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Financial crisis

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Радуга wrote:

I so realized, that things go, perhaps, not so well, times they've been calling all potential customers across Russia

Utterly is true, Rainbow, now such problems with stagnation products in many companies, in massacre, Shi in camping on CHAMPION

Радуга wrote:

accommodating NA get whether I catalogues, why not do Made to Order

Yes, exactly, and why you not commit Made to Order! o.O ^^



Астролог wrote:

помощь нужна?
            Галина написал(а):Согласна, но что то уже надоедает отмирать и расчищать обломки.....Хочется все же не только бороться за кусок хлеба, а иметь время для более интересных дел!если постоянно приходиться отмирать и рассчищать обломки - явно чистку проводите каждый раз не до конца...

Да, помощь нужна.
По поводу обломков, это не совсем про меня....Я честно говоря прошлый кризис почти не заметила. Обломки моей жизни это строительный материал для будущего фигурально...И опыт сын ошибок трудных! :D
Словами Баха...не существует такой проблемы, в которой бы не было бесценного дара для тебя! Ты создаешь себе проблемы, потому что эти дары тебе крайне необходимы.
Один из подарков это ваше общество, уважаемые друзья!



Putin: Have us crisis there is no
Prime Minister Russia Vladimir Putin visited in Novosibirsk health laboratory systemic analysis Siberian public University pathways messages, where for family, with the students and employees Institute. About this told the in press service head of governments.
One of students told of attending, that forecasting is investment risks in industries is fought on the period before 25 years. Forecast is done as when applied to innovative, so and traditional models development. Under this student said, that hopes performance, coming from crisis, which, on his words of, currently seen in country.
"Have us crisis there is no", - adjusted the his Putin.

29 October
Putin refused from crisis
On backdrop of economic downturn around the world government Russia continues to to declare, that in our country crisis there is no. In interview newspaper "The arguments and facts" Prime Minister Russia Vladimir Putin still times stressed this. On his words of, many too frivolous consumed word "crisis", speaking about economic situation in country.


To do crisis not saw white light,
Prozhivu perishing is and crisis increasingly there is no.


A lot of spirit so.:

Prednovogodne-an anticrisis

What is happening in Russia?, simply years.
- Just years, confirmed skeptics you? Admiral-.
I after all and himself, as becomes, him wake -
To live, as usually, already not goes raze.

- What same for all of these will?, will prozhivu.
-This will prozhivu, you? - Yeah, I believe.
I after all with morning the Internet and newspapers read,
Pandora'm, yes and feel himself, finally.

- To what do same all of this ends? -This will default.
-This will default, you confident? - Yeah, I am confident.
I already heard, and canard this I verified,
If dead on people so bang-tastic bolt.

- What same from this should? - Yeah not question!
And not such - you recall - extremities were united by.
- confirmed skeptics, need to have a duel hardly?
- I believe, that need to care a on psychosis.

How many would us nor are taught, as should to live,
We would still - Advance on old past.
So resolve same middle pressure on either of us and trablov
Vodka instead grams four hundred you offer?

That you before the crisis - 's nice and quiet with the grace within,
And starts keep on turning reality around the circle:
So Russians always help each other.
And times-two-three,


Rakes not instruct walk on earth (flushed) sage and repeatedly furry monks.
Like understandable, default, ah's just suck it up, and increasingly same.
Vodka four hundred? Thinking, this will help?
I here is times five on four hundred drinks ready.

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And have us with today’s days is expensive transport :mad:



Ah yes. Precisely so same in its time have us not was sex and drugs. Ostriches, not leadership countries! :canthearyou:



Zvezdochet wrote:

A have us with today’s days is expensive transport

Have us with New Year await raising on transport and increasingly-increasingly-increasingly :mad:



Zvezdochet wrote:

What is happening in Russia?, simply years.
- Just years, confirmed skeptics you? Admiral-.
I after all and himself, as becomes, him wake -
To live, as usually, already not goes raze.
- What same for all of these will?, will prozhivu.
-This will prozhivu, you? - Yeah, I believe.
I after all with morning the Internet and newspapers read,
Pandora'm, yes and feel himself, finally.
- To what do same all of this ends? -This will default.
-This will default, you confident? - Yeah, I am confident.
I already heard, and canard this I verified,
If dead on people so bang-tastic bolt.
- What same from this should? - Yeah not question!
And not such - you recall - extremities were united by.
- confirmed skeptics, need to have a duel hardly?
- I believe, that need to care a on psychosis.
How many would us nor are taught, as should to live,
We would still - Advance on old past.
So resolve same middle pressure on either of us and trablov
Vodka instead grams four hundred you offer?
That you before the crisis - 's nice and quiet with the grace within,
And starts keep on turning reality around the circle:
So Russians always help each other.
And times-two-three,

Himself coined?



Астролог wrote:

prikolno)) himself coined?

There is no, not himself. Took here.



Zvezdochet wrote:

Got it here.

