Autumnal Equinox has two aspects: Liberation from just old and otzhivshego and of retribution 14th late members of female than half family.

Name Autumnal Equinox is happening from uelskogo of a deity, simvolizirovavshego male fertility in cycle myths about goal in Arthur. The Sorceress's not noted this the coven, as and Ostaru, until Scandinavian invasion in England. In day Mabona many the Sorceress's make itself new boundary V and failing the runes from timber elm tree in - custom, recent from druids.

Day cropped vernal equinox is the second holiday crop in tradition the earth culture.

Autumn equinox, or harvest time, traditionally tendency to get involved with zagotovleniem dikorastuschikh or green fruits, gifts Mothers-Earth. This equinox - the second from two days in year, when day equals night in Wheel savant year.

Ending the collection vegetables, fruits and remaining of grain began commemorated even before Christianity. Day vernal equinox reminds about Parish winters, in this period ???? rituals sympathetic magic, guarantee, that winter ????? food groups: Rite of passage consists in is, that on spree first Farmelen, and then sedalis best gifts summer. Druids on tradition climb up to the top mountains, to conduct lot more time with year-old sun, so as night become all longer than the.

Usually in Autumnal Equinox go on nature of, in wood, harvest seeds and the rotten leaves. Some of them use for jewelry homes, other retain on future for herbal magic.

Today rituals directed on the, to empower the sufficient number of food, roof and resources entire countries and individuals, entering in plight, save their from hunger and floods, defend dolphins, whales and fish, under threat; these customs have also contribute to search peaceful decisions there, where this vitally important.

Food on Autumnal Equinox consists of fruits second crop, such as cereals, fruits, vegetables and, especially, maize. Maize starches bread - traditional food in this time, so same as and beans, dried concentrated.

Grass, traditionally used for jewelry altar, space around magical circle, and just homes: On acorns, ano?u, benzoin, one common, Kamchatka berry, marigolds, myrrh, passiflora (passion flower), pine, a rose, clary, thistle, hazel-nut bush, poplar, on acorns, shoots and leaves oak, ” leaves, like wheat, couple's Godparents Austrianpine and pine, ripe broke ears, maize.


Potato Head, baked with mushrooms

150 g potatoes
80 g for fresh wild mushrooms
1 head 3 1 string
100 g the cream sauce maker
1 UF. L. Grated cheese
Where sea salt to Italian tastes

Cut the themselves by growing potatoes cubes, otvarite in podsmolennoy water and put on pan. Otvarite mushrooms and obzharte onion. Creada all with smetannym sauce and, fill the them themselves by growing potatoes, then dust your with grated cheese and zapekite in oven. Before Auftragserteilung on the table dust your fresh greenery.

has interesting Pancakes

5 apples
1 the glass roller mill wheat flour with
10 g of hard yeast
3 UF. L. Sugar
A pinch of of salt
1 / 2 of a glass cooking oil with

Apples Bake a and wipe the through a sieve. Winning electoral majorities puree creada with flour, yeasty, the sugars, salt and 2 pots & pans spoons butter. Zamesite dough and check a tick his in warm place for of fermentation. After, as dough surge, pancakes can be bake.

ideas of for Mabona

1.’ll thank the Goddess and God for crops.
2. Composing list their negative qualities, habits, from which you want eliminate and burn.
3. Send / favor postcards and nice souvenirs their friends and spoken native.
4. Putting a over entrance in house festoonery from autumn of leaves.
5. Check a tick on every the windowsill on a small red, golden or dark green Giver: This will attract positive energy in your house.
6. A few days before and after Mabona – the best time for meditation and relaxation.
7. Help those, fortunate less you: Collect things for children, which voleju case remained without parents, sacrifice some amount of money for homeless, more Religious Festivals happening in organizations pyatnadtsat lunch.
8. Composing list plans on future: On the next week, on the next month or on the whole year.
9. Collect feast can be, invite friends on lunch or dinner.