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Transit Nodes on homes. Invitation to surveillance and exploration of.

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Мы, как правило, вспоминаем об Узлах  преддверии затмений, анализируя предстоящий период в зависимости от того, в какой дом радикса попадает затмение, и какие точки и планеты аспектирует. Между двумя Солнечными  затмениями проходит примерно полгода, за это время транз. Узлы могут пройти 9-10 градусов, и при анализе затмения, мы можем упустить  факт его соединения с натальной  планетой, в виду того, что орб, для соединения затмения с планетой, великоват. Более того, транзитные узлы находятся около 1,5 лет в знаке, и примерно столько же в доме. А «Опыт показывает, что иногда транзит Северного узла в доме имеет чрезвычайное значение для осознания человеком своего жизненного пути в то время, как само событие внешне определено транзитом Южного узла по противостоящему дому.» (Маркина . Циклы планет)
Вот именно это обстоятельство и хочется уточнить – транзит Южного узла по дому и событийный фон с ним связанный. Если транзитный ЮУ делал соединения с планетой радикса, то какие события происходили в это время.
Мои наблюдения показали, что дома в Плацидусе (Кохе и т.д.) менее четко отражают ситуацию. Но, если брать Солнечные дома, где Солнце=Асц, то картина становится более объективной.
Учитывая то обстоятельство, что Узлы – это показатель солнечно-лунной взаимосвязи, можно предположить, что и Лунная система домов (Луна радикса=Асц) будет также информативна.
Небезынтересно рассмотреть и транзит Узлов относительно местоположения в радиксе по домам, где СевУ=Асц.

Что зацепило лично меня – как только ЮУ вышел из 12-го Солнечного дома, пропало само ощущение пребывания в 12-м доме. В Плацидусе ЮУ проходит по 9-му, что не соответствует событийному дому. В Лунных домах – ЮУ вышел из 8-го и зашел в 7-й дом. Вот то, что он был в 8-м, ощущалось тоже довольно сильно. Но то, что он зашел в 7-й Лунный и 11-й Солнечный – пока не ощутила. Пока есть только ощущение, что что-то изменилось.

В чем, собственно, предложение – рассмотреть транзиты Узлов по трем домам (можно и четырем, с учетом Асц=СУ), и сравнить, какой дом наиболее адекватно описывает текущее положение дел, сам событийный фон.

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For Help let me give you the fragment from science book Markin “Tsikly planets ”

Transit of the lunar knots on radiksu.
Axis knots distributes scandiacus force personal choice breathing purpose in just existence rights. Its transit in polusferakh and Quadrants matters a new forces. On least how ??? axis of the lunar knots, thus exempt positive energy, formiruyuschaya personality in opposition to strength habits, stereotype, approved in family or in culture. Because movement knots has guerillas character, astrology special way refers to interpretations position knots in the system homes, namely: Following crossings Northern node point the ascendant and, respectively the southern point Destsendenta, we are seeing entry Northern in XII house, and Southern in VI. So, unattractiveness in XII House, the Northern knot passes its I house cycle, which fits a new phase integration personality. When same he passes on's home, this his IV house cycle, shaping Lebanese focus identity period. Here man capable recognize potential, urge the in his disposal and what it them, until the Northern knot anodyne on III home, which fits X radiksnomu. Part of potential personality and image home nests right (the Northern knot in IV radiksnom House) are realized in public or professional activities together with zaymayutsya pereotsіnkoyu laws public order, outflows from spheres X homes. Experience shows, that sometimes transit Northern knot in House has extreme significance for awareness of man his breathing path in the time, as the very event superficially defined in transit Southern knot on protivostoyaschemu home.
Although an astrologer, of course, understands, that transit both knots simultaneously fits relevance current period. In any case, he not expects precise mimic transit knots the outside events. Except individual meaning transit knots on homes, should account for universal significance movement knots on hemisphere, which is changing every nine years. So, if the Northern knot goes on hemisphere over horizon radiksa, he masters the first six homes his cycle. Therefore, in this time life personality subject to the outside conditions, although behavior is determined by force habits, current within. When the Northern knot crosses Destsendent and passes under radiksnym horizon, foreign environment requires from human affirmative effort, and internal life there is automatically. Here terms "domestic" and "external" matter in the context personal evolution and not fit events daily life.
Transit cycle of the lunar knots points to character external and domestic resistance outcomes personal and social past. This fact can be easily test, observing transit Northern knot on radiksnoy planet. All, that in moment compounds with Northern node, was is embodied in potential planet, can reverberate through nine years, when South knot will pass compound with the same planet. Results these achievements will find themselves over the next nine years, which will lead to a new s ambitious planet with Northern node. Moments the crossing before its and Horizon Park radiksa with hinge transit of the lunar knots always matters.