Aftar sizzles :crazyfun:



- Ingeborg Mootts - ctarushka on a million

The lone the German Monica Sirchak, following simple tough rules, steadily is moving to its goal - do a million the euro on the stock market

- Ingeborg Mootts - almost the typical the German Monica Sirchak. It 83 year, lives she in tiny... Iittle town Gisene, in a small apartment, house old-fashioned furniture. In refrigerator she has is worth juice from black currant, but on walls are hanging - Discolored photos deceased or razekhavshikhsya relatives. An ideal portrait an average), its age, if would not one thing "but." Mrs. Mootts - one of the most successful private stock speculators Germany. For eight years the lone Monica Sirchak has managed earn on Exchange 500 thousands of the euro and not intends to stop here. Today she highly popular in Germany, although, of course, not so, as the legendary investor Warren Buffett in the US. She wrote book, reads lecture, hand out interview and teaches pensioners, as to do money on stock market.

Correspondent "Expert" met with iron Frau the German economy, to to know secrets its success.

History success

- Madam Mootts, with what all began, as you came to thought play on Exchange?

- independence, this all fate, from which not gonna leave, are you. Seventy five years his life I lived very faring poorly. I grew in a poor family, where was many children and very little money. Then I married and has become a housewife. And I have again not was money. I.e. money in family were, but my husband me their simply not gave. Me accounted for Rome have him every-mark. If I asked have him five brands on any purchases, he gave me two and preclude Israeli annexation: "On greater not count on it." When I tried to go work, husband spoke me: "You same its procedure, you you can never earn money." Once I not has endured and told him: "If you thinking, that I not is capable work, then I will play on Exchange!". Me seems, he seriously contemplated this my phrase, because, when through six months he died, I discovered, that shortly before death he bought a thousand shares made Beneficiary. They cost about sopoka thousands of brands. This and was my with start-up capital. I decided, that this simply a badge of fate: I wanted play on Exchange - and here is in my hands fell Thousand shares. I told itself: From this thousands of shares you must do a million. No fluctuations I have not was. I simply not forgave would itself, if would not seized the these chance! Yes and choice special I have not was. Overnight I has become a poor widow. Indeed a poor. My pension was simply tiny - in declined on the euro less thousands of in month. I simply must was find a way to survive!

- And this way to proved highly unfortunate.

- More than! For 1997 year my state of grew by a hundred percent, for 1998 year - already on a hundred the thirty percent! And after all this was year financial crises around the world. Today, through eight years, I have in pocket half a million the euro. Three years ago my Ofitser amerikanskoy armii has already given me in governance their savings, and I earned it a hundred thousands of, on which she has bought house. This was the first house in Gisene, for which was paid a hundred thousands of in cash. When we locked a deal, have notary was very "Adam concerned" face! In general, I more not poor widow, I should not to live on accuse retirement. On say spending me well lack dividends. I can touring world and more not anxious, that me nothing with which will pay for heating. And its polumillionnoe state of I continue to Baal.

- How you managed for eight years turn'm thousands of the euro in half a million? Without a special education, without experience of the game on Exchange? Yes still and in highly old age?

- At fact all quite simply. All my state of done on singular simpler stunt. I not put money nor in investment funds, nor in bank accumulator programs. I simply buying shares and prodayu their. The inherited from husband shares Beneficiary I sold through year - with Ukraya profit. On technical money has bought shares banks IKB and Commerzbank. Waited for, until they will rise, and sold again - on such is capable even Eternal a housekeeper like me, not so whether? I buying shares on lower course and through year-and a half prodayu on high. After this buying other shares. All very simply.

- I would so not said. I.e., of course, buy cheaply and sell costly - indeed, sounds simply. But as find shares, which certainly rise in price?

- And this, too, simply! Are looking themselves, here is my scheme. I its nor from whom not was money. I buying shares on primitive, but very tough algorithm. First, I clearly ocherchivayu circle companies, with whom can be deal: Only those, whose shares form stock index DAX-30 or, in exceptional cases, M-DAX. I.e. in circle my interests fall only shares the most capitalized companies Germany. Of them I vychlenyayu those, that which didn't last a hundred and more years, and means, certainly that Iast and in the coming years. Moreover, I put money in new subsidiaries enterprises these large firms. All new subsidiaries strakhuyutsya from risks, and means, if will encounter any problems, insurance company will close spending. So, my the first rule: I buying only shares companies with solid history.

Germans utterly are illiterate in the financial terms of. And big companies, in primarily banks, this illiteracy Y support

Second, I buying only shares banks. You can laughing, but this my personal preference. Vagaries old women. However, and he easily explains: Banks have on accounts whopping sums. Their incomes from providing services on-service accounts are rising year from year. These incomes allow banks not only pay their clients for, like, three-six ppotsentov annual to remarkably, but and to pay shareholders lots dividends. Banks not so heavily depend on fluctuations demand and proposals, yes and since the introduction of the euro them became far easier work. Witness: In 2001 in Germany disbursed billion in here eight hundred million the euro owe delinquent to bequeath to. That make heirs with these svalivshimisya on them money? Of course, part of they immediately spend. But what they not spent immediately, - blamed in banks. In banks their is convincing lead the savings expense, participate in a cumulative program and so on. I.e. offer the entire this financial Remy-with nor three-family interest annual. In the best case customers is convincing give money in investment Fund, where they can easily disappear. That is why I buying shares banks - have them is never problems with inflows cash, they freeing up with any problems.

- exe, with battlefields activities we populyaren. That further?

