"Russian an astrological society", proposal for newspapers "Astrolog" and magazine "Astrology" commissioned "Telemedia InteracTV" (Hungary) proclaim about set professional astrologers for national consultation on the telephone (rate: 6 Br / mines or 360 Br / hour under work not less 30 hours in month). Phone can be used the landline or mobile.

Pursue national consultation can be from homes, while living or Sitting in any place our vast Russia (Please: Only for astrologers, living in Russia, and in any convenient for you time, podklyuchayas to 24 channel dozens applications on consultation.

Mentors an astrological society ", proposal for newspapers" Astrolog "and magazine" Astrology "commissioned" Telemedia InteracTV "(Hungary) among professional astrologers, willing pursue national consultation on the telephone, spend casting for television of filming and trip in Hungary on 3 month for work in direct live with national advice.

Past casting astrologers forging Schengen visas on an appropriate term, road tolls and living in Hungary pays the host side, and for work in direct live for 15 hours is offered paying in size 1,000 the euro. For every an additional hour in direct live will mentor repaid 50 the euro.

Of the approximate time starters all this project: 15 October - 1 November 2008.

PS. Unfortunately, this proposal in specific form out to us, when Mercury already was in his another a loop retrogradnosti and while become pochti. So we both warn all about opportunities arise various the nuance and changes.

Please, send their the applications with summary on e-mail: Astrologia @ inbox.ru or would be nearly-love @ mail.ru

If you have opportunity, then place, its, please, on its site. Can be, anyone and may be interested in.

Not wish you or who from your known astrologers try their forces in such work?

With bests wishes,
Chief editor of newspapers "Astrolog" and magazine "Astrology"
Vladimir Kopilov
With best, Andrei Lavrov
8-903-9781720 e-mail: a.lavrov9@gmail.com Skype: kometa-love SIP-ID: 3686951
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