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Celebration Ivan denoted have Slavs

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Bukav many! :)

Slavyanskaya culture and tradition

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Issue Rattan

denoted and kupalskie customs have Slavs.

01 holding holiday
For conducting Day of Ivana Kupala practicing an Whereever three a fire.

who had given their lives's ancestors
The first of fires sacrosanct this a small Svastichnyy the altar the their ancestors our, this's is elevated in the west from central a fire, placed in the form of cupolas illustrated. Near Zhertvennogo a fire not drive in and through him not jump around.

The beginning of holiday - vozzhzhenie this a fire with words:
"From live ceasefire - to zhivomu fire."
In the fire catches bread a bundle of, to strengthen the link with Light Ones ancestors our the gods and goddesses, to our Dar descendants from of the lmmaculate Heart of permitted to them in Svargu Most Pure, and us always was from them aid in a difficult minute.

Recall and celebrate of the Ancestors our, posing in the fire only plant food, desirable homegrown or cooked ????. Because denoted account for on 22 June, then everyone can the their ancestors, protect us descendants, and dead in Great Patriotic war.

From of the bonfire of the Ancestors then to your Central, the most big the fire-kupalets, in the name of of Gods of - Kupala Day, Semargla-Ogneboga, God of Perun and all maximum to of Gods of and goddesses. Alongside a fire is installing Sword of Perun, and then to your bathing's. God Perun plunged its Siyaschiy basis Sword in land, as a symbol of life, of creation, purification ', victory over so mishandled,, the meanness, kinds.

Around this a fire drive in, singing National Anthem Ognyu the Sort and bioinformational abilities Bless she ain on Acts the good and Good Ole have Semargla-Ogneboga. Drive in on Sun (posolon, camping on E. On-hour arrow), and then, if all by itself multilevel, in different hand, but the first circle - on Sun.

anthem sun-Kupale
( the Sun in Kupale (Blonski), i.e. in zenith.)

Species, our my God!
Is recognised for denoted national whether!
You rodno celebrate,
On land our urge!
Grant unto us cleansing,
Funnyyours rule!
Grant unto Rodham our these project
On ceramic fields stradnykh
And complete bins of the post-in done around here our.
Now and his, from Circle until Circle!
Tacos was, tacos despoil, tacos wake!

OGNEVITsY and jumping THROUGH's
Then all go the sea wash over me in River and monetize ognevitsy - plotiki.

After victimization bezkrovnykh of sacrifices from live ceasefire People of Svastichnogo however, Slavs have lit candles and ognevitsy, which track should be attached on venkakh and plotikakh, and send downstream on rivers.

Under this on light a candle or ognevitsu, Slavs stay there overnight its Chinese desire to or, to example, request about many upsides to getting from infirmity and diseases, keep the failures, various household problems and camping on P.

This rite of passage highly symbolic. Burning a candle or ognevitsa dissent--online request or desire to purely Slavic anthropological type, water rivers learns their and, work almost, is rising to Heavenly Svarge, contemporary until of Gods of all requests and desires purely Slavic anthropological type.

Omyvshis in River, jump around through a bonfire least nine times, camping on K. Man consists of nine basic astral bodies. Nine days in week and nine months in year was have ancient Slavs.

true love would arrive's or Count Sascha Kolowrat BUDUSchEGO

The next a bonfire this is so same a small the bonfire of Future, razvodimyy on the east from central a fire in the form of two the New Testament Kolovrata (male a badge of) and Posoloni (feminine a badge of). Glorifying of Gods of and goddesses - the Light of the Ancestors our, demanded) Bless she ain on Family Union, prince Children, choice betrothed or date.

Around these fires in drive young girls and guys, not this saint itself couple of for the Family Union. Girls - around Posoloni, and young men - around Kolovrata. Movement - on direction scroll Svastichnogo of Fire (protivosolon, camping on E. In side, antithetical to a hooked dustignition eternal Swastika Gods, girls protivosolon, against-hour the switch, young men on-hour arrow, posolon. All together this symbol of of Eternity, inviolability of our the Sort).

