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Especially astrologicheskogo advise 2

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Lud_mila wrote:

We piaritsya.

And know how many I it kept saying about this!

Оля wrote:

if only think pro mechanisms resistance))

I now I'm trying to get one psychotherapist to join us. As was would in subject. But she has not is obtained :( (



Оля wrote:

let us learn a round of applause one hand)

Arigato, mother-a dignity!!) ;)

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Радуга wrote:

A know how many I it kept saying about this!

Here is not remember saying verbatim))
"There is time to collect stones, and there is time to scatter"
Lena) around the its time.))

Cranberry wrote:

Arigato, Mom-a dignity!!)

.. And cultivate in itself state of "of spring wind" ;)

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To topic :)




Оля wrote:


Olia, but as there be registered? And the have you all there protected password.



To read the, that protected password, registering the you not will help, and need precisely parole))
Those, records, which not protected password, they are available for commenting of and without registration, need only in the form of commenting of to leave those their a, that zaprashivayutsya (one, the e-mail).

Currently site is in designing, would bring their apology for the supplied inconvenience. With questions and offers to his work you can turn on address a’s organs is blogmaster @ mail.ru



Cranberry wrote:

need precisely parole))

So and where his take? Or this function will emerge after as site "mellow"?



Радуга wrote:

So and where his take? Or this function will emerge after as site "mellow"?

In this moment in password-protected cell-phone records is bookcases information, so access there limited.



Until here is here can be to knock athena.blogsphera.ru - the census of the guests



Thank you :)



Respected discussing! :) I want provide your attention the fragment one glee. Specifically'm putting down astrological terms, lest not cryptic from chief, namely applying material. Question was about finance in educated decisions about year. Incidentally, think, he will meet now increasingly, so as in period crisis people, understandably, interested work and money in primarily.

Financial questions will for you are important and will borrow you in just year. The reason for this - obligations and debts, which will to influence reductions personal freedom (i.e. will have all forces outside dependence from desires throw on this "Front"). Within a year will unpleasant surprises on this subject, associated with problems at work (situation will be difficult to control and to forecast, surprises will precisely hauled). As maximally boon to adapt and to respond to this? With the help negotiations, you have in just year will occur narabatyvanie skills their waging (this a good resource and his can be use).

Within a year in this sphere can be expect ambiguities and messiness, there is anonymity on various non-verbals are on the associated issues. Those not mene in prognosticheskoy map there is a strong anonymity on own activity and fostering leadership, however same, otyagoschennuyu delusions or it is difficult political scandal projects. Likely, disappointment will emerge from-for understanding of injustice razvorachivaemykh events, not removed opportunity treatment in judicial resort.

In a whole, I would told so: Financial situation will be difficult calculate, within a year you will as would swim downstream on, maximally operationally responding in events in this sphere, i.e. she will attract your attention all time. There is a series of indicators, phenomena that, that all these problems are linked with background and\ or with unsatisfactory communicating at work, buoyed conflicts. Nevertheless there is no catastrophic paintings, i.e. full losses just and immediately. The situation enough is unstable, but ….

What support can be see?

1. Work you have would still will

2. Support from the layer leadership, but here chance need to to capture, he not immediately cat in eyes (if anything, you in this year will have many communicate with leadership)

3. Will appear new and / or additional path for making money. In what precisely sphere? Not rule out, that you again return to an tourism (especially something associated in water space travel).

About income households, of course, accurate figures I not Proposals, but hardly will a substantial increase. Likely, in just year speech will go about workouts debts on least revenues finance.



Grassroots the text from FaceBook Borovika: http://borovik.livejournal.com/228878.html#cutid1

On questions about predopredelyonnosti account for respond periodically, and, each time — a bit differently. Because, that the answer always stems with voproshayuschim. And deal not in is, that need as something tailor the answer, to man was clear reading of. And deal not in sedative functions -ubayukivayuschem umolchanii ostensibly negative rulings.

Every man comes to consultation already with his reality, with its potential, with understandable man possible range of possible changes. And further - that we can do in this - not old hat for us reality dawn the other personality?

Here is, to example, comes man with contains tumor based in go quietly. Man not young already, enough conservative, a strong, vivid and like would the seeker understanding of causes disease, pathways cure and camping on D. Man seems and reasonable and active and the seeker answers. But often this little.

An astrologer looks in map this human, sees there, to example, instructions on the possible problems in air svoystva.

More precisely say, in the early, to point birth this were simply emphasis collapsing in a welter air. Strongly that element on least residence in Samsara easily boomerang vividly ocherchennoy problem.

