Slumbers disappointed, if dream about, when Long is over horizon, in moon Swedish for sleep days and before the sunrise sun, and also after midnight (in 2-3 hours night) in these days. If man is waking up after dreaming, then this confirms reality of the predicted symbols sleep.
Slumbers after of the full moon dolgosrochny, and before the full moon - kratkosrochny to stake in life truth all. Under this should account for also individual horoscope rights.
Heavy dreaming with deteriorating well-being, not refreshing and nesbyvayuschiesya, accented before goings sun, so not that Spain sleep in this time stiff, that ompressor in this time man not hears his Angela, so as for him closed eyes and ears. Should sleep until midnight, and with 12 until 18 hours better not sleep.
Is considered, that for hour until midnight dream warns about events, dream after identity - predictions will treated not to sleeper, and to his close, friends. Dream until identity predicts events in life the most rights.

Kaliuzhnyi W. W. Medical and natalnaya astrology, 1994.