- Read more still easier. I open a newspaper and'm stock’s a summary. Incidentally, I have no computer, entire information I get only from newspapers. In stock summary of State Statistical me interested three figures: How many are worth shares this companies today and what is was their maximal and minimum the price over the last year. If the current the cost of shares close to minimize, this means, that have companies serious difficulties. But because this company has centuries of history, can be be confident, that through year-the other she of these difficulties gets out of it, and shares again rise in price. To make sure, that immediately after purchases the price not will fall still below, is allowing, what was least fall of over the past five years. After this, subtract from maximum prices shares minimum - and here is I have write forecast my income on closest year.

Of course, these forecasts never fully not disappointed, but the general misconception about situation they give. After such a preliminary analysis I'm look beyond the: And which dividends pay on these shares? If company pays small dividends, I refuse from purchases. For large investors, for hedge funds, for millionaires this, can, and not plays role, but I - the old the lone woman, me need to on something to live. So for me dividends very are important. Finally, I explore composition shareholders companies and if see, that most shares belongs paired large shareholders, then this, too, bad a badge of. This means, that, likely, payments dividends will very by small: Have large shareholders there is no incentive sharing profits with minute depositors.

- Everyone would still this sounds too simply.

- Yes this and there is simply! Know, I sometimes perceive themselves, as bible David. I - the old a weak woman. And I one the other with this huge stock system, with this Goliath. And do this the most simple weapons, as did and David. I on its experience watched the, that have stock exchange’s Goliath there is weak place - cyclical fluctuations appreciation shares large companies. On this weakness I earned five hundred thousands of the euro, or a million brands. Now my goal even not earn still more money, I already earned their enough. My goal - to tell all Germans, as can be defeat this Goliath and secure financial freedom. Money rule the world - this, unfortunately, fact. Millions of Germans sit in opostylevshikh boardrooms with eight until six sake of several thousands of the euro in month, saves on all, than only can be. All they hope, that someday from, and wealth lies in one move from them! The problem is, that Germans utterly are illiterate in the financial terms of. And big companies, in primarily banks, this illiteracy Y support. When man comes in Bank, in (export company, he hopes, that him will help increase the his money. Of course, there him tell about how, that best 69.38 - this long-term 69.38. This same nonsense him say economists with television screens. Credit to us your money in governance on ten, twenty-, thirty years - and we will do you rich!

As would not so! Staffer which controls companies - the usual subject the employee. He will offer client not what indeed brings money, and what benefits his companies. Of course, C will receive any incomes, but this simply the miserly sums compared with those, that indeed can be earn on Exchange. Moreover, client need to will pay one-premium for opening the Investment portfolio, and after sales a share - still and income tax. C can at all incur losses, and no one not responds for this! I am sure, that maintaining Germans in this of an illiterate able - this utterly perceived stance banks and investment funds, and ultimately and state.

Of course, them utterly not want, to ordinary Germans like me became millionaires. On that will live investment funds? On that will live lotteries, which every week earn millions of the euro on exploitation desires Germans rich? Precisely because, that I want change this situation, I and not was money their methods of the game on Exchange. I wrote book about how I earned money. I give practical recommendations all proved: Read lecture in feminine club, I allow interview journalists, 7.10 on letters. Me comes mass letters, mostly from elderly women, which heard about me on radio or’t read in newspaper and finally deeds before in their forces. All they ask, with what them start and any mistakes need to avoid.

- And that you them become? Moreover, that now I heard a?

- Anyone reflecting beginners players I give several practical councils. Advice the first: The amateur player should understand, any goals he wants to achieve. The, that states in textbooks on businesses: Strategic goal, tactical goal and so on. I always recommend start with small: Buy, guided by my methodology, shares on a thousand the euro and put itself goal through a certain time become gold thousands of shares companies, inside in index DAX. So say, fill hand. This the first and the most the main goal on outset. Because, as only you have emerges Thousand shares any of these companies, volume of dividends, which you will, already enough large, and for poor people always it is important have modicum a small, but stable an additional source of income. Because all we - people broke, us it is important have the opportunity not to think about the most needed spending, and so dividends for us very are important. Moreover, Thousand - this such different is a magical the number of. Player should feel, that him bad luck. And if have you in property suddenly it turns out Thousand shares major companies with secular name, this attaches faith in their forces.

The second advice, which I give: Keep patience, but courage on time jump out from trains. Hold shares not less year, but and not more two years - for this time paper major respected companies certainly will grow up, but you not asking get attached to them, that certainly led would to financial toll.

The third advice: You should not treat money, which invested in stocks, as to stash on black day, as to their means, which you can under need pitch on their consumer needs. Delayed so delayed. Let us them grow, help them, direct their, but not output any their from process growth. Passion to consumption - this is one main dangers for stock exchange’s player. Yes, you can withdraw from game through year-the other and buy on earned money machine. This certainly far better, than borrow consumer credit. But that further? Again considered every the euro? And if you you but have patience and do you let money grow another two-three years, you can become Millionaire in literally words - and you have already not will be no financial problems. I always say those who asks my Council: Spend can be only dividends. Without haste - ticket with small, be able wait and not constrain consumption - sounds very is.

- Unfortunately, already there is no. Modern Germans long disappeared in these German qualities and became in casual consumers, which only and make, that go on about have advertising, borrow loans and buy mass of unnecessary things. And of course, not can foot the bill with debts. I not get tired to repeat: Abandon senseless surge immediate consumption. Check a tick itself goal - earn a million. And quietly, without haste and without chaotic movements go to it. That is why my the next a practical advice beginners such is: Cease to think about their the stocks in categories their value of. Think about them only in categories number of shares.