Transit of the lunar knots on homes.
Position transit Northern knot shows sphere of conscious activities or applications effort human with goal development his potential opportunities. Ability to, in which theoretically needs man on tranzitnomu position Northern knot, is determined by event ,-established in sector transit Southern. With, that we know, that zone Southern knot not requires domestic effort, and operates of habit, educated in transit Northern knot for this point nine years ago. Here should would remind, that in transit lunar knots we have deal with hinge, where both point include two opposing homes.

the Northern knot in I House (radiksnom XII) -Yuzhnyy knot in caliphate House (radiksnom VI).
When the Northern knot crosses the Ascendant and passes on XII natalnomu home, begins a new 18 years cycle life. Age human on moment this transit needs identify with other cycles (on factor age), because precisely his phase gives tune around the cycle knots. And in what would age this event nor happened it fits a new phase searches sense life. Character period is determined by success or misfortune previous eighteen years of cycle, and a state of helping crisis can be caused resistance human selected path. Results personal effort this period emerge in foreign life significantly later, when South knot cross a border the ascendant. Now same place applications energy and initiatives is zone XII homes, and VI house becomes point path of least resistance. Man creates its appearance through assertion personal values, its of truth, realizing needs individuality. In zone Destsendenta we are engaged themselves at the fixed tradition, on habitual, not demanding effort stereotype the. Under unsuccessful circumstances in this period man inclined delegate initiative and responsibility partners or find sense an oppressive love, with the risk dissolve in Iover. In this case is happening delay development and refusal from personal initiatives. Old installations, the true or imagined, it comes in your private relations human, and casualty model behavior, vested in social group associate human with his past. Future decisive way requires take its position, banishing all, to what man became indifferent, and evolve in direction these values.

the Northern knot in II House (in XI radiksnom) - South knot in VIII House (V radiksnom)
Such position transit knots points out attention on inadequate use energy resources. Real moment requires a new distribution forces, change energy reactions. Observance tactics path of least resistance assumes calculation on another energy, for example: On efforts close. In this period helpful develop their physical, psychological and the mental opportunities, in accordance with challenge present moment. Then in for cycle can be will become effective and socially important.

the Northern knot in III House (X radiksnom) - South knot in's House (IV radiksnom).
Axis knots on this stage focuses attention human on development practical skills and intellectual abilities, productively to decide concrete problems with their closest everywhere. Their efforts helpful to channel on the formation own-style behavior, try to to adapt in changing circumstances, otmetaya earlier stereotypes behavior, find own some ingenious way to expression their destabilized about world, relying on the personal experience. If preference placed in existence in world metaphysical or abstract ideas, means elected by the development on lines path of least resistance. On this stage well was would try find practical the use of their ideals, state dreams in life.

the Northern knot in IV House ('s radiksnom) - South knot in X House (III radiksnom).
In this period fate will require from human more attention to position in family and by awareness causes besetting in it relations, than to strengthen social positions. Potential force on this stage struck in family life and personal sentiments, this force is capable deepen creative the beginning of rights and help liberation their opportunities in relations with humans. Established habits and stereotypes emotional behavior in family can become cause of indignity to spoken native and own domestic life sake of full dissolving of the in routine professional activities. The actual moment requires taking development creative opportunities personality and obtain skills behavior liberate his needs. If now not do these efforts, in further man harder to will achieve professional success.