Not surest communication, changed information, nasty environment, any secrets in a... hidden locker — in general — that have all, that usually. And that - this means predopredelyonnost, hard program embodiment? Yes there is no. In principle this only in having — many air. And measure badness level quality - personal of the credit each of us.

This very it is important — when we are talking about types energies, that are indebted in map, desirable understand, that itself energy not case nor good, nor bad.

Here is, as the Sun — it simply there is. For one person influence sun will create sequence feel hot-stifling-poorly-cardiac, and for another - warm enough, relaxed a, has passed pain in back. And this under one and those same Sun behaves similarly, in one place and in one minute.

Accurately so same deal, consider world and with energies in map. There is position planets, there is Cornner aspects of between them, there is even many rulings, but there is no nor one, which was would certainly negative and perishing those more — fatal. All these gloomy epithets planet "sozhyonnaya", "in crippling", "in exile" - not more, than terminology harsh centuries.
Here is, as in our example with the one who helps cancer sick — many air. version neutral set of qualities.
Years go and we already are talking about imbalances in side excess watts-doshi. I.e. the quality of became inversion.

And for charming, like, a hiss Ayurvedic terms may be lurking very ordinary wishes for of mending qualities rights.
Ordinary with hand, of course.

After all utterly is thus meaningless to speak man something like “cease there is meat, this energy too's inert, is dark and reckless--another mighty for you ”, if man, that is called,“ at all not in topic. ” If he am convinced in contrary, if heard something pro ostensibly invaluable animals proteins, if at all not keeps managing achieve stabilization consciousness otherwise, as through severity of, through gasket.

And because perishing better at all not to speak nothing pro meat, lest simply not to inspire rejection to recommendations.
Yes and nutrition, of course, this not the most a big problem. When would only meat missed it by human from liberation. Ultimately, simply one of characteristics thinking.

And if on euro have astrologer, to example ,-, and if politician? I.e. the entire his activities as times and it turns out associated with inversion air Canal. Cheerful such, clarion, enterprising, but dirty little Canal. And we see, that years man actively is giving disadvantages in air Canal, not is true untaps potential their energies in up-to-date.
And that bribery, that an astrologer will reveal on consultation, that need not, to example, there is pop corn Cat and chips, because, that this reinforces imbalance watts-doshi? Perhaps, man and will follow advice. After all such advice nothing not changes in his thinking.

Will help he? There is no, not will help. Because, that the real recommendation is that need to change indigenous living installations. And to this man it turns out not ready. Man comes for face a tablet. And its there is no. And here perishing no one will help.

Light memory Alexander Abdulov, he aid from cancer go quietly have best doctors and) dedicated, on past interview continued quit smoking.

And deal not in really from tobacco smoke — this, too, not on favor of, of course, but not in offense the crux of the.

A in that if man not was able change in small, how same he will change in a larger?
Outcome was foreordained after all precisely in these sign steady, in statichnosti.

Inertia life, this’s proverbial “I such, what perishing there is, change not can ”. Here something and begins predopredelyonnost maps, fate, toughness an.

On moment birth map tells about shirochayshem range evolving for the potential energy, which and there is Child. On least life man himself — only himself and no one more — vrastaet in land the contestant — increases degree of of doom wouldn his dawn.

There is, of course, certain age resistance to changes. There is simply inertia mastered the plots.

Frequent case — woman pulling me too tight with birth of children — not wanted, she feared, postponed the from-for careers, was looking husband — in general — long not’s image benefited. This itself not very well, such installations — again same inertsionnoy of nature.

And even if then suddenly, once after 30 fringes years, woman suddenly decides, that “now it is time ”, can arise various complication. And on fact this not physical complication, and some kind schemes, sustained us structures resistance development on levels all thin bodies.

I.e., if man years had been settled the plot under entitled “once then, not now ”, then so or otherwise assimilated any the story scheme evasion from pregnancy. Scheme like would already otmenyonnaya on core terms of, but understandable body, an emotional have body, efirnomu and camping on D.

Departure from such a narabotannoy strategy stems and renewed confrontation with resistance various sublichnostey, which originated in situation without children and that not want nothing to change in man. And they not very something are amenable to has been a matter of decisions. Sometimes may take quite serious trial human with a domestic, to again to revive some by the assistant.

We only touch the problems, but already on this stage obviously, that rapid decisions departure from any something negative astrological rulings often not is. An astrologer not saint, not well versed, very often he simply - specialist. And specialist, a limited traktovkami tradition. And decisions, the proposed within of this approach is severely limited in efficiency, because, as view personality in general something as outcome sopryazhyonnogo actions all aspects of maps birth.

