Perfection beauty

If to believe tales are Thousand and one night , then have ideal women breast must be color of 88 bones, filled with harmony open, glorious hips and buttocks, gentle, as, ports. In some communities such demands were reported slightly whether not until absurd. In Mauritania, for example, travelers saw terribly fat girls, which barely could walk and mostly those with the help two slaves. Precisely they are considered there perfection and enjoy large demand. In accordance with local tradition the most beautiful from girls considered the kind, growth which barely reached 160 centimeters, and weight 150 kilos! Rounded forms and a shiny white skin possessed unusual definition of for men.

Mothers were forced their daughters absorb with vast number of of nutrients dishes, drink simultaneously to five liters milk daily. When daughter refused opening his mouth, mother, seizing stick, painful for the electronic its on the soles, and when the kind beginning yelling from pain, mother, iskhitrivshis, vtalkivala it the remnants of food.

Such customs were prevalent and among Tuareg insurrection in desert Saharan Africa. There otkarmlivaniem girls engaged in all members family. Daughter rich parents pereporuchalas vibrant concerns several slaves, the only duty which was force its to swallow as can be more food and drinks as can be more milk. For moreover, to fat raspredelyalsya evenly around the body, these construct elaborate servant studiously what would its, valyaya after this in sand. Thanks to their with grassroots concerns to 18 years girl becomes in present Monster. Such a beauty was so heavy, that often could not rise without aid two strongest slaves, and when it were to commit journey, its were loading on a camel.

With other hand, among San bushmen occured different misconception about of the maiden beauty. Girl considered beautiful, if fat occurred throughout 2007 only in a certain parts of bodies. Its prohibitively razbukhshie buttocks became the main center sexual of gravity. Using a special a diet and constantly dispositions--taking its specifically developed for this position, woman through some time was incurring in buttocks so much fat, that they became similar on mountain. In the West one thing time seriously regarded, that such striking korpulentnost have local women explains special necessity adaptation to climate conditions deserts, as this, for example, is happening with gorbami a camel.

Obesity considered also beautiful have women Indians zapotekov in southern part of Mexico. If girl skinny and edifice, means, she languishes, it bad health.

In many communities special attention received form and size of female breast. Such divided huge Braggs was, as Indians gopi in North America and'i Tonga in Eastern Africa, as known, preferred prohibitively big breast, unlike tribe Azande people in Central Africa, where which was valued dangling breast. For this goal local girls progress has been slow styagivali itself thumping special of the demonstration.

Absolutely opposite glance on female the beauty counterforce many men in different parts of Europe. In Spain nineteenth-century the most attractive were deemed girls with small breastfeeding. For achievements ideal girls included on breast heavy leaded phonographs, to not allow their growth. In Germany for this goal were used wooden dishes. In a result have the most or, on everyone view, girls at all almost not was breast.

ya Talalazh, S. Talalazh
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