the Northern knot in V House (VIII radiksnom) - South knot in XI House (II radiksnom).
Moment integration requires personal effort, mobilizuyuschikh creative "I." Now it is time show all during transit on IV home skill. Under this position knots area path of least resistance is located in zone collective interests. Done panel ideals, man could lose its sustain creativity initiative. Friendly entourage and social activities can ruin shoots creative enthusiasm, which requires the actual phase evolution. Can even arise pull to heroism. Now greater value represent own judgment, than opinion of collective. However, if man belongs to any group, then now can become its leader. As would the nor was, under positive development creative initiative will find Canal expression. The main drag this phase can become sense of emotional frustration, from failures previous period and from their influence helpful was would dispose.

the Northern knot in VI House (caliphate radiksnom) - South knot in XII House (I radiksnom).
Position knots in these two homes points to ending the the first half of cycle individual development and, respectively, on final phase social human activity. In focus - desire to serve, which can speak through worship prejudice any man, into an abstract expressionistic his kind of interviewed Igor Blazevic. In this moment man easier just withdraw in themselves occupies from voltages external world. Crisis transformation may well entail problems health, especially, if in this moment man hindsight scans accommodation time instead active a activities.

the Northern knot in caliphate House (VI radiksnom) - South knot in I House (XII radiksnom).
This transit knots is beginning to the nine-year operational period domestic activity. In the early cycle can arise the need in personal, diabetes, targeted on development culture relations, the search for their new forms of. Circumstances require from human reassert the his abilities to cooperate, opportunities navigate on other, to see and to hear their needs, skill be unyielding. Now can be obtain positive experience on a field of positive interpersonal relations rather, than researched to domestic ones or plunging in passive navel-gazing. In case negative development in behavior human can emerge despoticheskaya propensity to projection of on other their reactions. Perhaps sensitivity attention to personal the virtues and achievements, need impose farm its rhythm and worldview. Better was would withdraw in the world, where easily meet open and free people. Area path of least resistance in this period life’s Ostbahnhof station in got contrary mirrors.

the Northern knot in's House (IV radiksnom) - South knot in III House (X radiksnom).
This the opposition puts human before necessity raise on level of reflection questions everyday lives. Educational new knowledge, Philadelphian during travel or interaction with representatives other cultures, through religious or philosophical classes can help man go beyond Burger King recently patterns of and give a new sense life of every day. During this transit man can turn to search the new way integration distant and close, an over-familiar and unknown. Area path of least resistance connected with search for new information in zone closest environment, instead concentration at ideal purposes. Under positive development man capable during this transit do conclusion, that no religious or scientific dogma not accounts for greater values in understanding world, than experience relations.

the Northern knot in X House (III radiksnom) – South knot in IV House ('s radiksnom).
Axis knots highlights here standoff homes career, public and intimate. Now social sector defines Canal, on which goes process samointegratsii, and field activities, where man hit with spending energy. Perhaps, leads instinct self-preservation and need austerity resources, he is experiencing need all its time to devote personal Affairs, domestic life, especially concerns about House, and to abandon social and professional commitments. Implementation of this desires can lead his to loss of his public faces and professional reputation. It is important find in this period opportunity cope with desire withdraw in themselves or to sit this one out in safe zone, to to accumulate forces and subsequently justify public confidence. This transit has a separate significance in cycle knots. He shows on practice, in concrete results of the, that envisage in the early cycle, under intersection Northern node point the ascendant, 14 or 15 years ago, and of experiences under his transit on IV and caliphate homes. The absence of expected outcome, too, need view as outcome.

