29 September in 12 :1 2will begin a new sunny-afternoon cycle distance of in month. In this time vygode is mired in 7 • Libra, that through symbolics degrees Sabian here... Can be translate as "Woman feeds chickens, fending off the hooded crows" ("Control souls for the embodiment of ideas").
Theme October, when the moon changes connected with marriage made, creates, harmony and Nash in life, us wanted add more HIV and love. However manifest itself this will be peculiar, it seems, that October can bring a long surprises. Deal in is, that compound the Sun-Long not have Umstanden aspects of in map, when the moon changes, means, in development events can be a long impulse-control issues, spontaneity and some "childishness." Planirovta events accurately not tickles! Blood regardless, when the moon changes Venus in 1997-, that will make heat emotions, will make our desires harmony and sredechnosti impatiently-ardent, you should agree, that fruits with doesn and possession of favorite entity equilibrium certainly add not can. Venus, too, in "Skorpion" without Umstanden aspects of. She has aspect of, which it is difficult interpret. This two septilya to Saturn devouring his children and Pluto. This interestingly with perspective research in topic "Septil", we have the good opportunity see as lagging (and lagging whether) what something limiting and / or pressure on sphere of relationships.
That concerns minor aspects of sun-Long, then in map, when the moon changes they form trioctile or sesquiquartile to Neptune sextile. This can be prointerpretirovat as some nevyskazannuyu dissatisfactions in area plans on the future, a and uncertainty prevents adequate have the feelings. However trigon of Mercury to Neptune sextile will allow turn inward (both planet retrogradnye) and try find answers on questions in own heart of. Also are invited talk on category and appeal to to the Supreme in the form of Ramadan. Wording desires now can enter directly in point. Word, "come a-knockin 'and you will open" (with)

FS. Scales, respond not only for love and warmth. This still and sphere jurisprudence, all, associated with the unions and Treaties, international relations and agreements, foreign policy, divorce work and judicial processes, a gap treaties, conflicts; secular and public life. Characteristics, when the moon changes can be relate and with the rest of the.