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Financial crisis

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Many clauses this simple dokrizisnaya life in province. :yep:

And perishing if think Soviet times!)

Zvezdochet wrote:

50. At all something pagers still work.

And the I have pager with since time immemorial in the cabinet lies without affairs.
If seriously, have us in city of nor one peydzhingovoy companies perishing not remained -- yes and why, if even children slightly not in kindergarten instructor all with cell.

Zvezdochet wrote:

16. In Kazan volleyball club Dinamo can be snack and popit until no one sees.

Yes-yes. And then you guard does so on ticket office tormoznet.

Offtop (gipermarketom originates).
Me today more 250 rubles on ticket office in a supermarket penetrate forgotten. There still thought: What that had envisaged, that more expensive buying would cost, but as something in a check not dreamt (that with me at all rarely happens). And discovered already homes. When part of from this neprobitogo (choked and is salty're chum) already partly were eaten by. In netronutosti only a bottle of of spumante yet (took on from calculation, that than closer to New year, those champagne relatively decent and low-cost buy harder will).



Yesterday called client from Moscow. Says, there Walter. Salary pay in December for October (this in lchushem case). People already not chooses work, and agree on any, nature--defined before, that with "tertiary" diploma ready go in sellers.
Have us panic until there is no. Ah in Sochi panic at all virtually not the case, so as city very, :dontknow:



Certify: With work prozhivu. :canthearyou: indeed do without it.



Joke nicely in subject.

The announcement.
"Am asking to channel me on rates raising salaries."



An interesting material on this about with positions astrology:

"Even a bit to topic crisis, as he see with positions astrology. Now in combination with discussion wide visualization.

vizualization with crunch ???? - this, essentially, streltsovskoe Footbal ,-reaching simultaneously under Jupiter and Neptune. And as times during Pluto Sagittarius citizens around the world have become mass this the action made. For example, American proletarians of, not bent funds to purchase homes navizualizirovali itself real estate and received on it cheap mortgages. And, for example, JSC. Arroyo points, that wait what any good from Neptune (as and from other transsaturnov) should only then, when Saturn already carefully an advanced stage and mastered, what, of course same, not was. And times not was - the here it comes on demonstrate, under the Goat, where and Jupiter - in crippling.

1. Vizualization always so ends (as in fairy), or this such a special period? In any cases there is chance not to remain "have categorized trough" (what rules need to for this abide by)?

2. Will whether at all this technique work in period, until types goes on Capricorn?
3. Not is whether and himself crisis largely "visualization" and the result "2147 vigor a crisis scenario"?


Notions vizualization and a freebie. - - far not one thing and, too,. Perhaps, that this impression could description in a result unseen previously activity in propaganda some fundamentals this principle dawn. Revealed a basic principle, at all speaking.

Itself law subtle manages blunt not belongs any era. He acts in any from south, in any from pure energies revealed worlds. And astrological aspects of on him not affect. Although would because, that themselves astrological aspects of are possible only in force moreover, that subtle ??? manages blunt.

Change subtle with goal changes crass universal idea regardless of, that man makes 's up to whether the global war, bathes in if his beloved Schmoopsie-poo or he visualised itself house in any case in the early was the Word - image coming manifestations of.

I.e. from what they're agile people have become pursue training on visualization in world order little that has changed.
All the more, that the most reasonable from teachers visualization always are taught Dont collect itself cultural treasures on earth, where moth and rust do cannot and where thieves undermine and steal, but collect itself treasures on the sky, where nor moth, nor rust do not cannot and where thieves not podkapyvayutsya and not steal .

However same and contrary not otritsalos Ask and given will.

Otherwise speaking principle something worker, only filter this list not always is true and full of the.

Universe always works wrong, if you want whatever the its.

Here is this desirable to understand. I.e., as only all is beginning to manage neuyomnoe desire to consumption, increasingly instantaneously distorted.

And in basis of potrebeleniya lies desire to change under themselves the world around it.s proverbial "let better he will serve it under us."
In general something highly dangerous what he wants. And this not geroika, this fear and inability to change.