In late celebration from ugolev central a fire regularly Star Navvies, Coming with south north. Pass on it bare footed with their feet means strengthen its Spirit and clean itself up.

kupalskie SOUNDTRACK
Day, until rites, and after Kupalskogo rites ???? molodetskie game: Fist-fighting ,-fighting with swords, move 'em on, tug of war, trickle.

At night young men in alone or counterbalance with girls (on their desire), go seek Perunov Color - Flower semi. This the flower is considered messenger achievements Integral Spiritual Ozareniya and Market, and also extraordinary Good luck. However, one ancient background a plant, not tsvetkovoe a plant, so never blooms.

On the other version of, couples harvest bouquet from flowers bathed-yes-Kostroma, zapletayut flowers are in to from semi and exchange they. The most persistent encounter one sun. When the first solar rays emerge over horizon, couples exchange with rings with svastichnymi dark secret that one might-kolovratami, either the bracelets or pendants-little amulets with svastichnoy symbolics. How the Sun churchgoers around the circle the so our love never ich was out of , - say couples.

symbols KUPALSKOGO purification '
Full cleansing consists of three parts of:

1. Cleansing BODY entirety
The first cleansing (3x02 The bodies). Every Adjustments on spree in day denoted should wash over its body in of the sacred (1362 (camping on E. Waters rivers, Lake dam and camping on Afghan, to continue to have with themselves fatigue and dirt.

2. Cleansing DUShI
The second cleansing (3x02 Soul). For moreover, to present on spree in day denoted could clear its soul, vozzhigayut big famous, and all wishing to jump around through these famous, for Fire burns the entire negative and cleans the an aura and the Soul rights.

3. Cleansing SPIRIT (iiuo)
Third cleansing (3x02 Spirit). Every slavyanin (slavyaschiy Yang-TUIT), Adjustments on spree denoted, and also all wishing to can to clear and strengthen its spirit.
For this from the burning coal large of the bonfire create basis Circle the, on which Slavs trek barefoot.
Those willing, who first time In pass cinders, lest to clear and strengthen its spirit, magician lead on the secret "the circle for hand.

bathing sync (KUPALSKOGO) me horse
This celebration inextricably stems with events deep absent.
In ancient times God Perun grapes on the Caucasus from capture their sisters and sent their clean itself up in waters People of Iriya ((Irtysh) and in smetannom St. Petersburg, turn (Lake Zaysan (disambiguation)). About this crucial recounted in the fifth a tangle of "songs of Ulitsa Gamayun."

In ties with those, that denoted is God-Paul "Heavenly chertoga Knight Mission" in Svarozhem this day, in this day adopted bathe Trojan, braid in manes colourful Turing and ornamentar their warlord colors.

Source: http://belagor.narod.ru/sm/kupalo.htm
Published Rodoslav, September 16 2006

2 Oh timing holiday
Were reborn Slavic communities, typically, note celebration denoted in Day year-old frequently a, camping on E. In period with 22 on 24 June.

However until revolution this celebration domestic production was in the other day, so as been brought forward Christian Church on 7 July, because days of the late June contaminants on the other Christian celebration. Because, that denoted worthy on day saintly Ivan, have holiday a long time was and another name Ivan-denoted. Blue-and-Royal the flower with drevneslavyanskim entitled bathed-yes-Kostroma then, too, wore another name ivan-yes-Marja.

Many Slavic communities from Ukraine, and so same Christians-old Believers note this celebration still 7 July.

In any case celebration Ivan-denoted or, more correctly, denoted spend in mid-summer, in days year-old frequently a, in late June early July, camping on E. In period with 22 June on 7 July.

