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Financial crisis

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Yes, Len, let-God to only on month. Have us many major offices melchayut, are shrinking on-third. Where the are laid off, where the he embarks upon in forced vacation. Either depends and from affairs on concrete enterprises, either from executives. From whom nor ask, everywhere on places over significant cuts. From whom the slowed ? / hypertrophied. But most interesting, that account for to hear everywhere - people hope that this quite not to stay. In late 2008 mostly all hope people been attributable with spring (type to Spring the all is stabilizing. Utresyotsya. Now hope "Netanyahu" on year period :rolleyes: flushed-yes, and here is pro the, that us even autumn expects it seems many even and not think about.
Those who had more less decent work, sat and in managers and itself not doolio, now firmly to cling "for their chairs", and those which hold not managed. Either not can find work "on their status." Either forced to exits on "nepresuschie" for them seats. In general subject this can be long continue to.



Have us, too, talk go about Spring-lto and hope, that year-old seasonil get there situation. Many say, that recreation abroad will many unaffordable, so had to go in Sochi. And I here is doubt, because on coast recreation is obtained more expensive, than in Turkey and Egypt. But in any case on believing the entering our region much better the situation, than everywhere. Urban site awash vacancies now available, perishing what-no work find can be. Month again homes'll sit, and there in sight will that to do. Here is such affairs.



Lenochka, do emphasized development own business! In periods shocks people increasingly turning to rising stars, and you literate astrologer! :flag:




you literate astrologer!

Gal, thank you :) Literally yesterday out interesting proposal from one glyantsevogo magazine to wage heading "Astrology vacation" :idea: I already had as do, should make interestingly. Ah and there link reaches.



Greetings all :))
Lena and all-all feed! "Us whether be in sadness." (With)
On days was anniversary Mathew Russians sailors "Varyaga", so we at work tikhononechko sang a celebration, like, a verse from favorite all "to the Enemy not does our prideful" Varjag ", down no one wants)" Nazlo crisis or contrary!
Wish luck in all efforts! Forces and patience!



Greetings, Olia! Is happy you here to see!


Lena and all-all feed!

And far prime? There is options? :glasses:


to the Enemy not does our prideful "Varjag", down no one wants) "

Pity, that we all forum resist the not can :jumping: Wu us still nothing affairs, and here is in other regions corporation as a at all all very seriously.



Lenochka, thank you you for hospitality of and novels. :) )
Sayta OK prime with submarine.
Here is [in ZhZhshke on post loaded
"Male thank you crisis
The first thank you crisis: Now we will assess the beauty girls not by the quality of work its for Nordic, peloton and fitness-instructor, and only on natural data and human insurance

The second thank you crisis: In conditions ruin sponsors and those sharply is growing demand on adequate and read young people. "

The right, child workers prattle. ;)

So from whom what options on "female thank you crisis"?




That [in ZhZhshke on post loaded "It's man's thank you krizisupervoe thank you crisis: Now we will assess the beauty girls not by the quality of work its for Nordic, peloton and fitness-instructor, and only on natural data and human insurance
The second thank you crisis: In conditions ruin sponsors and those sharply is growing demand on adequate and read young people. "
The right, child workers prattle.

Indeed - child workers prattle, "demand on adequate and read young people" - this something not pro our lives. Komitas ave. me, that "demand on sponsors and those" have younger girls, right keep a pretty girls not otobyot no crisis, enduring - habit to glamuru and driving can on "Bentley" with 18 years neunichtozhima.
And if loaded was accustomed assess girls "by the quality of work its for Nordic, peloton and fitness instructor" - this is his the problem. And at all, in serious relations crisis hardly something seriously shift. :)




Ah, thought-Vladimir Volfovich capable on such prescriptions for (stuff up in this topic slightly above), however this h. Udak Rights (the chief corpsman, which has forbidden cannabis cigarette gruzinskyuu your water breaks "Borzhomi", Moldavian wine and the Polish meat)) 'pohlesche. Note - that Spain "power THROUGH on dairy products", and for week before this himself) GDP on naoiaaiey sel-Resources-Minister why it (already former) demanded strengthen advertising dairy products that fussy, that's all Russians why something suddenly stopped buy. So, here is IT IS LESSER:

Russians presented an anticrisis menu
11 :1 6 seksizmom

Research institution nutrition the Russian Academy medical Sciences (ND sells RAMS) jointly with expert Conclusion of the Rospotrebnadzor developed recommendations on ekonomnomu, but adequate nutrition.

Document about that nutrition inexpensive contains advice the Chief State sanitation doctor trades abroad Gennady Rights and director research institute nutrition RAMS Viktor Tutelyana. About this reports livestock Regnum News Agency.

On site Rospotrebnadzor can be calculate the cost of monthly anticrisis product range according set of. To example, set of products on child 7-15 years the most expensive 2 thousand 800 Br Cheaper just will feed never at stake 2 thousand 316 Br

The authors menu tell in conditions financial instability eat a bit, but satisfying and helpful, and also are calling for be preparing themselves. According to officials, needs to abandon meat and fishery delicatessen, especially sausages, under this tell power THROUGH on dairy products.