In basis of visualization lies absolutely natural condition to modicum something translated in tryokhmernosti - first wear an / 'Discover image, form of in chetyryokhmernosti.

I.e. dostuchites until spirit things, until spirit animal, until spirit disease. This if determine process in voodoo terms. Vocation of spirit.
But if have called spirit - dance into his dances.

And here it is important understand, that in time nothing not create democracies. If something manifests itself on some term in tryokhmernosti, then in more multi-dimensional world it there is always, it forever.

I.e. if passionate image visualization and nazhelal itself of cards in village, then he not of creation. Exactly universe increasingly as well as lie in the form of clay in gully or in the form of bricks cards.

Here the complexity of the can be in another a bit receiving of cards, image visualization limits its potential. Potential changes.
Ah, say, if there is of cards, cows under offense, chickens, children small, dogs, field plough need to, then already it is difficult been in vacation on Tahiti on whom OK agriculture to leave.

Understandable, that example naive, but sense is clear freedom choice we have exactly until moment committing this choice. And any choice refusal from options, from potential, from versions of development.

So, when vizualiziruetsya something globally inevitably society is mired in a malign corridor Aoyama, which should end.

Scenes, in which will and their culminated, but and their the finals.

To example, the entire the USSR handled sustainable practice visualization under entitled five-year plan development. This gave certain pros, but strongly restricted within singled Aoyama.
The world conditional support capitalist increasingly would still stepped in it in similar schemes planning only now they were called credit schemes.

And in principle, they even more strict, than look at five-year plans. Because often imagined rake up dead matter all resources immediately

And in is them in another case society used visualization, as way to restrictions their potential. Although, of course, thought, that as times contrary opportunities are gaining share.

That same all miss, using this mechanism with all in equal least the USSR with his five-year-olds, bank tycoons, ordinary people and pillow credit, yes and simply visitors rate on visualization.

After all many of them even imagined, that will need pay the price give debts and camping on D. But increasingly same they not modelers get it, that chief outcome any act creation, any act visualization quite in another. And reckoning for this, too, not monetary.

On fact vizualization this always and above all way to changes consciousness, way to of knowledge.
This same philosophy on 8 homes in astrology if man uses othersresources, if he skips through themselves othersenergy he should change. Change is inevitable.

For any energy Coming through us changes us or kills us, if we refuses change to miss its. Refusal from changes increases resistance. Talk energy causes overheating and death organism. Any human, countries, civilization

Exactly, this and there is condition successful visualization need conform to poluchaemomu way of.

As girl-cowg ?rl, when dreaming about Photojournalist Association, receives much awaited and in end faces difficult mansion her, weight of crown and pushy architecture of the castle. Yes even and use need precisely heirs throne. Life easier not becomes. Need learn be the other. And this and there is crisis requirement changes.

That, exactly, the disobedient and seen to be on our eyes. Pluto in an, of course, not abolishes laws samsara, he only says, that changes will severe. That We not going to die, but will all be changed.
Or going to die "


Polaris several pessimistic, but let us hope for the best.



Thank you, Lena. Article in the paper super! In this moment sit I would start to visualize a new work, times universe would still who will borrow warm place, then let reality d I! :flag:
So: Universe listen closely! I sit in cosy a special office, work interesting and forces raise its professional level of, wages allows me pay for all my accounts and contain family in plenty. Worker day my accounts for 5 hours and me remains time for own development. Blessed me respects, oldest bonuses and pays me seminars.




. Life easier not becomes. Need learn be the other. And this and there is crisis requirement changes.
That, exactly, the disobedient and seen to be on our eyes. Types in an, of course, not abolishes laws samsara, he only says, that changes will severe. That We not going to die, but will all be changed.

Super! :cool: Thanks, Lenochka! :love:

Galya! If for you written! :love:



Oga! :) have Borovika at all interesting materials.




. So: Universe listen closely.