* * *

http://video.mail.ru/mail/lubavushka_la … ura/1.html

Video-clip, with holiday denoted-2006 (Kaluzhskaya a community).
Music: Baterfly Temple "denoted and Kostroma."

* * *

I. P. Sakharov

Dunst Russian people, collected I. P. Sakharov, Andrei Dmitriyevich. Popular some, holidays and customs. , publication A. S. Sergeevich Suvorin, Twelve ApostlesChurch., S.-Peterburg.

Book to provide the, danger remains unidentified and editing from its personal archive provided: Ogneyar.
---------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------

45; A month June.
Word June - nerusskoe; it went to our fathers from Byzantium. Indigenous, Slavic name stingy month were other.
Our ancestors (Russians) was called this month - yazok (officials-'oc, Asa. An eye, camping on E. God An eye);
Poles - chervets ;
Czechs and Slovaks - June ( chervlenoe have Russians meant red );
Category: Illyria - lipan ;
Kroaty (Croats) - rozentsvet , ivanchak , klisen ;
Soraby (Serbs) - smaznik , pink ;
Karnioltsy - rozentsvet , kresnik ;
Vendy - shestnik , prashnik , kresnik.

In the old Russian life month June was the fourth second ( In the calendar, where was nine months in year, on 40-41 day in month. Calendar was beginning in late September, on-our). When year started considered with September, he was tenth; and with 1,700 year he account for, second, sixth.

------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------

23. Kupalnitsy. - Obryady.
Our Denizenry kupalnitseyu call clarity as well grass, known under name: Koshechey dremy (tgollius euroraeus). Other this name of blamed to Lyutiku (ranunculus). This the grass attribute different curative actions.

On Vahe and in Vologda county of harvest on the morning grass kupalnitsu, when she case still in dew, and retain in young vessels for treatment. In villages as well from this grass adults make to and bother settling... they in hothouses. Children from it spin it's to, caps, hats and put on their on heads during games.

On Russias isstari was conducted from heat in this day, broadcasted a 90s in hothouses, and day swim in rivers, or fishponds. Denizenry Ryazan county of this day call: fierce skilled engineers.

Mentally alert old people, moyas in steam bath, bother lyutymi roots in the hope be young again. In noaiiuo settlements instead of straw nabrasyvali in stove again is burning nettle, and on it bother. All of this done for healing diseases.

On exit from bathhouses, and sat for the table enjoy breakfast, where in advance spy obetnaya gruel. Sick women and khvorykh people broached in bath, on is burning the nettle their hovering healing herbs.

Kupane in rivers began with noon and lasted until the evening. In Pereyaslavl-3alesskom impoverished in the lake Kleschine with songs and playing games. There, until alone impoverished, other on Bank sang songs.

In Zarayske khazhivali swim on the river are, to white will drag. Here between kupanem occurred game and sharing in.

In Tula above kupane children was happening in pond (now unichtozhennom), on noturesanas monastery. Elderly old lady's stopped working with children need to wash my face to studentsam (number two stairwell, of information (). Here they, washing my children, abandoned in studentsy copper money; old shirts or criminal impoverished brethren, or had been burned in demonstrations in the forest.

Kupalnitskaya obetnaya gruel send any with different observance.

Denizenry Nerekhotskago the county ? this deal red gave it to women. There they intended to one of their friends with the evening: Tread in Europe barley. Songs and veselymi playing games is accompanied by tolchenie barley. Sooner on the morning we were boiling from this barley bag for, that they used to eat it during noon, with oils.

After some afternoon roughage, get wheeled from shed advanced machine from having, on streets. Alone of them and sat on axis, other, clawing for oglobli, aiceee their on village with songs, then received on the field, where, under headline-evening dew, washed ourselves for health.

In noaiiuo settlements obetnuyu bag for we were boiling elderly women. From different families snosilas grits-- grits, ostavlyaemaya for stingy rites from first ruszenie. On this bag for szyvalis VolgGASU old men and old lady's after the washing.

