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Aspect of compounds

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In book A. Kolesnikova, "Astrology. Self-help "read" self "magazine such approach to connections.
"Under connecting reprisal something like alloy from qualities planets. Under this planet convey each other their quality, and themselves are colored characteristics participants compounds. For example, if Venus combine with Saturn, you can say, in particular, that perception of beauty man (Venus) will painted principle of Saturn, i.e. lagging propensity to austere forms of, dark colours, motley kind of structures and circadian rhythms. With other hand, rules and norms, established gold such a compounds, are so colored properties Venus, - cozy, very, perhaps, wear aesthetic connotation. "
Friends, am asking base about how personally you are considering compounds. Especially, me interested trebles though. Here is, for example, compound Long, Uranus, Pluto in The Maiden?



Lud_mila wrote:

s “, am asking base about how personally you are considering compounds

Start with, that in your example one unbelievably planet - Long. As we know, senior planet, if they are not upravitelyami horoscope and not are selected as something otherwise, a decisive impact on nativa not have. And here is Long this "its grains shirt closer to body", means in this triple connecting should focus precisely not its manifestations. And we see, that Long in the Virgin (place feud) + nuked two senior planets, means, its manifestations of will not quite adequate in, cause little. For nativa situation, where need show moon quality: As soft, adaptivnost, flexibility, susceptibility, will situations diskomfortnymi, in them he will Fuehrer selectivity (dispozitor-Mercury), restraint, reasonableness. I.e. mental quality work not by themselves, and under influence of reason, through awareness, to conceptualize a. On. In connecting Uranus and Pluto. Uranium in The Maiden in kinship, Pluto - in tribalism. Means, his impulsiveness verging Uranus will more a stark. Pluto same would give exercises of moon to get emotional and tensions. Problematic for nativa this may be in is, that strong emotions race from-under of mind control, and because Long at Deva not the best place, then emotions can be devastating and beyond for rights. Ah here is roughly here is so. Interestingly was would to consider and influence moon on Uranus (and types :)


You are here » Ephemerides forum » Radiks - basis astrologicheskogo analysis » Aspect of compounds