Wording - super :cool:
Itself nor times found it, that by clearly misconception, and indeed do "as formalized" wording - works. But typically not immediately, and within from 3, until 6-8 mo. :)
But there is things that as not "you log this in" - :no: then say itself "view of the universe know best..., that for me better. Means so need to. "And as would bitterly not was, passes time. And and more convinced, that so and there is :)



Watching the (in another times) immigrants in 120 nabrela on page - Center selection personnel "khedkhanting" / Article http://www.h-hunting.ru/articles/
A and employment
With the crisis began theme employment has become one of most popular in Internet. And, as often happens, this led not only to positive consequences. First began to appear sites, regarded themselves as portals on employment than, and in deeds simply collecting information about soiskatelyakh. Trusting people citizens, bewildered wave of cuts, not particularly fiercely without much consideration, publicized there their resumes. Most of them even not watched, and that this for site, which they trust confidential records information. Until finally on television and radio not reported, that examples such a deception already too many, to their.
All looking for work?

Appeared and real new sites, people passing off themselves as outlets on employment than. Their the creators of believe, that now in this sphere's a land of opportunity: Ah still would, all same looking for work!
Mikhail Akimov, chief project "Jobs. Ru "
Full version of articles http://www.h-hunting.ru/articles/?id=155

"Simply collecting information about soiskatelyakh" :rolleyes: - so, prefer itself inspect immigrants, not to present its summary. Where would the nor was. Not the first time use collections of data on people under the guise of motley kind of "proposals-zavlekalochek" (camping on E. This niei?u and near. And not only on of keeping portals on employment than).

A time big opportunities!
Crisis this challenge life!

Theme international crisis spans all media, unemployment, reduction jobs, pay salaries, bankruptcy! Goes minimizing, to optimize costs, lifting of benefits and so on, and the like. Yes, a pleasant little. And between themselves participants business say, that nourished German implode soap bubbles , that this this cleansing enema for our economy , and I believe, that crisis this some the magic little push, which in late all will internationalize us on a new level development our society and our economy. If let us to see only one negative and to respond to crisis only stress, then we have very narrow glance on such phenomenon as crisis. He a bit a one-track, glance only with one hand. And that same then with other hand?
In Chinese language the word crisis consists of two hieroglyphs: The first means the danger , and the second opportunity . As we see, reflected two hand one phenomena. Choice for us: On than we will focus their attention? On opportunities or dangers. Only from us depends, what have us will future. Yes positively.
A time for creativity, caveat active and creative.
Crisis - state of, under which existing means achievements goals become inadequate, in a result what arise unpredictable situation and problems. This definition of, which give public science. Only here is the very word the problem has emotionally negative charged. Better his replace on another: tasks.
Far directed our attention, there and flowing our energy. Our thoughts this, too, energy. And they embodied, materialize. They can upend or tekhnologiy.
In crisis situation arch it is important think positively!Precisely thanks to his thinking we develop events his life, dire or joyous. Affirmative thought scope beckon affirmative situation.
How same hold on positive wave of, if there is a danger closing companies or cuts? , - can ask me reader. Filter their thought difficult. In anybody have us works some pristine slovomeshalka , those objects fly thru thousands of thought for minute, and are awakening to we only 10% of them. And subconscious those more remains faint unrecognized. Need a a serious practice inventory their depth sets. Their forces this do virtually impossible. Need a aid practitioner, by, coach for a debriefing or a trainer. Origins our failures date back there, laid in our tectonic beliefs, we all come from childhood.
Have one dominates fixation: Life this struggle, heavy pleasant thing , have another: Life - beautiful. As you think, what events they form judging by from opposite sets? Only we themselves develop events his life. This and there is izotericheskiy law of gravity: Itself similars. We attract people and situation.
And here is psychological definition of words crisis : Crisis (from ancient Greek. Krisis - decision, turning point, outcome) - 1) heaviest transitional state of, fueled by disease, stress, trauma of and camping on P.; 2) emotionally a meaningful event or radical climate
A time walks of.Anyone reflecting same well known, that sin bury their talents. Most time recall about their dreams, which until now not were fulfilled. And that if now? Can be as times it's time to risk? Better do this, than not do, and then spare no, that missed their chance. And still: Redo: my memoirs from me not leaves! , What, that't seek I, already searching for me! :cool:. Such affirmative assertions would make its good deal, I assure you. On faith yes will be rendered you! On believe with its success!
W. S. Tushova, CEO of Agency Athena , business coaches, Chairman Commission on ethics suppleness (Association Consultants on selection personnel).
Source of apsc.ru
Full version of http://www.h-hunting.ru/articles/?id=138

Razrabotan rulebook rules for functionaries on 2009 year
Labor market has undergone significant changes, and now we all will have adapt to new conditions. Companies company Antal England developed rulebook rules for functionaries on 2009 year.

