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Solar eclipse 1 August 2008

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Helen wrote:

A here is so photo

Tarifa seats :) and derzhitsya cool!



Thank you, girls! Together learned putting derzhitsya. :flirt:



To rasivo! :cool:



Lenok, s'aII right! :) pretty chipper this morning so irritating :flag: any herbal medicine healing gained? Share information.



All something you you see a tailgater :glasses: A some weed sow such: Shepherd-tea or lemongrass - is growing only in the mountains on stones. In tea and for strengthen immunity; scho or circuit boards - a wide spectrum, I I begged enough money for tea; was St. John's wort - know all, in tea me not grassroots, too Sticky, sweet, in vodka good but vodka I not drink. For treatment prostudnykh diseases. Here is and all, that took, were still bessmertnik, the yarrow flower, still for clearing liver and kidneys the good weed, but all not the eye can see on itself.



Ah is identically :) I, too, much “I unconventional methods treatment :)
Pro the eclipse. Tomorrow of walking on sounding :) proposal, truth, out not with the hand, with which expected. Wages and conditions work, and also whereabouts enterprises (can be plodding from home on foot minutes for 30) pleased exhilarating to. Hope, that tomorrow all will pass safely.



Радуга wrote:

Tomorrow of walking on sounding. Hope, that tomorrow all will pass safely.

Luck! :flag:



Радуга wrote:

Tomorrow of walking on sounding

Nor down nor pen! :cool:

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I have positive moment. Me finally forged WordPad homes! Already six months tormented. Can the eclipse? --something in 4 house, there still and Mercury was, to Uranus in 6 st sekstil in orbis was well under it.



I have negative moment :) Since work safe passage. All in full spirit and with sunlight, and with, clarity blackouts under control. First promised, then it turned out, that there "its" man on approach (quadrature (disambiguation) to Neptune sextile).



Lena, very, it is a pity that have you not broke a with work: '(
Can this work not your. I have now similar problems. I, too, with you in one day went made any arrangements about work, but there there is big cons, alas. And that us can say about this astrology?
Can together consider our natalnye maps on subject, where us work. Yes and progression with solyarom need to given.

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Helen wrote:

Lena, very, it is a pity that have you not broke a with work

But me returned those removed from romantic attachments. And that concerns this immigrants. Yes figs with them :) If would have us employers although would superficially ponder astrology, then knew would, that shestidomniki this the most suitable workers :) then would such television not throwing around. However, both eclipse unequivocally hinted on subject pressure on either of us and, incidentally! Return old relations.

Helen wrote:

Perhaps together consider our natalnye maps on subject, where us work. Yes and progression with solyarom need to given.

Turn in s subject about occupations :mybb:



Saw have Regina on Forum fun exile. Let us’re familiar with analysis eclipse of an astrologer of Flughafentransfers Galtsova. Unfortunately, we not "are trapped" in event, which accurately saw Maxim.

"Astrologers past put so much emphasis on great importance projections on cards kogda. 1 August 2008 will mark full solar eclipse, whose influence with astrological perspective the most strongly will as times for Russia.

In such maps the most important significance has sphere human activity, for which replies house, in which marks compound the sun and moon. Not less important significance bears and a badge of, in which marks eclipse.

According to astrologers distant past, eclipse on drop down in the first 10 degrees mark Leo, points to death an important statesman. In this case this is all the more as relevant, because the Sun in this map is a head of 10 th homes, camping on E. Homes governments, sovereignty ” matters power, President. However presidents and important statesmen have us many, in is terms of that there is President Russia, and there is and presidents republics, so on map eclipse in our time not appears possible call names, which in during year since eclipse can threaten the danger.

Moon, is a head of 9 th homes and Sitting in signs, manageable Sun behaves similarly (Lev) is in even more worst positions than the Sun. And this means, that biggest danger there is for figures religion and, likely, for Alexy II.

Moon in House sun, in connecting with Sun behaves similarly points to subservient position religion from power, that exactly nor for whom secret and not is.

Mercury in 9 th House points to changes in international relations, sphere higher education, legislation, numerous trip members governments / Duma. Our figures differ. Their laws and decrees will do will damage economy Russia. Moon, the Sun and Mercury are in M. to been quite well maintained, point welfare.

What concrete actions and / or laws can inflict damage our economy? Laws of our governments (the Sun, blood regardless 10 th), moon (judiciary), Mercury (Kindle) so or otherwise associated with a speculation in banking sphere and / or with influence foreign banks on market Russia. Unfortunately, I not strong in the economy and because can only to speak language astrological symbols.

Blood regardless 2 th homes Jupiter, which in mundannykh maps replies for financial conditions state and people, budget state, banks, trade and monetary system, in first is pochti, second is in the falling market House (3-nd maps) and finally is in signs his fall of. About than this says?

About inflation. Jupiter in disadvantaged - this as man, which eats, eats and eats and turns into Tolstoi and ham. So and our inflation. The situation with inflation by no means will change, and moreover deteriorates.

Retrogradnyy Jupiter in 3-is, by House points to the likelihood overseas loans. Paradox? However reality. Money in treasury there is, but they not are used

RetroYupiter in the third - this the ongoing growth energy prices, situation with whom tries correct government and Kindle (Mars in 10 th have kuspida 11 th).

Neptune have crested 4 th homes - popular anger, rallies and protests, and also bad crops land.

Uranium have crested 5 th homes in opposition to Mars in The Maiden in 10 th House points to elevated the danger fires in theatres, schools, childhood homes, and also epidemic muddles in-the gastrointestinal disease among children.

Venus, blood regardless 12 th and 7 th in 10 th points to secret financial negotiations of our governments. At all position Venus in 10 th House boon to functioning power, nevertheless avoid popular protests it not manages.

Saturn in 10 th says about the threat for power with hand regional leaders, and also threatens to trouble ahead with states neighbors.

Mars in 10 th, points to activity in military sphere, which in another times will give topping him off economy (Mars in Trina to Jupiter).

In a whole, forecast on map eclipse for Russia cannot be call strongly negative, nevertheless a series of negative elements has place be. "http://www.maxgal.com/2008/07/30/prognoz-po-karte-zatmeniya-1-avgusta-2008-goda/

On the inclusion of events (death Alexy) points bringing tranizitnogo Southern lunar knot to combination the Sun-Long-Mercury + Uranus (Transit makes opposition to Mars (but this aspect of a long actions) and still compound transit of Saturn and Mars looking (but here orbis big. Almost 2.5 degrees). Still it occurs to, that all ??? should be viewed such maps adjusted for homes, not simply not level kosmogrammy. All-??? this gives many information. Before I so and did, need to to return to this practice.


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