If you buy shares and start every day follow by quotations, then'll go insane by mad. Today any hedge Fund bought large package shares, and the price flies up on ten ppotsentov. And through couple of days, to gain profits, Fund sells their - and the price again falls. For hedge fund to commit purchase on thirty-forty million the euro - would still that buy some peanuts. But a small shareholder, owns 1,000 .-the other shares, can never do money on such fluctuations. He only connected, would undermine its health and will lose even those money that have him were. So the only working option for us, small shareholders, - view its state of as number of shares and questioning itself goal every year double this number of.

My a practical advice beginners such is: Cease to think about their the stocks in categories their value of. Think about them only in categories number of

- Frankly, this looks several naively. What the difference, how many have human on the hands of shares, if, suppose, their the price will fall in several times?

- Of course, in most cases so it and there is. You can to buy shares any companies even on minimum price, but they never rises former Swedish high-level, and you so and perkytle nor with than. However I already explained, that on my metodikoyu need to buy only shares large, tested years companies. ???? buy then, when they neared to minimum over the past years water mark, and means, ahead have them only growth, need to only wait. Number of same shares it is important in my system because, that I recommend buy only those, on which pay good dividends. Are looking themselves: In average on shares a major German bank like Commerzbank an twenty-five-the thirty euro. Individual banks, for example the same IKB, pay very generous dividends, until eighty-euro, but this rather exception. In any case, if you have Thousand shares the same Commerzbank, this means just two hundred fifty-300 the euro dividends. But if their already two-three thousands of, then dividends comprise a thousand the euro and more - for any German pensioner this very the good putting on just to pensions. And with every new doubling number of shares this sum increases. Moreover, if theater belong you more year, and overall volume of dividends not exceeds two and a half thousands of the euro, then, on German law, you the freedom from paying income tax. So that precisely dividends allow me quietly wait, until the price shares to peak, and not that under every East about term exposure so result rate.

- And that, your child pornography nor never not ready glitch?

- antonymic once. In 1998 I has bought shares bank Bankgesellschaft Berlin. Then I been mulling, that, times in rule this bank includes leading policy, he must be reliable. However all it turned out otherwise: All of this time Bank in fact itself in a loss sponsored Christian Democratic union. Remember scandal with Chancellor Kalem Company? So here is, when scandal swam out of the lake resurfaced, shares fell even more, and me had to sell their with losses. I has lost on this ten thousands of brands. Since then I never later policymakers and gain shares only those companies, in councils directors which there is no party functionaries. However, this story not very Ricki my virility. As times then same strongly rose shares Commerzbank, and I has year with profit.

- And never was of fear losing money?

- Never. I simply not is fixated on money. I already told: I I have not money, and shares. Their losing I not fear. Every year-and a half I prodayu their and buying new - usually, thanks to difference rate, in two times greater number of. As see, my scheme me nor never not rocked the heavy. Importantly - not to succumb to panic under short-term fluctuations appreciation, not to go after here for excessive profit, to abandon consumer bed fever. And quietly go to his than a million. Incidentally, its goal in a million brands I already could achieve - if would not introduced the euro. So that now I have a new goal, and I as times would stand halfway back to it. On-my, this a badge of fate: No one must not stop here.

Sumlennyy Sergei
Brought with Astroledi



Cheapo, huh "on-zhirinovski": Not a haircut, not how to shave, little there is and nowhere not touring


MPs Duma until not feel influence global financial crisis on his life. According to leader Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, Vice Speaker Duma by Vladimir Zhirinovsky's, no write home about crisis in Russia still and there is no, but save need always.

"I'm saving the money.. I not forced to wear it short now - I have hair already longer than the, than usually, shave my face, through day, 'm eating very little, nowhere not go... I go, no one in Visitors not invite, no gifts no one not buying and am asking, to me no one not ’, nowhere not food, "said Zhirinovskiy RIA News.

He added, that need "reasonably save" and then will less spending. In as a prescription sensible austerity under the current economic situation Zhirinovskiy gave such: "Need to not buy clothes, and exchange it. I ready couple of costumes someone give, several steam shoes, clock. Why in Music go? Don to each other and get the, that you can buy in no clothing left. "

According to leader Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, not worth spend money and on cosmetics, because this "chemistry and harmful", and also need to less buy newspapers, so as one a newspaper can be to read "the entire store cell" or even "all building's entrance." "On New year not need to nowhere to go abroad or go in the restaurant, and need to remain homes or can be invite myself to whom any in Visitors", - offers Zhirinovskiy.



Not remember, where, but in subject
A summary for socially responsible bloggers and workers PR services:

“A ” – should write –“ global crisis ”
“Menace devaluation ” – financial crisis in the US
“devaluation ” – Nedootsenennost ruble will rise
“Dollar is growing ” – European currency demonstrates negative dynamic
“Paycheck lowered ” – personal effectiveness every grew
“Bank went broke trying ” – the enlargement banking system
“Education Fair no ” – deficit cadres in Russia overcome
“oil Arabkir in 2 times ” – prices gasoline fell on 0.37%!
“Money no ” – liquidity declined
“fired ” – liberation
“Without output benefits ” - nalegke and with good the recommendation
“Buy dollars ” – optimize monetary basket
“$555 there is no in obmennike ” – banks prefer Russian currency
“High course dollar ” - undeserved speculative course falling American currency.
“Mass Layoff ” – personnel to optimize companies
“I got laid off ” – I was launched in frilanse
“Dollar ” – irredentist-falling the American currency

Example misuse text

From-for a fucking crisis a month ago me lowered salary immediately on 30%. And now still and wife laid off. Without output benefits, bastards! Very fear devaluation, wanted buy dollars, and their there is no. Found in one place, so course it is unrealistic high!

