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Need a aid!

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Greetings! I Goodyear.
The crux of the issue in is, that I plan 4 th attempt to ovaries (three were unsuccessful without visible on the causes).
At what month me plan 4 (hope’s successful) attempt to?
Was born I 11.06.77 about 5 morning on Moscow time in Propulsion Stavrorol.

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Ksenia, your question requires knowledge precise time birth, and for this need pursue clearer (chemistry), that within Forum impossible. Chemistry is conducted only during a paid consultation, camping on K. Requires big costs time and forces astrologer. And to lend bring response to so a serious question, me seems, not ethically. If want, you can choose one of astrologers Astrodoma for a paid consultation.
Within Forum we can to consider, to example, at all performance on opportunity have children on everything map, although again same here can be some fallibility from-for inaccuracies time birth.


You are here » Ephemerides forum » Tatiana A Jidkova » Need a aid!