In settlements Tula county of in handworkers known was even Secular gruel. Wealthy family we were boiling this bag for for impoverished brethren. Uvechnye, on people in advance several in bath and after treated mirskoyu kasheyu. Many family regarded this deal for the necessary a duty in life. Construct elaborate and compassionate community-building people themselves wore this bag for on homes to the poor sick and on prison zakladam to kolodnikam. All of this done on promise, in memory no any rid of woes or diseases.

In other places name of Kupalnitsy could metabolize for instead names.

In Pereyaslavl-Zalesski, former in this day Fair, under Volodymyrska Street church, is called Kupalnitseyu. Other was called these name glade, where they harvested curative grass. Other was called the most studentsy kupalnitsami.

In handworkers blind and poverty-stricken brethren took up, after the washing and treats mirskoyu kasheyu, dances poems pro squalid little vdovitsu Kupalnitsu.

"As in the old city of, in Kiev,
As have the rich of the-as a,
Have Neupokoya Mironovich lived in sirotstve
Poky vdovitsa kupalnitsa.

As have moreover whether have of the as a,
Have Neupokoya Mironovich,
Was any bogachestva on all share of impoverished.

Golden strong odelyal he, Prince-boyar, temples of God,
A net low fed the measly one-that orphanage.
To his whether stolam belodubovym,
To his whether skatertyam branym
Converged kaliki perekhozhie from all sides.

Just was have of the - as a bungalows,
One only not was - much awaited brainchild.

Grieving Prince-boyar about its trouble,
Not knows, not tweets in his sorrow nor faint joy.
And and in the sorrow what he until old age.

In one night sees he, Prince-boyar, midday dream:
And if for city for Kyiv,
Turquise bridge hanging,
Lies to all not znaemaya poky vdovitsa
In khvorosti and disease.

And and here him, grand duke-boyarinu,
Thought I heard voice mysterious:
-Take you, Prince-boyar,
The contestant squalid little vdovitsu to itself in yard,
You want to come cotch and feed until outcome souls.
And and for something you will in sins are a sight for.

Is waking up Prince-boyar on morning the dawn,
Goes for Kyiv grad,
Exhorts the whether the bridge false ceilings,
And sees he here ancient squalid little vdovitsu
In khvorosti and disease.

And asks Prince-boyar the contestant squalid little vdovitsu:
, tell you on truth and on truth,
Where come you, yes and as you calling
Named and on PETERSBURG?

And thus says him poky vdovitsa:
-Rodom de I from Novgorod,
And and name is de me Kupalnitsey;
And moreover for our old age de
His destiny and tribe not remember.

And forcing he, Prince-boyar,
The contestant squalid little vdovitsu on he both to itself in yard,
And himself says:
, and d you. Zidler has to supply, feed until outcome souls.

And in rollback thus says him the kind poky vdovitsa:
- Thank you you, Prince-boyar expensive,
On gentlest word, on great salary.
And you to call for you znachit moreover beggar brotherhood,
All kalik perekhozhikh,
Yes just get him drunk and feed she wasn't desiccating with a HoneyBaked, gave grechnevoy.

Goes boyar to itself in yard,
Sending their unclaimed retainers
On all roads and pereputitsam
Clicked cry on beggar brotherhood, kalik perekhozhikh.

Skhodilas poverty-stricken brethren took up,
All kaliki perekhozhie
Exhorts grand duke-boyarinu on open yard.

And and here to him after all
Came poky vdovitsa kupalnitsa,
And sat with impoverished et al
For tables white-oak, for tablecloths branye.

And went here to them Prince-boyar expensive,
Beat forehead the entire impoverished brethren, kalikam perekhozhim,
Fed it to, was feeding their she wasn't desiccating with a HoneyBaked, gave grechnevoy.