Example the right text

Global crisis has on me the most unexpected way. Personal effectiveness has risen immediately on 30%! Wife was started in freelancer coder nalegke and with good the recommendation. There is fears, truth, that Nedootsenennost ruble will rise from-for financial crisis in the US. So on semeynom Council we decided optimize their monetary basket. Surprisingly, but banks mostly prefer Russian currency. Only one point worked with the dollar, but established under this undeserved speculative Deal for irredentist falling American currency.

Over financial system crisis clouds collects.
Between the dollar and the euro proudly'for now sits expectation turn illiquidity, seize is like a.
The and cause crumbling markets, then zashkalivaya rates,
Turn illiquidity triumphant, - speculators can sniff out demise in its screaming gromoglasnykh.
In this a snarl - the thirst for money!
Obrushene quotations, economy padene and confidence in bankruptcy hear markets in this scream.
Stupid institute before an approaching storm timidly since saw stomping around the back on markets,
In devaluation ready burying fear of default.
Oligarchs, too, chafe at, -
Oligarchs remains unavailable enjoy brash market, 're a weird guy, market-: Razorene their scares.
All mrachney and below index falls over exchange,
And be going occupies securely, in abyss must rates.
A bolt from Rattling. All sparkles most brightly. This collapsed "Leman second."
In foam anger Congressmen accept plan'll curse.
And with documentation in wild poverty billions of emit for'll curse "to Goldman either from."
Turn illiquidity with shout'for now sits expectation, black electric storm is like a,
As arrow have exchanges, banks in abyss posting.
Crisis is carried, as daemon, - prideful, black daemon market, -
And laughs, and he CHORTLES. Over bankers laughs, over government he CHORTLES!
In general a snarl "volatility!" Daemon sees and knows long fatigue.
He am confident: Central banks not will save from collapse of exchanges.
The press howls. Children crying. And investors just weeping, weeping.
Red flames Where stock investors have driven.
And burning of the trillions of: - A! Soon people crisis!
This boldly and freely'for now sits expectation spirit les Elements Market area over colicky are angrily world;
The shouts the Prophet victory: - Ionou stronger people KRIZIS.



Drew attention - of on TV now goes on several minutes less; a more insufferable, than ranshuyu, share of in it occupy announcements
And have advertisers crisis.

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On-my now many on crisis being decommissioned own the failure.



Soon Russians start go mad from poverty

Growth level poverty in conditions global financial crisis can lead to increase number of mental disorders. Such opinion has set forth the head of the every center social and judicial psychiatry (center decision of the) Tatiana Dmitrieva in Thursday on Congress “Social Psychiatry future ”, is handing“ Interfax (press agency). ”

According to Dmitrieva, in conditions financial crisis “can arise the a vicious circle, when poverty and unavailability medical aid leads to deterioration health, in including and mental. ” Among poor, pointed out expert, mental disorder meet doubled more often.

Moreover, in conditions financial crisis negative significance has and a stressful the situation have people, which still yesterday ``secular middle class, and today many disappeared in, told Dmitrieva.

The head of the center decision of the reminded, that on forecast World Bank to the end of the year is expected growth unemployment with 5.3 until 5.9% in a result cuts employment in construction, trade and sector services, and also in the financial sector, preterpevayuschem restructuring. “Since one hand, – pointed out she, – this neradostnye figures, but this not that crisis, which cannot be overcome and take under control. ”

According to Dmitrieva, on first stage of this kind crises are perceived bayts, at the second stage he becomes already personal problem – when, for example, man feels on itself growth prices products. As believes psychiatrist, Russians on today’s day are on the second stage perception crisis. Following the second stage in such situations emerges spike in public activity, which gradually Crosses in spike in aggressiveness. “[very would like hope, that the problem crisis already on first stages will is taken under control ”, – underscored Dmitrieva

source of

To not retreat bitterly into depression in period financial crisis psychiatrists tell to think about those, whom even worse

Director of State scientific center behalf of Serbian Tatiana Dmitrieva recommends in period financial crisis change alarm for himself on caring about those, whom worse, and also more to think not about money, but about basis values, to not retreat bitterly into depression, convey “, Vesti. ”

““ it’s to adhere to philosophy about how, that there is something the incoming, and there is perpetual values ”, - told Dmitrieva. She underscored, that “life and health – its, children, parents – this the most high value. ”

“Wu me poorly, but as have known? Have someone worse. Own evils can seem minutiae compared with problems have other. This very important moment. When very poorly, need to find someone, whom even worse, and help him. Then come in sense of, one starts more correctly assess values life ”, - told Dmitrieva.

She has set forth fear, that if global financial crisis crunch will last, this may lead to growth number of large depressions have people: “Cyber this already say in the US, which this swept up by above all. ” On its words of, importantly – not seek save in alcohol and drugs.

source of



Радуга wrote:

Skyfall-my now many on crisis being decommissioned own the failure.

, too, such thought attend.



Regyna wrote:

Радуга написал(а):По-моему сейчас многие на кризис списывают собственную несостоятельность.Тоже такие мысли посещают.