1. Not panic

Many managers are amenable to panic. Those who during seething growth market managed to earn enough money, already prepare to its main, for example, on Goa, to ride out financial crisis. The rest gotten the environment discussion the main themes last few months. Natalia KURKChI, partner recruiting companies Antal England, calls for: Let us stop to discuss crisis! Let us recognize, that he came the and will continue work. We only usugublyaem situation the discourse about how all badly and respond with wrong, impulsive and rash actions. Let us simply better work.

2. Avoid cuts

Even in hard times company will make all, to not be excluded key staff. Employers understand, that crisis not eternal, and good people, on which builds business - this one their main assets companies. Work more effectively, fitness governmental superiors prior, that you they are irreplaceable for. try put themselves on place his leadership and understand, that it from you expects, - advises Natalia KURKChI. - Talk with chief executive HR Department, your immediate boss and with a director general of companies about their plans relatively your investing development. Try adapt to new conditions and understand, where your skills and competence need more just. Caveat are prepared temporarily to sacrifice its interests to preserve stance.

Not worth to speak leadership, that you are prepared on lower salaries, only would preserve workplace, better assume additional duties. For example, managers on sales, accustomed held accountable for a certain sector or territory, must be prepared assume customers and from other areas.

3. Preserve salary

Typically, companies are reassessing salaries staff in the early year. You already estimate their work for year the past and prepared arguments for chief in favor of raising working-age salary? Not are in hurry their articulate. 2009 year not the best time, to seek raising salaries on the current place work, - am sure Galina Nemchenko, partner Antal England. - In short term your task - preserve its position and the current level of income.

4. Postpone raising in office

You already take a careful came closer to next high importance investing development and are prepared on it to join? Apologize patience, likely, with this will have organisation. If your company optimizes number staff, then will remain those who, indeed, capable on rapid career development in further. If you manages survive increasingly intertwined times together with company, then, when the situation is stabilizing, you can start develop any Department or direction and pick a team under themselves , - says Natalia KURKChI. Galina Nemchenko adds: Use time crisis, to developed a certain especially, to to point the end of the difficult period you have been able to commit Career bounce, after all those who capable be successful during economic downturn, will super successful in more future time.

In 2009 st is worth against the house most ambitions, after all companies will value not your drive grow in office, and loyalty, industriousness, drive develop professional skills, skill to shoulder obligations and fulfill their, and also achieve needed results in a certain term.

5. Aptly change jobs

If the main reason change of work - not enough high wages - not hurry up with transition! MA It carefully choose company, - advises Galina Nemchenko. - Ask potential an employer more questions, than usually. Verify, on somehow reasons opened this job Vacancy and what are plans companies relatively this functions. Give me back preference large companies, after all if they have now emerge immigrants, they are strategic, and means you occurrence itself a stable future.

In 2009 st will it is important abide by balance between panic and is the calm. Not worth overlook opportunities, which will offer you market, after all those companies that in a not a time continue to evolve and open new immigrants - this companies with large future, companies, in which is worth go. It now from-for excessive caution candidates we get roughly 30% bonds of from quite interesting proposals, - tells Natalia KURKChI. - People flow in extremes and held on even for the work, which their quite not suits. But need undertaking actions that will help your development in the future, even if now from you will require do step ago.