With the pores has lodged have of the-as a in the yard
Poky vdovitsa kupalnitsa;
With the pores built he our stern... and you annually
Pro entire beggar brotherhood, pro all kalik perekhozhikh;
And on those kormakh was'm fed up with honey, yes gruel buckwheat.

And lived the kind poky the widow kupalnitsa
Have of the-as a in the yard until outcome souls.

( Hmm, but as same baby ? Better it comes he on young married. Why was marry on the widow, to the same sick? From such a children accurately not atoning.)

----------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------
24. Ivanov day. - kupalo. - Obryady.
Popular sponsered the, otpravlyaemoe on Russias in punctuated night, known around the Slavic world.

Own defining customs have this celebrations comprise:. Having bonfires, songs, game, pereprygivanie through legal the fire and krapivnye bushes, kupane at night in dew, and day in rivers, dance around tree of appears and immersion his in water, zaryvanie African herbs, povere about I might go-hunts on Lysuyu mountain.

Kupalo and kupalskie fires of known more in Great Russia, Malorussii and Belarus. Scuds mifografy enshrined kupalo in the number of Slavic deities; but his not was nor in Kyiv, nor in other Slavic lands. About him not say nor Nestor, nor other writers; this word known in our recorded monuments with the seventeenth-century.

Russian Ivanovskoye District sponsered the known have Czechs, Serbs, Moravians (ethnic group), Karpato-Rosses', real and Poles. There Ivanovo night known under name Sobotok.

Most magnificent triumph this days is traded Slavs like in Silesia and by. There ivanovskie fires of surges on Carpathian the mountains, Sudetes and Kornoposhakh on space several hundred miles.

Incredibly humorous people opoyasyvaetsya perevyazyami from flowers, on heads put on to from African herbs, comprise in, sing songs, old men drill from trees living the fire. After pereprygivaniya through legal bonfires of lights, are swimming in dew. Poles, on insistence Kokhanovskago, girls drop out this day in the black the forest in Sendomirskom Kujawsko-.

In nose Kupalskoy they sing there, that this sponsered the had transferred them mothers:

Takto matki nam rodalu,
Same takze z drugich mialu
Ze TSI dzien Swietego Iana
Zawzdu Sobotka ralana.

( Transfer:
So the maty us petitioned,
Themselves so same with other tug
After on day St. Jan
Everywhere Sobotka mangal.

Hmm, Sobotka iiaea with-My Headband , camping on E. with with garlands ?
And then, if about this not wrote Nestor, then this not means, that these facts not was. After all Greeks-Christians vytravlivali all Russian military in Russians how could. Here is and is obtained, what Medjlis now consider our consciences. However, we with Poles in longstanding times accurately one entity were, about how same assessment y-gaplotipy say.)

Golembovskiy govorit, that the Polish Denizenry, opoyasannye chernobylnikom ( apparently the grasses, field flowers), whole night jump around about of lights. Ivanovskie celebrations in Krakow were on Kremionkakh, in Warsaw on Bank Vistula and on the island's part of.

Ogier, travelling on Poland in at 1635 year, says, that fires of and combined on squares, about forests and in different neighborhood, in homes come to an end flowers, grass. Bilateral the fire was called "then have them: kresz (kresz ). ( That where baptism in water have Christians matter with Kupalskoy night. This already genetics white human manifests itself in polukrovkakh-Greeks who live. Only about, bathing they remember, but about Kupalskom fire not want. Here already another genetics, all non-white peoples, especially the , fear ceasefire. And all Christians went from Africoid race Muggle-borns white and blacks,, or white and Asians.)

Polish writer Martin evidence suggests about involvement Poles XVI century in this the gala: "With the evening Ivanov days women busted it out fires of, dance loop their, sang songs, role of the honor and entreaties to a demon. Stingy pagan or hitherto not leave in Poland, bring victims from grass a Wormwood, have lit bonfires fire received through legal friction tree of about tree. "

Serbs think, that Ivan day is so large, that for him the sun on the sky three times does freeze. Have Vuk Stefanovi find Serbian Ivanovskie songs: "Ivansko tsvede, Petrovsko" and anything.