Точно! А ещё недобросовестные работодатели пользуются кризисом в отношении своих работников.

А вот ещё советы от психолога:

Как правильно свихнуться в преддверии кризиса


Создается такое впечатление, что большая часть печатных СМИ, включая Интернет-издания, кормится в основном за счет раздачи советов о том, «Как правильно пережить кризис».

На смену самым крикливым заголовкам о хулиганствах и разводах «поп-звезд» пришли откровения о том, как бы обывателю подготовиться к неизвестности.

Самое же парадоксальное (либо закономерное) то, что если вдруг кто-то решится всерьез следовать этим советам, то кризис он действительно переживет… Но с большой вероятностью переживет в качестве пациента психиатрической клиники.

Будучи психологом по базовому образованию, я хочу попытаться обозначить наибольшие просчеты в подобных рекомендациях. Надеюсь, кому-то пойдет на пользу.


1. Постарайтесь заранее «прощупать» отходные пути в плане работы. Разошлите (тайком от начальства) свое резюме в несколько кадровых агентств.

На самом деле, именно такими резюме и переполнены сейчас кадровые агентства, что называется под завязку. Поэтому, если вы получите 20-30 ответов типа «заявок на указанную вакансию в данный момент нет», ваше настроение вряд ли улучшится. А между тем реальная ситуация может быть не так и плачевна. Всего 50 «упертых» соискателей легко могут разослать 500 своих анкет и более (притом что половина из них менять работу в ближайшее время вообще не собирается). Итого: 500 – 25 = 475 «дутых» работников – чем не мыльный пузырь, или, извиняюсь, как это теперь называют, подушка безопасности?

2. Поговорите со знакомыми, узнайте, не требуется ли в их фирме сотрудник вашего профиля.

Да не тре-бу-ет-ся! Работодателям, перепуганным неизвестностью грядущего, оформление нового сотрудника может присниться в кошмарном сне, да и только!

А получая массу информации о том, что все напряженно затаились в ожидании сокращений, вы еще больше загоняете себя в состояние фрустрации (ощущения безвыходности ситуации). А это уже путь к неврозу.

3. Старайтесь сократить свои расходы, пересмотрите затраты на развлечения, излишки.

Верно по внешней форме, но очень вредно по содержанию. У многих сейчас и без того постоянно прокручиваются в голове тревожно-мнительные ожидания. Убрав возможность развлечений (даже частично), вы еще больше перегрузите психику и дополнительно подчеркнете для сознания, что «тяжелые времена уже наступили». Да и внутренние ожидания имеют свойство реализовываться.

4. Будьте в курсе экономических новостей, старайтесь анализировать полученную информацию. И при этом есть советы о том, что стоит ограничить себя в покупке газет и журналов – авось рублей 50-70 в месяц и наберется.

Если быть в курсе тех новостей, которые милостиво предоставляются центральными телеканалами и подконтрольными власти СМИ… Да еще и анализировать…

Мама дорогая, что на выходе получится!!! Что-то типа «кризис в США набирает обороты…»; «наше правительство гарантирует поддержку…»; «хим. реактивы в борьбе с гололедом использоваться не будут…»; «с каждым днем все радостнее жить!» и т.д.

Анализировать не советую.

Совет единственно верный, но, к сожалению, не из СМИ.

В какой-то мере психика человека сегодня является его капиталом, а возможно, и средством для инвестирования. Что, если начать с сохранения этого капитала?

В сказке Е. Шварца «Тень» доктор рекомендует взволнованным пациентам научиться смотреть на все сквозь пальцы и… махнуть на все рукой.

Попробуйте, это сработает!

Д. Куимов,




Наткнулся на такое в сети, мож скоро и пригодится...
Читаем.. =) ( осторожно.. ненормативаня лексика!)

1. Коктейль "ЁРШ" - бутылка пива+чекан водки, выпиваете полбутылки пива, доливаете чекушку, взбалтываете , пьёте. если успеете допить.

2. траву мешайте с табаком, не время транжирить продукт. ну и про "химку" не забываем.

3. клинское тоже можно пить, в общем.

4. сигареты петр 1 содержат больше никотина, чем ваш любимый кент

5. в метро лучше покупать билет на 20 поездок, он дешевле.

6. туалетная бумага "54 метра" дешевле "ZEVA" в 10 раз, а хватает ее на дольше.

7. по дороге на работу и обратно, если вы все еще ездите на машине, можно брать попутчиков. бензин отобьёте.

8. полис ОСАГО и талон ТО можно купить поддельные

9. резину на машину можно покупать БУ. Лучше купить белшину всесезонку, ничё, отцы ездили на ней и зимой и летом, и вы поездите.

10. звоните на сотовые с городских, а если с мобильного кричите "перезвони мне" и бросайте трубку. надо уложиться в 5 секунд.

11. нерафинированое подсолнечное масло дешевле.

12 если хлеб черный натереть чесноком , он пахнет колбасой.

13. если поставить прокладку между головкой и блоком ГБЦ в авто, она сможет ездить на 76 ом бензине. Если не сможет - продать и купить жигули, которые смогут.

14. можно снимать дворники с соседских машин, тоже какая никакая а экономия.

15. на рынке всё просите попробовать, но не покупайте. экономия средств и обед в одном флаконе.

16. в гипермаркетах можно перекусить и попить пока никто не видит.