6. Adequately assess their opportunities

Before candidates treated to rekruteram with FlatLux demands relatively future seats work. Now they will have to reconsider their expectations and realistically assess opportunities. Until crisis candidates has been going on positions, until which they not dotyagivali , and could there hold simply because, that enough skilled people lacked. To example, in the West average age financial director 40-50 years, have us - 30. Western specialists develop gradually, our - spontaneously. In a result Russian financial as directors account for make up for the gaps already in the process work. Now employers have become more demanding and will easier Fed with staff, which failed to themselves reputation during both term , - believes Lilia Maslova, a girl, chief Office on work with retailers networks and sector FMCG recruiting companies Antal England.

7. Temper wage payment expectations

In conditions actively growing economy candidates are accustomed under transition on a new work, beg raising salaries on 30-50%, and sometimes and on all 100% and received so much, how many were asked. Now increase compensation on 15% - already rare. Employers cut budget on hiring new staff. To example, if before one retailer company proposed candidates on stance director retailer a fixed salary 120 100,000 rubles in month, then now - this only 60 100,000. In turn, many candidates now willing to accept proposal not simply without raising, but and with demotion salaries, - tells Lilia Maslova, a girl. - One our candidate on stance director on purchase major retail networks even a few months ago refused view proposals with compensating below 10 100,000 dollars in month. Now he ready receive in two times less.

However in those sectors, which not very suffer from crisis, transitions with significant improving salaries well are possible. To example, recently company Antal England set candidate on leadership stance in a competing company pharmaceutical sector on salary, in and a half times greater than the previous level of compensation. And this not isolated case.

8. Change sector economy

If you not see prospects in his sector, think, where still can useful your skills. One our candidate from construction sector recently successfully moved in sector so agrarian, - tells Lilia Maslova, a girl. - He settled down on implementing variants on funktsonalu stance director on development business. Natalia KURKChI leads examples possible transitions in the financial sector: are in the presence of, specialists corporate finance, risk-managers can to move from banks in industry, development specialists bank networks are switching in telecom, where they perform roughly those same duties. Under such crossings needs to be prepared with reduce level wage, because such candidates not always possess necessary education, experience and skills.

9. Use time for training

If in period economic growth large water on the second plan work for obtain education or extent money poured into was simply magical thinking, then now can be take advantage of situation for moreover, to remedy the maintained gaps in knowledge. This will allow raise its the cost of and move forward on career development ladder in further. To example, in construction sector project the manager with degree of money poured into in managing can claim stance technical director, director to build or even director on development.

10. And another rule

Forget race for with money and number of subordinates. Consider, than you indeed want engage professionally. In next year will benefit those, who can rationally engineer a its career, and those, whom not manages slow down a pace of in pursuit of high post and big wage, can suffer , - summarizes the Natalia KURKChI.


what are the workers need now employers
Many, sensing breath crisis and upcoming Layoff, solve boost level of education and professionalism. This gives chance without problems settle on another place and boost his significance on current work. Experts consider, that the problem now competition for workplace indeed has deteriorated and on vacant seats reduces all more are required workers-all-rounder.
In ties with work industriously difficulties are beginning to acquire relevance rates raising qualifications.
The most demanded in nastupivshiy period will become universal specialists. I.e., if before employers wanted to see in companies accountants with clear missions, then now is needed specialist, conscious and even without mentioning all.
Not less popular now business education.
The most demanded always will specialists the extractive managers, for example managers Sales performance management. Also in ties with current situation companies will need crisis-managers. Remain popular IT specialists, logisty, lawyers.
Experts recommend not wait. Polls show, that in next year 60% large employers pack process selection personnel least until the mid-year. Need to learn and of course embark on for any work, even if she not on specialty, and can on a smaller salary. Expectations income now raze not will be identical with proposals employer - this is so same obviously, as the, that the sun comes on the east.

Occupying on labor market will come not before, than through six months. And here is salaries start grow, likely, only through three, when again will come some the oil peak.

Catherine Public Prosecutors Office, Bigness.ru

So that, in situation crisis, on optimistic decency wave of, with ceremony new opportunities in the adoption of the Misc. Occupations Go power--a period with their work:flag:



Once in TV emerged risque as death Finance Minister and declared:
- The financial crisis us not will affect the. Because. I you accurately say.
Population ,-understood in statements officials, vymaterilos it very loudly and took purchase the where sea salt, matches and sugar.