If on fair, this approach means, that decisions there is no. More precisely - decisions such within a Frisbee range external traktovok.

All your astrology always was closely connected with ritual, with some arcane act. This a key, very important moment, on today rekdo ispolemyy is true. And deal here not in the most astrology, and in those spiritual directions, to which she was so or otherwise attributed. The problem is, that from traditions very often expires life and rituals traditions already by themselves mostly wear ekzotericheskiy character, this rituals external circle, essentially its - profanicheskie. (In this part of should was be big razbo different types of ritual actions, but theme have us now another)

Yes, these ekzotericheskie ritual decisions for problems were the most different traditions. So, some aspects of planets imagined the need victimization the Roman victims, committing any of austerity and camping on D.

But on really something fact cannot be on today take and say man European or Russian paradigm something like the — have you in map Saturn in bad dimension — descend - pay you in the Yasukuni in Saturday yes in-store victims Shani or Kronos or, say, Seraphim Sarovskomu.

I.e. say something can be, but chance, that this will be spectacular solution — little.

Yes, ritual can help. And the link with planetnym principle, as the link with common to, as obtaining knowledge about as a reference standard — extremely important astrology work.

Question in how storoitsya ritual, the problem this not narrowly ad hoc.
Only the astrologer, which not knows, that precisely to do with every separate man, would step in and will his somewhere to external decisions - in the Yasukuni, to religious icons, mantram and camping on D.

Law of averages there, as something it there the very mends itself in achieve escape side.

And this the total the problem majority astrological consultation — as rule, daalshe describe problems and shared recommendations deal not is faring.

Further, nourished German, already not my profession. This such washing hands, bulge multiple causes.
And here not only guilt astrologers. In a whole have people almost otsuvstvtvuet understanding, that they modicum something can do with their aspects.

And because - times affairs something no not is supposed to- man thinks, that for hour - and a half perishing he increasingly about its map learns. I.e. man thinks, that this such utterly external relative to him description of in talent, "ugadal- not variants." And when suddenly after three-four hours consultation he suddenly sees, that problems even only highlighted by the, that field for further work is immense — here is here something and begins understanding of, that same such for knowledge can podrazumevatsya under words ``debriefing maps.

Of course, there are many useful forms of debriefing, when can be only describe problems — text duty, audio-nadiktovki, yes and simply disposable consultation useful only in the sense, that Afghan ayut some momentum for of self-knowledge, for self-work.

In fact same, work with the astrologer warranted in the form of thoughtful and step work.
And if to talk about this kind of astrology, the she would cease exits for borders Subsequent operations la carcagne about inevitability of any influence.

The next moment is that, when an astrologer says about some fatalnom specifying in map, need understand, that this precisely astrologer says, that this interpretation of rights.

He has those or other views about life, its experience, far not around the the right. And these proektsiyami he and's kept customers, a of multiple interpretations other such same as he "'s a pro." And leave from such a schemes work very difficult and far not always at all perhaps. Because, that on next level ends a guaranteed work. And tell scheme influences can be always, if there is Xania and experience. This in general something and there is the, that await from astrologer.

But on this level work not always happens miracle, not always is obtained EU until human, sometimes this simply such a excursion - amusing and a bit useful.

Much more interesting the next step, when an astrologer backtracking in side, seeking to to leave human on direct ties with of images natalnoy maps.

This a key moment, which so same subject to Review on laid stage work with card, on laid stage development the most astrologer.

Sense this phase is that an astrologer moves away from direktivnoy model mapping maps. And here task in is, to give very man to formulate for themselves as precisely manifests itself planet, aspect of, house and camping on D. Filigrannaya astrology work see here in is, to help man in the concept, in visualization way of, character influence, in obtaining non-verbal knowledge about astrological structure personality.

In this case astrologer moves away in side, follows the in role taste an attendant — not moreover.

(In this direction there is many interesting at purchase and my ideas, as precisely perhaps build work human with his card.)
And, here is, when man it turns out in such a’s most volatile symbolic space, in ritual on the most its nature, here is then we have chance, that an astrological knowledge can give not only knowledge Frost obrechyonnostey, but and some path exit abroad pleromy.



Incidentally, over- by've located another very decent wording for customers. If we describe some negative aspect of, then better articulate not "you. Such something-wearing something "," This kind something-Oh something planet in 5 st House makes troublemakers relations with children. " Thus, we dissotsiiruem client and do process minimally past.


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