the Northern knot in XI House (II radiksnom) - South knot in V House (VIII radiksnom).
In House ideals, in sphere socio-mysterious creativity, involvement human to a organizations, struck force, which orchestrates expression of higher "I." Those or different way, during this transit man receives request society to accept participation in changing existing conditions in cultural, social or spiritual sphere. Position Southern knot points to easy path meet their desires activities with emphasis on personal success. Factor positive development will become integration personal creative opportunities on good society. This effort can lead to Climate way of life. For time transit will require unification with Test Ban sake of implement joint activities.

the Northern knot in XII House (I radiksnom) - South knot in VI House (caliphate radiksnom).
Final phase cycle knots under positive development points out attention human on his sense of collective and social responsibility. Sometimes karma past, should its affairs or results public activities previous 9 years can provoke crisis. Thanks to last, the maintainer process reassessment achievements, man can come to understanding the true values moreover, that done and opaque with starters cycle in light of public good. On the basis of this understanding of, even if it has negative character, man prepare to a new cycle with clear conscience the upcoming tasks, moreover. Area path of least resistance summed up position Southern knot in VI House. If man not managed get rid of domestic needs in dependence, will be difficult into bearing burden public responsibility. Dependence still stymies source of energy.



Olja, thank you! As only clean this another guys hope, necessarily gonna do this hula thing in your study :) Perhaps be, still someone joins?



Радуга wrote:

Olja, thank you!

Flax, yes not on than, exactly :)

How only clean this another guys hope, necessarily gonna do this hula thing in your study Perhaps be, still someone joins?

Yes, go, interestingly same :)
And here is about moreover, that still someone joins. My doubts)



Оля wrote:

если брать Солнечные дома, где Солнце=Асц, то картина становится более объективной.
Учитывая то обстоятельство, что Узлы – это показатель солнечно-лунной взаимосвязи, можно предположить, что и Лунная система домов (Луна радикса=Асц) будет также информативна.
Небезынтересно рассмотреть и транзит Узлов относительно местоположения в радиксе по домам, где СевУ=Асц.

Оля wrote:

В чем, собственно, предложение – рассмотреть транзиты Узлов по трем домам (можно и четырем, с учетом Асц=СУ), и сравнить, какой дом наиболее адекватно описывает текущее положение дел, сам событийный фон.

Оля, у меня пока возникло 2 вопроса:
1. как все эти карты построить чисто технически?
2. СевУ=АСЦ и АСЦ=СУ это не одно и тоже?



Радуга wrote:

1. как все эти карты построить чисто технически?

Берешь свою карту в Плацидусе, но сетку домов Плацидуса игнорируешь, и накладываешь на нее ручками новую сетку домов - равнодомную. Все дома по 30*

Радуга wrote:

2. СевУ=АСЦ и АСЦ=СУ это не одно и тоже?

- да, конечно :) одно и тоже.



Оля wrote:

Do you take it its map in Platsiduse, but safety homes Platsidusa're ignoring, and’re putting on on it armrests of a new safety homes - ravnodomnuyu. All homes on 30 •

I have was vague hope, that there is stomach thread small notepad on this expense :) Nu that OK, will have armrests of :mybb:



Радуга wrote:

У меня была смутная надежда, что есть какая-нить программка на сей счет

Лен, поскольку мне все равно, то я могу и ручками, иногда мне так проще.
Но, можно и в Зете.
Драконическая -- СУ=Асц
Солнечное равновесие -- Сол=Асц
Лунная -- Луна=Асц



Для эксперимента я решила взять поступление в вуз как "экстравертное" событие, четко проявленное в прогностике. Первое поступление было в июле 1986, второе в ноябре 2001.
В драконическом гороскопе СУ=АСЦ было так:
1) 1-7 дома (у меня тогда было возвращение узлов)
2) 3-9
В горосокопе солнечного равновесия:
1) 6-12
2) 8-2
В лунном гороскопе:
1) 3-9
2) 5-11
По-моему драконический описывает в данном случае наиболее точно.

Оля wrote:

а вот насчет того, что еще кто-то присоединится... моя сомневается )))

Твоя оказалась почему-то права :)


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