Litovtso-Russ call Ivanovskoye District sponsered the holiday dew. With the evening, under punctuated night they gather on elected place, on miss glade place teepees, level fires of, sing songs, dance with torches and hop through legal the fire. Sooner on the morning are embarking on wood - on the dew.

Morning fees are called have them the herd , and a jig of korkodonom. On the morning intended grass for physicians and charovaniya. Litovtso-Russ believe and in paportnikov color.

In recorded monuments velikorusskie ivanovskie customs have known not previously XVI century. About pskovskikh rites says hegumen Pamphile in his Message to pskovskomu the deputy :
"When comes the great celebration day of Christmas Predtecheva, come ognenitsy, men and wife-charovitsy, on will, and on marshes, and in deserts, and in cascade, while looking for mortals poisons and love spells, from grass potion on an ill wish man and livestock fulfil; here same and wild skilled engineers are digging on potvorenie husbands their. It allre producing just action-packed she-devils in day Predtechev with sentences meted out by devilish. When same will come the most celebration Christmas Predtechevo, then in surrender sacred the contestant night little not the entire grad...... you'll, and in villages as well are gonna freak in Diamonds, and in soneli (and visions, set), and gudeniem the string and myselfjust a considered out of turn playing games devilish, pleskaniem and dancing, wives same and the girlies and heads of the nodding and lips their nepriyaznennymi call, all tin pot Evil One speaks through him songs, and ridge their vikhlyaniya, and yet their running and stomped; that same the case in cities and in villages as well. "

( pics, that mention of Kupale emerge only in 16 century. Can simply their before C. tried to in focus not to notice, but fell in his engravings.)

On Stoglavom cathedral talked:

"Against holiday of Christmas great John Baptist, and in night on the most celebration, and in the entire day and until night, men and wife and children in homes and on the streets of the trek and on seas glumyre producing myselfjust a playing games, and myselfjust a skomoroshestvami, and songs devilish and dancing, have and in other by many species and skarednymi education. And when night passes, then depart to grove with great to scream, and as devils omyvayutsya I.,. "

In National 1721 year, 17 April said:

"To the same if would vospominayut vile idols, in them same was some idol kupalo, him same on Grand day obtained sacrifice appear to be good dip; about than citing a states in Letopistse Kivskomu."

0 Malo-Russia rites the Ivanovskaya night, Giselle, in his sinopsise wrote in its own way:

"Fifth idol kupalo, his same God fruits terrestrial be explained, and him delight besovskoyu omrachenii Republican and victims in the early zhnivya prinosimymi. The same kupalo God, true expelled a demon, and hitherto on some countries Russian still memory held; naipache same in evening of Christmas of sv. John Baptist, ashram tonight, young men and men, devicheskogo and female identifying itself to from potion some sort, and impose on chapter and opoyasyvayutsya they. Still on how besovskom makes feast and the fire, and the air his so for hands, profane trek and crusades gallop, and songs sing, nefarious denoted often repeating, and through the fire some topic, themselves addition a besa Kupale in sacrifice bring. "

In Potrebnike 1639 year find:

"At night conflagration zapaliv a forecast along the ancient a man named headscarves worn."

These are learning, surviving in our recorded monuments.

Move now to insistence popular celebrations, may only in different places. Traces practicing an Ivanovsky District, Ivanovo Oblast celebrations, Church in novgorodskikh neighborhood, the crux of the the next:

In the old Ladoga ivanovskie fires of come on sorrow Pobedische, under area small river in Volkhov. There this the fire, 2.50 under small friction losses from fruit, known under name: live , forest , czar ceasefire , formally.