On next day in TV emerged embarrassed, painfully Minister National Board and said:
- Reserves bread and goods the first need allow us with pride argue, that hunger and like deficit us not threatens to. Here is you figures.
- Ox! Rejected exactly what population and dokupilo still flour flavored and groats.

Minister Agriculture Management for off like a dance on tribune and said happily:
- Russian State crops! Hope on exports! Rise! Bins of the post-splutter!
- When even as! Uzhasnulos population and ran to convert savings in foreign currency.

- Oil on real estate will fall! Everyone student on pentkhauzu! In the near future! Not frown with the following Minister Building.
- Yes that OK such, and? Vzvylo population and ran buy kerosene, the kerosene lamp, fuel-wood and coal.
- Modern army on contractual basis. Already tomorrow. And that a new system. In world such still there is no. Solidly said Secretary of Defense.
Ah and what us? Money same gloom-to-wall. Reserves, reserves and at all surplus.
- with! - pisknulo population and the beginning of dig the ditch.

- Everyone about-fi-gene-but! You realize?! About-Phi-heart-BUT! Kind of instilled in President.
We already today could would build communism. The only that us brings the we all will become you are not putting to do. Because you can sleep quietly! Stable not case! Pensioners buy because the, buckets of it!
Foresee qualitative leap, jump and leap. And Illuminati at all running! Fast-paced to Key and prosperity. Caribbean become closer. Away from here. Wag his we will world. On a hundred thirty centners of roses with each flowerbeds dispose. Nadoi let us at all to cut. Cows not can carrying an udder. Population vozmuscheno Samgyetang. South America (Zeni in composition us on rights state farm. Ur!
- Yes that OK you there such are preparing your, beasts?! Started screaming population and on anyone case pereodelos in all the clean.

(With) the Internet



Lero4ka wrote:

Even in hard times company will make all, to not be excluded key staff. Employers understand, that crisis not eternal, and good people, on which builds business - this one their main assets companies.

Yes, all of this written pro politician to employers. Such in our country alas, not many. Mostly on enterprises goes policy "vyzhimaniya juices." Volumes of work even in banks not umenshelis, and norod pouvolnyali, natural burden on shoulders remaining has risen until sullen limits, and under first outrage say, forgotten pro crisis? The door open the and on your place come running, dozen new. And most really nasty stuck, that in this they are right, because man posidevshiy without work two months goes on any conditions. And no one is going to think, as this will hit the psyche of and health! So that crisis in our country-this separate history.




crisis in our country-this separate history.

And in province at all this hard thing, because choice virtually there is no. Not know as now in Moscow, but me seems, that there on any can be find work. Modicum any.



Lena, today met with girlfriend, it need literate the climpity on the assistant. So here is department search personnel sends greens, she requests aunt bit off the spoon in age, with the experience, it respond: There is summary from undersecretaries and glavbukhov, but they same must professionally grow, their wrong from besyskhodnosti borrow! And this in crisis! Towards. With work have us in Moscow tin, and have OK in province think created nightmare.



Have us in city of, the floodgates rates for plumbers. Said, that summer will peak layoffs and that office workers properties markmeplokid and pens on workers tools. Ah and type were invited change should :dontknow:




Wu us in city of, the floodgates rates for plumbers. Said, that summer will peak layoffs and that office workers properties markmeplokid and pens on workers tools. Ah and type were invited change should

Good fellows, immediately 2kh birds with one stone killed)) :confused:




she requests aunt bit off the spoon in age, with the experience, it respond: There is summary from undersecretaries and glavbukhov, but they same must professionally grow, their wrong from besyskhodnosti borrow

Galya, all literate the accountants and auditors constantly raise its kvalitsikatsiyu, and even in age. But simply on the assistant literate the climpity not goes (although there are options-whom, that need) did they in summary not write pro raising qualifications? Strange :dontknow:



Ah here is, and is returning increasingly "on establishment its grains." Ten years ago was crisis 1998, which now occurred again, now - in global scale. Timur Shaov wrote in 1998. A little song about, which in encouraged daunting and now: "By issue about optimistic aspects of things after 17 August 1998" (452 kb)be forthcoming with listen to the under mood.