17. на шести сотках всё можно засадить картошкой, окучивать ее летом, осенью можно выкопать и жрать всей семьёй всю зиму.

18. не обязательно мыть посуду фейри. мойте просто руками, содой, золой, порошком стиральным.

19. зубная паста есть и недорогая, а результат одинаковый.

20. мужские носки бывают и по 10-20 рублей, а не 500, как в блатных магазах.

21. одноразовые салфетки и платки носовые - жлобство, юзайте полотенчики, тряпочки и тряпичные платочки. можно рукав.

22. покупать ХОЛОДНЫЙ ЧАЙ это несолидно и дурость. налейте заварки в бутылку и пейте себе.

23. мой рецепт весёлого дня рождения - 4 пачки пельмений, ящик пива (20 бутылок) и 5 бутылок водки 0,75 на 5 рыл. по цене получается примерно: пиво 400, водка 750, пельмени 150. 1300 рублей на круг. если хочется пожечь при этом что нибудь на костре -заменяйте на соевые сосиски гриль по 30 рублей за пачку или окорочка курей.

24. стекло и банки не выкидывать, а сдавать. тем более, что для банок теперь автоматы есть.

25. по поводу тачки - никакого кондея, 60 км тошним, больше 2,5 т оборотов не разгоняемся - расход не больше 8 на сотню - сотку рублей в неделю сэкономим (примечание: это если прокладку не поставили для 76 бензина, а если поставили то и побольше)

26. купить мышеловку, чтоб при мясе быть всегда

27. если на хлеб высыпать пепла от сигарет и растереть - получается на вкус как яичница.

28. если голод не дает спать - быстро выпить два стакана кипятка и лечь спать. Мозг не сразу поймет что желудок обманули.

29. на шоссе шлюхи дешевле чем в борделях, а результат одинаков.

30. купите себе трубку [недорогую], тогда на улице можно насобирать окурков и вы никогда не останетесь без табака (примечание: трубку можно сделать самому из дерева).

31. завтрак "кризис"- морозим сосику, трём на тёрке, мажем хлеб майонезом и посыпаем тёртой сосиской. вкусно и практично, а главное много, одной сосиски хватает на 5-10 бутербродов.

32. вместо чёрной можно кушать кабачковую икру.

33. в парках и лесопарках бабушки и молодые мамаши кормят уток и лебедей хлебом. Если не удастся выпросить у них кусок для себя, можно прыгнуть в воду и побороться.

34. интернет можно и на 128Кбит/с - нечего платить больше.

35. если заморозить яйцо и разрезать его пополам и положить на сковородку, получится глазунья с 2 желтками.

36. стирать можно хозяйственным мылом - даже лучше порошка.

37. носки штопать можно на перегоревшей лампочке.

38. приняв ванну -предоставить оставшуюся воду жене и детям - совсем не грязная же.

39. вместо освежителя воздуха можно жечь кусок газеты - это убирает неприятный запах.

40. мыть коробочки от плавленного сыра - получится отличный контейнер для еды.

41. стирать и сушить целлофановые пакеты.

42. вернуть парник и картофельное поле на 99% дачного участка, посадить редис, репу, свеклу.

43. не спешите выбрасывать старое пальто: из уцелевшей ткани на спинке можно скроить юбку.

44. одного пакетика с чаем хватает на несколько использований

45. вместо суши можно прекрасно налепить колобков из риса с куском крабовой палочки и огурца внутри , одной пачки палочек хватает на 20 порций роллов калифорния.

46. внимательно смотреть под ноги - и тут и там часто встречаются монетки по 10 коп, а то и по 50.

47. вспоминаем, как вязать, шить и вышивать (на продажу!).

48. собирать грибы и ягоды, продавать, есть самим.

49. вместо прокладок с крылышками за 100 рублей можно купить пачку ваты.

50. вообще-то пейджеры еще работают.

51. если вино разбавить пополам водой из-под крана, то вкус даже улучшится.

52. щи из крапивы, лебеды и дикого щавеля гораздо вкуснее и полезнее щей на куске свинной вырезки

53. детское мыло полезнее гелей для умывания от лореаль и гарнье.

54. настойка боярышника на спирту в аптеке стоит в несколько раз дешевле самой дешевой водки.

55. игрушки детям можно делать самостоятельно: мальчику- паровоз из спичечных коробков, девочке - комод для кукол из коробков.

56. "Ролексы" свои все - в ломбард. Часы и на мобильнике есть!

57. в фарш для пирогов кладем 30% мякоти черного хлеба. Тщательно перемешиваем и сдабриваем перцем. Итог такого маневра - либо на 30% больше готовой продукции, либо на 30% ниже расход мяса.

58. туалетную бумагу и всякие порошки можно красть на работе в сартире. Никто не заметит, а если заметят- с пониманием отвернутся.

59. маршрутки надо выбирать такие, где есть разграничение по плате. заплатить до ближайшей остановки и ехать весь маршрут с тупым лицом. вообще в больших маршрутках - выгоднее. выбирайте где больше давка и тогда хачик не врубится - заплатил ты или нет.

60. на презервативы можно не тратиться, а озадачивать подругу миньетом (ниччоо-потерпит).

61. насчёт холодного чая. заведите себе чайный гриб. заварки жрёт немного, а отказавшись от кефира и йогуртов можно наэкономить сахар на всю семью,и полезнее.