Tikhvintsy are luxuries in the lake, bycore near Antoniev Monastery Dymskogo monastery.
( Ha-ha, good fellows guys.) After have to be bathed there and horses khvorykh.

In neighborhood Petersburg, on Riga road a deserved in the eighteenth century ivanovskie fires of, where participated together with the Russians and izhortsy. Recent this makes was called: kokuem.

In Luzhskiy the busiest, on River presented, Ivanovskoye District sponsered the known more under name Sobotok. ( How in Poland.) Although, that this name accounted from Lithuania.

In Pargolovo rostovskie pieds noirs hymns ivanovskie fires of with all observance. . Having bonfires, game, songs and kupane there are uniform with all in other customs, vstrechaemymi in Moscow neighborhood.

In Moscow neighborhood ivanovskie fires of and combined on the mountains, fields and bordering rivers. Through these fires of vaulted men and women, directed cattle. Game and songs continue until morning svremenniyat. Note important contingency: Velikorussy not sing songs with name kupalo, as this find have malorussov (Ukrainians). Moskovityane Ivanov day are celebrating on three the mountains.

In Tula this sponsered the sent near Scheglovskoy clock the. On the evening 23 June peasants go in field in clean white shirts, comprise bonfires from wood; other bring with for gaining degtyarnye baklagi. Old men antistatic in Saver and are beginning through legal friction extract the fire from two old, of the dry trees. Loop their all are worth in deep silence. Barely appeared the fire, allcreature came to life, singing and zaveselilos. Of the switching on bonfires and baklagi. Young sing and dance, old men sit in mugs, records about Leogan and from joy popivayut wine.

Often happened to see, as over these a fire old lady's-mother had been burned in demonstrations shirts, taken with sick children, with polnoyu certainty, that from stingy rites disappear disease. Our people thinks, that pereskakivanie through legal the fire abolish from charm. In, bathing morning I., they believe cleansing bodies and disposing from diseases.

Other superstitions me not happened to hear. In vain I doiskivalsya to believe on place eventual remarks our izyskatelnykh archeologists, which in festivals-Kupala and Kupalnitsy otyskivayut myths physical and astrological, see in them revere sun and Moon Illusion, find awe to the elements be of nature - fire and water. Our people this not knows and not understands. Can be, or most time istrebilo these notions in people, or Messrs. archeologists too umstvuyut in ideas vodopokloneniya and travovolkhvovaniya. At least remains one thing true, that in these ideas not is participating velikorusskiy people.

In Malo-Russia settlements ivanovskie fires of generation with special observance, which there is no have velikorusskogo people. Here see: Krapivnyy shrub, doll, pirovanie about tree of marina; here hear songs with name kupalo.

In Xarkovskoy county of Denizenry gather in set place and funniest through krapivnyy shrub. In handworkers pereprygivanie: Let through a lit sows with songs kupalskimi. Other logs aren tree marina, decorate his floral wreath from flowers and blamed his in faraway place. Here under tree were doll, izukrashennuyu different hats. Turquise tree of ticked the table with gorelkoyu and snacks.

Young, skhvatyas hands, were around tree of and sang songs. At the end games, cast tree with songs and were again to River. During stingy trains use the torch and eat snacks. With the arrival to River started all swim. Tree marina potoplyali in River.

In other places doll did not more three-quarters arshina, decorated flower floral wreath and with it have people through legal the fire. Other did doll from of straw in growth human, dressed in female straitjacket, head had bands - not and namistami. Doll with name denoted benefits Turquise tree of marina, chernoklena. Women'd all dress up in festive women, to for heads, coiled from flowers and perevivalis kanuferom and in other scented herbs. With garlands blinded faces until than half.

In some places, when obtained tree and doll to River, then above cast with themselves to, which or directly abandoned in water, or had placed on doll. Other secretly a firm with a to and've been hanged their in the porch, for somehow forever from woes and troubles began.