Two-three times in week (or more often) in menu must enter fish source of not only protein, but and irreplaceable fatty acids. For refuelling salads from vegetables should use vegetable oil, and children not worth hooking to with and go get a pop later.

Rights and Tutelyan tell also not brush your as they, and boil its in bluecoat so easier preserve all be and minerals.


But even interesnoee to read the comments on this readers news in "Trude" :):

's Next designing will "100 dishes from potato runs!"

Rights and Tutelyana on such a a diet years on 15 with the confiscation of, to other not...... as was people pillage. Wrestlers with the crisis, mother their

Judging by the, as look our officials, them in primarily need move on so "healthy" nutrition, and not hooking their children to "with" and "go get a pop later."

Read the ON SITE ROSPOTREBNADZOR gonna cry, are you!
In a psych ward more correctly deem, NOT EXPRESSLY SET OUT OF THIS PAYKI In 100 times ARE UNDER BLOKADNYKh! Hold US FOR-ins, BUT NOT TO of the required THE SAME phone number of!

I under the USSR served, 2 flushed growth me a double provided, and now kartokha with skins., finance--pushed the country until pens, themselves its and eat it, goddamn it

The glass warm water on breakfast, the glass Cold water until lunch, the glass hot water after lunch and the glass warm water for two hours until sleep :)

People, why you all such come? About us after all goes everywhere such a Treat. Not let us gorging himself on food not will diseases, iskhudaem-state austerity (less need to will obsch. Transport,, grew more people

And if would in the coffin of the incinerate not odnogot human, and two something was would Much Saving. A scribe in general.

And on without burden less, pipes longer'd last.
:- )))))))))))))))

Jokes, with jokes, but given incapacitation of our leadership, soon and until peel converge

Beetles - an additional protein and be, tundra. Africans're chewing
For unlovely soul, and you that, better their themselves one is?

Yes this as say. Of beetles on all can not have to.
Where OK their so much stop crawling, not Africa, tea. And then, summer OK not always, and winter what beetles? Snow one.: - (We summer frogs in banks cut to disco, here is!

I thought, that ministers must to develop plans as feed people, and they menu develop. Menu I, too, draft can, this you not economy raise. I then, too, want in ministers. I love menu

In America for example, as they not are or, and so roasting. Their, too, for pigs hold? And I like. Taste of quite the other. Secret is simple - as they need to before anti to wash it!

On national television North Korea people obyasnyali what a myelogram have plants inadequate in food, and whatever travanutsya can be. It seems and us soon to explain will (By the way, there, too, there is a good advice: "Continue with on dvukhrazovoe nutrition" (apparently two times in week).; -)

??? ?? ? ? on Discovery for good reason program aimed a with Berom Grillsom - "category: Extreme survival." He there; increasingly consecutive - from slugs until scorpions. I closely increasingly'm and'm on the future. D then seminars to wage. For her)

In general, they have shown caring about people, heard a as need to eat. Not for good reason all-??? we them ? / paid pay. And the if it comes not have made it clear to, then gran's on its retirement what bountiful in restaurants fed on a would

Glumyatsya bastards over people!

Nots-most know Care. Sat, used to make up our, sought. Work, a worthy governments

Nose means vorotim. And after all normal Mor and tasty food. Many decades on kartokhe lived tens of million people.

Kartokha with skins..
Tens of million people so and live on potato. But not sitting nor on what crises could afford its peel the. And now that is obtained? Abouts organs is Oh

Correctly Anastasia! Men itself Price not prepared. Write such a some B.S..

Have us in Kaliningrad prices dairy products such, that not podtupitsya, and fish is worth more expensive meat! So that we, perhaps, soon one water (not a soda) eat let us. Under Hitler here people accurately better lived, as they with like Roses Lime only in of life ate puzzi. Expensive scientific collaborators, Putins and Medvedev still not and treated their "led menu"? Let us start with them, will teach their correctly eat, need to to care for health their "guardians", and we perishing so as any, 're gonna die, with flesh, sausage, caviar, delicacies and camping on D.

On-your, child need to feed on 93 ruble in day, explaining him under this, that fruits, sweets and other excesses were look, some bad not tell eat uncle from Academy medical Sciences.

Ah and increasingly in such a-same spirit, whom interestingly (there on now people to comment was for like, a gazillion they got into) are reading here: http://r.mail.ru/n32311059



And I decided revere staff-news. Ah here is take although would fresh forecasts astrologer P. Propulsion
http://www.interfax.ru/news.asp?id=66639 created besprosvet :suspicious: Is increasingly will so badly?
Or here is http://www.interfax.ru/news.asp?id=66588 oops. :O and after all no one nothing even nor-nor :disappointed: one thing aren - Group has kept on entot times.




Is increasingly will so badly?

"Not read before lunch December newspapers" (with), and PPG tankette in any time days :crazy:



Agree, Rainbow :)
So, that if and was connected "read bolshevistskie newspapers until lunch", then perishing to believe them cannot be nor on'with Groat,. :suspicious:



Features of anecdote in subject.

