinding book, with color pictures - :) when 33 carries from of the busy sea go :rolleyes: in owners with a dude who Chernomorom



Lero4ka wrote:

itself certificate was very "such a, transparent black the cover, and on it red color name and ship - contrasts and spectacularly-attractive she ???? But in specifis was several fairy tales! Pro molodilnye apples even that I recall

Listen, treat :) now seems I have deja vu :) seems, I have was such a certificate or I in school our library seen :)


uffda. I have in childhood ulyublenimi were stories brothers Brothers Grimm. Reading their now I dreaded Just films horrors of in printed the form of!

This accurately! Literary stories - this at all something, sekret on its. Apparently this because, that their wrote in the form of prudish stories for adults, and perishing then, significantly later, however for children.


I dont clearly more just liked several fairy tales. But stuck choose of them one.

Let :jumping: Yes would, to still Nikolai has joined :flag: And all willing mercy of ask :mybb:

Here is the first two quests (d putting not hurrying, lest all not cater typically recognized do):

1. Recall your favourite fairy tale from childhood. Write down its name

2. Write, in than the plot this stories. So, as you his remember.

Imbabers. Already wrote in this topic, that why something "was hanging out with" on fairy Brazilian child writer M. Dos Reis Lobato "the Order for yellowcake woodpeckers." Why was hanging out - not can understand until now. Can be, because unlike sated birth and the mysterious atmosphere other fairy tales, here action is happening in the usual House, in conventional family. Can be, here is this "an unusual in the usual" me so and were attracted by. The plot in is, that have girls Lucia revives doll. Its call Emilie...... have, she has quite leadership qualities character, she all missus is master ah and in House are beginning occur the most different do amazing history.




- "" . " ".

, ? ??
- , :" "
, , , . : , , , , . , 3- 3 ( ). , "", : , , ...




Lena, where you of solidity such stories? In our Soviet childhood??

In our school library :)

'oc, waiting for rest, and then we pass to third turn.




GROUP Yes would, to still Nikolai has joined And all willing mercy of ask

Interestingly, :jumping: stuck, that same me relished from fairy tales in childhood?
Oops was so davno- pick up volumes K, if can be, time until tomorrow, on Remembrance and reflection.... :question:

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if can be, time until tomorrow, on Remembrance and reflection....

'oc! :jumping: Let us not cater? The third point I'll post an in Sunday :writing:




Lena, where you of solidity such stories? In our Soviet childhood??

About, and I have such same question emerged :D


In our school library

And, ah then understandable :) A I have all notebook with skazki were host and Global Energy International Prize and in library I starters walk already Perhaps in senior mortar, by necessity.


seems, I have was such a certificate or I in school our library seen

Flax, ah I think, not I have one such a knizhentsiya was :). Here is interesting deal. After all she I have survivor to son devolved not so long increasingly on eyes family cats, on apartment "used to walk", and now I becomes suspicious and not can its find. Wanted re the plot, but in sight not fate. Gained in 120 and be disappointed, and why? Yes because, that there the plot not quite the, which I have in memory remained (thought: What that perhaps I with the other tone mixed up the). In general, of what in memory decided to tsar daughter for husband to issue and booking, all, that will put for moreover, who can your Floo ship to build. Who from willing boyarsvictory, merchants, and other nobility not ranging, not left. And simple Russian son fortunate. He prejudice something this old boy good word responded, than god sent announced his, podmognul in encouraged, the him on good and good and responded tool gave the magic. In moment he with those instrument this there is a ship She has created. Not ship, and a sight for sore eyes, yes to the same the flying gear (ah (with) and with 11th sails of course same, as pro Assol, Hi,). And magic words old man said, which need to was utter, to ship in the sky rose and words, to on land he have dipped. 's been hacked pro the two flushed . And and decided, to seize the there is a ship She and before tsar with him be prosecuted. Delusive route ship seized, before Bohemian king with him were tried. King a divo was given and decided to test volatility of ammonium nitrate ship. Have plunged they, words said, ship in the sky rose. That was some flying, povoskhischalis, but as plant ship not know. In short, those flushed in on clean water lifted, and Russian son the right words made, ship kingship and on royal daughter married.
Here is name "The Flying ship" immediately was having a flashback, can as times because, that, the kind certificate I have on the eyes of was until now?
But, "not had my on how" :D evoked the, that was seems and is a cartoon. With so entitled. Wlfe's in staff multyakhu seek. Javadxan, it ^ ^, this in multe as times such the plot. There Tsars, daughter Lyubava, that tsar wanted to give married for the Colonel's. And instead old man Grumbeigh in multe the (famous, song "I in-room up-iswasta, I the." :D)
And at all, point to only one favourite fairy tale difficult we same were all grown up, changed, and beloved stories together with us. So, for example, and pro a frog-tsarina identified with and pro flight Dragon with a sissy Yaga chick anyway. In general, espoused was not one :rolleyes: but consider perishing for starters "The Flying ship" :)



Lero4ka wrote:

and, ah then understandable A I have all notebook with skazki were host and Global Energy International Prize and in library I starters walk already Perhaps in senior mortar, by necessity.

I with 5 years in child library virtually signing up, then in school, then in rayonno and the urban.
She, I here some "The Flying ship"has found, but it asserted as Ukrainian popular a fairy tale and, 's reabsorption, the plot with our is at odds.

Lero4ka wrote:

But, "not had my on how" evoked the, that was seems and is a cartoon. With so entitled. Wlfe's in staff multyakhu seek. Javadxan, it, this in multe as times such the plot. There Tsars, daughter Lyubava, that tsar wanted to give married for the Colonel's. And instead old man Grumbeigh in multe the (famous, song "I in-room up-iswasta, I the."

Ah yes, ah yes!


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