In settlements Podilskiy and Volyn counties of, Denizenry, coming in set place, obtained with a branch European, ubrannoy colors. This willow ,-called have them Kupaylo, affirmed in land, around its were and sang kupalskie songs. After songs, of the maiden became Turquise European, and men departed in side. Then suddenly men were attacking damsels, abducted happy and obryvali its in pink coloured.

Zaryvanie African herbs on Ivanov day produced velikorussami and malorussami.

Povere about color semi or kochedyzhnika, a herb fiery color in punctuated night - there is the general in people. 3nakharki troll for gap-grass, terlich and arkhilin. About of last say: "She is growing under big River, pick its should through middle or srbnu Hryvnias, and who wears on itself, the not will fear nor devil, nor the heretic, nor vicious human."

People collects their grass: Kupalenku, medvzhe ears, bogatenku. This last grass Denizenry Novgorod county of stigmatized on wall on name of every rights. Whose color's just going to wilt, the or dies, or became ill for this year. ( Hmm, all same grass wither.)

Tikhvintsy and ladozhane in istoplennuyu bath bring green twigs with cataplasm Ivan-yes-Marja and bother settling... they on health. In ant kochkakh troll for healing oil. In gardens, under at the root a Wormwood, troll for made of earth coal, healing black, fake, blonde bitch and paduchuyu disease.

In Malorussii sbirayut: Gays sokirki, red Fragrance advise, puntsovye the Tsarina's Slippers, panskiy poppy, Royal was St. John's wort, marigolds, raznotsvet, Dog Rose Preserves 15, kanuper, their good, wormwood. Of these African herbs svivayut: Kupalskiy wreath, and wormwood wear under her armpits, in of protections from charm a bilakoro forces.

In Belarus there is popular legend about ofa, which color semi fell in spouse one. This're a lucky man knew, where's buried out were treasures, where lay money; but he his as something under khmelkom lost, and with him vanished and all knowledge about kladakh.

Popular legend about I might go-hunts on Lysuyu mountain known across Russias. People firmly am confident, that they in punctuated night fly on this mountain on pomelakh.

Malorussy know, that they is on Chortovo Beremische pod Kievom.
Have Poles this Bare mountain known pod Sendomirom.
The Belarusians say, that concourse of-hunts case on sorrow Shatrii, where grave Altsisa and where's buying, motherfucker their enchantress had usperita.

The details about witches will sets in demonology.

The Belarusians from precautionary't question long hours in punctuated night horses, fearing, to on them not go the Witches on Lysuyu mountain.
Malorussy for protection from-hunts stigmatized on windows and the rocker panels doors burning nettles. Russians (ethnic group) think, that with this night emerge svetlyaki- ivanovskie worms will. Children, through this right here their on palm, say: Ivanushka, Ivanushka! Fly for Volga, there teplenko, and here kholodnenko.
Our ogorodniki on abundant the Ivanovskaya dew guessing about a large harvest cucumbers.



The Beautiful illustration to topic




Interesting information. Talk and Ubykh looks star the road from coal. This apparently the Milky path symbolizes. Only when will this celebration 7 July or in these weekend or was already?

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Helen wrote:

Only when will this celebration 7 July or in these weekend or was already?

In night with 6 on 7 July :idea:



Why I have emerged this question? I know, that usually this celebration will mark 7 July. But, for example, in the above the text described flight vedmochek on Lysuyu mountain. Flights with-hunts pass in astral bodies. High activity and the good mobility astral tel during full moon. And http not is mired on 7e July, here rather closer to novoluniyu.



Flax, here is what not know, moreover not know :( But accurately, that celebration Ivan denoted "fixed", tied to date.
PySy. It occurs to, as, it is a pity that we ever lose our this experience.



And in Spain this national and public celebration! On the eve firecrackers so ask to be across the country, as have us on evening and Christmas. And on sleduyuschify day 25 June nor one Music, even the biggest, not worked!


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