Letter one CEO, behalf Director the other organizations:
"A respected Peter Ivanovich, on your requirement immediately repay indebtedness, announce, in ties with the world crisis payments in our organizations are administered the next way: All accounts for month (light, phone, signaling and camping on Afghan), demands tax, zarplatnaya pay-sheet, acts sverok with covenantees and camping on D. Attitudes he picked up in one all, carefully are shuffled and the captain three any for pay.
So here is, if you, still times do you let itself in such a tone demand from us money, your an act of verification the in lottery to participate not will "



Smishno :crazyfun:



Ioaeai ridiculous demands leadership

Marianna, Secretary "'s bad enough they got smile"

Leadership strongly UNHCR, us be optimistic, at least superficially. That this means? This means, that word "crisis" at all should not of the slippery slope in walls office. I not know, that in the minds our superiors and as can be ban people to speak something. But on a now on universal observations posted order: For talk on neugodnuyu subject will do reprimand, and the medically challenged - cut citations. Moreover, us strongly advised more often smile, especially in the presence of customers, but on questions about cutbacks respond, that have us all simply is famously.

Alexey, specialist on industrial design "Set on counter"

In companies have become rigidly to control, how many time were making at work. It turned out, that magnetic cards, which us have written the still year ago, need not to open, we need a tourniquet, and to keep tabs on us. On cards fix time arrival on work and time departure, every brief absence -. Now all sit on places, as prishitye, several man even quit smoking defied, to beyond office in workplace of time not exits. All are shaking, all trusyat.

Olesya, the financial analyst "Dont give seek work"

Have us at work by an order from above have blocked out not only ICQ, postal sites and social networks, but and popular sites on search work. How I understand, this done of those considerations, that nothing to acquire in workplace of time itself another place seek out. Indeed, all by stealth monitorili immigrants, although have us cuts and not was, more-less all steadily. I think, that director of tries to limit access to reliable information about how the, that is happening in country. Apparently, thinks, that than less know, those robust sleep.

Peter, lawyer " regulations "

All employers, essentially, want one: To on them worked more for smaller money. Our - not exception. Salary us have squeezed, by vacating bonuses. And regulation on Workers, which need to process for a certain period, increased. Under this organization wants, to every staffer transformed in ideal worker: On the morning not was running late, on the evening met, in for the workday on outsiders classes not be distracted. Perhaps, have all now so.

Elena, the manager "Pishem card"

Increasingly and more often blessed suits us all sorts of status meetings and assembly. Attend on them not always is obtained: Sometimes someone from partners appoints meeting outside office, or need urgently go in Bank translate money - yes little whether what affairs can in city of arise. Before on this watched quietly, but in the last time have become demand written explanations, why missed assembly. Stupidity any, it-god.

Andrei, chief of Department "purchase assets"

Advice directors companies plans to start sale shares employees. This will help firm obtain profit, and workers - show its loyalty and faith in company. Yes, theoretically through few years shares again start yield profits, and then can be will their benefits sell. But until in these prospects incredibly. Ah, consider, as upset work this innovation fits.

Inna, consultant "Otgulivaem vacation"

Leadership ordered the all go in vacation until the end of April. This stems with those, that annually before us contributed compensation, and now this to do not will. So that who not is good to, the simply not gets money. Plan work Office so, to although would half of staff were on place. , it is a pity that so , I very wanted obtain precisely monetary compensation. Now not know, than themselves take in rely two weeks vacation, yes still and without money.

Leonid, marketer ". We both work for free"

All staff our companies turned on Planning labor week on remunerating, but asked exits in all the rest days. We all in of shock, and that remains? The other work now not find, here is and are working for idea, because salary blessed to pay already not can.



Not quite as would about money, but me seems, that this, too, pro crisis:



From FaceBook astrologer Borovika:

Yes. That us wait forth?
Several terrestrial, "terrestrial" issues.
Wait whether mass layoffs autumn?

In September - October mass cuts jobs not yet will. Processes development crisis will even modest.
In late September, Saturn Crosses in a badge of Libra, so that closer to November, 2009 representatives precisely this mark yet to to perceive baton of stagnation energies and temporary losing latitudes decisions.
Scales, zaskripyat, their chalice potyazheleyut, and every choice will be far more hard work while and far less free.
Are typical representatives mark Libra something is additional severity of on its shoulders.





Tipichnye representatives mark Libra something is additional severity of on its shoulders.

Here is interestingly, and Virgin of, too, grinding his the last time?



Lud_mila wrote:

That interestingly, and Virgin of, too, grinding his the last time?

I not know as solar Virgin of, and I as man with 4 planets in The Maiden in this year has lost work.



crazys organs is mila wrote (and):

Here is interestingly, and Virgin of, too, grinding his the last time?

I have Ace. In the Virgin, the last year is felt very hard.
Many affairs which require attention, and until themselves beloved hands raze not reaching.
And me would simply for a holiday. :stupor:

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