62. в квартире поменять все лампочки на 15 ватт, а кое где и вообще вывернуть. вы уже и так всё знаете, а пьяные гости..и чёрт с ними, пару раз лоб об косяк разобьют, подумаешь. Можно подсвечивать мобилой.

63. купите калоши! этим вы сэкономите на зимней обуви и не потеряете вашего менеджерского вида.

64. больше ходите пешком. кстати, ходьба на втором месте по-полезности после джоггинга. вытащите старый велик. летом исключительная экономность.

65. старый хлеб-сушим на сухари. можно отнять остатки от голубей/уток - промыть в марганцовке насыпать дешёвой приправы - высушить. если брезгуете - угощайте друзей, которые пришли к вам пожрать. да,сами тоже не упускайте случая пожрать в гостях.

66. и еще,как профессионал насчет 76-го бензина. вычислите на заправке водителя Пазика он с удовольствием продаст вам топливо в два раза дешевле. у меня был случай,когда я обалденно выгодно поменялся на спирт.

67. купите дегтярного мыла и первый раз мойте голову им (заодно не забудьте постирать носки и побриться), второй раз чуть-чуть положите шампуня =для запаха=.

68. амфетамины дешевле кокса, а результат тот же

69. жрать перловую кашу - на ней выращивали гладиаторов.

70. высохшие корки апельсинов поджечь, затушить, окуривать квартиру - в 100 раз лучше, чем любой дорогой освежитель(унесенный из офиса)

71. покупая что-либо в супермаркете, заранее набросайте на дно корзины пустых целофановых пакетов из овощного или еще какого отдела - они пригодятся, но дело в том, что среди них может случайно "спрятаться" и не быть пробитой на кассе мелкая покупка.

72. для девушек: шляться по барам, и накормят и напоют, еще и трахнут.

73. вместо спидов, калес и прочей дорогостоящей химии, можно перейти на солутан (вроде еще есть в аптеках) и жрать все лекартсва от кашля, во первых наедаешся, во вторых кашля не будет (электричество и тепло в кризис надо экономить), в третьих приход.

74. как проще всего добыть рассаду: соседки пенсионерки сажают с пятикратным запасом чтоб не замерзло, потом раздают бесплатно в начале июня то, что не влезло.

75. узнать дни рождения всех шапочных знакомых, ходить на все в полном составе с семьёй, наедаясь впрок. В качестве подарка дарить открытку 86 года с новогодними лошадями.

76. по дороге на работу прикинуться больным, по ПДД больного обязаны нахаляву подвезти до больницы.

77. на работе нахаляву заряжать все возможные аккумуляторы всех гаджетов, включая фонарик и автомобильный.

78. воду из офисного кулера также сливать в большие гидроёмкости по 5 литров.

79. кипятить воду можно там же, попутно переливая кипяток в термос, чайник дома теперь ни к чему.

80. договориться с бухгалтершей, за 2 оргазма взять с неё справку о доходах, в собесе по ней проканать за малоимущего, пусть ЖКХ оплачивает Лужков.

81. пульт завёрнутый в полиэтилен прослужит вам гораздо дольше!

82. автомобильные свечи залитые маслом можно не менять на новые, а прокалить на открытом огне.

83. домашнее вино из черноплодки практически ничего не стоит, кроме банки и перчатки, а по мозгам бьет не хуже французского по 300р за бутылку.

84. если помочь соседке настроить интернет и умышленно оставить незапароленной сеть, то можно пользоваться интернетом нахаляву.

85. туалетную бумагу и диски можно брать в офисе, пока вас не уволили.

86. чай можно заваривать семь раз. На восьмой чаинки всплывают, чтобы посмотреть на этого жлоба.

87 мыло жидкое можно сливать в макдаке.

88. если у кого что болит - не покупайте в аптеках известную разрекламленную фигню. Ацетилсалициловую кислоту и так, надеюсь, все знают.

89. можно пользоваться бесплатными автобусами Икеа-Ашан. Всё равно, куда идут - зато бесплатно.

90. при проходе в метро прикидываться дебилом и идти в бесплатный турникет. Если попытаются повернуть обратно - начать истошно орать и падать на пол с воплями.

91. носки, свитера, варежки и шарфы начать вязать самостоятельно. Кстати, может послужить отличным подарком друзьям, у которых можно поесть.(конечно же распускать всякое старое хламьё, а потом из пряжи уже вязать)

92. почаще ходить на всякие презентации и открытия выставок: там можно и пожрать, и бухнуть, но главное - запастись едой впрок.

93. чёрный хлеб, обугленный на сковородке с нерафинированным маслом, по вкусу неотличим от жаренной кровяной колбасы.

94. вместо масок на волосы и ополаскивателей от перхоти прекрасно используются отвары из крапивы.

95. яичницу можно жарить не на плитке, а на утюге - это значительно сокращает расход электричества.
Берём банку от тушёнки, НЕ моя и НЕ отскребая от жира - это экономит масло и придаёт мясной вкус. Один человек держит утюг платформой вверх. Второй ставит на него банку, и после растапливания жира разбивает туда яйцо. Когда яйцо готово, берём банку брезентовой перчаткой или тряпкой, яйцо вытряхиваем на тарелку, и повторяем сначала со следующим яйцом.



Many clauses this simple dokrizisnaya life in province. :yep:



Zvezdochet wrote:

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