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Social rituals

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Grand Rite penisopozhatiya

In most our societies a handshake is symbolic manifestation of peaceful intentions. But among some Australian natives thus symbolic gesture became penisopozhatie, which typing on dealing with any dispute or ending combat action. This strange custom existed even before 1945 among some groups population in Mukumbe, in northeast Australia. Through a certain time after circumcision every-time outlander, write one on territory camps or villages, was owes demonstrate on practice rite of passage penisopozhatiya, i.e. swap them with other men. Here is that wrote on this about Ronald and Catherine Berndt: 1425 same all women and children nabrasyvali nakidki on heads and shoulders, to not become eyewitnesses this mysterious a ritual of. Politely bowing before each from ethnic kin, visitor, by taking over in January before him human for hand, concert him in palm the other hand its penis and force the, after what he sat down on land, and to him on turn had been approached other, to these would go the same with their members of, i.e. invest their him in hand. After as ritual going to wrap, women and children honor threw with goals nakidki, and life in village lasted, as above.

Rite of passage chlenopozhatiya played an important role under reconciliation all disputed issues, been used to justify Airline Company has committed grievous the sin customary. In such a case sozyvalsya a special collection, during which accused sat in group their friends, and on a vilifying their. The bellwether the second groups been run over by, ushering in chlenopozhatie with every from inherent except indicted, which he simply ignored. After this ceremony ``suspect should was act with own protection of, and his friends vigorously his supported, arguing, that all filed against their suo fidanzato charges are false.

If on a vilifying would consider the please to abandon their charges, then all present had been approached to of an and on the car, to swap with them chlenopozhatiyami. Later accused will commit this ritual and with one of their the most eloquent defenders of, thanks to his these gesture for what the helped him prove correct and, likely, even saved him life.

If the responder not will become expect declaring a judgment and decamp with meetings about, then his actions will regarded as nothing more than as an indirect recognition its guilt. Members the second groups would send him sure we a spear and darts, that sometimes ended lethal outcome.

If accused not a man, and woman, then in its protection on to Oslo could act its relatives Sometimes the defendant decision itself attend on such a concourse of. She usually came there in environment their supporters-men, which claimed his intention exert it protection. Remains all charges, she told them, that wants to meet with their prosecutors who matter devices where any for village. If its requirement upstaged, then group men followed it in that place and she there files to be routed everyone of them. Adoption invited to gender intercourse was seen on equal basis of penisopozhatiem, Igbo and the and the other rituals, according to natives, possessed same force. If its proposal embraced by, then locate deal it was thought a closed. If someone from prosecutors refused from him, then sozyvalsya the other social.

(From books Ioaeai the unspeakable in world - sex, rituals, customs)



They`ve, however little ritual :glasses: A that, after 1945 the happened, civilization thingy, isn't, the rest of :D or a new way to invented :question: or in the end of the "zadobrili" each other :rofl:



Lero4ka wrote:

that, after 1945 the happened, civilization thingy, isn't, the rest of or a new way to invented

In sight, came the enlightened Europeans and put an end this bring ritual with a :disappointed:



's attacks watched the film, very an interesting with perspective social rituals and stereotypes, which filed there very year, in parodiynoy form

The film is called "My gentle and gentle zombies" :) (Canada, 2006, a novel name "Fido", genre - black comedy)

This the film - simply visual uchebnoe guidelines for social psychology!

Of course, this need to to see, words not you pass the! :cool:
Let me give you one of gems
Wife refers to husband: "Expensive, all family in our city of have zombies, and we there is no. That will say people? They before ordering, that we any strange. " :crazyfun:

Generally, all from Hong Kong. :D

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This the film - simply visual uchebnoe guidelines for social psychology!

Here is this very interestingly! Thank you, need to will watch :glasses:


The wife refers to husband: "Expensive, all family in our city of have zombies, and we there is no. That will say people? They before ordering, that we any strange. "

This on-my conformity, described :)



And conformity, and other psychological moments. Here and sotsialtnye values, and norms, and fashions, and rumors and vast

Of course, in any movie many psikhologizma, but in this, thanks to successful we laughed, all of this as on their fingertips :cool:



How and with whom to speak

To go on life easily and be successful in rubbing shoulders with people, need to know some secrets communication. In a whole there is two strategy communication: Strategy willingly going to contact and strategy governing. In the first case you forced to react, ask one questions, avoid many confrontation and are using qualifying phrase (I think , perhaps ). In the second case you build assertions, show your demands, arguing about, and never are using qualifying phrase.

How to talk to man, occupying high post

Possible subject conversation: Professional contact with goal obtain work, needed Council.

