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Well, that I this MEETlNG've given, for name impressive! :O Wu whom what opinion? After this articles in the comments section have said there is interesting exile on topic.

Collider enable tomorrow – will remain whether Earth on its place?

Opportunity arise black holes under launch Greater Adronnogo Collision (Europe), far ostensibly will protract the whole world, not more than rumors, believes most scientists. The first the full-blown launch will mark tomorrow, 10 September, report, Vesti.

In another times scientists-framers Collision (Europe) raised press conference, goal which - placate public opinion and convince still times population Earth, that fixation on Franco-Swiss border absolutely harmless for humanity.

"When first time bombed atomic bomb, emerged fears, that can happen chain reaction in the atmosphere. After analysis was shown, that chain reaction not will emerge. But no one same not viewed the likelihood, that under explosion the entire water in oceans will morph into a particularly sulfuric acid ", - says Igor s sales, a member of labor groups for the Study security Greater Adronnogo Collision.

Of course, Europe - this not atomic bomb. And the likelihood catastrophe is minuscule small. But no one fully its likelihood not excludes. Here is the most apocalyptic scenario: After launch the shutdown on Earth reprisal a huge black loophole, in that first get sucked up countries Western Europe, and then and the rest. The entire planet proves in black readily identifiable, and that will further - a difficult knowledge to. To talk about opportunities education black holes some experts have become after, as learned about divided on the the shutdown.

"These black holes, if they and haze which produces, to live will very little. Immediately will evaporate. Even before the walls the shutdown not here ", - am confident Viktor Savrin, the vice-principal NDІ Nuclear physics MSU, co participation Russian institutions in creating Europe.

Seeking to placate people, scientists say: Force clashes of protons will equal strength clashes two mosquitoes. So that nothing terrible. As all will on fact - the world learns already in environment.

Certificate: Big Hadron Collider - this apparatus will allow scientists recreate conditions, arose through-tenth of one share of of seconds after Greater explosion, and, thus, answer many questions about origins view of the universe.

An interesting fact: Direct live broadcast first launch Greater Adronnogo Collision available here http://webcast.cern.ch/




Радуга wrote:

Yes, that I this MEETlNG've given, for name impressive! From whom what opinion?

– my view is: Collider - one of pathways to destruction of planet (to 2012)

FS. Incidentally, will call attention on eloquent...... fact: Words Collider and collapse she :-/



http://www.youtube.com/watch?gl=RU& … re=related


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