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Planetary dignity: Where planet better?

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Finally I understood pro exile, fall. Why something this the text has brought awareness, as on practice are manifest these things (at all something, it is understandable why - I have Mercury in the Goat in 6 House - understand on examples best :)). Ve with audiences.

From lecture W. A. Weisberg.

Have Aries his strong, energonapolnennye the Martian properties not often are manifest in the form of aggression, open confrontation, rivalry. Himself Aries not inclined pay these properties substantial attention, just, as very a healthy man about his health simply not thinks, this his natural state of. Differently behave more Shield. Consider four possible option their behavior.

1. The situation departure , when man tries to, like-ed an ostrich, to bury head in the sand , fully ignore problem. Scales,, where the Martian properties in exile , can avoid those situations, where possible open confrontation, where are needed immediate, accurate actions. So, teenager-Shield can avoid active games, not will worst for a, if for it givers the other, and camping on P.

2. we have to protect its the Achilles' heel (for Libra this the Martian properties) somehow either other ,-cut enough strongly, a planetary characteristic of the, most often occupying upper fist ownership (have Libra this Venus). Scales, can enough boldly go in the Martian situation , but behave in them will not on marsianskomu, and on a type. For example, instead of, to quickly seize the initiative on themselves, a Libra try to to compromise, share responsibility with other and camping on P., losing under this pace of, and sometimes and the very opportunity adequately resolve situation.

3. overcompensating a little.Wu Libra utrirovannoe attention to images problems, utrirovano Martian behavior, heightened belligerence in enough smoothly run situations, in which well is possible compromise. Scales, seek to constantly all farm, yes and itself themselves to prove to own force, activity, assertiveness, confidence in which the them lacks. Psychological type of Shield, by making human strategy of overcompensation in area Mars, sometimes is perceived decente as vividly expressed Aries.

That household example. Imagine teenagers strong, confident in itself, otdokhnuvshego, High with walk, and his are asked learn you are a slop build or fulfill another nelyubimuyu gospodarsku work. His reaction in most cases will a quiet. If in this same situation proves weak, that the faltering in itself or simply strongly embattled, teenager, he can explode , ambush scandal. Man, living next door, on these the outside exercises of will ascribe the dominance. Martian properties precisely the second beautiful.
For objective estimates availability of (domination) moreover or conjures planetary properties should apply criterion the adequacy or inadequacy of reaction relatively external incentive, foreign situation, by this reaction. Assessment same only on reaction can lead to significant mistakes.

4. Exploiting area reklamy as point growth . Enough firmly behind on feet man capable paid all forces solving problems, associated with his a planetary characteristic of the, breaker in exile. As many stories we heard about how, that weak, muscularly challenged and painful in childhood a boy was becoming champion world on shtange, boating and camping on P. The latter from listed strategies behavior the most adjust for real resolution reklamy. And precisely Shield with Mars, please in exile for neredkie Visitors in sports sections karate-and sambo.

So, every zodiakalnyy blueprint possesses energonapolnennymi, adequately appearing qualities that are determined by a planetary properties, hold upper fist ownership. Every blueprint has and the Achilles' heel , area, which fits planetarnomu property, elsewhere the lower fist, exile. Strategy resolution this reklamy can be varies between:
the situation departure , full rejection appropriate spheres life;
attempt to no their weak hand strong, protect the Achilles' heel a shield strongly acesta acorda incredere Guvernului properties;
overcompensating a little, vyrazhaemaya utrirovannym manifestation of planetary properties, constituents in exile;
use area reklamy as point growth.



A good example of, Perhaps so have many athletes Mars in exile.




Xoroshij example, Perhaps so have many athletes Mars in exile.

Me in this terms of have a crush in soul article here is this http://www.astroregyna.ru/?Statmzi:Obsh … e_i_Venera "Known Weeks and Venus." Let the sample not for around thousands of respondents, but after all this fact, that have them granted Venus in weak status. Certainly, they ispzovali its as point growth. And need to not forget about this and aim same.

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And have prominent actresses Venus in the Virgin :idea: Wu Catherine Deneuve little moreover, that in the Virgin, but and (if memory not changes) still and without Umstanden aspects of.


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