Strategy.Man, which accounts for the high post, best reacts on strategy governing. So you better choose precisely this strategy. Such man prefers know immediately, that from him want, that have him in common with voproshayuschim. You can try the next entrance phrase: "My name of. Me are interested in your sensationally on topic. "Or" I heard about you from our common friends or I a big fan your-style of doing business. "

Are looking the interlocutor directly in eyes and offer a its hand for handshakes. Such behavior evidence suggests about confidence in itself.

of misdeeds.Dont talk about work immediately, better, if about his proposals you contact on the telephone or on mails.

How to talk to man, occupying a minor just bureaucratic post, but from which depends decision your issue

Best strategydocility and obedience. If you something need, then better beg, not demand. Slightly bow your sideways on your head head, thereby, expressing, that you not alone are threats. Establish C?eoaeuiue contact, but not commiting actual his to stay, pull down eyes, showing respect.

of misdeeds.Neterpenie. These people constantly are on lines ceasefire between lawmakers and by Philistines. They not can immediately solve your problem. They not accept laws, so very rarely can have real aid.

How to talk to a hairdresser a stylist

In order to gain exactly what you want, needs give understandably explanation haircut, and best bring picture. Giving can not to approach your slap and structure hair, but you can twain shall meet at this-style and come from this.

Vasha strategymust be strategy governing, but in, too, time you must remain friendly. Install C?eoaeuiue contact through a mirror, and if your discussion reached an important moment, slightly you lift eyebrows, that is sign your governing participation in dialogue.

of misdeeds.If stylist made not what you expected, caveat courteous, tell thank you, say goodbye and search a new color.

How to talk to of the children-'am.

conversation: Clearly mark rules, which accepted you have homes.

Strategy:clearly spread your all point over and. You - the main, she - the strictures of the employee. Adopted in your House rules elaborate clear ordinary proposals. Immediately same in first day work inform their demands, when layed children sleep, when and where gulyat, and also inform that as needs to do homes. For example, far call, if will encounter questions, that need asking who there above, than open the door, not call on long distance call and camping on D. In conversation not want to touch anything interlocutor, not zdorovaytes for hand and not Baciatevi under meeting, otherwise your nurse-TUTOR can feel too guiding role. Under conversation hold C?eoaeuiue contact, to establish their control and support attention your governess.

of misdeeds. Not try establish comradeship, not zadavayte personal questions.

How to talk to a plumber, builder and camping on D.

A possible goal:describe composition works and to agree about price.

Strategyrepresents a the combination of two species strategies: Willingly going to contact and governing. You Which fiat and together with those ask one questions, that and as better do. For example, Should do so, to spigot in a bath not leak. Why he, at all, may develop? When you Federation interest, man "feels better" work. Language gestures: Caveat courteous, but together with those Jotunheimen poses amazing confident in itself human, hold back directly, and head highly. Not uncomfortable with in the hands of hair or jewelry. This says about your uncertainty in itself and nervousness.

of misdeeds.It's patronizing appeal.

How to talk to teacher your child.

a strategy this strategy willingly going to contact. Caveat nice and our current reactive model--you come with already trained questions. After as teacher will finish to speak, gonna survive, 'cause pausing in 3-4 of seconds, perhaps he it will remember still anything.

of misdeeds.Dont try to justify oneself to and to defend, if hear that any worryingly about his child. Teacher you not enemy, he points to problem, trying to help.

How to speak with celebrity, to not seem crazy a fan.

Strategy.Vyskazhite their admiration for achievements this man. You must not simply to speak I always admired you , tell better your the latest the film produced on me large impression, he very circuits and the like. Known people want feel the importance of of his work for other people. Language gestures: A handshake, as cheer, will show your for most outgoing, anything another may seem threaten in this situation.

of misdeeds. Not lebezite and not zaiskivayte. After all people this feel, let and not say.

How to talk to a militiaman.

Best strategy this confectionery plus remorse. If you Federation hostility, you accurately not forgive the overstepping speed and Kim will be discharged a fine. If same you courteous and you have good justification, for example, you are on work or not unable take From child from schools, then you have chance not be a ticket. But better not to lie, so as your lies immediately feel.

? Language gestures:Dont worry and serve your rights so, to their easily can be was immediately read. Not menu dependent representative power get all huffy.

of misdeeds:Dont flirt.

How to talk to man what behalf of you not remember.

Tell him any a compliment, forth zadavayte any common questions about family, about affairs and camping on D. This will give you time, and, perhaps, in conversation man were to mention specific findings, which will help you recall. Language gestures: Redo gestures interlocutor, this will show him, that you on one side.

Error:give understand, that you notions not auctioning the, with whom say.

Irina Vopnyarskaya (efamily.ru).



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