Last edited by Zvezdochet (Jan 29 2009 23:55:47)



Forecast development economic crisis and events 2009

Real economic crisis stems with rebuff Saturn and Uranus. Such Musharraf these giants is happening every eleven years, that backed by let cycle solar activity. This standoff manifests itself in international tension and contest political forces, social tension within countries, and also in economic crises. All large economic crises, ranging with Great depression, accompanied scrunched up interaction of Saturn and Uranus. Previous Musharraf Saturn and Uranus was happening with 1998 to 2001 year, that has found reflected in economy in Russian default, and in military sphere in armed robbers conflict between India and Pakistan, in the Chechen war, and also in opposition to between Russia and the West from-for Chechnya. In the coming years can be expect not only deterioration economic environment, but and rises social tension within series of countries.

The situation is exacerbated by the fact, that in 2009 Earth enters in period Neptune's consort, which will last until 2014. He characterized by chaos in the economy, social disturbances, the rising influence ideas of socialism, insolvency of large companies and banks, nationalization, the pre capital, loss economic independence. Neptune not bode well free market. Can be said, that socialism snuck up imperceptibly. Public shocks should expect in the coming years in many countries, where the Socialists will commander the upper hand. In a series of states are possible revolution and the overthrow of the existing power in a result popular unrest.

Humanity is poised to global changes that hit the the whole world. The old world order comes to his an inevitable evolutionary the end of. In 2014-2016 s humanity will to live under influence Pluto. One of symbols this planet is the Apocalypse. 2017 year marks the beginning of a new era in history humanity.

In period Neptune chaos expects not only economy, but and nature of. Process warming change will accelerate. Weather anomalies will become ordinary phenomenon, snow can cover with blooming grasslands in July, and rain flood the cities winter. This not accidentally, for Neptune stems with water, that makes catastrophic floods frequent events, result several times in year. In addition Neptune-Poseidon is considered "The destroyer of" the earth my help cometh, so catastrophic earthquake force 8 key will occur annually and repeatedly. Neptune stems with sea, and economic crisis will evolve, as and been paved maritime processes - waves. The first wave of crisis peak in October and smoothly devolved in second, which will reach apogee in the early February. The third - high wave of - will ensue in July and in in a fewminutes us in September 2009. Which held its fourth marks February 2010 and to peak in April, but, only briefly skhlynuv, here same will return to us most powerful - ninth shaft, which in in a fewminutes the whole world summer 2010. In May-June 2010 crisis will give about itself know a small wave of, which compared with by previous will look as child a prank.

A year the Earth (Yellow) Buyvola, or Golden Taurus

Year Golden Taurus promises enrichment and accumulation of. And in conditions global crisis says, that the most reliable investment funds are real values, precious metals and more just gold. A water buffalo owe favours to which other discourse and patient. So preserve its commons and even increase the his can only those, who not loses presence spirit in complex situations and can have and patiently to confront sorrow You.

January - difficult month, but contains in itself the medicine from disease, helping solve asked in late year difficulties.

February - calm after financial Cyclone.

Mart - not promises nothing dangerous, although the negative trends tension predominate over with positive.

April and May bear as whopping opportunities for representative every mark Zodiacs, so and taking some risks.

June - facilitate, for those who not loses hope and retains benchmarks.

July - the beginning of new difficulties, but positive trends still predominate.

Augustus simply unbelievable -! Colossal tension has a constructive the exit and can give those who not fears difficulties and dangers, a surprising implementation of.

September 2009 - a repeat of situation September 2008, when began the global crisis.

October will require intransigent will and stubbornness, but can become very viable.

Czechoslovak November obliges to heightened caution around the.

December retains dangers November, but promises rich opportunities.

Sergei Shestopalov
Rector of St. the Petersburg astrological Academy
December 2008



Ah here is and another convergence opposition Saturn-Uranus :stupor: Saturn is mired accurately on my natalnyy types and today from leadership came news: I'm going in vacation without content. Like would speech goes about month, and there as tickles :mybb:


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