Soul, will claim in real world in suite his God, has freedom choice in point birth, i.e. can choose itself country, in which wants lie, and couple of: ?? and woman, even if they not are even husband and wife. Soul can find their in space and obuslovit meeting, pre about this with their souls. Can so happen, that have these souls long foretold fate quite different, i.e. the joint life in marriage not was part in task their birth.
In such a case, reunited for conceiving child, they diverge; hence and formed single motherhood.
The first weeks after conceiving fetus is soulless, so as Dusha is a around forceful (mental) field mothers, in fact Sitting in its nimbe. Thereby she strengthens spirit of future other woman's and inflaming public attitudes will and thought its on lasting process to live not for themselves.
In body same baby Dusha enters in the moment, when fetus first time just moved and you. The baby comin 'Shudders precisely because, that soul, inside, is beginning to explore body and turn around from Spark house Lords Resistance in behind Bible.
If until this moment loss of child just loss of traces a hun love, then loss of his after first wiggly loss of behind Bible, so as, Sitting in bosom mothers and dont with its Dushoy his invisible communication, they the two of first change fate other woman's, and thenre producing fate future for child, coming of those tasks, in suite whom from of Gods of has been this Dusha.
Stavshego in body child already after birth, i.e. in real life, in Jav, Prav and Nav, communion Dusha monada still while, remembers entire its previously accumulated wisdom and experience. But as only child is beginning to smile mother, as only his glance becomes purified from of vague, I would told marked, cloud-based of light (recall, have newborns babies eyes always cloudy, as have veal calves), in this moment is closed memory souls and heavenly guardians of our world Count Sascha Kolowrat and Avsen (not he whether Russian image full) belong to us already not as to for the gods.
Precisely Count Sascha Kolowrat teaches us mandatory living in this world, enforceable order dawn and timeliness. This ancient the deity twirls an archer's bow wheel time and animates his for us with you.
In handworkers it was thought, that there is no greater Kupkari, than a stopped time. Brother his, Avsen, opening gates space, in a timely is admits to us on land top forces, otozhdestvlyayuschie always different images. Brothers strictly watch a change in different cycles and different opportunities, omitting in our world guardians and deities different levels. And when those in turn they put in its proper time in space, they go again in Svargu, in seven of sacred podnebesiy, are returning in top myrrh.
Replaced them come new of a deity and guardians, to fulfilled its purpose in this layer exposed reality. And we people must conform to these change, which come together with a change in of Gods of. In these moments is changing energy ways, is changing the quality of space, is changing sense foreign informativeness space.
A sensible person should conform to which derives change, and all his goal and tasks must be put in a timely. And if you not typically recognized that-either do, you will have their nesdelannoe, push it; but already in the new, promoted other deity version space, which bears and a different sense, and variety of listings in other energies. And means, your unresolved tasks either will accrue in abundance, either will more slowly be decided, and you will have deal already in more a long chain events, associated together and slozhnorazreshimykh.
Have Avsenya-Beluna in the energy lights, i.e. in his suite, are worth guardians of patience. In vedizme it was thought, that guardians of patience watch the actions people standing, behind each of us. On left hand is worth enlightened the guardian, the country in the hands of the scales, in that, when we do good, Marusya's clots our Russia`s energy. So, when we do any malware likes, have us so -Wars break heart of. After all in this time from chalice of a brighter GF steam breath for good.
For right leverage human is worth dark the guardian patience. He also holds the scales, in that gather breath energy, when we do something nasty, violates, an ill-made or deliberately brutal. Is considered, that as only Cup any from detained patience overloads,, she here same comes pouring on line your fate.
If accumulates Cup of a brighter the guardian, then officials suggest lighted energy comes pouring you under its feet, on your fate, on your life, and you the registrar in period prosperity.
And when accumulates Cups dark the guardian, then officials suggest, created by you EGF energy also immediately exerts influence on line your life, on your path, and for you comes black period.
Understanding, that guardians of their patience all in sight and from them not escape you people, our ancestors sought developing a every its day as can be more purely, safely, sozidatelno and happily. For calculated human this real recipe happiness.
If each of us will thoughtfully, as rachitelnyy is a master, treat own last and own living, then, perhaps, in end of the the accumulated goods have of a brighter the guardian will always be with surplus positive energy. It is this energy will run rampant in our fate, in our lives. And after all our life this is not only we, but and our close, our children, who also will is in odor this thriving energy.
Avsen was considered deity austere. His rituals in handworkers usually regimes differed an abundance of the flame, because the flames this source of of light. And people passed through ritual bonfires, as through the flames purification '. Running on cinders during domestic ceremonial rituals, our ancestors gained the enlightenment, which was perceived as a symbol of purification 'spirit, Hindu forces and light. Incidentally, time days, which been attributable with brothers-twins, when West layers realities and is a a new phase dawn, was the first white light over horizon morning svremenniyat. Precisely then in absent people, Dr. mercy of these two of Gods of, stopped working on threshold their homes, watched on sunny stripes the sky and actually gave the aloud mantra:

Avsen, Avsen, shelkova beard, gold head
Shall submit pie or ved zlatuyu.
Shall submit goods heavenly, shall submit essence denied.
Shall submit'll take your money with the eagle, yes wasted with kopiem.
Yes will the good henceforth and vovechno.

Marina Krymov

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