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Question I have on superstitions. Today thump in the door cabinet at work: Woman is worth, says: "Not you cross lost?" 'm, have joints, Trip doors cross lies with a stone polosatenkim. Say: Not I. But who it is unclear. I at all with land try to put nothing not ship types- wet, and here directly brought, can be said. Cross - this already not destroy charms. I took and in the table marked. That with him to do now? Podskajite!



Me more likes look on these questions not with positions adopts, and with positions signs. I mean those signs, which arise from interaction human with the world. When domestic the world is expressed through external. Need to very look carefully on the world around and relate with a. Usually man goes a series of signs. Interpret their needs on own threshold values and concepts. For example, in this case on my threshold acronyms, used symbolizes equilibrium the elements. Often krestyatsya (until not regard religious content), when something you know, me dreaming, camping on E. Man absent coordination relatively center to the left, in air and became to notice prevents facilities. And when he perekrestilsya, then returned in center and perception of normalize, is configured on its wave of. Perhaps this for you one of signs skewed on the elements be, need tsentrirovatsya. Or, for example, something need to from you Christianity, or you from him. Can aid the faithful man in your environment. Manager: For situations, result with you, for words, pictures of around with positions signs. :rolleyes:



Yes, I agree. I would, too, thought: What not a reminder whether me this about whom the-forsaken, about whom need was look after. Or question purity happened.



Thank you girls! Surprise for me glance on situation. Correctly whether I understood, that cross need to to leave itself? I listened, that need in Church accounted.
An interesting moment, on the cross there is no chain or strings, and BOUC: An interesting polosaty pebble (brindle eye or something in this kind)

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Джульетта, я присоединяюсь к сказанному Хелен и Галиной...вчера хотелось поделиться мыслями на сей счёт, только меня "выкинуло" с авторизации, а потом и инет отрубился...а вчера как раз была на этой "волне", сегодня уже мысли так не "формулируютя", но вот снова занесло... так что пробуем...

Helen wrote:

смотреть на эти вопросы не с позиций примет, а с позиций знаков. Я имею ввиду те знаки, которые возникают от взаимодействия человека с миром. Когда внутренний мир выражается через внешний. Надо очень внимательно смотреть на мир вокруг и соотносить с собой. Обычно человеку идет серия знаков

Вот это  мне очень близко... :jumping: (наверное поэтому в моей подписи фраза - ..случайности - сплошные закономерности...)
Мир дуален...зеркальная ассиметрия...внешнее=внутреннему. Сложно всё таки многотомную философию изложить в "двух словах"...
Если присмотреться повнимательней...что происходит в вашем окружении (в материальном мире) и соотнести с теми процессами которые происходят в вашем внутреннем мире...приходит ясность и понимание/осознание многих, на первый взгляд абсолютно загадочных явлений... Знаки мы получаем на каждом шагу...таким образом, идёт цепочка знаков, к которым нужно учиться присматриваться...научиться их "читать". 
Все вещи (материальные и немат....внешние и внутренние) связаны между собой, на стыке этих двух миров и есть ...истина...или понимание вещей...

Helen wrote:

Интерпретировать их необходимо по собственной шкале

В данном случае, у Хелен будет свой вариант, у Галины свой (хотя в общих чертах схож), у меня третий... и т.д.
т.е.  с собственных позиций...ответ внутри вас...

Поэтому, я бы сказала, что вам лучше обратить свой взор, внутрь себя и прислушаться к собственным ощущениям, что вы почувствовали, когда столкнулись с ситуацией? размотайте для себя эту цепочку...удивление, растерянность, недоумение, всплеск энергии..., желание....Какого рода эти ощущения (комфортные, дискомфортные)... о чём подумали в тот момент...что вам это напоминает...может быть ассоциативно высплывают какие то ситуации...

Julietta wrote:

Правильно ли я поняла, что крестик надо оставить себе?

Ещё раз к тому, что ответ внутри вас... ведь вы озвучиваете ваши внутренние намерения и желания, ведь никто вам об этом даже не намекнул... :rolleyes:
Правильного ответа вам ни даст ни кто...т.к. правильным будет только ВАШ СОБСТВЕННЫЙ...а за ним стоит ваш ВАШ ВЫБОР...
ну что то такое навеяло :dontknow:



Lerochka, here I with you not would argue. Signs have all different, but some kind placemark they broadly similar. All ??? cross this affiliation egregoru church, means need to view in area this. Demonstrated, Treat, bear its used, and camping on D.



Galina, I would argue, that used - this some symbol of (spirituality, Russian Orthodoxy, virtues, of repentance and camping on D. The link with egregorom, too, agree. And in principle we are talking about one and same, only a bit under different angles of view :). Precisely with positions and with topping this sivolizma and all, that with him svyazyano on needs to find the link with those, that is happening in HERS life. This after all can be that anywhere, and as the need go in Church, put candles and to pray for close, thank vsevyshnikh for protection. And as a signal, turn to faith. And as choice meanwhile, that – my, and that not – my. And why --something precisely me, that I must do with this "X". Accounted whether in Church, and could leave itself (can this its a goodluck charm in future. Can this a harbinger some teachers, spiritual mentor in its life. Bear whether it its used or she even whose something in top "touches." Here is this solve can only she herself, coming from its "reading" signal. Julia, and you tried sonastroitsya on energy this this crucifix? Perhaps you already found the answer.
I here is when my its silver. Already accurately know what wait, and gold at all unsupportable wear (though it, too, very a good "indicator", again same I have already Developed own views.



I have one times might had stolen with a small sum game money, and there cross body an was (chain it's torn, ah I his in might and marked to not losing). Ah and on this about was born thought: Had stolen my money and used my, too, someone on themselves took :dontknow: DAC not during the!!



In that day, when I has lost USB, first was signal - uncoupled, pendant in the form of malenkgo little mouse (Leapt with HMS carabiner). When, I have observed that his there is no, me became profoundly sad, thought: What that has lost (even thought such a has flown - what this baby mouse decided to escape :disappointed: they together with the USB in it simply perfectly each each had been approached.) started seek in your bag., without special hope find (painful for a diminutive :disappointed:. Suddenly he there uncoupled,. And carried has found :). Tiny corner, put a tracking device, and in the process thought - usually such signali before loss of rivets the most. .fat USB can losing? But, as this usually happens, thought with signals occupy and you not outperform everyone nothing take, so as all of this on aaao, in parallel with other important affairs happening. The only, that I decided, fsyozh ??? USB in the other department bags offload, feeling his more reliable. And through several hours, when she me need with the of them, which was on it. I its not has found. With the moment when, I in the last time clutched its in the hands of and perkladyvala in your bag before moment when I discovered its loss, I was in several places. On big territory, several times movement a bag and Behhhh different things. Another USB, the handle, web wallet, hundred. T. Seems Behhhh somewhere in one of organizations (but here is not can recall in which of. In the last time, khott policies he shoves you, beat) and restore, that, where and when and in what order, I for themselves so and not was able. Alas :dontknow: to modicum roughly time calculating what, where in what time and in what district this could happen. Such a sense of, that in memory "slice of chaos with failure" :unsure:
And yesterday me three times in window was knocking a bird-my chickadee, huh. Here is await the news. :smoke:


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