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"If it comes I was Sultan."

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NOTICE, obscheobrazovatelnykh bake!Until New Deal year forumchanam is offered write a small narrative on subject "If would I was rich.", in which she (she) describes their dreams about finance. With than stems your happiness? With money or still with than any? In what "guise" us komfortnіshim: Modest servant or rich man? Than would we engaged in, whether we financially endowed? Ah and all on the subject! :bye:

Credible judge of our Forum :bb: chooses Rouseff winner, which were to give the that – loose, but a handsome prize.



All Hi! No one, Yeah, about money not is dreaming? :/ ah then I will talk you about its dream. I so understand, that receive from life pleasure (in including and financial) can be only dealing with favorite affair. So here is. Girls. Anyone reads journal "Cosmopolitan"? I - every month. Journal good, jobs very. But! Counts on contingent until 35 years, and in average on 25 camping on E. On young girl in stage investing and family becoming a. I, as you already realize, long peremakhnula this-old age bar, however. Buying :pardon: because there is no alternatives. There is no magazine for women whom "for." And after all women in this period stalivayutsya with very serious challenges: Family, career, letters, psychological and camping on D. Here is and saw I themselves (very even vividly, clearly and remarkable) on place governing the composition such a magazine! And why would and there is no? You ask: And ???? here money? Ah if journal will interesting, then his will lasting :yes: That such I themselves see "sultanshey"!



Радуга wrote:

Nobody, Yeah, about money not is dreaming?

Ah why same? I dream. But not about themselves money, and about what on them can be buy and do.
Truth, I more plan, not dream (Feng-Shui read too many :)). Until plans learn, learn and learn. And then again learn. Roughly year three leaves. And there consider. Want, for example, in Mexico to visit, and in Finland.
Well would be "modest" be a millionaire. Work not sake of money, and for pleasure. :D



Morozz wrote:

Truth, I more plan, not dream (Feng-Shui read too many).

Oops-oops-oops! And can be with this seats in more details? :) This is very interestingly.

Morozz wrote:

I dream. But not about themselves money, and about what on them can be buy and do.

Absolutely agree! To live need to with udovolstviem, in my opinion. And with financial, and with creative :bb:



IRA, I open subject "inspired-Shui" :yes:



Austria forumchane and forumchanki!:) Do so solemnly announce, that on the evening 28 th Decemberwill mark bake on the best narrative on subject "If it comes I was Sultan."hurry up!A there is time! :bye:

In the composition of the ofweighted judge Alla N.A.Kozyrev, Tatiana A Jidkovaand I, Elena Rainbow:thank_you:



Dobryi evening!
If would I was judge, then granted would victory you, Lena! :) :) :)
Honest word! :yes:



Alas, I cannot to participate in a poetry, because in judge. acute.gif



Dobryi evening!! :bye: interior to let me down the outcome of our the GNP! Credible :boast: judge unanimouslyvoted their votes for narrative IROChKI Freeze! :thank_you: Applause, pl-the kind! As it turned out, have Iron (ethnic group) there is dream and she not fears about it to tell!’re-il enforcement its desires! :yes:-il is awarded musical postcard from this face collections: http://interweb.spb.ru/present/

IRA, there need to start pressing hard on GO and include kolonochki.

Still times forum Astrodoma heart congratulates And the R Wu!



Thank you all BOLShOE! :thank_you:
Me very-very pleased! :rolleyes:



This is with their!
Morozz, consider my greetings!


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